Alyna, Kyriatis


Laeiva is 'safe'. Alyna's Jem has a clutch.


It is midmorning of the fourth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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"But she's found now, and because of what you did we were warned that she might not be in her right mind. That could have made all the difference between the smooth way it went and total disaster."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It is the fourth day of Spring and 80 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

Ah Spring! The warmer weather brings with it a renewal of life after the long winter. And one perfect example of this can be observed at one corner of the beach, well away from the high tide mark, where a little golden firelizard is brooding over a suspicious looking mound of sand, her claws working hard to pile the sand higher as she croons softly, keeping a weary eye out while she works industriously.

Spring! Kyriatis is certainly making the most of the warmer weather: having finished her assigned duties for the afternoon, the teen has ventured to the beach for some much-needed Vitamin D. With a towel slung over her shoulders, and a pair of sandals protecting her feet from the so-warm sands, the bathing-suit-wearing brunette meanders her way from the path, and in the general direction of the water's edge. It's purely by chance, then, that she finds herself not too far from the broody firelizard and her mound, though not so close as to cause - hopefully! - immediate alarm.

Jem is eyeballing Kyriatis carefully as she sees her come closer, giving a warning warble in the girl's direction before she goes back to her work of positioning the sand just exactly where it needs to go, keeping one sharp eye on the gardner just in case. Overhead a chartreuse green pops in from between and starts some lazy circles, sharp eyes searching out the beach, growing closer until she lands delicately on the beach, politely distancing herself from anyone to spraying anyone down with sand. From her neck, Alyna slips, landing with a thump before she strides in the direction of the gold and her mound, shooting Kyriatis a bright, "Good morning!" without stopping because she is a woman on a mission obviously as she stops just in front of the little queen. "Ha! You thought you could hide them from me and Haquith?" She clucks her tongue against her teeth, "Silly Jem." The gold, for her part, hisses softly but doesn't prevent her humanpet from advancing on her, rustling her wings irritably.

Evidently the bug up Kyriatis' butt from the other day is gone, because the gardener has only a cheerful, "Morning!" for the greenrider, hands tucking behind her back as she considers her approach towards the gold and her clutch. "Let me guess, it's not possible to hide anything from Haquith? Does she at least tend to clutch in the same kind of place each time?"

"No idea, this is her first clutch." Alyna replies with a half-smile tilted in Kyriatis' direction as she crouches before the mound and carefully brushes away the layer of sand covering the eggs, reavealing a generous pile, while the queen retreats with an indignant cheep and another angry rustle of her wings, quieting with a squeak after a word from the large green who had been moving closer behind them and is now peering over their shoulders to look down at the eggs as well. With a heavy sigh, the greenrider puts her hands on her hips, "The question is, what to do with them?" She sighs heavily then and starts to ponder. While she does that, she changes the subject, "Do you often help out with search parties?" she asks curiously of the younger woman.

"Ah," says Kyriatis, cheerfully. "Well, I guess you'll find out?" Beat. "You could always just leave 'em here, let them find people or go wild, but they'll probably be fine either way." She sounds a bit dubious about that possibility, but it's likely the first thing that has popped into her head, and so out the words come, willy-nilly, one after another. Maybe it's because it's simpler than answering that question, the one that has her finally glancing over her shoulder at the ocean, and moistening her lips with her tongue. "No," she admits. "I felt… involved."

"I could leave them I guess…" Alyna drawls as her eyes wander over the pile of eggs considerably, one finger reaching out to gently touch the still soft shell, watching for the reaction from her gold. "But then I will be without Jem while she broods over them, and she's my only one and trained to be quite useful too." Humming thoughtfully, she nods absently at Kyriatis' response to her question, "I get that. It makes sense. But she's found now, and because of what you did we were warned that she might not be in her right mind. That could have made all the difference between the smooth way it went and total disaster." She looks up at the girl then with narrowed eyes, considering something. "I'm going to have to find people to give them to I guess, nothing for it." She finally says as she stands up out of her crouch.

