Talya, F'kan & Quaverilth


A chance meeting in the garden terrace takes an interesting turn for Talya.


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Garden Terrace & Weyr Entrance, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 13 Jun 2018 04:00



"I didn't think I'd be asked to stand ever again."


Garden Terrace

Tucked-away and bejeweled, here is a hidden treasure of Southern, beckoning and beguiling those who may trod the entrance of weyrbridge: steps cut upwards, switching back and outer-railed, to terminate in a sheltered ledge of stone. Here, greenery blooms in fragrant profusion, scenting the air and quieting the minds of those who stroll amongst the cultivated rows of cultivars. Flowers, and tiny fruit-bearing trees limn the walkways. Tables and benches scatter organic throughout the rambling concourse, providing easy rest for those who challenged the stairs… or the craft shops beyond the scrolled wooden door at the innermost part of the terraced ledge.

It is the nineteenth day of Autumn and 76 degrees. Still dark and overcast, the autumn rain has picked up and become heavier, albeit still pleasant.

Autumn and rain is a terrible mix, at least for Talya, but as long as there is a break in the dark clouds and in her shifts, she does not mind spending it outside. The cooler weather sees the woman sporting longer sleeves, though they are currently rolled up as she has a sheen of sweat upon her forehead, possibly from climbing all the stairs in a rush. Now she's poking around at the trees and foliage, two firelizards curiously seated next to her on the ground where she squats as she peeks at this fruit and that… They make sounds as she yanks one off and stuffs it away in a pocket, but otherwise patiently wait. Is it food for them? Or she's just rooting around for herself?

Coming from the direction of the craft shops, F'kan is ambling along aimlessly, bright blue eyes surveying the garden idly as he meanders in the general direction of the stairs down. He almost missed Talya, squatting as she was in the folliage, but he does a quick double take, one eyebrow hiking up in quizzical amusement. Padding as quietly as possible, the brownrider wanders up behind the Guard before chuckling softly, "You know the Living Caverns are right down there, and they have food you don't need to pick up off the ground yourself."

Talya is startled by the sudden voice behind her! Usually she's good about keeping a lookout, or at least her firelizards, but they are mesmerized as she was by the pickings. She flinches back away from the fruit tree she was squatting by as if she were doing something terrible, which makes her plop down heavily instead. She had an overripe something in her hand, which is now a squished overripe something as she put her hands back to catch herself. Her dark eyes stare up at the brownrider, then blink a few times at him. /Now/ Beast gives a little chirp… someone's here. "Thanks for the warning," Tal mutters to the gold before squinting up to F'kan. "I know you…" is said more to herself in faint recognition, lifting a red stained hand at him. "And I know, but /these/ are fresher." Not that she is eating them, just putting them away for later.

"Do you?," F'kan queries with a lopsided grin, looking further amused at her assertion that she knows him. Narrowing his own gaze on her face, the brownrider has to admit there is something vaguely familiar about the young woman, but he can't quite put his finger on it. He just hopes she isn't one of the many he pursued with his roguish ways before he reformed. "It's always seems fresh to me," he states with a dismissive roll of his shoulders as he looks down at her red stained hand. From his pocket, he retrieves a fresh hanky and hands it to her before offering a hand up, reaching for her other hand. "As a Guard, aren't you supposed to make sure people aren't here messing with things they shouldn't?" The smirk playing on F'kan's features making evident his delight for this little bit of irony

Talya lifts a brow right back at the grin of his. "Do I?" she asks right back at him, that red stained hand waving to him as she waits for a moment for him to elaborate further. Definitely ran into him once, at least, but she can't seem to place anything to his face… With a shrug of her shoulder, she replies to him regarding the fruit, "They're not awful but for some reason Speedy likes /these/ fruit. I've asked the Herders and it's okay to give him a little of these as treats." This mess is wholly the brownrider's fault, so she has no qualms with taking his hanky and making a mess of it, but his hand she ignores completely, because it's no fun if she can't smear these juices onto him as well… She manages to shove herself to her feet by strength alone and her free (clean) hand. "I don't see anyone else messing with things around here, unless you're planning to?" She gives him a suspicious once over. "Though I gotta say I /am/ off-duty right now." The firelizards seem disappointed, the blue flapping up from the ground to find a spot on her shoulder while the gold gives some disgruntled noises and hops back into the nearest pile of foilage to go digging.

Lifting his hands in the universal sign for 'I'm innocent', F'kan chuckles again, "Don't have to worry about me, I'm just strolling." Or he was. Now he's going to spy a nearby bench and plop onto it, his feet kicked out in front of him casually. "Don't tell me…Speedy is a runnerbeast?" the brownrider guesses with another bemused smile on his lips. "I'm F'kan by the way, of brown Quaverilth," he figures he may as well offer his name instead of both of them playing the 'Do I know you?' game for this entire encounter.

