Teyaschianniarina, Tuli, Sacitca


A drive-by one-two wham-bam. (Not that kind of wham-bam!) Also known as, Teya bets Tuli.


It is the seventh day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.
It is the seventh day of Spring and 52 degrees. Clear and bright, the night shows no evidence of either rain or cloud fronts.

There are two tall and lanky lady-riders on the PROWL in the Bazaar, Mirage riders the both of them - the taller one the goldrider, the shorter one the brownrider; which is why it's a little weird that TULI's the one carrying the baby, rather than Teya. "-and then Dhioth upchucked ash all over him," is totally WAY easier to overhear than it probably should be, because Teya is animatedly regaling Tuli with the kind of horrifyingly gross tale: she has her arm stretched up over her head like she's grasping for something, too.

It might be weird that Tuli's the one with the baby, but man is she ever enjoying herself. She's got little Rickety snuggled up against her chest, tucked away from the cold via the long, broad scarf she's flung over her shoulders. It's a very maternal image. And in total contradiction to her TONE, which is brassy and cheerful and vulgar. "That fucking dragon. And the boy accepted it?" She lets out a whistle. "Whew. That's a lad who wants that shit." Pause for baby cuddling. "Or he was just too confused to say no."

Business has slowed to a trickle as dinnertime approaches, and such an opportunity means all the more chance and reason to re-arrange wares while the tide is stemmed. Sacitca is in front of her stall at the moment, arranging and internally debating putting different scents too near one another. Which does put her within earshot of Teya's words. The expression that comes over her face is too polite to look completely horrified at the thought, but polite horror it is all the same. "I do hope he's able to get the smell out.." The perfumist murmurs, as she settles on her rearrangements. "Good evening, ma'ams." It's merely a polite greeting as they pass by, though after a moment's hesitation to replace herself behind the stall, she does smile lightly. "Seeking out anything in particular? Perhaps a perfume or cologne for that special someone?" It's worth a shot, right?

"I'm pretty sure he was drunk," Teya answers, "and not entirely sure what he'd just agreed to, at first, but then we dunked him in the lake, which seemed to - help." With the smell, at least. "I'm pretty sure that it was the grossest thing I've ever seen happen." Sacitca's hawking gets her attention, and she draaa-aaaws to a meandering SLOW if not an entire full stop as she finishes with, "And I've had a baby. Which held the record for gross, prior. Hello," her smile is charmingly lopsided as she transitions neatly to addressing the trader.

Tuli sniffs. "I should really institute a rule that we don't Search anyone when they're drunk. It's like Lord Benden - I don't know if you heard about this, but he gets young men drunk so he can force them into his Guard, it's fucking ridiculous. Anyway," her mind jumps tracks NEATLY, "we should have a rule about it. Not," she adds, gloomily, "that I get to Search people very much." (After all: technically, El'ai Searched Mayte at the Clutching, even if it was on Tuli's behest.) And another jump, this time to Sacitca, whose existence… and sales pitch… have only just registered. "Oh! Uh." Tuli pauses, performs an automatic check on Rickety, and eyes Teya. "Are we buying scents?"

Sacitca has to try, she really does, to keep that look of polite horror from resurfacing on her face at the thought of recruiting people drunk for the guard. Thank Faranth that's not here. Her smile probably does flicker for a moment, but it's back in full force almost as quickly. "Hello, ma'am." Time to turn on the charm, isn't it? Selling perfume is sometimes a bit like selling a table to someone whose house has no space sometimes, but it's never been said she won't try! "You have a lovely baby, ma'ams." Because she's not entirely sure which of the two the baby actually…belongs to. If only simply because of what she's overheard thus far. "I do have a special going on right now." Cue another easy smile. Buy a scent and get a soapsand of your choice for free." LURE.

"Do you have anything that's good for a whole room," Teya answers both Tuli's question and Sacitca's in one swoop by asking one of her own, voice contemplative. "Because no, I wasn't really planning on it, but the barracks-" her nose wrinkles, "-there's a funk. I think it's because of the heat, here, I don't remember ours ever getting quite as - ripe." She chews on her bottom lip, her, "Thank you," automatic, but her, "you should totally get to Search people, that's terrible," more considered. And, despite being the same sentence, to Sacitca and then Tuli in turn.

"Well," observes Tuli, acerbic, "they've also mostly only had BOYS for who knows how many turns." And boys are disgusting, and we should throw scentbombs at them. "That would explain the funk better than the HEAT." She pauses, here, to gaze benevolently upon Sacitca, who has complimented the BABY. "Thank you, he's adorable, isn't he?" Rickety isn't really yet to the cute part of babydom (the part where they're big and chubby and stop looking like Winston Churchill - or like Ryglinath, to use a Pernese equivalent) but Tuli gazes upon him fondly, anyway. And then she gazes upon Teya, with equal, though less soppy, affection. "I should get to Search people. Fuck 'em." She gestures, grandiose. "Tell you what. I bet you… one of her scent thingies… that I can find a Candidate right now." Who needs a dragon to sniff out empathic tendencies when you have too much self-confidence?

