Cha'el, Ksenia


Ksenia's first outing out with the twins ends in chaos and with a not-so-happy Cha'el. Surely a kitten and a canine will help!

Some mention of brief (bathing) nudity, slight sexual innuendo, and mention of nursing.


It is before dawn of the twenty-eighth day of the twelfth month of the second turn of the 12th pass.

In Southern:
It is the twenty-eighth day of Summer and 90 degrees. The night is clear and humid.


Haven, Southern Weyr

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The day has dawned bright and hot, the sweltering heat of summer in full swing. After a month and a half of dealing with newborn babies, the heat is all but unbearable. Ksenia's life has centered around the two little squalling cherubs. Dancing to the tune of their feedings, their cryings, their sleepings, their shittings; and on this day, she's reached her limit. The melted butter feel of Rukbat's yellow light calls to the woman's desire to flee the weyr and spend the day in the out-of-doors. Stir-crazy, that's what that is. So Ksenia packs up the children, bundling them into the contraption that she's had Cha'el modify from that belly bra he made for her. It allows the babies to be nestled against her body, packed up like little wrapped sausages and carried carefully against the heat of her body. Two children is a challenge, but the woman makes it work. Long after Cha'el's disappeared to work, Ksenia sets out with those babies strapped on.

At first, she intended only to go for a walk, to get out and away from the confining stone walls of the weyr. Just in case, she took her bows and arrows (one never knows when dinner might wander in front of one's path). Once free of the weyr, however, and into the meadows outside the jungles, the lure of that lush bounty is too hard to ignore. "I'll just forage a bit for some berries and fruit," Ksenia tells herself, glancing to the left and right before trundling her way into the jungles. Dressed in sturdy trousers and tunic in shades of brown, the woman must have unconsciously premeditated this little trip because she's just so well prepared for it. However, the afternoon slips away as does early evening. The dinner hour has come and gone, and it is only after that finally a woman toting two babies slowly trudges towards the weyr. Now. When she left, she was fresh and clean. When she's arrived, she looks like she's been dragged through a mud pit, with scratches on her cheek and across her upper arm. Even the twins look like little mud piglets, with faces wiped clean, their little rosebud mouths busily drooling as they doze in the contraption she's attached to herself. Her bow is snapped and is trailed listlessly behind her. Is Cha'el home by now? She tries creeping close to the weyr to see, bottom lip sucked into her mouth and bit down on. On the steps, she hesitates. Maybe… Maybe she should stop by the baths first. She mouths, 'Cha'el?' Then. 'Honey? You home?' Then, 'No?' Not a sound is made, but this way she can claim she totally asked!

Cha’el, as he has been since the birth of their babies, had arrived home in the late afternoon of a mind to spend some time with Ksenia and the twins before heading to the Crafter’s Complex for an hour or two to continue work on the second cradle. When a silent weyr had been all the welcome he’d gotten, he’d simply assumed she’d taken the babies for a walk and gotten engrossed in a pile of hidework brought home with him. By the time afternoon had crept into early evening, he was starting to fret and had taken to pacing back and forth across the ledge, the mysterious events unfolding up at the Hold threading alarm so that his mind served up one horrific scenario after another. Eventually, he could take it no more and wound tighter than a spring stalked into the weyr to take up Sikorth’s strapping and his jacket.

Ksenia hangs on a moment of indecision, standing there on the edge of the ledge with mud drying and the little mud babies still safely sleeping, but that won't last for long. Already, the ache in her chest is building. The weyr looks kind of quiet. Chewing on her lip, she finishes the way up the steps and creeps ever closer to the doorway that blocks the weyr. Like a creeper, she inches her way towards the door, trying to get a good peek inside. Bathing the babies at home is preferable, of course! Not to mention the little tub she found is in there. Creeeeeeeep, creeeeeep. It's when she finally makes it to the door that one of those little muddy piglets give her away with a loud sneeze. Luckily, Carella is still sleeping at the end of it! It's only 'relatively' loud, given that she's still a wee one and all. But for a father on the alert, it might be enough. Because at this point, Ksenia's probably gotten a good look to see that there is, indeed, a weyrmate inside there and like a kudu in the safari that's spotted a lion, she's about-facing with the intent to beat feet!!

