Talya, Th'res, Turahaimajusuth, Jedameth


Talya and Th'res finally catch up after months, and introductions are made to the new dragon counterpart.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.



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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Th'res is loving this weather! The blue riding Wingsecond has had an early release day of sorts from work so this cold overcast afternoon he is walking along the beach. Dressed in his black leathers and that freakishly long scarf of his which has been wrapped around so it only hangs down to his knees. Thankfully the light breeze from the ocean lets it trail off behind him so no one can trip on it this time. Jedameth is currently doing his odd waddle walk next to him as they go it seems they are talking about something with each other.

Talya is the opposite, she hates this weather! Turahaimajusuth has no preference, though he is dragging his unhappy lifemate out during their afternoon break to the beach. "Ow, stop jostling so much Tura," comes the voice from the bundled up weyrling astride the brown. On the sands the gait is uneven, but Talya does not have much choice in the matter as the brown has a single-track mind to find the best spot on the beach. "No, no, not that way," Tal says when she realizes in just what direction the brown is going and just who is walking over that way. She recognizes the long scarf, and even after so long it's hard not to recognize the blue dragon beside him. The brown isn't listening. The sand there is less trampled by people and less littered and he wants to be over there. Which is why Talya is going to dismount off the walking dragon, tumbling her way down the straps to fall flat into the sands. Jumping off a moving dragon? Not a smart idea.

No it probably isn't a smart idea, but then Th'res couldn't really speak on such things as he has been know to do dumb stunts all the time. The red headed blue rider turns when they are acompanied on the beach, he gives a little sigh with a sideways grin when he sees Talya's antics but turns to go over and see if she is alright. Jedameth on the other hand is all about seeing the new dragon. He has been good, well there was those few times he snuck in to watch them sleep of course but that doesn't count!! His mind voice is very very calm almost as if he is forcing it to be so, as this is the closest thing he can get to a whisper « Hello there young one! »

Turahaimajusuth only takes a few more steps before he realizes that his lifemate is no longer with him. He cranes his head around to give her a snort, likely suggesting that was a very undignified exit strategy, before his curious-whirling eyes turn upon Jedameth. He reaches out in a foggy tendril, languid and relaxed in greeting, «Good afternoon to you. Enjoying the weather?» Talya doesn't stay down in the sand for too long, having faceplanted. She does need to breath, though there's a moment when it seemed like she may just stay there. She does finally lift up, wiping the sand out of her face with one hand and pushing up to a seated position with the other. There's already a narrowed eye look on her face even as she works to shake off the sand from her own scarf and jacket (wearing the nice one of course). "Th'res," she says, trying to keep the frosty edge out of her voice. "Surprising to run into you."

Th'res grins down at Talya "Not really, we were just discussing on the ways we could sneak over and see you both today, but M'noq gave me the afternoon off." He knows she is probably mad, you can't love someone with out learning there emotions and habits so he will just smile and see if she hits him or not. He does hold out a hand to offer her help getting up if she wants it. Jedameth is just all sorts of curious and is trying to see the brown dragon from every angle he can « WE ARE! Th'res LOVES this weather, it reminds him of the snowy days he likes to play in. Maybe we can show you snow one day? OH HEY TALYA!!! » The last is added with a croon at the woman.

Talya is not doing a good job of keeping the annoyance off her face. She narrows her eyes up at the man, though they do trail away to take in the rest of him before moving back to stubbornly set on his face. "Really, you were? Months later you just decide to want to come visit and all?" She eyes the hand that is offered like it was ready to bite her, and then reaches out… to smack it away. She gets up all well on her own, though there's another wince for a likely bruised backside from riding dragonback across the bowl to the beach. The brown turns amused eyes from the blue towards his lifemate, a silent exchange going one way… and then, "I'm not angry Tura, it's called annoyed. Oh, and hello Jedameth," she adds with a second wince, this one all for the blue's no-longer familiar enthusiastic greeting. Turahaimajusuth gives an amused rumble before turning back to the larger dragon. «Well, this development sure is strange yet entertaining. From what I see of snow in mine's mind, it is not that entertaining for her… Can you swim in it? Is it good for the hide?»

« They are always like that, She gets mad at him then forgives him later. Can you hide in snow? BOY CAN YOU! » is Jedameths answer to the young brown, those colorful bricks are quickly whirling around building images of The blue dragon covered in the white fluffy stuff and as well as rolling around making 'art'. Th'res lets the hand fall back to his side before putting it back into his jacket pocket, "I am sorry I have been busy lately." He doesn't have the cold in his words but there is a lot of sadness in his eyes right now. But a smile is still on his lips as he looks Talya over saying "Being a rider seems to suit you.."