In exchange, Talya does the universal sign of 'I'm watching you' with her fingers at her eyes and then pointing to the rider. "Just strolling is the typical excuse that people use, you. 'I was just strolling and I don't know how that bag of marks got into my hand'." She mimics even as she glances down to see that she wiped away the complete mess of the fruit off her hand. Looking back to the tree she was at, she gives a resigned sigh as she gives up on her quest. At least her firelizard is finding more overripened fruit for her… even if she is just smearing the juices all over the ground and herself instead. "How'd you guess he was a runnerbeast?" she seems genuinely curious as she turns back to the brownrider, moving closer to where he is seated. Only to pause in front of the man with an 'ah hah' gesture, pointing at him as she declares with a grin, "F'kan the fuck up." Sorry, it is just the way that she ends up remembering him by. "Ran into you once even, shortly after that apparently." Many moons ago.

F'kan laughs softly as Talya gestures that she has her eyes on him, he doesn't look too concerned, he keeps his nose clean nowadays. To her question, he shrugs broad shoulders as he runs a hand through sandy blonde locks, toussling them rather artfully, if unintentionally, "Well, first clue, it's name is Speedy. Second clue, it likes fruits. And finally, I'm pretty sure I heard that Guards are assigned runners as part of their posting." For all those Pernese high speed chases. When his old nickname is brought up by Talya, he visibly winces, but he tries to brush it off, "As some people call me, but I prefer just F'kan if it's all the same," there's even a weak smile tilted her way as he narrows his eyes in her direction, "I wanna say your name starts with T…"

Talya ticks off each clue on her fingers, still a little red stained. "Yeah, okay, that seems to limit your choices. But maybe it was a burdenbeast of mine instead." Running off into the sunset on the back of a llama does not set a very inspirational Guard picture. She finally holds out the dirty hanky back to the brownrider, offering the thing back to him. "Alright, just F'kan then. I hear about you from time to time from Th'res, though can't say I remember what you looked like you point you out in a crowd." She does not share her own name in return, instead allowing her grin turn into a satisfied smirk. "It's got an 'A' in there too." She'll let him take a guess or two before throwing him the bone.

"A burdenbeast named Speedy?" F'kan's eyebrow quirks up skeptically as he shakes his head before leaning over and retrieving his now soiled hanky. That's just gonna get stuffed right into his back pocket. "Oh? You know Th'res?" the brownrider's eyes light up a bit at that, "Great guy, absolute tops!" he endorses his Wingsecond vehemently. Talya just went up in his estimation if she's friends with that certain bluerider. When she gives him another letter to work with, he furrows his brow and really gets the wheels turning, one could almost hear the creaking of the gears. "Tannie? Tamsin? No, I got it…Tallulah!" he exclaims triumphantly.

Like a good Guard, Talya is just going to plop right back down in the middle of the way to become a trip hazard should anyone be coming by. At least she's facing the brownrider for conversational purposes. This also allows Blue to get down and rummage the ground again, not wanting to be too far from his human unlike the gold. "I know Th'res." Her smirk turns into a little more of a genuine smile at the brownrider's compliments. "I don't think I'd ever hear otherwise about him. He's been my best friend since I got here from Black Rock." She stares at him in amusement as he goes on guessing her name, until the last and she raises her arms with a weak cheer. "Yeeea… I mean no." She chuckles at the man's attempts. "Talya, so at least you were close." Not.

"He's one of the only people who'd give me the time of day when I disgraced myself," F'kan can say it, it's easier now that it in the past and he knows he's not the same fuck up anymore. Listening to Talya, he cants his head to one side and for a moment his gaze unfocuses before it's back again on her. When she finally reveals her name, he smacks his forehead with his palm, "Yes! Talya! That's it." of course it is, she just said so, "It was on the tip of my tongue too." Again his eyes glaze over briefly before he sighs lightly, "Feel free to say no, but Quaverilth says he would like to meet you. He is very fond of Th'res and Jedameth both and says that any friend of theirs, is a friend of his." He rolls his eyes very slightly at the request from his brown.

"That sounds very much like him," Talya says with a fond smile. "He can find the good in someone even if they've hit rock bottom, somehow." Really, it's meant as a compliment. She is picking up some discarded seeds that Blue is bringing her, making a little pile in front of him and making patterns, keeping him entertained while she is just passing the time. However, the brownrider's question wipes all good feelings from her face and she turns her eyes away from Blue and frowns at the man. "Quaverilth is your brown, I'm assuming…" The decision seems to be obviously battling on her face, whether to accept or not. "I don't really go up to many dragons outside of Jedameth…" And one other particular one she tries to forget. There's a 'but' lingering there. As in…. "I don't want to insult him though."

