Ravene Zisiene


Zisiene's of a mind to visit with her foster mother. Only, there's something amiss at the baker's shop.



It is mid-day of the fourth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass. It is the fourth day of Winter and 55 degrees. It is a miserable day, lingering gusts of wind blowing sand throughout the weyr.


Bazaar Sidestreet

OOC Date 09 Jan 2018 05:00



Bazaar Sidestreet

No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

It's been how long since Zisiene has tread down the bazaar's sidestreet? The familiar signboard of Ravene's Bakery hangs as it always has. The awning looks new, and there is a mill of people out side doors that are closed, and should be opened.

The young woman, rather than push through the crowd, silently slipped into an alleyway and from there up to the rooftops. Isie's feet last tread this path way back when she left the bazaar to join the Zingari. Silent feet brought her swiftly to the window that opened onto the bakery's living quarters, and a practiced pop on the side of the window sees it opening.

Quietly Zisiene slips into the room that she'd not seen since she left. So unlike Ravene to sleep in. Isie moves to the baker's bed. She gives the baker, a handsome woman well into her fifth decade, a light shake, “Ravene?” there's no answer, so she shakes the woman again, “Ravene?”

Zisiene can feel the panic begin to build. The next shake of the woman is a little harder, “Mama?” Isie is suddenly that scared little girl that had been taken in by the baker so long ago, “Mama!!” this a near shriek of disbelief, grief, and fear. Ravene had passed quietly in the night. The only clue to anyone that something may be amiss, the bakery not opening at the insanely early hour of predawn that it had always opened at.

News of Ravene, the Baker of Igen Weyr quickly spread through the bazaar. The bakery, while not closed, is permenantly under new management.

OOC- And this ends Ravene's time on HT. I retired her to NPCdom some time back, but it's time to permenantly retire her. Farewell Ravene, and thank you HT for letting me play her. It was tons of fun. It also sees Zisiene go into semi-retirement. If I can work her through the issues she seems to be having I may bring her out of said semi-retirement. If not, well she's been fun. Ravene's Bakery remains for Staff to do as they please with. NPC the joint. Change the name to fit the new owner? Whatever. It's just time to let Ravene go completely.

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