Ksenia and their muddy little piglets on her sneaky way inward and Cha’el with his jacket half on and dragging straps with him on his way out. And then that tiny little sneeze. Said lion sensing his prey near at hand freezes on the other side of the door. One, two, three heartbeats go by with a muted thud come from the other side when the strapping is dropped to the floor and then suddenly, the door is yanked open. “Don’t.Move.Another.Inch.” The Weyrleader growls catching his weyrmate’s about turn. Another two seconds tick by. “Where.The.Fuck.Have.You.Been?” Comes another low grate of baritone and that’s before he’s even caught sight of his little pair of muddy piglets.

"Now, Cha'el…" Ksenia squeaks, whirling about with her hands up and tone placating. Does it ease any of his ire that it comes out sounding a little patronizing? The chagrin he sees on her face is getting caught, not for actually doing whatever it is that she's done. When she turns around, what's visible is Saenia's little foot that dangles free, the pudgy ankle and fleshy foot pink and clean. But the other foot looks like it's been dipped in a vat of mud; mud that's started to crust up. Carella's feet are both muddy, though both babies have semi-clean hands and clean faces. Like someone wiped them off. The mud is drying, caking and starting to crack and flake. Ksenia has mud stuck to the majority of her skin. "… I just went for a," she grapples for a truth that IS the truth (so as to not go down that road of lies again) but that isn't the WHOLE truth, "a walk. With the babies. To get out of this place." To be FREEEEE. She pauses. "A long walk." There are holes in this explanation big enough to fit a gold dragon through. Quickly, she shoves her broken bow behind her back. No need for him to see that.

Sorry, Ksenia. When one has spent that past candlemark making oneself sick with worry, one tends to go off the deep end. “Don’t you ‘Now Cha’el’ me.” The rider gives back in a tone held low for the sake of their sleeping babies. “Its dark out! Do you have any….” That would be about when he catches sight of the mud caked and flaking off of Carella and Saenia. “What the…? A WALK!?” Up tilts the level of Cha’el’s voice, ire writ across his expression. “How the fuck do you go for a walk and…” Next he catches that quick shove of something behind her back. “What…Inside. NOW!!” Out flings an arm toward the doorway he’d just exited from.

"I lost track of time! It was hard to see…" Ksenia hisses back, trying to also keep her voice low for the sake of the babies, which only increases the frustrated tension now coursing through her. The louder level of Cha'el's voice stirs Saenia who begins to kick out those little pudgy baby legs and make poopy faces. "Chadarel! Watch your voice!" Her tone is scolding, Cha'el, in a another low, angry hiss from Ksenia when he DARES to treat her like a CHILD. Oh she stalks into that weyr, all right, but not before flinging her broken bow up against the wall that serves as the big dragon door. He might have ordered her inside, but that's where she wanted to go ANYWAY. So it's like her choice or something. With an arm around the sleeping forms of her little muddy piglets, the woman glares at Cha'el and stalks right on through the weyr and towards the baths. The heat of her temper could scorch if such a thing existed, and it's only contained to keep the little terrors quiet. For just a LITTLE bit longer. Long enough to get wiped down, at least. Did he notice her bow? Maybe she hopes he doesn't!

Cha’el says not another word glaring at Ksenia’s departing back when she storms into the weyr after throwing something at the door. Stooping to pick it up a thick curse cuts across the air when he realizes what it is. With the broken bow fisted in his hand, the rider stalks after his scurrying weyrmate and their babies. “Hard to see, eh? Because it was dark!! Do you know what hunts in the dark?” No pause given for an answer. “Sharding felines, Ksenia. FELINES!!” The broken bow is flung across the room where it knocks a metal cup from a shelf that bounces off the floor with a loud CLANG!! Tracking her into the bathing room, Cha’el rounds her side and plants himself directly in front of her, and while fury is wreathed across his expression its with anxious eyes that he assesses both little girls and their mother too. “What were you doing!?” He goes on to demand. “Taking them out hunting with you, huh!?” Yes, he’s put two and two together and reached a conclusion.

