Jaune, Ryott


Ryott offers to help poor Jaune navigate the Bazaar, for a price of course.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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"They can smell fresh meat from a dragonlength away."


Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

"Today's venture is just a day past hatching for Jaune and a brown hatchling tucked into a length of canvas wrapped from shoulder to hip. Nose flaring and closing with each steady breath as he walks. A full firelizard, who is already showing signs of drying out is what forced Jaune into the Bazaar proper. He doesn't know any enough to bother them. Soon, he finds himself spinning slow in circles, reading signs and looking for shops or wagons that would have what he needs. Looking all the more like a lost young man.

Tucked in between a couple of stalls, Ryott is stiting on a low stool with a plank balanced on two logs in front of her. Three cards from an ordinary dragon deck are sitting face down in front of her, "Who wants to find the Lady? Double your money if you can keep your eyes on the prize." Her normally deadpan voice is slightly animated as she shuffles the cards over each other idly. Spotting Jaune spinning in place, she cocks her head to one side with an amused smirk, "You keep looking that clueless, you'll be down to your skivvies in a second. They can smell fresh meat from a dragonlength away." She remarks, not specifying who they are.

Nobody knows him, and nobody would be talking to him. But his spinning slows and Ryott is spotted. The voice of reason, treason and unabashed cruel honesty. "Oh." Jaune steps through the passerbys to stand near her, and look down at her plank. Card, playing cards. "Is this seek and capture?" Find the lady. Its face up right now, and his fingertip lands on it. "I found it. Do you owe me marks now?"

"Yeah, that's not how it works," Ryott replies with an even tone once more, skeptical look on her face as she looks over the older teen as she turns the cards back face down with a mild scowl, "You need to put your marks down before you chose." Leaning forward with elbows resting on her knees, she looks up at him, "Were you looking for something specific or just trying to attract every pickpocket and cutpurse in the bazaar? Cause you were really succeeding at the latter."

"Oil. For a firelizard's skin." A fingertip tucks the cover away from the bronze hatchlings face, which slips to hang out for a few moments. While marks get produced and settled upon the plank. Just two. And he looks up at Ryott again. "Well, I haven't really come down here yet. Its really bustling. Its not quite like anything I've seen before." His fingertip taps the card again, as if it might 'win him marks'. But it doesn't and he straightens back up again. "Is this your craft?" As if it were an actual craft.

"Well, that shouldn't be too hard to find, there's a shop that does all kinds of oitments and shit, it's just past the meat on a stick and across from the the scarf seller." Ryott relays almost helpfully, until one notices that there are many meat on a stick places and even more that sell scarves. The marks are eyes with a neutral expression as she shuffles up the cards, face down, fingers moving fluidly until she indicates he should make his selection. When he does, she picks it up and shows him it's not the Lady and quickly pockets the marks. "My craft? No, this is just what I do for some extra marks. Not a crafter type."

"Oh…well..I suppose you have my marks now." He leans in again to flip another card over. As if his second guess might be correct. Even if he won't win anything. "Have you ever had a firelizard?" Of course she doesn't, if she did, she would still have one. Being as young as she is. Blonde hair tumbles over his brow as he fusses with her cards again. "Maybe /you/ should be the one finding herself a corridor to sweep."

Without a word, dark eyes locked on Jaune, Ryott stares at him until two blue firelizards pop into the air above her soundlessly and then land on a shoulder each, staring up at Jaune. When he reaches for another card to turn over, she slaps her hand onto it, "Nope, you gotta pay to flip a card. Haven't you ever seen "Find the Lady" before?" she asks, brows raised quizzically in the Vinter's direction. As he continues to fuss with her cards, she narrows her eyes slightly, "I don't need to sweep for a living. I get by just fine."

"Getting by…" Jaune doesn't really know what that means. Hold-reared and hall-raised. Always with family and /always/ with a task to do. The firelizard's arrival straightens him back up again, away from the cards. "How about /3/ marks to walk me towards a reputatable dealer of the oils I would need. You wouldn't want this poor firelizard to be mistreated in its youth, would you?" A step or two away, to indicate he won't be playing again anyways.

"Five," Ryott responds immediately, haggling coming as naturally as breathing to the girl with shortly cropped dark hair and unblinking dark eyes, "And I'll point out the places you want to avoid and which are safe for someone so new to the Bazaar." She doesn't move from her spot just yet, but she does send her blues away again with no outward command.

