H'rik, Vosji, Talya, Fergus, Ziniel, Daenerys


Vosji and H'rik supervise another group of candidates on the sands.


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Sands

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The out-of-doors of Igen Weyr seems a blissful respite from the oppressive heat of this sandy colosseum. Heated from beneath by volcanic vents, the air above the hatching sands shimmers, lending a sort of unreal, dream-like quality to the area beyond even the magic that happens here at Impressions. Despite its blistering temperatures, the sands are incongruously soft, almost powdery, and flat save for the worn stone queen's bower that rises up to break the monotony and provide a place of respite for the doting mother-to-be.

Some Candidates were doing prep work for dinner in the Living Caverns, some were doing craft work, some weren't doing much of anything — it's a blend of dinner-prep chore doers and people who might have wanted early dinner who were interrupted by the Weyrlingmaster to be herded onto the sands. With Zsaviranth feeling accommodating, Wendryth and his rider present and Iskanzivoth happily hovering perched upon the gallery ledges to watch the proceedings, it's a good time. "If any of you have not done this before," she directs as she herds the equivalent of human shaped cats out onto the Sands, "Please remember to bow to the clutchparents. Thank them. Thank their riders as well if you have their attention. Move slowly, no running. Handle eggs gently. Do not sit down on the Sands — if you fall, someone will come help you, but please try not to fall. Orderly, careful motions. No raised voices. Questions?"

H'rik and Wendryth are there - the bronze is hard to miss, stood 'behind' the clutch of eggs, as much as one can be. Behind in relation to the candidate's approach, anyway. He's not an old hand at this, but he's no overprotective father, and the candidate group will get an approving look from him as they come out onto the sands, the bronze as still as a statue. Were his eyes not open and gently blue, one could be forgiven for wondering if he was even awake. H'rik is definitely awake, shifting his weight from one foot to the other where he stands just off to one side of the clutch, keeping out of the way while Vosji deals with the candidates. Leave the herding to her!

Ziniel listens to the instructions, and then gives a bow to the clutch parents after giving Vosji a slight headshake. It's just seems more than logical to not sit down on the sand what with the sand being so hot. Ziniel does make her way to the Gaelic May Day egg, where by she reaches her hand out tentatively before very gently resting her hand against the side of the egg.

To Ziniel: Ouch! Who knew eggs could be so prickly? But the tiny drop of blood from the pricked fingertip seems to spring the bush egg to life. Yellow ribbons reach out to twist and twine and decorate everything, including you. Winter's over, Ziniel! Now let's prepare the fire… but before any bonfires can be assembled, back to the sands you go.
You torment another lucky individual…

Despite having only done this one other time, Fergus is feeling pretty confident at this whole egg touching thing. It's only the heat of the sands that gives him slight trouble still, though that's to be expected when you have enough hair to rival that of any animal. He huffs out a grunt of displeasure at the heat that seems to slap him in his bearded face as he steps in. He listens attentively to the instructions and nods his head solemnly. He gives a bow to both gold and bronze, being sure to try to be as respectful as possible, before venturing slowly out onto the Sands. He gives a brief, cursory glance over the field of eggs before starting to try to find one he hasn't touched. Eventually he pauses at the Wicked Hairy Devil Egg and, with only a brief bit of apprehension, reaches out to touch it. Hey - he's hairy, too, so perhaps this one will be a kindred spirit.

To Fergus: Hey! Who turned out the lights? and why is everything so cramped all of a sudden? Orientation is difficult in the pitch black darkness, but suddenly a light is visible above you. Only to be abruptly blocked by the wiggling, squirming of someone else being thrust into the sack with you. Before the sack can be fastened shut again, you get a brief glimpse of your captor. But surely your eyes aren't seeing what you thought you say. Dark fur and horns… on a man?

Talya was one of those candidates that was busy prepping stuff, and then the call came to come to the sands and she was happy enough to drop what she was doing to get herded along with the others after giving the Weyrlingmaster a salute. Take her away from chores, yes! Not that she didn't want to come get the chance to touch more eggs. Once in on the sands, she gives the two clutchparents a bow each. Taking a step forward, she hesitates, remembers to give the riders a salute (yeah, she was forgetting that before now), and finally makes a move towards the eggs with calm careful steps. She lays a hand upon Extravagant Indulgences Egg after passing on a few others, resting both hands among the shell.