"That he can," F'kan agrees wholeheartedly about the bluerider, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees while he watches the Guard ponder his request. "He is, and he's just curious," he says with a bit of a head tilt to the side, "But if it makes you that uncomfortable, I mean, that's ok too. I'm sure he'd understand. And if he doesn't, well his memory is short as it is, so no harm done really." He definitely doesn't want the girl to feel coerced or anything.

Talya looks at F'kan up and down, then cranes her neck as if she could see said brown from her spot. "Just haven't had any good experience with dragons lately," she says by way of excuse. "Jedameth's the best, though." And at least she could have said she met him. She picks herself up the ground in much the same way as before, except this time she also scoops up the blue firelizard from where he was still snuffling around at the ground and gives Beast a whistle. "How about this: I gotta be heading back down the stairs any way, I can wave at him as I pass and he can say he met me for the few moments that he remembers." She plants the smaller of the firelizards onto her shoulder and dusts off her hand, while the gold comes out speckled red and brown from fruit and dust, flying overhead.

"Oh really? That's a shame," F'kan says with a little frown in Talya's direction before he too pushes himself to his feet. "Well he's just out at the Weyr Entrance, I should be heading off to find some food for myself, the kind I don't have to scavenge off the ground myself," he adds with a playful wink in Talya's direction. As he heads down the stairs towards the Entrance, he has to laugh as Quaverilth is parked right there, as close to the stairs as he can, his long, wizened face pointed eagerly at his rider, and whoever else might be coming down after him.

Talya only shrugs her shoulders instead of elaborating further into her recent dragon escapades. "Lucky for him, the Guard barracks are that way too," she notes with a wry smirk. Greeat. This is one Guard that would probably have preferred to find a better excuse to just wave from across the bowl or something. "Hey now, these are hardearned fruit and that's the /best/ tasting kind of fruit." She has to defend her hoard, patting her burdened pockets. "If you do feel peckish on the way down, just let me know." She won't be eating them herself. She even shoos off Beast when she gets close for a landing, huffing something about that creature needing a bath. She follows F'kan down the stairway, and when that brown head appears in her sight she honestly flinches back, even if the big dragon isn't doing anything other than staring, and slips in defensively behind the rider.

Quaverilth looks thoroughly chagrined that he caused Talya any distress, and he pulls his head back so he's not hovering directly over them. With an encouraging look over his shoulder as the young woman retreats behind him, F'kan steps down to the bottom of the stairs and puts his hands on Quav's nose as his faceted eyes whirl blue/green very slowly, almost apprehensively. "He didn't mean to startle you. He just really likes meeting new people is all," the brownrider explains as his dragon lowers his head so that it's almost touching the ground, looking up at Talya with sheepishness as he creeps closer and pokes his pointed nose in her direction whuffling softly in appology.

Talya is going to just stay where she is, thankyouverymuch. Beast, on the other hand, flutters closer to the big brown that may be giving her human a litle bit of an anxiety attack, chittering restlessly at the brown. Meanwhile Talya does give the brown dragon the wave that she said she was going to give him and does her best to look nonchalant. Her eyes betray the look as they keep darting at the brown dragon and don't stray far from him, just in case. "Hey Quaverilth. I'm Th'res's and Jedameth's friend, Talya." There's a pause, her eyes flickering to F'kan. "And no worries, he's just… you know, big. I always forget how big any dragon is that ain't a blue or green. Especially broody golds." She can't help the shudder at the reminder back during candidacy times in Igen. She tends to keep her distance, on the beach or in the bowl, anyway, and deal with the riders mainly… especially now. She leans her weight on one foot and then the other. "I should probably get by to run back to the barracks, they'll be expecting me back in a little bit."

Quaverilth takes another deep inhalation as he seems to draw closer to Talya, his whuffling louder now and more insistant. F'kan looks genuinely puzzles at his lifemate, who is usually so respectful of giving those who need it their space, "C'mon you big brute, the lady came to say hellow like you asked, now maybe let her…" he trails off as his eyes glaze over and his mouth forms a simple, "Oh…." before he turns back and looks at Talya skeptically before he reaches for something in his pocket. "Just one more thing. Quaverilth thinks you have what it takes to stand for Zymuraith and Ravaith's clutch," he says as holds out his hand with a crisp white knot resting in his palm. "That something you might consider?" he asks tentatively, still new to this whole Searching thing.

