evka, Xanthee, A'lira, Igraine


Somewhat Backscened : Reveka has her baby and while A'lira and Igraine gain a son, Reveka loses one.

Explicit Birth, Emotional Turmoil, Adult Themes, allusions to profanity


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Igen Weyr, Lake Shore, A'lira's Weyr

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"If I can only give him one thing, let it be his name…”


A'lira's Weyr

Quiet, tranquil, intimate: walls and floor are slate, delicately veined in glittering, night-jewel lapis lazuli and chrome. As rich and luxuriant as those might be, the place is sparingly, if richly, furnished; an elegant skybroom desk takes pride of place in a small alcove, its surface neatly stocked with proper writing utensils, the wall above it supporting a scholar's small library of precious books. The wardrobe, too, is skybroom, sufficiently sized for a young bachelor whose taste in clothes runs to the convenient rather than the fashionable. And yet, there's a gradient splash of color amid the darkling tones: a cool lavender and Arctic hyacinth afghan spills, untidy, over a solid low-slung sectioned couch. The scent of fresh herbs provides a delicate hint of Southern's jungles from a small porcelain bowl settled in a small, natural niche.

Reveka 's been feeling the fake contractions for a couple of days. Igraine knows. But she's been told that this is normal, that it could happen for days yet. But this morning was uncomfortable, and moving into afternoon, it's gotten worse. There's pressure, and she's restless. At least the weather has been cooler and she spent the morning luxuriating on Kyprioth's 'ledge'. But now, she needs to coolness of the weyr, something to drink and a nap. She makes it inside the weyr, hads rubbing at her tight baby bump and her steps coming in waddles. It's while she drinks that it happens. A sudden feeling of wet and warmth running down her legs under her dress, then a warm flood. Oh no! Immediately she calls for her green firelizard, who appears creeling with worry. "Get Igraine, and A'lira…..and Xanthee Baba, go!" The green poofs in a blink and goes to search for her targets, while Reveka makes a slow path to the bed, curling over twice with heavy contractions, near ten minutes apart, but leaving her breathless and weak between. When Baba does find her targets, she will harrow them mercilessly, screeching and squawking her distress with vivid images of a Reveka in pain.

Xanthee was in the Archives for most of the morning, pouring over inventory lists on everything from soapsand to whole sides of herdbeasts. It was mind-numbingly boring work, and she was scrubbing desperately at her eyes to restore the moisture lost from staring at hides for candlemarks when Baba finds her. Around her neck, little gold Selkie is roused from her nap and cheeps at the agitated green, relaying the pictures of Reveka that the green is projecting to her human pet. After a moment to piece everything together, Xanthee flies to her feet and grabs for a scrap of hide she was keeping around for notes. Quickly scrawling a note to Nasrin to explain why she had to go, the raven-haired weyrbrat calls her bronze Grymm to her on the run through the halls of the administrative corridor, handing the rolled up note for the bronze to grasp in a talon an image of the junior weyrwoman in her mind before she sends him off. Gathering up the long skirt of her dress, Xan jogs hastily out through the Living caverns, dodging people carefully, muttering apologies on the way. Once at the bowl, she is sprinting easily to towards the Lake shore and where she knows A'lira's weyr is. Running in past the 'ledge' she burst into the weyr proper, breathless. "I'm here!" is all she can manage, breathless as she drops her hands onto her knees and bends over to catch her breath.

Her first target acquired, Baba disappears ::between:: and aims for her next. She pops into the healer's tent screeching her loudest. Igraine is quick to understand after recovering from the shock of Baba's screeches. Gathering her things, she leaves another healer in charge and sprints towards home. Getting through the bazaar would normally be a hassle, but for an ex-Zingari spy it's cake. To the rooftops she goes, probably startling a spylings or two in the process. No matter, her focus is home. she arrives long moments after Xanthee, as out of breath and feeling a bit queasy from the adrenaline rush. "Reveka?" She calls, looking around as she moves in, Baba hadn't been clear on where Reveka had been in their warren-like Weyr.