**To Talya: Chores? CHORES? Who needs to do chores? Certainly not you, Talya. You've done nothing but work hard since coming to Igen, after all. Isn't time you got a little break to treat yourself? A girl's gotta have a little me time and nice hot water of the baths feels perfect to wash away all the sand that gets everywhere. And shouldn't you use some of that fancy smelling sweetsand? There's a bag right there… and a lotion for after wards as well! **

Ziniel blinks at her hand, then at the egg before she removes her hand and slowly steps back. She looks over the eggs before she's heading to Toro! Toro! Toro! egg. Once more Ziniel reaches out to gently rest her hand on the egg's surface with a last glance back at the first egg she'd touched. That. That was odd. A quizical look is given to this new ovoid. What will this one have in store? More importantly, does she really want to know?

**To Ziniel: Whether you wanted to know or not doesn't matter now, Ziniel. The only thing that matters is running!!! The cheers of the crowd around you is almost overwhelming, coming from all directions, but there is one sound that cuts through. A deep rumbling as a cloud of dust turns around an alley way. A small group of herdbeasts is running through the streets of the bazaar and they're coming STRAIGHT FOR YOU! Those hooves look wicked sharp and the horns even worse. Run! **

Vosji is extra pleased with Talya, the one who actually saluted. She wasn't planning on including that in instructions, but it's always nice to get proper respect from the group … lack of salutes for H'rik can be forgiven by being lumped in with bows for Wendryth. "Please do not overheat and d — faint," she tells Fergus softly, more individually, "We will really need to get some ties for your hair during the Hatching to keep your neck cool." Because otherwise he might overheat and die, and that wouldn't go over well. Not for anyone. Otherwise she continues to be Hawk-eye Weyrlingmaster along with her up high blue eyes in the sky, making sure nobody does anything stupid.

Fergus blinks sevral times in shock at the egg in front of him, grunting in surprise. That's certainly a strange sight. He pulls his hand back slowly, as though unsure of /what/ the heck he just saw and felt. Very strange indeed. He's still for a few moments before his feet start to move again in search of another egg to touch. He zigs and zags a few moments before pausing as Vosji approaches him. He gives another grunt, this time of amusement, "Never fainted before." And he certainly isn't planning to now! He's a champion at handling all this hair. Strolling on forward, eventually he finds the Test Your Medal Egg and rests a hand upon it.

To Fergus: Champion, indeed! You'll be one to make Lemos proud. Can't you hear it now? Your name being announced. The harpers playing that old familiar song that makes you homesick just thinking about it? After turns and turns of practice, finally. The sweat, the tears, the triumph and the defeats. Your moment is here, Fergus. Stand on that podium and hold your medal high!

H'rik gives each candidate a nod as they come and bow. It's a weird position to be in, really, hanging around while the candidates touch his dragon's eggs. Wendy is loving it though - a fine chance for him to get a good look at all the offerings for his children. Now he creaks into motion, one leg at a time, to get closer to the young people. Not on top of them, mind, because that would mean getting in their way during this Very Important Thing. But close enough that he can reach his head out, closer to Ziniel, and give the girl a long look with slowly whirling blue eyes.

It would be a surprising thing for people to learn Talya was in /someone's/ favor. All it took was a little bit of saluting once she remembered to do so. She does overhear the woman talking to the hairy candidate, and makes sure to give Fergus a look from where she was and makes a snip-snip sign with her fingers at him. Back to the egg, she finally seems to give it her full focus. The feeling she receives gets a smug look down to it. "Oh yeah… that is definitely what we should be doing right now. Well, after all this touchy-feely stuff." Not that she is complaining about it. She gives the egg a happy little stroke, enjoying the like minded feelings there, before moving on so as not to hoard it. She pauses at the Puppy Power Egg, not for the egg but because she caught movement out of the corner of her eye. The bronze was moving. She eyes him, then stays put and pats the egg in front of her that seem to have canines on it instead.