Turahaimajusuth looks from Jedameth, to Talya, to Th'res… and back again. He's a smart dragon, he can put several things together. «She is more hurt than mad. I mean, I know that the weather is not to her liking but that is no way to treat old friends.» His voice trails over his own lifemate, though amused. This spot is as good as any as he slips his limbs into the sand and wallows in deeper. «So just like this, but cold?» Talya shoots her lifemate a look, then gives Th'res a side-glance with a sigh. "I guess with all the changes, you would be busy. But plenty of others hadn't been too busy to meet up with their friends and finally get introduced to their lifemates." Her frown deepens into a scowl instead. "Does it? You haven't even met Turahaimajusuth and he's almost half a Turn old now. Even if we've been busy too, I would still have wanted you to meet him on better terms than this." She waves a hand at the two of them and then to their little quiet spot on the beach. Okay, it could be worse.

Jedameth is all about the snow now lights are starting to swirl in his mind as he gets excited, but he does burrow himself into the sand near the little brown as well « And fluffy! when it first falls it is soft like feathers and you can catch it on your nose!» Th'res nods and sighs "I know, and that part is on me. I am sorry Talya, part of me thought I was doing the right thing but mostly I was scared." That is right he admits it, when she talks about meeting them here he tilts his head and looks out over the scene of dragons on the beach with a sly smile adds "I think it is perfect, the place I fell in love with you and all.."

Turahaimajusuth invades Jedameth's mind to mingle his foggy tendrils into the swirling lights, catching onto the blue's enthusiasm. It is addicting. There is a static to his own thoughts, an electric charge to the air. «Soft, fluffy, and you can sink into it? I think we must go experience this! And perhaps it smells nice too?» Talya studies the bluerider, as if trying to decide if she is going to take his apology or not. Her face slackens, curious. "Scared?" she questions, concerned over the bluerider over that. Then comes the roll of her eyes and she looks out over the beach as well. "Why would the beach make it the place you felt that way? I figured it would have been swimming underground or sparring that day in your weyr." Tura was digging himself a comfortable little wallow in the sands, but this past life of his lifemate makes him curious and he starts to shuffle closer to the pair on his belly.

Th'res grins at Talya, or at least the memory of it, saying "This was the first place we sparred, the first time I met someone who put a fire in my soul again after it being dormant for so long." He lowers his voice softly saying "I was scared you wouldn't want me or need me anymore, now that your heart has truly found love." Because if he is going to get hit for something it might as well be all out on the table. Jedameth on the other hand croons more to the little brown « You really should, when you are aloud to between we can take you there. »

"You're a sap," Talya remarks, though there's a hint of affection to her words. The man is just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy here, because of course those words are going to make Talya hit him. She reaches a hand out to get a good hold of his scarf, yanking on it before she knocks a fist against his shoulder with a glare. "I still need people too, and you were my best friend before all this. Sure, Tura has that spot now," she adds hastily since that brown is quickly approaching. «It's a deal,» he tells Jedameth. «Unless my Talya does not want me around this one at all. Not even introducing me…» The brown moves his snout in between the two of them. If she wasn't going to be doing the honors, then he is just going to have to get in the way. He snorts, obviously wanting the attention now. "Right, new best friend… Tura this is Th'res. You already met Jedameth over there." Her dark eyes turn to the bluerider, head tilted to watch him instead of her lifemate, as she says, "This is Turahaimajusuth."

Th'res chuckles at the hit, he would remark she might be going soft but then there is a dragon between him and her and he bows slightly "A pleasure to meet you Turahaimajusuth. I am glad such a splendid dragon has found Talya." Jedameth comes to wrap around behind his own rider crooning happily « Oh she would want you to be together. They used too…» But what ever was said is crushed by the Th'res' will over the dragons conversation the red head blushing hotly now.

Splendid? Turahaimajusuth flails out his gorgeous opalescent wings, showing off his best features with a pleased rumble at the compliment. «I like this one,» he says as an aside to both his lifemate and the blue dragon that has come to join them. Talya goes ahead and gives another of her eyerolls. "You're just going to make his head bigger," she scolds Th'res. The brown snorts in disagreement and reaches out for a nudge to his lifemate, allowing more of that sand to fall off of her. She pushes him away, though not without a soft smile as she turns to the brown's head. She gives a curled headknob a caress before turning back to the man. Right, where were they? «They used to what?» The brown has to ask, curiosity overwhelming him as he turns his eyes on Jedameth. "Yeah, we used to what?" she says aloud to the man with her brows raised at his red face. "Ashamed of it now? Embarrassed?"

Th'res grins over at Talya "Not at all, but I am pretty sure you all aren't onto that lesson yet." Though Jedameth does answer the question saying « They used to wrestle and hug each other alot! There was this one time they even got a cake for it! » Yup leave it to JEd to put a PG spin on things for people.