On to the next, but where might Baba find A'lira? Oh brownrider, brownrider, wherefore art thou brownrider?

Perhaps he's learned to teleport from his dragon, for A'lira's suddenly just there; just right by Reveka's bed! In truth, he hadn't been far away, out in the Bowl, giving some wingrider a good verbal drubbing for acting the fool and getting his dragon a sprained wing, trying to impress a girl. So when Baba finds him, he leaves the boy standing open mouthed and staring, disappearing into the warren of his weyr and Reveka at warp speed. "It's time, then, is it." Deliberately, he pitches his voice low and soothing. "Well, we'll just see this imp out into the world, then, shall we?"

By the time anyone gets there, Reveka has made it to her bed, but only barely. She stands next to it, breathing deeply. "BACK HERE!" She calls at the first person she hears from the main weyr, and A'lira's presence, though soothing, shocks her a bit. That was fast! On all accounts. "Aye, I do believe it is time." She grunts, amazed at the pressure she feels in her belly, amazed and terrified, and in a rush, suddenly not wanting her pregnancy to end, because for her and this baby, it is, the end. In a way. She looks around for Xanthee, and Igraine, eyes wide. "My waters broke…" She says, suddenly unclear on what she should do next.

Xanthee looks up when Igraine appears next to her, a smile for the Zingari healer she knows by sight at least. "I guess you got the message as well huh?" She asks before blinking and looking around at the entrance to the weyr, "So which way then?" she asks just as she hears Reveka call out and she'll follow the sound of her voice with quick steps. When she finally sees Reveka she rushes over to her bestie, arms out in an offer of any kind of support she needs. Daen had asked her to stand in his stead since with such a young dragonet, he wasn't able to get away for the birth. "I'm here." she repeats soothingly, "Just tell me what you need." This is also for the benefit of the healers who just need to tell her what to do and she'll jump to.

Quick to show Xanthee the room and to also move to Reveka's side, Igraine croons in low tones. "Let's get you into something clean and comfortable and up into bed alright?" Her job right now is to get Reveka comfortable, with Xanthee's help. Looking up to her weyrmate, Igraine smiles. "We need hot water and towels, and food and drink, can you arrange for that love? I also need a brazier and a tea kettle." She's already started stripping the good bedding off the bed, leaving only the sheets and a light blanket, but plenty of pillows. "You dear," She aims a look at Xanthee, "Can help me get Reveka comfortable, right?" She waves at a chest that is filled with loose, clean nightgowns.

Reveka smiles weakly at Xan, reaching out to take her friend's hand. Then, Igraine gives her orders and Reveka starts her part (as soon as A'lira has gone to fetch things) and begins removing her soiled clothing, one had balancing her on the bedpost. She's about halfway undressed when anther contraction hits her and near doubles her over, and she lets a noise near akin to a heardbeast bellowing. "Sharding hell, is it supposed to hurt this much?" Her voice is strained, but when the thing passes she continues getting changed.

"Comfortable, yes, right." Xanthee parrots after Igraine, squeezing her friend's hand in return, as she looks in the direction of the chest before darting towards it, rummaging through until she finds what looks like the most most comfortable nightgown in there, then moving back to the bed just as the next contraction hits Reveka, the dark-haired girl wincing in sympathy for her friend as she croons soothingly as she reaches to put a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder. Once the contraction passes, she will hand over the clean garment to her friend, gathering up the soiled clothes and finding a better place for them.

Igraine meanwhile, runs to the room she and A'lira use for storing and mixing their herbs. She gathers what she needs and returns in time to help Xanthee get Reveka to the bed, and having heard Reveka's exclamations, chuckles. "It's a woman's bane, pain during childbirth. All who dare trek the path of motherhood go through it." Making sure Reveka is comfortable, Igraine goes about checking her out, lifting the blanket so she can see how far along in the delivery she is. Laying the blanket back in place, Igraine goes about mixing a calming tea for the young woman. "We'll be at this a while yet my dear, best get settled in."