Ksenia isn't going to say anything, isn't going to say anything, isn't going to say anything. Until he flings that bow across the room and the loud clang startles both babies awake. Their still infant-blue eyes open wide, little droolly mouths popping open and at first, they are two little muddy twin faces of startle. Carella might be the older one, but its Saenia who dictates the crying. "Cha'el. LOOK what you did. You woke the children up with your CHILDISH FLINGING." Not that she can talk, mind. And if she didn't have babies strapped to her body, she might be doing DIFFERENT things. "I WENT FOR A SHARDING WALK YOU BOARISH BLACKGUARD." Now who's screaming? "AND I HAPPENED TO ACCIDENTALLY END UP IN THE JUNGLE AND THEN I HAPPENED TO ACCIDENTALLY WANT TO DO A LITTLE BIT OF HUNTING THEN I ACCIDENTALLY RAN INTO —" Cut off by her own gasp and the sound of Saenia's howling that soon gets Carella sounding off too, Ksenia realizes that a little too much slipped out. "It wasn't dark when I went!! I just… got dark.." not helping here, Ksenia, "… while I was out." Other than being muddy and Ksenia having some scratches, her and the babies don't look to be too worse for wear. Plucking one of those little muddy piglets out of their body carrier, she presses their muddy daughter — Saenia, yes he gets the biggest squaller — at him and says. "Make yourself useful and help me bathe them," she snaps.

As soon as Ksenia starts screaming at him, her voice joined by that of first Saenia and then Carella, all attempts at keeping his cool are burned to ash, especially once she lets that little gem slip out. “WHAT!!??” Cha’el explodes ignoring the insult hurled at him. “HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ACCIDENTALLY WANT TO DO A LITTLE HUNTING AND THEN JUST ACCI-FUCKING-DENTALLY HAPPEN TO HAVE YOUR BOW WITH YOU!!??” Now they’re ALL yelling! Babies and parents alike. Taking Saenia from Ksenia with more confidence than he’d had those first few sevens of their lives, Cha’el holds the squalling infant up in front of his face and proceeds to give her a thorough eyeballing. His inspection comes to an abrupt halt and tucking his daughter in under his arm still muddy and screaming her indignation for the rude awakening, he glares at his weyrmate. “When you ‘accidentally’ ran into…?” Dangerously low his voice drops.

"BECAUSE." Ksenia yells at Cha'el, cheeks flushed, eyes tawny pools of angry woman. "I went for a walk and took my bow with me," she grounds this out like he's slow, "and then decided I wanted to go for a LONGER walk," plucking up the remaining baby from the carrier-thing, "and THEN I decided it would be a good day to forage," she gives Cha'el STARE when he looks over the crying Saenia, her little shirt riding up to show a pink belly, smeared with mud. "And then I saw a bird…" She skirts around the brownrider while he's distracted - goooo, Ksenia!! - and darts into the baths, "… and then there might have been a little bit of a… " What? What? Not giving all the details? Well, that's better than lying, right? RIGHT? "… mighta been a … whekdjlkjfdrrylkdjflsfelkdfjsline." Garbled, this. All because her baby is crying, and everyone's muddy and now it's time to start stripping. All the crying is having a secondary and rather embarrassing effect on Ksenia, which she is going to do her damndest to hide. "IT WASN'T MY FAULT CHADAREL." This last is bellowed out. "NOW. GET THE DAMN BABY TUB." She's doing a horrible job of answering him and a horrible job of ordering him around.