Five marks is quite a bit for a quick jaunt for Jaune to the right shopkeeper. Her addendum has his head canting over. Perhaps that'd be fine. Five marks are pulled from his small satchel that rests upon the opposite hip. So easy to get at for brazen cutpurses and thieves. Probably. "Fine then. I'll expect a /good/ tour then. No hop, skipping until you can dump me." Jaune's finger is almost set to wag at her.

Eyeing the satchel he gets the marks from, Ryott is torn between warning the man of the target he is being, and just letting him learn the hard way. For now, she keeps her mouth shut as she takes the marks and suddenly they are gone, secreted somewhere upon her person. "Oh, you'll get your marks worth," she replies with the closest thing to a grin she manages, which is little more than a curl of her lips at the corner. Quickly she tidies up her spot, putting the cards back into their deck, before she hops up and just heads off. "We'll get the oil you need first, better keep up."

Its a good satchel. He cinches it back up again, with those five marks in hand, and the satchel thumping lightly upon his hip. Oh, she takes them /first/. Because thats how business is done, right? "Okay. That sounds like a good idea. I should get oil onto this hatchling sooner rather than later!" Then off they jaunt! To press between crowds and he makes sure she is nearly right in front of him this whole time, hand pulling the satchel to make sure it doesn't flop so hard now that they begin moving quicker. If she intends to make it difficult to keep up.

Ryott doesn't even look back until they reach the shop she'd been talking about. The way she moves through the crowd is almost second nature, anticipating others' movement and making sure she doesn't bumb into anyone but at the same time, her alert gaze is taking everything in. When they get to the modest shop, she gives a litte flourish of her hand before turning to face Jaune, "Here we go." She parks herself against the doorframe, arms crossed as she sets up a subtle surveillance while he does some shopping. She's already noticed a couple of familiar faces trying really hard to make it look like they haven't noticed the newcommer she's escorting around.

When they got to the shop, people might be able to tell that Jaune had a bit of a rough time. Someone glared at him about the satchel hitting them, so he has it scooped up over his arm, pressing against the firelizard tucked away. Who is awake and looking around, almost anxious to get free. So when they stop, pices of jerked meat is purloined from the satchel and offered to the hungry beastie. "Oh. Here we go." He is paying some sort of attention. Then he steps sideways past Ryott into the shop. "Do you know…Oh." There are some oils which someone else with a young hatchling is buying right now! So he moves to look at those.

She's not being paid to be a personal shopper, so Ryott merely waits outside, glaring at those scamps she knows who are trying to get a better look, warning them off with dark looks. Sighing heavily, she leans her head in and spies Jaune, "It's not that hard you know, pick up a jar and pay for it. Faranth, were you sheltered or somethin' growing up?" she asks with an exasperated huff before she goes back to grumbling sentry duty.

He does! He picks up a jar and and goes to wait in line. Or grab whoever is the person doing the exchanging of goods for Marks. "This is for firelizards, right?" Only a dumb nod from the shopkeeper and marks are exchanged. Only a few seem to be left in the satchel, and the jar is tucked away into it now. There are quite a few people paying more attention to him to their goods now, and he walks slow back to Ryott. "Got it now. What else do you have to show me, oh guide?"

"Great, now I'll show you where it's safe to wander and where is definitely isn't," Ryott explains as she continues on her guided tour, pointing out several fun landmarks of the bazaar, like Rosie's, a house of ill-repute, although Ryott does mention that the escorts at the Zingari Camp are far superior. The Tunnelsnake fighting ring she cautions him away from but does point out that the Tea Room and Menagerie are usually pretty safe. The Pit, she recommends for the entertainment, if he likes bloodsport that is. When they've made the rounds, she leads him back to where he found her, "And that's it, I hope you've enjoyed your tour today. If you need further guidance, well, I'm usually found out and about," if she wants to be found that is.

Jaune makes it free of the devilish delights that Ryott is showing him. Isn't she a bit young to be talking about houses of ill repute?! Not that Jaune seems particularly keen on partaking. In womanly wiles. So he does his best to keep his gaze averted from that temptation. Back to the exit back into the Weyr proper is where she leaves him, thankfully. And he gives a big nod. "Thank you….You. I don't know your name, do I?"

"No, you don't," Ryott replies simply with her usual deadpan before she turns and lets the crowd of the bazaar enfold around her before she disapears from sight.

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