Kyriatis' shoulders straighten, a hint of pride visible upon her expression, though she manages to restrain her reaction somewhat; perhaps the knowledge of what she did in order to be helpful - which does seem to have been lingering on her mind - has tempered her reactions a little. "I'm glad she's safe. I mean… I hope she can be helped. Looked after. Even given everything she did." She hesitates, chewing at her lip. "Could… could //I/ have one? I did Impress one, but I think I was too young and I never learned how to train him properly. I'd be responsible enough, this time."

"I hope so too." Alyna says with a soft finality to the subject of the deranged former headwoman, she wasn't going to hurt anyone else and that's all that was important to this greenrider. A cheeky smile spreads over her lips as the girl gets up the nerve to ask her for an egg. Just to torture her a little bit, the petite blond taps hums consideringly as she sweeps ice blue eyes over the teen. "I think.." she drags out before smiling brightly, "that you'd be doing me a favor in taking one of my hands. Now let's see.." looking back down at the mound, her eyes are drawn to a crackling egg of purple and orange right on the top of the pile. "Ohh, what about this one?" And she will delicately pick up the still soft egg, shooting a glance at her little gold as she coils indignantly at the disturbance to her clutch, settling back reluctantly and finally settling her wings onto her back. The greenrider holds it out to Kyriatis to inspect, "What do you think?"

Crackling Octarine Egg

That there is magic contained within the shell of this egg is obvious. Depending on the angle one views it at, the base color shifts and ripple, tricking the eye into seeing movement where there is none. From vibrant royal purple to the purest orange with swirls of blue, yellow and white thrown in for extra confusing good measure, the patterns that form among the seemingly random array of shades. But beware the hidden power lurking just under the surface, manifesting over the hardened surfaced in crackles of ultraviolet electricity, ready to zap any unwary Wizzards.

Kyriatis squirms, just a little, as the greenrider makes her wait, but a brilliant smile blossoms upon her lips in the end. "Oh," she says, as the egg is selected, one hand reaching out as if to touch and then drawing back again, as if afraid to do so too. "It's beautiful. Almost too beautiful to hatch, don't you think? It always seems a shame. With dragon eggs, too."

"You're right. It is beautiful. You could always try and keep the pieces after it hatches." Alyna offers helpfully as she hands the egg over to the girl. "I still have a shard of Haquith's shell that I carry with me whenever I fly Fall, it's my good luck charm." Humming considerably, the greenrider is searching the beach for a way the girl can transport the still delicate egg. With a snap of her fingers, she moves to Haqutih's riding straps and rummages in one of the packs attached there. Coming back, she is holding a deep sac made of sturdy canvas. "This should work till you can find a pot or something." And then the woman ducks to fill it with the hot sand of the beach. "You probably have a few sevendays before it hatches, so just make sure it stays warm ok. And you know how to impress it right?" she asks, figuring as much since she mentioned already having one.

Kyriatis takes a deep breath, but allows her fingers, finally, to wrap about the contours of the egg's shell; a smile blossoms once more, as she lifts it to examine it more closely, then accepts the sac to stow it safely away. "I'll take good care of it," she promises. "The egg, and then the hatchling, too. Once it hatches. Thank you. And… thank you, was it Gem? Thank her for me, too." The sac is carefully tucked under one arm, the gardener positively beaming at Alyna. "I… suppose I should go put it somewhere safe."

Alyna looks well pleased with herself as the girl expresses her proffuse thanks, holding her hands up magnanimously, "Yes, Jem, with a J." Cause it's more sophisticated ok? "It's nothing really, I should be thanking you. One down…" She peers down at the rest of the clutch, "Many more to go." She says with a long suffering sigh as she chews on her lower lip as the wheels turn in her head. "You do that. Make sure it stays covered, but turn it regularly as well." She adds as an afterthought. "I am going to go and find a basket I think. At least if I can move them back to my weyr they will be safe until I can find other victims…er…people to gift them to." And with that the greenrider will offer the girl a bob of her head as she strides off in the direction of the Living Caverns, leaving her green to watch over the little gold hovering protectively over her mound, frantically covering her precious eggs back up with warm sand.

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