A'hali, M'noq, Th'res


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


War Room, Southern Weyr

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War Room

Within this room there is a constant buzz, a low-pitched thrum of activity no matter the time of day — or night. Here are the records for the current leadership, and pertinent information for the time: inventories and star-charts, ledgers and tithe manifests and wing records. Such valuable information is kept twice-watched by two disparate forces: a guard at the door and the archivist at his table, and none quite sure which of the two is more dangerous.

There isn't anyone but the guard and archivist here just yet - other than A'hali that is. The large man has claimed a desk for himself and has some piles of papers and samples of rock set around him. In many of the rocks there are traces of different coloured minerals. The papers are coded with Black Rock's colours and A'hali doesn't look at all happy to be staring at them AGAIN. A finger taps on the table as he stares like if he simply looks dourly enough at them they will suddenly decide to be nice and spill forth their secrets.

M'noq's mood has been poor lately, mostly because he has been hit and miss with being able to serve in his wingleading duties, too often pushing them off on his 'seconds. So he looks tired and irritable as he comes in and goes straight for A'hali and all the papers he has spread out in front of him. "Have you figured out what's happening in Black Rock yet?" He still hasn't let his junior wingsecond live down bring back a sack of rock like it's critical evidence of something.

Rocks you say? That is probably why Th'res has shown up, but truth be told he was kinda shadowing A'hali to get a better understanding of the wing wether the tall man actually said he could was another matter intirely. The red head is freshly scrubed, to the point of his now tan skin is a little pink, he stops and snaps a salute to M'noq saying "afternoon sir."

A'hali is wary the moment M'noq walks in - that irritable attitude making the larger man err on the side of 'don't piss him off if possible k' when it comes to M'noq. A salute, and a shake of his head. "Ocelot's wingleader left this note," and he'll hold it out. M'noq can wonder why the fuck K'vvan didn't hand it to him later for right now A'hali's not gonna dive into that. "Said to look deeper here." There's a map among all of the things and A'hali fishes it out to lay it down. When Th'res arrives the larger man pauses, flicking a gaze to M'noq. Does he keep talking? Or No? Is Th'res in the ~know~?

M'noq gives a nod of acknowledgement to Th'res, motioning for him to join them as they look at the rocks and things. Even in his current mood, M'noq will acknowledge that there are plenty of things that he doesn't know about, and even if the bluerider isn't currently "in the know," maybe it's about time he was introduced. M'noq frowns, taking the note and looking at it. "Why did K'vvan give this to you?" Of course, his mind immediately goes to that. "Never mind, I know," the response quickly follows, and he rolls his eyes. He will have a talk with the greenrider… later. "All right, go on."

Th'res has that feeling he just walked into something, as the hairs on the back of his neck tell him danger is afoot. He will walk over and look at the rocks in front of the wingsecond and listen to what is being said. When it seems K'vvan is the gifter of rocks there is a raised eyebrows but no words yet.

DANGER~ No, actually, it's pretty mundane in here other than the Archivist who is keeping a close, if discrete, eye on the pair. He'll budge over to give Th'res a closer look at the rocks. "Ocelot wingleader said there were many rescues along here. A wagon overturned." GDI so. many. words. They are getting pulled from A'hali a bit reluctantly, but brevity in this case would not be the soul of wit. Casting around A'hali finds a box of little cloth dots and puts them down along the map where the Ocelots had indicated there were things. "Crossing the records with what has gone up and I found… rocks." Yes, A'hali is wincing here. Rocks probably aren't the best thing to say right here.

M'noq is only updated on K'vvan's day-to-day activity in meetings, for the most part, so this is more detail than he has gotten before about these rescues. "So… they were transporting rocks in these wagons? Has anyone talked with the people rescued?" Though just because you want to talk to someone doesn't mean they'll be very forthcoming in telling you what happened. "Any idea what caused the wagon overturning? Just an accident, or something stranger at work?"

Th'res is listening he is really, but well once a rock hound always a rock hound. He reaches out and picks up on of the samples, turning it over in his hands, sniffing it, testing tensel strength. He probably hasn't relazed anyone is watching him if they are as he says "Well these aren't from the area you are talking about, or they shouldn't be anyway, they are from deeper in the mountain not the surface. Where did you find them exactly?"