To Talya: Oh boy. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! You're HERE, TALYA!!!! And this egg is just so happy it can't contain itself. There's hopping and jumping and licking and just so much excitement! Even if you wanted to keep this canine egg from licking your face, well, you only have two hands and the strangely long body is just so wiggly. At least you know this egg will always be happy to see you, Talya. ALWAYS. Even if that excitement might be a bit too much some times. Hope you don't mind a little puppy piddle. He just couldn't help it, you know?

Vosji's favor isn't all that hard to gain. Just be relatively non-stupid, fall in line, and don't pull pranks that result in covering her and the Weyrwoman in ice cold water and you're pretty good. "Keep it that way," she tells Fergus sagely. "Thick hair covering necks has been a problem in Hatchings before. You've got a wise enough head on your shoulders, though," Who knows exactly where she got the assessment, but it's there and seems accurate. Iskanzivoth is making noises at Wendryth, probably the kind that are encouraging and cooing at how great his second set of eggs are.

Stepping back just a touch too quickly, Ziniel nearly loses her balance. The girl manages to not fall as she turns away from the egg she'd just touched. The bronze head suddenly close to her earns Wendryth a soft chuckle, "Good day to you bronze sir," she says with the utmost of respect.

It may be hard to see but Fergus actually starts to puff his chest out in pride. His broad shoulders roll back, his stance becomes more erect. He just seems to be so darn proud of something. Then the moment is broken as he realizes it's all coming from the egg. He squints at said egg, as though scolding it for being crafty, and gives a brief snort before pulling back. He catches Talya's snip snip sign, causing him to grunt in amusement again. There's a twitch of his lips from behind his massive beard - a slight grin - before he waves back at Talya and makes the universal sign for alcohol - a drinky drinky sort of sign like he's drinking an invisible bottle of beer. He'll miss his hair, she'll miss her booze. Even. But it's all in good fun - it may be even possible to see his eyes crinkling at the corner with his grin. Vosji is given a nod as he starts to move to find another egg, his basso voice rumbling out, "I've got the stamin of a bull. I'll be fine." Though it may be not too hard to notice he's alraedy sweating from underneath his huge braid of hair. The next egg Fergus finds is the Farolito Egg. He pauses in front of it before reaching out to touch the shell.

To Fergus: Darkness again, Fergus, but never fear. This egg is much nicer than that hairy old devil it has for a sibling. In the distance, a flickering light appears. First one, then another and before you know it there are hundreds in front of you. Evenly spaced and clearly a path to somewhere. But wherever the journey will lead you, at least this one seems to be very welcoming indeed.

Fergus is safe from Vosji and her scissors — well, okay, let's be real, that's Miel and her scissors at Vosji's direction — at least for now. It may not last. Enjoy it while you can.

Sir! Yes, Wendryth likes this one. With a happy, if overly loud rumble, the bronze lifts his head from his inspection of Ziniel. First he'll look at Iskanzivoth, giving the blue a hearty rumble of thanks. Ah, but there are more candidates to see! Next up is Talya, the first of the two Southern candidates currently here. Yes, fascinating. With steady, careful steps, Wendy moves, this time to lower his head and get a better look at the young woman. There's also a rush of warm air as he breathes out, and then inhales.

All in good fun but Talya definitely gives a whine deep in her throat when seeing that drink motion from Fergus. Her attention is half on the other candidate and she was still petting the Puppy egg, so the sudden swarm of happy feelings makes the whine come again. "Wow, wow, wow, calm down," she tells the egg. There's even some more petting involved. "You remind me of a certain blue dragon back home," is noted with a chuckle. There's that movement again, cutting the chuckle off with a strangled sound. Her eyes look back up to Wendryth and she peels her hands away from the Puppy egg, lifting them up to the bronze. She wasn't doing anything. "Uh, lovely batch of eggs you have here," she tells him. Hoping that is enough, she carefully takes a step back. Then another. She does make sure to look where she is going so she does not run into the pastel of Tomfoolery In The Spring Egg. As if to prove her point to the clutchfather, she lays a hand on this one very very gently.