“Who goes for a WALK and takes a BOW if they don’t PLAN on HUNTING!!” Cha’el shouts back at her not appreciating the tone she’d taken with him. One moment Ksenia’s in front of him and then the next the tricksy woman has somehow gotten around him. Whirling about, Saenia kicks up a further racket that has her punching at the air with tiny fists and feet causing him to fumble as he tries to holding onto the squalling, wiggly worm that is his daughter. Tucking the baby against his chest with one hand and with some fiddling about, Cha’el plucks her little shirt off over her head and drops it next to the laundry basket. A towel is snatched up next and laid in a wad on the floor and the baby set down on it so that he can remove her lower clothing, expression pressed about a grim line. The anger that comes with relief is stitched through by the kind of frustration he’s not about to name just yet but that goes a long way to being responsible for that scowl he wears as Ksenia begins to strip off too. Apparently he’s ignoring her demand to get the baby tub. “There might have been a little bit of WHAT!!??” The last word shouted and just as he jerks his head up, Saenia’s diaper finally comes free and he’s hit by the most foul of smells that causes him to gag.

"ALL RIGHT. FUCK. CHA'EL. I planned it. I planned to go hunting. I planned to get out. I PLANNED IT ALL, IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR?!" Pure and utter frustration pours out of the woman who's busy trying to tug off Carella's little baby pants. Luckily for her, she did not get the poopy one. She got the pee-pee one. NEENER. By this time, she's shucked her own muddy pants and tunic, leaving only a thin undershirt on — there are reasons for this — that only reveals the awkward wet spots across her chest. She's forgotten about that part, see. Setting her eldest daughter into a similar nest of towels, she huffs off and stomps towards the the baby tub-thing. It's made of wood and shaped to let the baby sit in a small amount of water. On her way back, Ksenia gets rid of her undershirt and stalks back to the baths. The little tub floats and she sets it onto the water, using her hands to scoop clean water into the little tub. Over her shoulder, she glares at Cha'el, giving him her bare ass. "There was a … wherry. And I had to maybe run through the river to get away from it and the feline jumped out of the bushes to take down the wherry." The muscle in her jaw flexes, because she KNOWS where this is going to go. "S'how we got muddy. Had to climb up the bank…" Here is where she doesn't tell him that she slipped and fell and that's how her and those babies got muddy. Although, perhaps he can SURMISE that with the way she trails that off. Of course, she cuts him off by plucking up Carella and wading into the baths. "We're FINE, Cha'el. Just MUDDY." Nevermind the feline and the wherry!! Right?! Saenia and her poop is alllllllllllll him.

“WHAT I WANT TO HEAR IS THE TRUTH, KSENIA!!” Cha’el yells back and then clamps his forearm over the lower half of his face, gagging and dry heaving as he makes poor attempt to wipe down one tiny poopy butt. Why’d he get the POOPY ONE!!?? Nope. Sorry. He just can’t. Not without risk of throwing his lunch all over his daughter. And so, he leaves Saenia bawling right where she is amidst the towel and following Ksenia’s example, begins to strip off. Unfortunately, he happens to glance up RIGHT as she’s leaning over the edge of the pool, ass in the air. Which does NOTHING for the Weyrleader’s mood. “Are you SHITTING me!!??” That could be for what explodes from him next as he scoops his poopy daughter up, careful to hold her AWAY from himself and strides straight into the pool, poopy baby and all and begins dunking her behind in and out of the water. “A WHERRY? A fucking FELINE!!??” A thick curse sketching Faranth’s arse in a colorful description bursts free. “And where the FUCK was Jo!!?”

Because Life's a Bitch, Cha'el. And you just got owned. "NO YOU DON'T CAUSE YOU ALREADY MADE UP YOUR DAMN MIND YOU ASS!! YOU'RE ONLY INTERESTED IN THE CHA'EL TRUTH!!" These poor babies. Red-faced, crying. Not at all understanding the shouting getting done over their heads by their parents, and Ksenia looks like she's no where near done. Especially when she sees Cha'el having to deal with the poopy one. Her body knows what needs to happen, as already she's leaking in a very private place: the milk bar. "You can't even handle a shitty ass, Chad." Insult lobbed his way in a ploy to distract, while she works the mud off Carella's little body which is quickly turning a blushing pink for being so ANGRY and CRYING and wanting what Ksenia's body wants to give. "Jo…" Abruptly, all that comes from the woman is silence. Clean baby? Clean baby gets a face full of boob, which at least brings down the decibel level a little bit as Carella is only TOO happy to nurse. "… uh. Well." The scratch on Ksenia's cheek is a livid red as is the scratch on her arm. The golden thread that used to wind around her waist hasn't been put back together again, though her middle still shows signs of having given birth. It takes more than a month and a half to shed the baby weight. "I didn't know I was going to go out," she TRIES to keep her voice level. As scaring her babies isn't really her intent. The seething anger and frustration isn't gone, however. It is lying dormant. "So I just left." Subtext: Without Jo. "I had Butterball with me!" Because that helps right? That firelizard is getting so fat it's hard for him to fly more than short bursts.

