Rocio, Va'os, D'wane


Rocio has some strong opinions and Va'os can't keep his mouth shut, even with D'wane's help.


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - War Room

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"Now just WHAT am I s'pose to tell my daddy?"


War Room

Within this room there is a constant buzz, a low-pitched thrum of activity no matter the time of day — or night. Here are the records for the current leadership, and pertinent information for the time: inventories and star-charts, ledgers and tithe manifests and wing records. Such valuable information is kept twice-watched by two disparate forces: a guard at the door and the archivist at his table, and none quite sure which of the two is more dangerous.

A sprinkle of glowbugs manifest and flicker along the edges of Tsiroth's and Rocketh's mindscapes, a telling sign that Niamyth is present. Her words are accompanied by a warm summery breeze tinged with the scent of wheatgrass. « Evenin'! » The green's voice is perky, as always. « Might wanna tell yours that Rocio's comin'. » With the word of caution bestowed upon the bronzes, Niamyth's presence is carried away upon a breeze that fades almost as quickly as she arrived.

Tsiroth's mind is currently strumming away at a hell of a mellow guitar tune, just lazily plucking away and not even skipping beat or note when Niamyth's glowbugs arrive. A livelier chord plays, almost an unspoken salute. Consider it done! Then the bronze is back to 'zoning' out, content wherever he is. Va'os is seated in his usual spot, slouched in a not-so professional manner but hey — why can't he be comfortable? Scattered in front of him are a few old looking hides and various texts. One such book is in his lap, which he thumbs through lazily while he props his head up with elbow bent on the table edge. His "important" work is put on hiatus when Tsiroth sticks true to his word and alerts his rider to the incoming greenrider. "… thank Faranth." he mutters under his breath. Yay welcome distractions!

It's suuuuuummmmer tiiiiime and the living is easy!!!! Or it is if you're Rocketh. The peaceful white sand beaches welcome those little glowbugs and the summer breeze to mix with his own ocean wind. « But where's the fun in telling them that? » But he probably does pass it on with just about two strides worth of warning. D'wane is currently also buried in hidework as well. His is more of ancient looking reports rather than books and it's rather percariously stacked. "Huh?" At Va'os's mutter but then Rock finally passes on the message and the glowbasket is unshielded. It all comes together. "Hopefully those aren't angry footsteps."

Rocio is a skilled tracker, but it really isn't that difficult to find Southern's most popular bromance in the same room. Striding through the library with a hunter's poise and silence, the greenrider arrives at the heavy War Room door and knocks a few times before opening it. "Evenin'." is the greeting that mirrors Niamyth's. The door is shut behind her and she takes a few steps forward before halting, saluting, and making a request. "Permission to speak freely, sir." Directed more toward the Weyrleader, that.

"Mhm…" Va'os cocks his head a bit to the side, as if listening for any approaching footsteps. "We'd have heard that, if they were angry! And," He nods to the door, while grinning broadly to D'wane. "Angry doesn't knock." At least in his experience! It's usually a 'kick open the door' sort of deal. Sobering, he'll gradually sit up as Rocio enters and approaches in a more formal manner. His return salute will still be on the lazier side or maybe he's just tired? Whatever he was reading doesn't look thrilling. "Always!" he quips back, gesturing to the free chairs. Have a seat!

D'wane considers the idea that angry doesn't knock and gives a nod of agreement. "Is that why we don't keep too many doo-dads in here? Cause angry also throws things?" The real reason they don't keep more knick-knacks in the council room probably has to deal with Mayte's ideas about decorating and the fact that D'wane might just end up making a fort of trinkets during especially boring meetings if they were around. But not having things to throw makes sense as well. Rocio's actual arrival is met with a nod and since everyone else is saluting, he'll give a crisp one of his own as well. "Can't be a weyrling emergency already…" Cause there are no weyrlings!

