Th'res, Jedameth, Talya


A chance meeting while waiting for a sandstorm to die down between two Southern friends, allowing a convenient time for a gift exchange and a request for help on Wendryth's quest.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.



OOC Date 11 Mar 2018 07:00


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Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

Midmorning and the sand is already blowing it seems. To escape it, Th'res has ducked into the galleries as he might as well get a look at the eggs while he is here. The southern rider quickly sheding his jacket and shakes out all that fine sand that will surely cause him to itch later. He reclines towards the back of the room currently.

Talya, Southern native, knows wet storms and humidity and floods… but sandstorms? Nope. She's been hiding out in the Galleries as well, though her head is mostly draped with a thin shawl for when she decides to brave the outside world again and she has been laying in between the seats, half hidden. Not even looking at the eggs. But she does catch movement passing her, a familiar red head… She sits up abruptly, her dark eyes glancing to the back in surprise. Picking herself up, she bounds the seats in calculated little hops until she feels close enough. Wild candidate on the loose. "Well, look what the storm blew in here," comes her muffled voice.

Th'res chuckles as a wild candidate appears, "well it was either this or become sand polished out side. And I am white enough as it is thank you." He moves over so the candidate can sit with him if she wishes before saying "So which one is your favorite?" motioning to the eggs.

"Any whiter and you'd disappear on us," Talya says with a sage nod before taking the invitation and sitting down hard onto the seat, close enough to Th'res to lean a shoulder against him. "Mmm, my favorite? It may have to be… " Extravagant Indulgences Egg "That one." She then makes a very obvious sniff, leaning even closer to Th'res. No personal space here. She makes sure to give him a little sniff. "You smell like home." Someone may or may not be homesick. Then she pulls away, giving him a curious look. "What brings you all the way over here?"

Well that was fast, the red headed man is blushing when she leans close to sniff him. Th'res clears his throat before he smiles at her and points up, on a ledge above them the blue dragons head comes sliding down to be above the pair. Jedameth croons happily at Talya before he licks her head like a giant feline, there is a very fishy smell attached to the candidate now. "He made a new friend and wanted to visit, and I missed my friend so it seemed like a good idea."

Talya smirks in satisfaction at seeing that familiar blush creeping up. She'd probably tease something about it if it wasn't for a blue dragon suddenly leaning down to lick her head. "Ugh, Jedameth." She can't help but chuckle, her hands both to her head to pat down the shawl she had on, slimy now. It wasn't much of a good fashion statement. She removes it from her head and gives it a sniff. "You know, I was gonna sneak that back into the clean laundry afterward but I think you just gave me more chores." She may just drop the fishy smelling fabric off still, but she won't say that aloud. "Which friend may that be?" she questions Th'res with a raised brow.

Th'res chuckles as the blue dragon rumbles satisfied before he retreats back up to the ledge to go back to sleep. "You of course. and maybe Xanthee if she isn't trying to sneak out to spend time with the love of her life." Does he sound a bit wistful? Yes he does, but he quickly buries that emotion down before turning to look at Talya "So how is it going here? Broken any fingers yet?"

Talya gives Jedameth a fond look as he retreats before turning her full attention back onto Th'res. That's when she makes a face at the mention of love of someone's life. She may have caught the wistful note from him too. "Shit, true love like that is all hormones. Don't tell me you will go on about those two, as well? Just goes on and on and on— but from what she says they aren't even daring to be in the same room as each other til candidacy is over. Temptations and all," she adds with a snort and a roll of her eyes. Her face drops into a frown, moving her eyes away from the bluerider to focus on something else. Eggs… she's stared at them enough. "No broken fingers. Yet. Though I would probably get kicked out. And no drinking to make up for pent up emotions." She sighs deeply, sinking into herself. "I'm just grateful we're so bloody tired at the end of the day now so we don't have to think about everything else."

Th'res tilts his head and looks at the woman saying "You? Emotions? Wow they really have broken you here haven't they." He teases her because what are friends for, he looks back out at the eggs as well before saying "and maybe 'true love' is a lie, but it is one I still would like to live in.." The wind out side picks up making the cavern dusty as he wipes at his eyes.