“DON’T YOU….” Bugger!! That poop just refuses to budge. He’s gonna have to touch it and just the thought sets Cha’el’s stomach to roiling. His first instinct is to look to Ksenia for help but given that he’s currently PISSED OFF with her he’s not about to do so. And it doesn’t help that she’s standing there all naked and…. The look he sends his weyrmate is tight and broken with a sharp jerk of attention back to the squalling and by now, hiccoughing Saenia. With a sigh, Cha’el reaches for a nearby facecloth – is it his? Ksenia’s? He doesn’t look – dips it in the water and gritting his teeth, finally does a proper job of washing down his daughter’s poopy butt making a concerted effort NOT to glance in his weyrmate’s direction. Of course, he fails. Several times. So that by the time she has Carella washed and settled to a boob his expression appears to be carved from rock. “That fat fuck couldn’t catch his own tail let alone be of any help to you if something happened.” He grinds out from clenched teeth as he approaches with the now pink and clean Saenia so that she too may feed, his gaze deliberately holding to those angry tawny eyes rather than the milk bar. “Mmhmm. And what part of ‘take Jo with you’ and ‘let me know where you’re going to be’, escaped you? What if that feline had attacked you and the girls instead of that wherry, huh?” The shouting has stopped but its clear he’s still unhappy and not at all amused by this recent escapade, lulled into a false sense of security over the past few months of her confinement.

There is currently a line for the milk bar, Cha'el, who is left to hold Saenia while Ksenia plops her butt down on a towel set at the edge of the baths. Only when seated does she take the other baby girl, lips thinning a little as this position gives her a decided disadvantage against Cha'el, being that she's sitting and has two (thankfully silent) children partaking of her body. It really doesn't lend the same kind of attitude and flouncy tartness that one needs in an argument. "But it didn't and we're fine," she points out in a tight voice, struggling to hold onto her temper long enough to see the children to sleep. What she WANTS to do and what she CAN do are such two different things and Cha'el is making such a convenient target of himself. Namely because she knows she's in the wrong here. "Listen," she starts to say, tawny eyes narrowed up at the man, "I didn't really plan anything. I took my bow and arrows because I thought I might practice." Slow, and grudging are these words fishhooked out of her throat. "Then I saw a rabbit go into the jungles and I thought to try to find some berries that I used for that wild berry pudding. But then I thought how nice would it be to get rabbit for dinner? It just felt so GOOD walking around and outside." Deeeep breath, Ksenia, deeep breath. "Then I lost track of time because I was showing our daughters the jungle. Picked them flowers, found the little stream where I got the stones…" The stones she used to tell him about the pregnancy. "… and then next thing I know, there's a wherry. I went crashing through the stream, arms around our girls, and that's when I lost my quiver and then snapped my bow when I fell in the mud and slid down the embankment. The feline startled me." Maybe there's capitulations. "It just… wasn't … planned. I'd honestly thought only to walk to the edge." It's her turn to grit her teeth. "Next thing I know, it's getting dark fast and it's time to head home. I'd hoped to make it before you…" Wait. Was that the outloud voice??