"Anything that's good for a whole…" Sacitca repeats slowly, considering her wares as she does so. "I have a few that might do the trick, but I can't say for certain." She considers for a moment longer, and then. "I might be able to develop something slightly different than perfume that could last longer if it was burned over a brazier, however.." Did Sacitca just create the Pernese version of Scentsy? "But it would have to be tested a few times before we found a scent that worked well enough, most likely." No one's ever actually asked her to essentially de-oderize a living space! This does mark a first for the young woman. The idea is considered for a few more moments, and even as she does so, perfumes are picked up, considered, and either set aside or back in place.

"-I'll take that bet," Teya says, because hey, the potential for free swag is on the line. "It's probably boys AND heat, like, some kind of horrifying combination of MUSK and COOKED-IN," gosh, doesn't that just sound WONDERFUL. "…and now ash-vomit, I'm still sorry about that one. Would you need to experience the funk up-close and personal," oh, she's back to talking to Sacitca again; she's occasionally better with her transitions, but not always. "Or is that the kind of thing you could do from here?" Look at that ASSIST.

"Sucker." Tuli reaches into her pocket (it's a complex process, since the baby-snuggle shawl is sort of in the way), drawing forth a little bundle of white threads. This she thrusts forward at Sacitca, hand out expectantly, expression a bit like a feline leaving a dead bug on the rug. Very, 'look look aren't you impressed look how great I am'. "Definitely do your experiments in-house. I mean, if you want. It's lots of work, and you might die." Pause. "No pressure." The goldrider considers her statement for a second, and then glances sideways at Teya. "Do I have to seal the deal to win the bet? Out of curiosity." Another pause. "Also, speaking of stink, you'll probably want Rickety back soon." He's got that look to him.

Wait what IS THIS BEING THRUST AT HER? Sacitca takes the white knot before she's actually really processed what was just said and what she was just handed - her attention was on her perfumes and such, yo! - and when she does finally process it, and realize what she just accepted, the Tlatoani girl looks like something kind of pale and stunned. "Um." Is perhaps the most ineloquent sounding noise she's made all day. "Yes." It's more dignified than 'um' at least. "I…will. Experiment in-house." Lots of stops and starts. "I… Kaz, go get Liztia, please." She steps out from behind the stall after the boy who'd been serupticiously hanging out nearby runs off, and glances from the knot to the women again. "Shall…I start with lavender?" This is just business, Sacitca, just business, don't forget to breathe. "Which scent would you like, ma'am? For your…bet." Before she forgets.

"Yes," Teya says, because Tuli already has sealed the deal, thanks to their one-two drive-by punch. "Lavender sounds like a good place to start. Not too — frilly." Also, speaking of stink: the brownrider looks briefly conflicted over Tuli's news, but makes the universal gimme-gimme hands at the junior weyrwoman. Unhand the small poop machine, post haste. "Welcome to candidacy. What was your name, again?"

"Isn't lavender supposed to help you sleep better?" Tuli muses upon this for a moment - and then adds, as an afterthought, "Oh, something spicy for me. I don't like girly-girl scents. Teya, friend," friend she just suckered into buying her a thing, "you want to walk…" she doesn't know the girl's name either, so, "… her to the barracks, or shall I?" The baby is handed over, cheerfully. It's so NICE being an auntie, and not a mommy. No diaper duties! Truly, Tuli is just raking in the triumphs today.

"Thank you. Sacitca, ma'ams." It's said automatically, even as the boy returns. "..Go get the box under my bed, Kaz, will you?" Because if she's actually going to be making scents of any kind, she needs the most essential component of perfume-creation. "It is supposed to help you sleep better, yes," back to scents, something she can be not shocked about. "And something spicy…" A perfume is picked up. "This one is named 'good morning', it's a blend of klah bark and some peppy herbs most people think of when thinking of morning?" If Tuli doesn't like that one, there are other options. The baby exchange is given a slightly bemused smile.

Oh, Rickety, don't make that face. Don't make that — face. Teya makes a FACE in response to it, and in response to the inevitable RESULT of that face — but she is tucking him close in the one arm while digging for marks with her free hand. "I'll let you have the honors," Teya is so magnanimous as she hands over some marks, in the age-old 'the lady can have whatever she likes' kind of money exchange. "It is your Search, after all. Well. Not your Sea— you know what I mean."

"That'll work!" The klah bark concoction is approved with a nod; Tuli steps aside to graciously allow Teya to PAY. Once that's done with? "Candidate." Has she already forgotten Sacitca's name? It is possible. "Come along, let me settle you into the barracks."

Sacitca accepts the marks from Teya mechanically, makes a notation in the ledger she pulls out from underneath. Thus completing her final business of the stall with Teya's purchase, she hands over the change and gives Tuli her there-in earned perfume. "Yes, ma'am." To the Barracks it is now, apparently! "I'll…try to create the remedy to the stench." At which she herself will probably cringe from once she actually smells it.

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