To Talya: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Watch you step, Talya. Who was eating bananas on the hatching sands anyway and who would be careless enough to just toss one around where any candidate might slip on it? Stumble you might, but no harm is done, although there is definitely a giggling sound coming from the pastel egg in front of you. Or was it from over there?
Ziniel winds her way through the eggs, still not sure about touching more eggs, still it's next to Worship the Green Goddess egg that Ziniel finds herself standing next to. Ever so carefully, she places her hand on the shell while squinting her eyes shut tight. Not that that would help or anything, but just something that seems to be a thing to do.

To Ziniel: Uuuugh. Why are your eyes so… itchy, Ziniel? A glimpse in the mirror and whoa! Those eyes are reeeed! Fumbling around in the drawer, looking for eyedrops or water or anything that might help with them. The sound of footsteps are quickly approaching. Think quick. Also, maybe you should do something about the smoke that seems to be hovering around the rooms as well…

Fergus closes his eyes as the touch of the egg hits him and he gives voice to a brief rumble in his chest. Interesting - darkness and light. A path. He idly rubs a hand over the shell before opening his eyes, eyeing the egg thoughtfully before drawing back from it with a shrug of his shoulders. He takes a moment to examine the rest of the eggs, considering which one to approach next. After a bit of walking, he decides on the I'm Awake! Egg, as it does look rather interesting from afar. He's awake, the egg's awake, the rest of the candidate's are probably intermittently awake due to Fergus' snoring. It's all good.

To Fergus: You're awake, but do you really want to be? Your cot is just so darn comfy and the blankets so warm and laying down… doesn't it feel so nice? But dragged from the cocoon of comfort you are, and tossed right into the earliest of early morning PT routines to be followed by some chores and then probably a whirlwind of other activities. And all of this before you could get your morning cup (or pot, the egg doesn't judge!) of klah!!!

Ziniel cracks an eye open, and steps slowly away from the egg, "Ma'am," she starts as she approaches Vosji, "Might I be excused?" she feels so uncomfortable right now, "I think I need some air," think? That may be a polite way of stating the obvious that she's had enough of being inside for now. Sadly, she'll not be able to stay outdoors for very long.

Asking permission first? That gets a quirked, amused eyebrow from Vosji; usually they just run off and often throw up in the corner on their way out. She nods, though, giving Ziniel a semi-approving, "Good you noticed before it became an issue," and then a head-jerk toward the exit off the sands. Go, breathe. It isn't just Fergus she doesn't want fainting.

Wendryth gives an amused rumble at Talya's reaction to him. There's probably some unheard word from H'rik, because the bronze turns his head to glance back at the man hovering off to the side, and then Wendy withdraws his head. Anyway, he has one last candidate to get a look at! Fergus, the other Southerner - the distinctly hairier one. Wendy shifts, to get closer to the man, eyelids blinking over his blue eyes as he lwoers them to get a better look at the candidate.

It's like the egg is just asking for Talya to trip. She was standing still, perhaps a little disoriented by trying to keep an eye on Wendryth, when she suddenly sways. No, she wasn't going to trip. But the feeling definitely makes her catch herself, spreading her legs out wide. She gives the egg a quick glare, blaming it for the hazard probably. Or maybe the laughter she feels she's getting from it. She gives the sands a look about and then slowly backs away (because of bronze daddy there) and finally to the Weyrlingmaster with a salute (taking Ziniel's example in approaching her). "If it's okay, I'm getting out of here too," she trails off, waving a hand in the direction of the exit. Which she is heading to, with or without Vosji's actual approval now.

Fergus suddenly yawns. A huge, jaw-cracking wide yawn. His eyelids droop a bit and his head bobbles slightly. Then all of a sudden he jerks awake, hand flinching back from the shell of the egg in front of him. And then all of a sudden he realizes he has a giant bronze Wendryth staring at him. He's not easily startled, though, so that merely gets him to blink several times and take a step or two back. "Wasn't sleepin' - honest," he grunts, lifting a hand in surrender to the bronze. He shifts from foot to foot briefly, glancing around, before heading off to another egg. He tentatively touches What Happens at the Aftershow, Stays at the Aftershow Egg.