"They've broken something," Talya notes with a bump of her shoulder against the bluerider's at his teasing. She is still looking out to the eggs, though they are not quite as exciting as the first hundred times she saw them. Afterall, she sees them all the time, the bluerider not quite so much. She turns back to him as he wipes at his eye. Her frown pulls down on her face more deeply, brows furrowing together. "It isn't really worth it. All heartache at the end," she says in what she believes is helpful. "You have Jedameth. I can't imagine wanting anything more than that, a lifemate that would never leave you. A best friend you can trust wholeheartedly." It's her turn to be a little wistful.

Th'res smiles at the bumb of the shoulder "well it is good that I got both then right? I mean I trust you that way anyway." Because he does and she knows it, even if she doesn't want to say it, he pulls out a small wrapped cloth that when unfolded reveals sweets from the bazaar as he says "I will say this for Igen, they have some interesting food choices."

Talya smirks up to him and then gives him a wink. "You're a very lucky man there Th'res. What more could ya want?" See, two best friends. She probably would suggest he doesn't trust her wholeheartedly but leaves it at that. When the sweets are revealed she leans forward to get a good look at what he picked up. "They certainly do, something to get used to. Which isn't too bad." She makes a grabbing motion for one of the sweets, looking to the bluerider's face imploringly. Her fingers are slow in reaching, slow enough to give Th'res time to pull away if he's saving them. "But they don't have a lot of stuff that Southern does." Pause. "Like lots of flowers for one."

Th'res moves the hand closer to her so she doesn't have to work as hard, wouldn't want her straining her self now. "Very true, which reminds me." He pulls out a small leather bound book from his jacket next to him and drops it in her lap. It isn't heavy but it is about two inches thick, "Figured you could use a nice reminder of your home." He goes back to looking at the eggs while he waits for her to figure out her next move.
"in the book are, drawings of Jedameth and Th'res, as well as her, also pressed flowers with names and where they grow at southern, a few pages are the different colored sand to be found at the beaches they have been too. There are blank pages still with labels like 'Mirror Hall', and 'Ice fields', as well as other places on Pern she may have yet to see."

Talya picks one of the more appetizing looking sweets from the ones he has, popping it in her mouth before wiping her fingers on the shawl she's removed completely. Which is a good thing, because she doesn't want to touch the book with any sticky fingers. "What— what's this?" She looks from the book to Th'res and back down again. She opens it tentatively, brows raising as she flips to a page with drawings. "Did you do these? Or… shit, Th'res, this must have taken you a long time." There's a smile tugging at her lips as she flips through a few pages before leaving it open in her lap to glance at him. "You know I'll come visit all the time when I can, right? Southern is still home." Definitely not Black Rock. "But… thanks," she says a little awkwardly, unused to just getting gifts. Usually she cons things out of people (or just takes them).

Th'res shrugs and grins "I was making it for your turnday, but well you got searched soo figured you might be missing home." He looks over and her and nods "Of course you will, because we will come and get you if you don't." He motions to the book and says "we got those other pages to fill, places to visit and learn about." He leans over and gives her a side hug before he goes back to watching the sand blow through the cavern. He knows how hard it is for her to accept nice things.

"It's close enough to my turnday. I've forgotten," Talya says even as she stares down at the pages again. "I can't believe you even remembered," she mumbles more softly to herself, lost in thought. It's weird to be thought about and remembered. "But yeah, I do miss home. Thanks, Th'res." This time it's more sincere, and even a fond look for him as she glances back up briefly, leaning into the side hug with a chuckle. Then she flips back to a pressed flower page and points down to it for him. "You know, I really do need Southern flowers. Lots of them. Do you think you can get some for me whenever you have time? They just don't look the same here. And not nearly enough of it here."