Once given permission, Rocio visibly relaxes and walks over to the table where both men are seated. "How're y'all doin'? Good? And, nope. No real emergency." She doesn't opt for a seat, but rather remains somewhat eye level with the men in their current positions — hey, she's way shorter than most people at Southern, especially these two. It'll help to have the 'advantage' tonight. "First, I wanna say that I'm mighty honored that y'all picked me outta every other rider for Weyrlingmaster. Really, like, I'm grateful." A hand pats her heart for emphasis. "I've had a few days to think about things and, well." Fingertips briefly drum against the glossy table top. "I've got some feedback for ya." Now thiiis is the part when she places knuckles on the top table and leans forward to stare at them both, "When y'all are gonna promote someone, don't promote 'em when they're NAKED!" With that last word hollered, people studying in the library probably heard it and are wondering just what the heck is happening inside the war room. Interesting times ahead, that's what!

Va'os visibly relaxes once Rocio assures them there's no emergency! D'wane's comment had got him tensing up about it without him even realizing it! "Well, that's some good news!" he says, with a slightly crooked smile. A smile that broadens at first for Rocio's little 'thank you' speech. He's about to toss in his reply, even going as far as to look smug in expression and posture both. That is, until there's HOLLERING and he's left to just stare at Rocio. Cue a slight kicked puppy look? No? Okay, but Va'os is still startled and he takes a moment to bounce back. "We were all in the baths!" he exclaims. "It just seemed like a good time! And there's a lot worse than being naked, y'know." Whether that's true or not? WHO KNOWS~

Well, that was a very abrupt turn that D'wane was not expecting. A good thing he hadn't actually taken a sip of his drink before Rocio started her hollering or there might have been a spit take. Instead he'll, just eye Va'os to see if he got it and as the weyrleader goes on, D'wane nods along. Makes sense to him. And for his own two mark piece, "Now everybody in this room has been promoted while naked. It's an even playing field or something?" Shhhh. It doesn't matter that D'wane's naked promotion was to wingsecond, not Weyrsecond. Doesn't matter, still happened once.

"Have you lost all sense of propriety, boy!?" It's hard telling just who's getting the brunt of Rocio's hollering at the moment — both men were in the baths when all this happened the other night. Her tone isn't exactly fiery mad, nor are her words slicing them up (just consider this proof positive that Ro can drill sergeant yell better than most). A perfect skill for a Weyrlingmaster to have, yes? "Now just WHAT am I s'pose to tell my daddy?" Rodric, one of the Weyr's top hunters and respected by pretty much everyone. "That the Weyr's tip top leadership decided that the baths were the BEST spot to hand over a new rank? He's gonna think y'all weren't really goin' over my qualifications 'cause y'all were too busy lookin' at my ASSETS!" She straightens now and folds her arms across her middle, still staring between the both of them. Alpha staring? Something like that.

Va'os hasn't really learned the lessons of WHEN to keep his mouth shut (it's a wonder Southern didn't implode in the short time he was Weyrleader with Bailey as Senior). So when Rocio starts, he almost immediate scoffs right back. "Boy!? Did you — did she just call me that?" The last being tossed at D'wane as he glances at the Weyrsecond mid-hollering. "Make something up!" Va'os is gonna throw the first thing that comes to mind, complete with hand gestures and a mild shrug of his shoulders. Since he's on a roll too, he just keeps on merrily digging himself his own grave. "While I'm sure your assets," He catches himself almost snickering there and clears this throat. "Are lovely and all, I wasn't looking! Honest." He casts another look to D'wane. Dude, help him out here!

D'wane is going to help Va'os out by giving a well timed nudge to the other bronzerider's side as an incentive to TRY TO STOP DIGGING THAT HOLE. "You could tell him the truth that we promoted you right after we finished with the 'Fall where our previous Weyrlingmaster decided to resign. When is more important than where, right?" Details, shmetails. As for anything about assets, he's going to very wisely keep his mouth shut! Va'os has already covered the not looking bit.

"That ain't the POINT, D'wane!" Details shmetails~ "If Rodric were in this room right now, he'd be standin' here dead." Fact! Rocio continues to keep her arms folded and then cocks a hip to one side as she shifts her weight onto one leg. Yup she called you 'boy', Va'os (and that's the watered down version). And, yes, Southern's Weyrleader keeps right on digging himself into a hole, especially when he aaalmost snickers about her… assets. "And if you THINK," The greenrider leeeeaans a little toward Va'os to be as intimidating as much as her 5'4 frame can be. "that I'm gonna be submittin' reports to y'all in the BUFF then you got ANOTHER THING COMIN'." A beat, and much calmer. "Am I makin' myself clear to y'all?"