A'lira returns with the requested items, and begins setting up the brazier to heat some water, pausing as a wash of soft thrumming echoes from the outer weyr — the very same kind all dragons give voice to when a Hatching is imminent. His young firelizards take it up, settling into out-of-the-way niches and watching with great interest. A new hatchling, be it human or not, is to be celebrated! With a crooked grin, A'lira will finish up his end of the prep, and go to let in that drudge he'd sent for food and direct her in placing it in the main weyr.

Reveka sits herself up against the pillows, a worried glance flicking towards Xanthee as Igraine mentions this maybe taking a while. She looks at her belly, hands rubbing over it, a few tears stream down her cheeks unbid. This is all too real, all too soon. Another contraction takes over a few moments later and leaves her a bit winded. "What do we do until then?" She asks idly, her eyes darting from place to place, person to person.

Xanthee helps Igraine with getting Reveka settled on the pillows and then she finds herself a chair she can drag over by the side of the bed as the healer does her examination. When A'lira returns, she shoots the brownrider a warm smile while he goes about his own preparations. Once the exam is done, Xanthee sinks onto her chair and leans her elbows onto the bed, her hand outstretched in the other girl's direction in case she needs something to hold onto when a contraction hits, her eyes pricking in sympathy as she sees the tears running down her friend's face. Her little golden firelizard, spurred on by the older ones, hops off her shoulder to find a perch with the others and adds her haunting voice to the humming. At Reveka's question, she just chuckles, "I think you are going to be quite busy with those contractions, but if you need anything, even just someone to natter at to take your mind off it. I'm here." Yeah Xan, you've said that twice before, but the girl is nervous now, though no blood tie exists between her and her adopted brother, she is determined to be the best Auntie Xan ever.
I don't understand that.

Oh this poor girl: labor is always frightening, especially a first labor; one never knows what to expect, or what to do. or how long one has to endure; A'lira offers Reveka a sympathetic look. "We wait, girl; we wait." Isn't that wonderful news? "In the meantime, have you ever heard such noise?" Meaning all the humming going on. "Folk will think we've secreted dragon eggs in here." He's kidding.

As excited as Igraine is, as sympathetic with Reveka as she is, she has to switch into midwife mode now and look to tending tolhe labor. She gives A'lira a look of fond exasperation as the lizards all start up their humming. It's a sight, she's never seen this, or just never noticed it before. Though to be honest with herself, when she'd worked as an Adept, her skills had been used for other things. So nice to be back to her roots. "You could eat Reveka, chat with your friend, sleep…" Igraine doesn't mention walking around or anything yet, the contractions are still too erratic. She lights the brazier and gets the kettle on to boil, murmuring to herself what needs doing next.

"Don't look at me; they do that on their own." A'lira denies any responsibility for the firelizards' humming. "Natural instinct — Kyp's at it too, you know." Dragonkind has their own way of noting births. He gives Reveka a raised eyebrow. "The only chance you have to order me around, you know…" He teases her gently, leaning comfortably against the bedpost and smiling at her crookedly. "All my wingriders would kill to have such an opportunity, you know."

Reveka looks at Xanthee with no less fear and nervousness, but there's a healthy appreciation and deep gratitude there as well. "Thanks Xan, you're the best." As to the 'lizard humming, she looks up and shakes her head, a grin forming on her lips. "Aye, just announce it to the whole Weyr why don't you?" She teases. "Eat? Sleep? Your serious?" Reveka remembers having several talks about this with Igraine in the last few sevens. This is stuff she should have remembered. "I don't think I can manage either of those at the moment." Turning to Xan, she smiles weakly. "How's Daen? Have you seen him?"
I don't understand that.

