Cale, Zisiene and Mihiel (puppeted by E'bert)


Where Zisiene sees an old friend, and gets to taste a yummy shortbread made by Cale.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen: It is the sixty-seventh day of Winter and 26 degrees. It is a bright, sunny


Ravene's Bakery and Sundries, Igen Weyr

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Ravene's Bakery and Sundries

The murmur of voices fills this space as people gather for the unique breads, and pastries that Ravene's is known for. The counter with its glass display is once again filled with freshly baked pastries, breads, and bubblies. The smell of klah fills the air, and escapes out into the street along with the smell of the freshly baked breads. Stews have been added to the seasonal menu, and are served in bowls made of bread. There is a sign that lists the prices of the items for sale, or for those not able to pay, a list of chores that can be done in return for a good meal. (OOC- Ravene can be NPC'd by anyone within the Bakery proper if she's not online. Just please don't cause her any lasting damage or harm. Just please let me know if you've bruised her, or caused her to have a minor burn.)

Zisiene bounces in from the kitchen. A bright smile lights her face when she spots, "Mihiel! I thought you an your family left the bazaar" the girl shoos one of the firelizards off the counter as she gets to work filling orders as they come in. The other girl, who is quite a bit taller shrugs, "We couldn't find a place at the hold so we came back," and she's slipping behind the counter with Zisiene, "Does Ravene still do the like work for food thing?" If any of the apprentices that regularly work and study at the bakery have shown up, Zisiene has shown no notice of it.

Cale has probably been in the back cleaning, prepping, and generally being a busybody as he so often does. He's been a regular working student here for a while now, another apprentice on the staff. He pokes his head out to offer a smile and a cheery wave, ignorant of the flour smudged on his face(the rest of him is fair game after all).

Zisiene looks up at Cale and grins, "Cale! You have flour on your face," helpful Zisiene is helpful. The other girl covers her mouth and giggles, as for the question she's asked, "This is Cale, he's one of the apprentices that works here. Cale, this is my friend Mihiel. She used to work here to help provide for her family," because for all the bakery is a success, the marks are sparingly doled out. The taller girl tucks a strand of hair behind her ear before offering a shy, "Hello."

Cale reaches up to run the flour off of his cheek, which of course mostly succeeds in smearing it around some. "Thanks. And hi!" He waves at the taller Mihiel. "If you guys want to wait for a minute, I have some cookies that need to be tested out. Unless you don't like cookies… but you do like cookies, right?" He poses his question with a hopeful expression, one brow raised a bit.

Zisiene grins and claps her hands, "Is the one with the lemon icing?" she asks hopefully. Mihiel blushes a little, and ducks her head. Mihiel shows her nearly twelve Turns where as the shorter Zisiene most certainly does not. Which is not helped by her child like exuberance for pretty much everything, "Yes please," Mihiel says. Someone has to remember manners after all, and a light smack to Zisiene's shoulder is given.

Cale seems perfectly oblivious to the more subtle differences between the girls. He ducks into the back, and does return with a small plate of shortbread cookies with jam thumbprints. "Here, these are new. I got the shotrbread so it gets all melty after you bite it, so I tried adding a bit of jam to it to see if it works…" He sets the plate near the pair, watching closely to see how the cookies work out.

Zisiene takes one and shoves it into her mouth. Complete lack of politeness. Hello, cookies. Mihiel on the other hand takes one and only takes a small bite. Both girls smile, "These are perfect! Have you shown them to Mama?" Zisiene asks, by 'mama' she means Ravene of course. Mihiel nods agreement as she finishes the shortbread, "It's very good," is added, what more can she say beyond that?

Cale beams at the assessment. "She hasn't seen them yet, but she knows I'm experimenting with cookies. Thanks for trying them out! I'll keep you in mind for my next experiment." He grins and winks before turning to head back into the bakery proper to rotate some bread on the cooling racks, somehow forgetting he left a plate of cookies out there unsupervised.

Zisiene giggles just a little as she snags another cookie, and pops it into her mouth. Mihiel looks at Zisiene for a long while, "You never answered my question," and this sets the smaller girl into a fit of giggles, "Yes. She still does the like work," the two girls continue to chat as they begin to clean up the dining room after the morning rush. *fades*

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