Holding his squalling daughter against his chest, one large hand spread under her butt and up her back while her little head bobs, rosebud mouth questing like a baby bird against his skin for the nourishment her sister has, Cha’el fixes Ksenia with a look. Once he’s handed Saenia over and she too is partaking of the milk bar with soft snufflng sounds replacing the hungry squalling, he moves to rest his back against the lip of the pool where his weyrmate has situated herself and folds his arms over his chest. Not looking, not looking, not looking. Hey, look at that weird colored mark in the rock on the ceiling! In stiff silence he hears her explanation out attention dropping back down to her at mention of the stones she’d given him all those months back. “I get it,” Cha’el carefully begins to form a response. “You needed to get out and it wasn’t planned but this is how accidents happen. You need to start planning. Thinking ahead. And for the love of Faranth, if you go out again without Jo I’ll send K’ane after you.” Maybe that’s a threat that will stick? “Do you have any idea how worried I was? What it was like to come home and find you and the girls just gone? No note, no nothing. I thought…” That line of thought is abruptly cut off and eyes of ocean’s blue snap to tawny brown, lips pursed about a frown. “Before I got home.” Her sentence completed for her there’s a long drawn out pause. “And then you could cover and pretend like nothing happened, aye?” This seems to annoy all the more.

Her answer might surprise him, for Ksenia lifts her chin and stares at him with all the pride a woman can have with two babies currently latched onto — for lack of a better word here — her teats. "No, Cha'el. I wasn't going to pretend nothing happened. It's just that the telling of a story is a little softer given if our babies aren't covered in mud." Carella is already tapering off, but she's partaken more than her sister. "I had hoped to be clean, yes, before telling you." And that she's not going to apologize for. See that chin-lift? Ksenia's got all the pride of a southern feline, and one that's got babies which lends a ferocity to her that wasn't there before. "I left a note!" This protest comes with conviction until memory's served up fresh. "Or, well. I think I did. Saenia started crying and I had to calm her down while Carella was throwing her little baby shoes and the spit up all over me." Okay, she grumbles, "Maybe I forgot the note." Her life is often chaos with two babies to tend to! By now, quieter, and feeling more than a bit guilty, "I really didn't mean to worry you. I didn't go to the Hold," maybe that's what she presumes he meant to say, "I just…" Heaving a sigh, she garbles out a, "I'm sorry. I just got carried away." It felt so good. "I forgot about Jo." Poor Jo. "I'll take her next time." Most likely. "Will you take her?" She nudges the now sleeping Carella who's pillowed her litlte head on her mama's breast.

Indeed her answer does and for the briefest spell, Cha’el actually looks a mite chagrinned for having lost his cool the way he did. But its brief and Ksenia will find her pinned by sharp blue eyes while she mutters and mumbles over the matter of having left a note, or not, as it so turns out. But while there are still remnants of that anger and a whole slew of something else at play, he is at his core, a reasonable man. So it is with this that he turns toward his weyrmate and begins to take Carella from her, features etching once again into tight lines. “I know it’s hard on you being stuck at home with them all day on your own.” Because Faranth knows he’d probably be at his wit’s end inside of an hour if the roles were reversed. “But there’s no telling if that shit going on up at the Hold might spill down here and I don’t want you or the girls caught up in it.” Will you look at that? He even managed to sound halfway reasonable too. Though that might be because he’s wading out of the pool with wet undershorts clinging to him like a second skin and his tiny daughter cradled in his arm away from the source of his current frustration. That being one naked and highly desirable weyrmate. Slopping a wet trail behind him another towel is taken up from the neat pile and Carella carefully wrapped in it. “I’ve been thinking.” Uh oh. “Maybe its time we got a canine.” This said with his back firmly presented to her. What he can’t see can’t frustrate. Then again, he has a fairly vivid imagination and its been a very long couple of months spent wandering the desert.