Xanthee grins at her friend as she chuckles along with the others over the humming, "I find it soothing actually." says the child of the Weyr, taking comfort from all things draconic. Her eyes are fixed on her bestie, offering what she hopes in an encouraging smile in Reveka's direction. "He's good. Although I get the impression he's really trying his hardest not to freak out by the fact he can't be here himself, but he has to keep it together for Briamiorth's sake and doing a pretty good job of it too. I think he was relieved when I accepted to come here as a stand-in for him."

"From what I've studied, that's the reason for it — " Nerd alert! "Well, since Reveka isn't having a hatching, we hope, that whole thing is moot, isn't it?" A'lira grins sheepishly, stopping himself from offering up all the details nobody particularly wants to hear right now. As for En'rys, the brownrider nods thoughtfully. "I am glad for Reveka's sake you're here, Xanthee. Moral support is always appreciated."

Igraine flits in now and again, checking on Reveka, and eventually bringing her that calming tea. Busy work for the moment, she also fetches a light plate of food for Reveka should she want it. Some cheese, redfruit, light biscuits and some dates. She sets it near the bed and continues about her work, mentally keeping a tab on Reveka’s contractions.

There’s a bit of sadness around Reveka’s features when Xanthee mentions Daen not being able to be here, and she understands perfectly why, but it won’t make what has to be done any easier, whether he’s here or not. Reveka sips at the tea that was given to her, setting it down just before another wave of contractions spills through. “I’m glad he’s doing well, still, I miss him.” She can talk through the contractions, so it’s definitely some time off yet and Reveka will spend the next two or three hours making small talk and trying not to think about things to hard, then an hour or two after that napping, waking only when a contraction rolls through.

Xanthee pats Reveka’s hand reassuringly as she sees the sadness in her features. “I’m sorry hun. I know you miss him.” Sitting back as the chair, the raven-haired girl will slip easily into smalltalk with her friend, readily fetching anything she needs. Once the other girl drifts off into a nap, Xan takes the opportunity to call Banshee to her and write a note explaining where she is and what she is doing to Mal and to not expect her until late probably just so that her miner-love doesn’t worry about her. She still gets a small thrill over the minor domestic moments between them. She takes care of herself while her friend sleeps, grabbing some food as well visiting the necessary. Back in her chair at her bedside by the time Reveka wakens with a contraction, Xanthee is watching carefully, poised to offer her hand should her friend reach for it.

As it seems A’lira’s continued presence is as yet unnecessary, he peels himself off his leaning post to go and finish up a report or six, for a wi2’s work is never done! “I’ll be out in the main weyr if I'm needed, all right?” he says to the two young women. “Everything seems to be progressing as expected.” With a gentle smile for them both, the tall brownrider disappears.

By the time Reveka wakes, it's time to check her again and Igraine does so, excusing herself before lifting the sheet again. “Ah, you're close now lovely. Those contractions are going to start coming on strong now. Best drink and eat something light to keep your strength up while you can.” At this point, Igraine sits water to boil on the brazier and begins checking her supplies one more time. Things wouldn't be taking too long now.

Sitting back and breathing after the contraction that wakes her, Reveka nods as Igraine speaks before reaching for her glass of water. After clearing the dryness in her throat, she runs a hand over her tightened belly and sighs. “Come on little one…” At this point Reveka has talked and slept past the ‘I can't do its’ and has progressed to just wanting to be done. “I don't know if I can eat, kind of nauseous Igraine.” And she is, and the feeling makes her nervous. Turning to Xanthee, Reveka smiles wanly and is about to say something when another contraction rolls through her, this one more intense than any of the others, she has to groan to get through it and rolls forward, clutching her abdomen. The nausea afterwards intensifies and she looks pale and a bit of sweat has beaded up on her brow.