"Ocelot thinks stranger, but does not know why." A'hali gestures to the desk and his research there. "Rocks are from there and," a sideglance at M'noq to see if the wingleader is going to bite his head off for continuing to bite a bone that has long since lost its meat, "…what I gathered." If Th'res looks a little harder he'll find that most of the samples come in pairs, each having the same viens of extra ore running through them.

M'noq really isn't all that familiar with rocks or where they come from, though he is familiar with various groups that are transporting things (craft-authorized and otherwise) through the jungle. "So, what do we know about these rocks? What are they transporting, and who's paying them?" He picks up one of the rocks and examines it, tracing a line over the vein of ore, even though there's not much he can tell by looking.

Th'res shrugs and says "that would take a good seven day in the Minecraft archieve but I could tell you that this stuff was brought up from some where deep in the ground." He looks over the map and nods saying "It could be another mine.." not an idea the blue rider wants to revisit anytime soon seeing as the last one didn't work out so well.

"Nothing. Except they shouldn't be there and are. This road also leads," and here A'hali CAN get away without words. His finger traces the map to the far side of Black Rock Seahold's area where a small cove is indicated. There is sea access there that wouldn't necessarily need to go through the official hold port. "Maybe to do with the sailors?" Tying mystery to mystery here, without a lot of evidence.

M'noq just hums at A'hali's suggestion. "Wouldn't surprise me if ships were taking it through Black Rock somehow, and it was perhaps being sold up in the North." But again, that would take a lot more than wild speculation to make certain. He looks over at Th'res. "You want to take a couple of these samples and see what you can find out about them? If we can put off letting the entire Minercraft know about it, I would prefer it. There may be someone in the craft that we don't want to tip off that we know as much as we do."

Th'res nods to the wingleader "I can do that, sir. I got a free day tomorrow I can make the trip." Because he wouldn't want this to be interfering with his work time, he looks to A'hali and then back to M'noq…. Wait did he just get volunteered for something?

Th'res, sweetie, this is work time. Don't volunteer your free time!! But A'hali can't say that since he does the same damn thing. "Maybe." He'll just nod along with M'noq's speculation, it's as good as A'hali can flesh out. "Maybe you and K'vvan could confer more?" Since A'hali knows full well that the two men have LOTS of *cough* free time together.

"Not telling you not to attend to this right away, but you shouldn't use your free day," M'noq points out. If A'hali won't say it, the wingleader will. He looks to A'hali. "Can you adjust his free day, in that case? I'll let the two of you work that out." And if A'hali isn't taking his free days, M'noq would be the first to tell him that he needs to also. Well, maybe the second after Vani. "Right… I'll talk with K'vvan. See what else he knows about this." Well, he'll probably cover other issues as well, considering Ocelot tried to circumvent him and go through his wingsecond.

Th'res nods again saying "well N'lim as me doing extra drills with some of the others to make sure we can keep up with him inflight" The look that Th'res tries to hide clearly stays he has more to say about the impatent wing second but he is smart enough not to make many waves. "But I will get it done, sir. Should I bring it back to A'hali or to the Ocelot wingleader?"

"… N'lim should not be doing that." Is there going to be a confrontation between wingseconds finally?!?! STAY TUNED. A'hali curls his hand around a rock as he frowns firmly. Drills were his thing. "K'vvan bites." That's A'hali's opinion of the prickly greenrider because heaven help if my alts LIKE one another.

M'noq snorts at the mention of the Lynx wingsecond not in the room. "Remind N'lim that A'hali is in charge of drills. If he thinks this is Threadfall-related…. wait, forget that. I'll take care of it." He gives A'hali a look, just to make sure that he doesn't let N'lim get away with this, even if M'noq will be having the initial conversation. "Bring anything you find back to A'hali, please." A wry smile in response to the comment about K'vvan. "I'll talk with K'vvan, and let's confer again in three days." M'noq sure has some fun conversations planned.

Th'res nods and isn't going to point out that he might just have gotten out of drills and got two days off… but hey now one for fishing and one for working!! "Yes sir!" he says with a little bit more excitement than one probably would but hey he is a little crazy about rocks.

A'hali nods in that, N'lim won't. WORDS WILL BE HAD. Hesitating he just glances over his stuff. "I'll… keep looking." More connections? Maybe?

M'noq is all about extra days off, so he won't point out any extra time that Th'res may be getting. That just means he'll work harder the time he is on duty, right? A nod to Th'res, and then a more serious look and nod to A'hali. Perhaps there will be a third serious conversation for M'noq coming up in the near future.

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