All that whuffling is making Talya twitchy but considering she needs to go that way past the brown dragon, she isn't going to go running off anywhere. She does her best to stay rooted to the spot, her eyes narrowing only slightly as the brown seems to approach. "I mean, if he wants a scratch or something," she offers lamely, but doesn't move. The question from the rider finally has her pulling her eyes away from staring at Quaverilth. "What?" She goes through opening and closing her mouth a few times as if trying to come up with a good answer. "It might be," she decides to say at last, tilting her head first to the dragon, then the man, and finally her eyes turn to the white knot while her arm reaches to scratch at the back of her neck sheepishly. Unlike the last time she was jumping at the chance, this time she doesn't seem to be excited. "I didn't think I'd be asked to stand ever again."

F'kan waits patiently while Talya seems to process what he's asking her, trying not to chuckle as she does her impression of a fish out of water. Quaverilth as well waits patiently, lithe brown body taut with anticipation as he waits to see if his pick is going to accept or not. The brownrider doesn't move his hand though, still outstretched with the knot in his palm. "You've stood before then?" he asks curiously, "So at least you know what you're getting into this time," he says encourgainly as he looks pointedly down at the knot. "It's up to you of course, always, but Quav thinks you will do very well for Zymuraith's eggs. And that's something coming from him," he lowers his voice to conspiratory levels as he stage-whispers to Talya, "He has a thing for Zymuraith and wants to impress her by picking the perfect candidates for her babies." Not that the brown will remember who he picked by the time of the Hatching, but F'kan will be sure to remind him.

Talya has all but forgotten about the dragon, unable to look away from the knot in the rider's hand instead. Blue gives a curious cheep which seems to shake her out enough to reach out for it, but she does not snag it yet. "For Igen, though. Not here. I mean, you see how good of a candidate I was for their clutch…" That hand that was reaching out waves at her body, signifying all of her. "He may not have picked the perfect candidate in me. Sorry, Quaverilth," she gives a self deprecating laugh as her hand finally snaps out and grabs at the white knot regardless, holding it up in front of her face to study it. "I guess it would be a nice break from Guard duty for a time." Now that she became full Guard, she had only redundacy to look forward to. Her face furrows up together, glancing from the knot to F'kan. "You sure he thinks so? I mean… I ain't really good with the dragons I /have/ met."

There's the barest flicker of a shadow that crosses F'kan's face at the mention of Igen, but he quickly shakes it off with an easy shrug, "Not at all, just because your lifemate wasn't at Igen doesn't mean that their not right now in one of those eggs hardening on those sands. There's no shame in being left standing, Talya, it doesn't make you unworthy," he explains gently. His smile widens considerably when she snaps up the knot from his hand and studies it. When she asks if Quaverilth is sure, the warbles animatedly in the Guard's direction, which sets his rider to chuckling, "He says he is positive and that you will do well," another shrug of his shoulders to indicate he's just the messenger here. "So what do you say?"

Talya shakes her head away from the man's words at first. "It's not that… well, a little. It's just mostly the actual dragons, what they do and how they act and riding itself, I now wonder if it's for me." She looks to the brown and then to the bowl. "Though they're all different." It's like she answers her own question. She sets her mouth into a thin line and then pulls the knot close to her, holding it tight to her chest as if that's answer enough. Still, she can't help startle yet again at the dragon's warble. She /was/ standing right there in front of him after all! "Alright, alright, I'll do it," she agrees with a heavy sigh. "I— shit, I guess that means all the rules too." A frown pulls at her face, but now that she has the knot she isn't giving it back. "And sorry beforehand if I disappoint you, Quaverilth," she adds with a salute to the brown.

"He says you won't disappoint him no matter what happens," F'kan says with emphasis as he puts a hand on the brown's muzzle and pats lovingly at his dragon's cheek. "You're right, they are all different. And if you do manage to impress, you'll find that your dragon is going to be just right for you," he adds with a smile directed towards Quaverilth who croons so loud his whole throat seems to vibrate. When she mentions the rules, he has to chortle just a little at that one, "Well yeah, the rules are a given, but I'm sure they'll keep you busy enough that breaking them won't even cross your mind." Again, that tiny bit of shadown dulls his bright blue eyes momentarily before he flashes his bright smile in the young woman's direction. "Let's get you to the Barracks then and all settled then you can tell whoever you need to about this." Hid job done, Quaverilth retreats to find himself a comfy ledge to perch on while his lifemate escorts the new Candidate to her quarters.

"So long as they don't shove me off cliffs," mutters Talya lowly, at the thought of her very own lifemate. She rubs a hand hard against her face before giving a deep heavy /sigh/ that it's almost a word. "Right, right, rules… Shit, I wouldn't have cared about those before." Well damn, now she definitely knows how others feel this time around. She pouts at the idea, even looking at the knot as if she seems to be reconsidering it— nope, she's still. She grips the piece of thread in a fist and then turns to give the brownrider a decisive nod, saying only once Quaverilth leaves and gives them passage, "Lead on, man." She'll start all the respecting and the saluting /later/.

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