Xanthee makes herself as unobtrusive as possible while Igraine does her examination. She’s certainly learning a whole lot about this whole birthing process, although each time a contraction hits her friend, she winces in sympathy and it only reinforces that the raven-haired girl is in no way, shape or form ready for what Reveka is going through right then. When Reveka mentions the nausea, Xan makes an attempt at humor, “It’s ok Reve, I’ve seen you puke before remember, don’t hold back on my account.” Yeah, it’s a cheap joke, but it’s what friends’ are for right? Making light of the tense moments. When the dancer girl is gripped by a particularly strong one, Xan reaches for a basin nearby that she had prepared while the girl was last sleeping, in it is some cool water and a washcloth which she wrings out now and then leans over the bed to mop at the girl’s sweaty forehead. “Let me know if you have to be sick, I have another basin on standby.” she offers with an encouraging smile.

There’s a light bit of laughter from Reveka at Xanthee’s first, a look of fond exasperation coming over Reveka. “Ha. Ha. Xan.” Though the woman is right, it would not be the first time she’s puked in front of her friend. After the second contraction, she nods at there being a second basin on hand. The feel of the wet cloth is nice and Reveka lets her eyes drift shut. The next couple of hours are a blur of pain and attempts at conversation, but eventually, the contractions are close enough together that it’s hard to think let alone talk or breathe.

“Och! Here we go girlie.” Igraine says after another check under the blanket. “You’ll be pushing next contraction. You ready?” Igraine looks up at Reveka and gives the girl a look of sympathy, and can’t quite keep the excitement from her face either. She’ll be raising this wee babe, and she’s more than ready to welcome it into the world.

“No. No I’m not….” Reveka breathes and reaches for Xanthee’s hand, looking both worried and scared, and tired. She’s exhausted already, how is she supposed to do what comes next?

Taking a deep breath as Igraine confirms it’s time to push, Xanthee looks down at Reveka with a bright smile on her face, encouraging and warm. “Of course you can do this Reve! You’re one of the toughest girls I know!” She says with all the conviction she can muster as she takes her hand. “Just a little bit more now.”

Another contraction rolls over Reveka and she yells with the pain of it, every bit of it crashing over her like a fire in her veins and she pushes with all her might, hand wrapped tightly around Xanthee’s, sweat beading at her brow, face reddening until the contraction passes and she falls backwards onto her pillows, gasping.

“Good girl Reveka, just keep doing that when those contractions hit, your baby is coming very soon now, we’ve hit the hard part, just get through these next few contractions and we’ll have a baby here, ok?” Igraine pats at Reveka’s knee as she watches things below, smiling at her in confidence.

“Good girl!” Xanthee echoes Igraine as she winces as her bestie crushes her fingers, but the weyrbrat is tough and she just grits her teeth and smiles. “You’re doing so so good girl. You’re amazing!” And Xan has gone into bestie-cheerleader mode and she will continue to utter all the softly encouraging things that she can think of as she reaches again for the washcloth to sponge at the girl’s forehead. “Did you hear Igraine? Just a couple more contractions! You’ve got this!” If Pern had pom-poms, Xan would be shaking hers.

Despite Igraine’s words, there’s a good few contractions before the baby is crowning and Reveka screams through every one of them, now and then uttering a few choice curses into the air. But when Igraine announces that the baby is crowning she falls back weeping, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I’m so tired….” Is all she can manage to say, though there are quite a few more descriptors she’d like to use: sore, exhausted, emotionally wrought, scared….you name an emotion, she’s probably feeling it right now.

“I know dear, I know you’re tired, but we’re nearly there, I promise.” Igraine pats Reveka’s knee. “Now with this next push Reveka, I want you to go easy, lets get the head and shoulders out and then you can push as much as you want ok?” Igraine lifts her eyes to see if Reveka understands.

“Ok…” Reveka replies weakly, her face pale and drawn.

Xanthee is really trying not to giggle at the choice curse words that Reveka is screaming into the air, and just continues to do her best in being there for her friend, letting her crush her hand, mopping her foreheading and wiping away her tears, offering words of encouragement with a warm smile at every contraction. When Igraine announces that she’s crowning, Xan leans over the bed and squeezes her friend’s shoulders comfortingly. “You got this Reveka! You’re so close. I am so proud of you! In awe by your strength. Come on hon, let’s meet this little one already.” She gently teases as she moves to sit next to the girl on the bed, slipping her hand around her shoulders as if she can lend her own reserves to her best friend’s strength.