"I don't see why not, I mean I don't know if they could grow here but sure. After you get your weyr and graduate we can get you as many as you want." is the answer from Th'res. The red headed rider grins at her saying "Because there is no way you will have time for them now or after you impress should you do so." He is quiet for a long moment as guilt dances across his features when he says "I am sorry.."

Talya shakes her head quickly with a laugh. "I don't need them for /me/, actually. Or after the hatching. I mean, unless you're busy now, I can figure out a different way." She nods her head down to the sands, though only the clutchdam is (likely) down there. "The Weyrleader's dragon apparently gave me an assignment to throw flowers in the barracks. Or make it more Southern and homey… something like that. And I just can't say no to the clutchsire /and/ Weyrleader's dragon." Not to mention he's big… and intimidating. She does go still and quiet, staring down at the eggs. "You know, sometimes I wonder if I'm just wasting my time, being stupid. Standing. I mean, Impressing a lifemate… that's everyone's dream. I don't know if I'm the kind of person a Weyr needs to fight Thread though."

Th'res nods and grins, because his blue dragon is already listing the steps it will take to fill the barracks with flowers from southern. So enthralled with there planing he almost miss the doubt she casts over her self. He looks over at her and reaches around to hug her again only to stop half way and slap the back of her head "I told you next time you talked bad about your self I would get you." He still grins at her saying "You are not being stupid and wasting time. We all think that, and if I would of listened I wouldn't have him" he points up to the blue who has hung his head over the edge again to Boop the womans head with his snout.

Oh hey, another hug! … Nope. "Ow," Talya says, not in pain at all. She rubs at the back of her head instead as she gives Th'res a mock glare. "No hitting the delicate candidates, especially when they can't hit back. That's cheating." She makes a face at him. "And I remember that now, though it's only the truth! I mean, can you imagine me actually doing what you do?" You know, disregarding the heroics and stunts he pulls. She does still keep in good shape, so it isn't anything physical she is worried about. Probably more the self sacrifice. "But I guess you're right that everyone thinks it. If it wasn't for other candidates putting the thoughts in my head, I probably wouldn't be so worried about it." She shakes a hand down to the eggs this time. "But I ain't going to stop Standing, I just /think/ that sometimes."

Th'res nods and grins "No I think you can do better than me. You are stronger than I am, and abit smarter too." He chuckles as the blue above him croons sending out waves of dancing colored lights of blue and greens « You Will be GREAT! Maybe you will teach people how you get all those extra clothes!!! » Jedameth projects to Talya and his rider at the same time.

Talya gives in to another eye roll at Th'res. "Definitely not. I think that's thinking /way/ too highly about me." And then she slides a bit away to avoid another head smack for thinking poorly of herself. She does reach up to give Jedameth's snout a pat. "I won't be giving away any of my secrets any time soon. But thanks for helping out with the flowers and all," is said to both blue and rider. "Let's drown the barracks in Southern flair." Too soon? She glances back in the direction of the caverns entrance and the sandstorm. "You think it's safe yet to head out?"

Th'res shrugs and looks out at the desert air saying "Anything is possible if you are brave enough. And you little girl are brave enough" He stands up and grabs his jacket saying "If you want that barracks drowned in flowers I need to get moving. We will meet up with you later this evening once I get them transported." Because as always the red headed wingsecond is an enabler, he grins and climbs up toward the ledge where his dragon is currently waiting saying over his shoulder "Don't worry everything will work out the way it needs to."

"Call me little girl again when I'm not wearing a white knot, I dare you," Talya says with a snort at the bluerider. She glances down to the sands, aware of probably being watched. No hitting any Southern Weyr riders this time. She glances down to her fishy smelling shawl, then with a shrug starts to put it back on. Better safe than have a mouthful of sand later to deal with. "You don't have to rush it, Th'res!" she calls to the bluerider as he mounts. "I figured it'd take some time to gather." Though with Jedameth's enthusiasm, she probably is underestimating the pair. She waves after them saying, "I figure that much, no time to worry now anyway 'til the hatching." Then she can worry when eggs are hatching. She watches them go, and only when they leave will she head out to get back to duties.

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