To Fergus: You definitely won't be sleeping after touching this egg because it knows that it's time to CUT LOOSE!!! After all the weeks and weeks of work, the show did indeed go on. And now it's over and now you're drinking! What exactly you're drinking… that is a completely different question. Something sweet and something strong. And definitely something that will encourage you to get your shimmy on.

Wendryth withdraws from his inspection of Fergus - was the man about to fall asleep? No, no, a candidate wouldn't lie to a dragon, would they? So Wendy is satisfied all is well with this group, as he trundles back to his original position behind the eggs, the joints of his wings practically creaking as he stretches them wide open, then settles them to his back again. H'rik watches the girls heading off, glancing at Wendy - no, it wasn't him that scared them off, right?

Daenerys has been here all the time, really, moving amomg the eggs, fondling one or two and being accoste dby their various impingements and sentiments. Oh, how creeepy they can be! But finally, he'll settle at Extravagant Indulgences Egg, wondering what that one will hold in for him — one can't have too much of that, now can one.

To Daenerys: Well, this egg isn't going to have to convince you twice that you deserve the very best now, will it? But since you do seem to enjoy some of the finer things in life… why don't you just go ahead and indulge yourself. You deserve it, right? It'd be a shame to let a good Benden go to waste. And if you're going to have wine, you might as well have cheese to go with it. And if you're going to have cheese, well that aged sausage might as well go with it…. and before you know it, the egg has a feast fit for a LORD set out in front of you. All for you. Cause shouldn't you treat yourself?

"Technically," Vosji allows, as she sees some Candidates leave and some relocate, offering tacit approval-nods to each, "I never said that sleeping on the sands was against the rules." Beat. "It is, though, unless your name is Diem or you have her direct permission."

Fergus jerks his hand back from the egg as though it had just been electrocuted. As soon as he felt the feeling of alcohol, or even the hint of it, he breaks the connection. There's no way anyone would want to see him under the influence - he so doesn't do booze in front of people anymore. The egg is given a wary stare as he rubs his hand against his pantleg, as though trying to remove the feeling. He glances around before focusing on Vosji, "Not feeling well, either." But hey - he didn't faint, at least. With a grunt, he starts towards the exit, pausing only to shift the thick braid of hair off his neck.

Wendryth may have moved away, but he's still attentive. His eyes are still a contented clear blue, but he stands tall and regal as he watches Daenerys move among the eggs. H'rik moves closer to his dragon, standing beside him and facing the eggs, too. A hand rests on the bronze's leg, the pair sharing a moment.

Daenerys is being watched? Well, he doesn't seem to care — all that indulgence from the egg he'd just laid hands on makes him smile, wistfully. Oh, if only! Moving away from Extravagant, he'll find himself wandering over toward Winter's End Egg, reaching out long fingers to curl along the cusp of its upper shell.

To Daenerys: It's here! It's finally, finally, finally here! Spring! And you know what that means. No, put the shorts down, Daen. This egg didn't want to see your knees anyways. And besides, you'll need proper safety equipment on for this. Gather up everything flammable that you can gather. No. More. More. MORE!!! This isn't any itty bitty campfire. You need to build the biggest pyre to end all pyres!!!! Oh. And do you think you could get any of that explosive stuff the miners use? We're gonna need that to….

That is very specifically Vosji's job, so being watched by her is unavoidable: the fact Wendryth and Iskanzivoth are also watching Daenerys could just be his luck. Good, bad, whichever; Vosji takes a long swig of waterskin — actually containing nothing except water, thank you very much — and watches as another pair of young faces get overheated or traumatized by eggs and ask her permission to return inside. And then, like a few of the others, go without actually waiting for it. She hasn't said no yet!

Daenerys jerks back in startlement! Oh, dear, this one seems to be a bit of a pyro. Deciding that it's perhaps the best thing to escape all those watching eyes after all, he'll start edging away, mingling with all the other candidates making their way out, with a backward look toward that watching bronze. And Vosji and her dragon. Maybe he cares a little bit.

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