Oh, the sounds of giving birth: how often had A’lira heard women curse every living thing while struggling to push out a red-faced, squalling infant? My how sound carries in here. For though he is not in the room, he can hear her travails, with his own ears and through the ears of his little spies. There's a certain comfort in not exactly having to be in the room — though he's definitely keeping a very alert ear out for trouble — whilst he waits the birth of this much-wanted child. Poor Reveka, toiling away, and wondering if it had all been worth it. Having little else to do at the moment, A’lira takes a moment to rearrange a space near the hearth for an old, cherished heirloom cradle brought to his weyr at his mother's bequest. There will be many places for this child to lay its head, it seems. And after, a fresh mattress, just perfect for infants — and some warmly knitted blankets, as old as A’lira himself. This is really happening — and he is almost too gleeful at the prospect of becoming a parent.

Reveka nods weakly at Xan, even though the moment she’s dreaded for months is about to be here, the moment she gives birth, and is no mother at all. She knows her choices are good ones considering her situation, but she’d grown used to the little life growing within her, knows it, in ways Igraine never will. Another contraction starts and she begins to push, coaxed by Igraine until the end of the contraction.

“Good girl Reveka, easy now, the head is out, and with your next, we’ll go nice and slow for just a little longer, come on now.”

The next contraction rolls over and Reveka screams again, rolling forward with the pain of it. She pushes gently, screams through the pain, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Good, good, here come the shoulders, don’t waste a moment of this contraction dear, here we go, now push, push hard Reveka!”

With a wail of pain and determination, Reveka pushes with all her might, having to remember to breathe now and again and when the contraction ends, her head is swimming and she falls back, gasping for air, tears streaming down her cheeks as her heart hammers against her ribs.

And then, a piercing wail rends the room, sharp, and strong and loud!

Igraine welcomes the little one into the world and towels it off as that first strong cry enters the world. She cuts the cord and continues cleaning the babe. “Oh Reveka, you have a bonny baby boy.” Igraine looks wide eyed at the baby boy, his dark complexion, his coffee brown eyes, and she would be raising him. It’s a wonderful moment, only soured by the fact that she knows this will be hard for Reveka when she has to leave the baby here. Turning towards Reveka, she smiles, almost bittersweetly. “Would you like to hold him?”

Xanthee is right there for her friend as she labours to bring another life into the world. Bracing arms around her shoulders, to help give the girl leverage as she pushes, trying not to wince through Reve’s wails of pain and determination, murmuring encouraging words at her bestie until she finally hears that piercing wail and her own eyes well up in sympathetic tears for bittersweet moment. “A boy? A boy! Oh my Faranth!” she sits up and watches as Igraine clean the baby, “Oh he’s beautiful Reveka. He looks just like Daen.” He probably doesn’t being a wrinkly newborn, but she will swear that she sees the resemblance. When Igraine asks if she wants to hold him, Xan will slips back off the bed and onto the chair next to it again, giving her friend the space if she needs it, but leaving her hand resting gently on the bedclothes in case she needs further support.

A boy. The words ring through Reveka’s head like a bell. She’s delivered a boy. Her Son. Daen’s Son. Not their son at all. Both joy and sorrow fill Reveka and tears run down her cheeks. Xanthee’s words are met with a laugh that’s half sob and she buries her face in her hands, tears flowing freely now. And then, then Igraine asks Reveka if she would like to hold her baby and she looks up at the healer with features imbued with sorrow and pain, and longing, oh, so much longing. She would love to hold her son, but if she holds him, she might never let him go and so, she shakes her head vigorously, the tears falling ever so freely. “No. Don’t bring him near me at all! Just take him!” Reveka shakes her head and buries her face in her hands again for a moment before lifting bright, sorrowful eyes to Igraine.. “Only…. Please, please call him Revaerys, if I can only give him one thing, let it be his name…”

Igraine is shocked at the fact that Reveka doesn’t want to hold her baby, but she understands. She nods at Reveka’s request. “I’ll take him to A’lira then, and then I’ll be back to deliver the rest. Rest dear, you’ve done a beautiful job bringing this bundle of joy into the world. Rest and have a drink and I’ll be back.” Then, looking in awe at her newly birthed foster child, Igraine takes him to meet his foster-father, her heart breaking for Reveka in the process.