"Maybe not, but it's not like I don't know how things work." This time the roll of her eyes is defintiely for Th'res. "I'm just wondering if you would even think of me in that way again now that I'm a rider, maybe a little different, and Tura's in the picture." The brown seems a little offended by this, huffing out and sitting back on his haunches to make himself look taller. See, he's old enough to handle things. His amused attention turns from Jedameth's explanation and then towards the two humans. His voice is loud, steady, and filled with the smell of ozone as that magical tension builds. «Go on then! My Talya would win, she has been working so hard lately and has certainly improved. Even in her physical features, though that certainly took a lot of effort on my part.» He settles back and there's a stare to his eyes at the two riders, as if saying: Do what you do. He'll judge.

"They way I look and think of you hasn't changed at all. And it never will, I always am thinking about you." Says Th'res when she questions how he would feel about her. When Tura says they should go at it he down right laughs as he looks back to the young brown before saying "You didn't tell him you haven't really beaten me yet did you…" Because there is a score board! Jedameth is settling on the other side totally not helping saying « Yeah You both need to relax and relieve stress! come on Go wrestle! »

Talya opens up the jacket that she was wearing to show off the nicely fitted clothes underneath. New clothes, too! Or well, they were new when she had them tailored to her at the start of weyrlinghood in their uniform colors. They may look a little wrinkled from her tumble but otherwise stand out well. Then a hand goes up to run through her short hair cut. "Haven't changed much you say?" Talya sees it, at least physically. It's like a fighting ring, one dragon on one side cheering and the other opposite. Turahaimajusuth stays balanced with his wings outstretched, surprisingly providing some form of privacy. The young woman lets out a loud "Hah!" as her own lifemate's competitive streak swarms to her. "I have beaten you. I think you just like to forget that. There was that time at your weyr when we last sparred." Actually sparred, you know. She grins wickedly up to the bluerider and grabs a hold of one of his scarf sides, giving him a tug. "I could prove it again now, but it may be an unfair advantage."

Th'res nods to the clothes but then chuckles "Yes you did.." he will admit but then the dragons are not helping the situation. He looks around the 'ring' saying "Yes you currently have the unfair advantage because we both know the rules keep me from actually sparing with you." He looks over at her dragon and says "But when you both are graduated we will absolutly revisit this." He then looks over at Talya saying "Though if it would make you happy I would loose my rank and give you what you want.."

Talya takes a step closer to the redhead, still keeping a hold on that scarf of his. She wraps the slack in her hand and gives it a little tug. "Just what is going on through your mind, hm?" She throws the scarf up in his face. "Fine, have it your way." She turns onto her dragon whose wings droop in disappointment, realizing there was nothing more to see here. "Tura, he's a coward, no need to waste time here." She moves away to go to her dragon's head, who is dropping back onto all fours to get his scritches. "You know it's only a few months now until we're Senior Weyrlings and I'll be able to drink again. Would you have a batch of shine ready by then?" Among other things of course, but Talya's more interested in the drinking right now, looking back to the bluerider with raised brows.

Th'res thinks "Probably. Been a bit crazy but if I start cooking right now it could be done by then." He walks over to lean on his dragon fixing his scarf. "A coward huh? I guess that is a good way to put it." He rubs his dragons head knobs before he looks up at the storm clouds, Jedameth on the other hand croons happily to the Weyrling pair speaking to Tura « When will they let you fly? »

«Mine says within the sevenday… so soon. But it seems a waste of time to not let us both go together right away.» Turahaimajusuth seems confident enough that they could manage it, and he stretches his wings out for emphasis. Talya would probably not be opposed to it either. The young woman leans against the brown head, regarding the blue and his rider across the way. "I'll be looking forward to it." She also looks up to the storm clouds before giving a heavy sigh. "We better get back to the barracks before that starts up. It was… good to see you again Th'res." She looks to the man with a wistful expression. "It really is, even if you didn't come to see us months ago." The expression fades into a frown, still upset about that fact.

Th'res nods and gives her a soft smile saying "It was good to see you Talya" Then both he and Jedameth straighten up and there is that wingsecond voice coming across saying "And I won't even tell the weyrlingmasters that you both seem to forget to salute." He holds it there for a few moments before he winks teasingly and Jed reaches over to rub her cheek with his snout as the red head climbs on. « Take care of each other Young Ones, We will see you again soon.. » Says Jedameth as he backwings to soar into sky bugling to greet the on coming storm.

He wants a salute? Fine, Talya gives him a salute! Though perhaps it is not the right kind of salute that Th'res is thinking about. She holds the rude gesture to the man and sticks her tongue out maturely as she watches him mount up. With a tender caress to Jedameth, she plants a kiss onto his nose before he heads off. "Take care of him, Jedameth." She moves back to mount up (not quite as graceful as the bluerider does it) to her own lifemate's neckridges, who gives an answering bugle to the sky to the blue. «Come back and perhaps we can get a wrestling match out of these two yet!» Tal smacks the brown affectionately with a soft chuckle. "Let's get out of here, Tura."

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