Ksenia doesn't speak at first, watching Saenia while she considers Cha'el's words. "I didn't go close to the hold…" However, that the shenanigans at the hold could spill down here is not something she's thought of. Finally, Saenia is done and can be taken up and swaddled in a towel while the little one partially snoozes. Pushing herself out of the water, she does this right over where Cha'el has taken Carella. Ksenia is so organized that she leaves little folded night gowns on a shelf (when did that get there?) so that babies can go from water to dry to dressed all with little movement. "It does drive me crazy. I feel like all I interact with are children." Maybe that's quietly stated. It's hard being a new parent. It's not always roses and sunshine and love. "I will start leaving you a schedule," oh how hard this capitulation is! It goes against her very spontaneous nature. "But when I forget," because she will, "I will take Jo with me." Tentatively, she peeks at Cha'el, biting her lower lip. Her expression says it all: forgive me? Although it's somewhat marred, this woe-begone look, when she asks, surprised, "A canine?" She's not against it, but it is out of the blue. Ah! Look, Saenia is all sweetly dressed by now. Ksenia is not. Look at that buddy, a forbidden oasis.

Poor Saenia, she gets the All Thumbs parent, the one content to leave her wrapped in a towel until Ksenia is out of the water with her twin and leading the way. But does she have to do so RIGHT up next to him close enough so that elbows skim bare flesh here and there and body heat can be detected? It does little for Cha’el’s humor and in that same thick silence he fumbles and fiddles his way through getting that tiny nightdress onto Carella with hands too big for such a dainty job. Of course, the little one now contented with a full belly is being just too cute for him to remain scowling and blows drowsy drool bubbles. “Thank you.” Quiet and mumbled into the dark swathe of stubble shadowing chin and jaw. But he makes the mistake of glancing sideways when saying it and catches himself an eyeful. Quickly attention snatches back down to the plump little worm trying to jam her fist into her mouth. “I’m sorry I yelled.” Spoken with a heavy frown though that might have more to do with him struggling to get her diaper to stay in place. “Aye. Having a hunting canine with you will give you added protection when you’ve got your holds full.” With babies. “Better than a flit sometimes.”

Leaving her little plump, now dressed, wiggle worm on the changing table, Ksenia leans into Cha'el. "I'm sorry I yelled too," she whispers, pushing up on tiptoes to give him a kiss on the side of his cheek. "Okay, but only if we can get a kitten too." She draws away, and plucks up her dressed bundle of baby. "I like animals," she adds, giving him a saucy little wink before taking her twin and heading back into the weyr proper. No longer all muddy and gross, the woman's tangled fall of dark espresso locks — the rest lost to the wetness of her bath — blocks a lot from view. Once she's out of Cha'el's sight, she tucks her little wiggle worm into the cradle and throws on an old shirt of Cha'el's. Being that Southern is so sharding hot in the summer, Ksenia throws herself onto the bed, on top of the covers, and throws her arm over her eyes. It pulls his shirt up to about mid-thigh, maybe higher, and before she knows it, she's in a half-doze. Not quite asleep yet, because when she senses Cha'el coming in with his bundle, a murmur will slip out, "I should eat dinner, but they're going to sleep for only so long and right now this bed feels so good. I could sink right into it. It's very hard to think about moving."

A flicker of tension runs through Cha’el when she presses that kiss to his cheek and while it lessens it doesn’t completely sweep away the knot of brows. Lifting Carella and tucking her in against his side like a football – Dads do it differently – he eyes Ksenia’s departure with a pursing of lips that could have to do with the request for a kitten. He lingers in the steamy climes of the bathing room for a few moments longer, expression stitched about deep contemplation and then exhaling a slow sigh, ambles on out to deposit the baby tucked against his side into the cradle with her sister. All done while managing not to look in the direction of their bed. Or maybe he does so surreptitiously for despite the relieved anger of earlier and the worry that yet lingers, he’s suddenly all about volunteering though there is a look snapped Ksenia’s way for something she’d said. “You sleep, I’ll go get us something to eat.” Swiftly, wet undershorts are stripped off and replaced with sweatpants – commando style – and a sleeveless shirt pulled on and then he’s gone out of the weyr quicker than a wherry with a feline after it.

Ksenia is already slowly dozing off, the arm covering her eyes losing the tension to hold itself there and slowly slips down the crown of her head, so that she ends up with her arm above her head not unlike how little Carella sleeps. "Mmmmhmmmffhfh…" That is her last intelligible reply through Cha'el's hasty dressing as the woman sinks into baby induced dreams. That's right, it's light's out, people!!

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