Xanthee’s tears spill over as she sees her friend gripped in pain and sorrow. In a moment she is up again and wrapping her arms around the girl, pulling her close for a hug. “That’s the perfect name Reveka. Just perfect.” Unable to actually think of anything to say to that could possibly be comfort for the girl after the impossibly difficult decision she had to make fostering her child. So instead, she will just hold the girl close as she watches Igraine wander off with the baby.

Igraine wanders out into the main weyr, eyes roaming about for her weyrmate or one of his ‘lizards. “A’lira?” She calls softly, cradling Revaerys, who is already falling asleep after the big ordeal of being born and all. When she finds her mate, she lays a hand on his shoulder while the other cradles the babe. “Love. Meet our new son.” There are other things she needs to say too, such as the wetnurse needs to be summoned, but these can wait until A'lira has seen the boy at least. Part of her mind is also on getting back to Reveka. Poor, dear Reveka, without everything. It breaks Igraine's heart.

Reveka can only sink into Xanthee’s embrace and sob, face buried and feeling, in more ways than one, like she's been torn asunder.

“Oh sweetie.” Xanthee croons as she runs her hand soothingly over the girl’s hair. “I’m so sorry you had to do that. But you are doing the very best for him. You’re being the best mother you can for him.” She sighs heavily as her own tears run down her face, strong arms are holding her fast as she lets the girl do as much crying as she wishes, shushing her soothingly.

Looking around as Igraine touches his shoulder, A’lira smiles softly down at the boy — their son — reaching out a finger to run it over the child’s head, noting his coloring with wry amusement. “He looks very like them, doesn't he.” His gaze travels almost instinctively toward the bedroom, where Reveka is. There's bound to be fallout for her; a woman does not easily give up her child, no matter the circumstances. “Did she have a chance to…” Igraine knows what he's asking.

“He does…” Igraine agrees, her own finger lifting to trace the baby's features. Lips pressed together in a thin line, she shakes her head at A’lira’s questioning, a look of worried sorrow crossing her features. “She didn't want anywhere near him, but she gave him a name, Revaerys.” Igraine sighs heavily. “It's a beautiful name.” She holds the babe out for A’lira to take, to bond with. “I have to go finish the delivery and clean her up. Can you call the wetnurse and look after him awhile? And, brew a sleeping tea for Reveka? I think that will be the best option for her at this point.” She'll wait to see if A'lira complies, sure that he will, before heading back to Reveka and Xanthee.

“She's grieving.” That's the most reasonable answer, in his mind; who wouldn't be? While A’lira is thrilled to have this child, there's a lingering sadness for Reveka and En’rys, that they cannot care for this child themselves.A’lira willingly takes the child, cradling him against his chest and dropping a kiss against Reaverys’ forehead. “Consider it done.” Most of his attention is on his baby boy now, getting to know the baby’s weight and feel.

When Igraine returns for the next part of the birthing process, Xanthee will give Reveka one final hug before she slips off the bed and onto her feet, arching her back until it pops loudly. Feeling superfluous to the whole process now, knowing she can do nothing to ease her friend in her sorrow. But she was also there for her heart-brother and with a soft smile, she will wander out to see if she can’t find A’lira and the little Reaverys, because no matter who is raising him, she’s determined he will know his Auntie Xan, who will be able to tell him one day how she watched his mother do the most loving and courageous thing she had ever seen in her life.

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