Va'os grunts at that well timed nudge from D'wane, which earns the other bronzerider a look. Message not received! Though he's probably wishing he had a drink right about now. And he was doing SO GOOD this evening! He'll lean back initially when she leans forwards, keeping his gaze locked on hers in a sort of shocked incredulousness. "I mean, I wouldn't complain…" WRONG ANSWER. His hands lift in a warding gesture, followed by a single upheld finger. One moment! Let him redo that. And erase the grin from his face, to a more sobered look. "Loud," Emphasis there! "And clear! Though I'm confused…" Sigh. Why can't he just shut up? "Why'd you ever expect that of us, eh? Not something we'd ever request right, D'wane?"

As soon as he gets that look from Va'os, D'wane's trying to give a not so subtle signal to his boss for him to HOLD HIS TONGUE! The combination of shushing and ax miming around the neck should be clear enough but… no. Maybe because Va'os wasn't even really looking at him. "I personally have no desire for Mayte to actually make me into a bookcase or something, which would probably happen if she found out we were asking anybody to give reports nude. It literally was just business. We were still talking about the Threadfall, while trying to finally get the firestone stench off. ALSO… you now conveniently outrank all the wingleaders. You can pull rank and give your report before we even get off our dragons if you feel like it."

"Good!" Bright and cheery is Rocio's response as she straightens and grins at the bronzeriders. She unfolds her arms and exhales a long breath now that her little speech has been given and some ground 'rules' have been laid out between them. This is the start of a b-e-a-utiful working relationship! She'll allow the leftover comments about delivering reports in the buff slide. She does, however, acknowledge what D'wane says about it being 'business' with a vaguely dubious look — she's clearly made her point and there's no need to continue hollering. Lucky them~ "Just wanted to make sure we're all on page three, sir." See? No 'boy' this time! The greenrider practically beams at Va'os and D'wabe as she brushes off her left shoulder in preparation for the looped cords of Southern's Weyrlingmaster. "And I'll be takin' that actual knot now. Before y'all go changin' your minds." They wouldn't dare at this point, right?

Va'os might be having second thoughts! But he's not that cruel. "What he said!" Oh look, he CAN shut up! Only way too late. D'wane's at least given another look and a sly 'the hell just happened' thrown in there for good measure. He's taking notes too for future encounters with the greenrider! "Right, well… Now that that's been, uh… dealt with…" Straightening again, he'll set aside his reading material and sort of cast about for a moment with his hands. Under the hides? Nope. His pockets? Nope. What, did Rocio think they just had the knot on them? "D'wane, you remember what P'quil did with that knot?" Hopefully not burn it! It's not like they have multitudes of spares laying about. Using it as an excuse to stand, he'll give Rocio a wide berth… and stop by a small table with a few bottles of liquor on top. What?

D'wane eyes Va'os more than a little dubiously at the whole searching scene, especially when P'quil's knot is mentioned. "We can't give her P'quil's knot. Niamyth ain't brown!" He knows that for a fact. But as much as he knows that they can't give her the old Weyrlingmaster knot, he does know where a few more might be stored and he goes over to dig around in a cabinet not too far from the liquor table. "Don't we have like, a filing system or something? By like color?" Dig, dig, dig, dig. After he's pulled out just about all the knots, finally a little bit of a dusty one, but it's got all the appropriate loops and Southern's green and black combined with the green ribbon for the tiny little green. "This'll do?" That's to Rocio.

This is probably the first of many I-wish-could-roll-my-eyes moments that Rocio will have in this room. By some grace of Faranth above, she's able to keep her expression from giving away any thoughts that are bouncing around her head about this entire conversation. When D'wane //finally/ fishes out the right knot (even if it's a little dusty), the greenrider brightens again and nods her response. "That'll do." She takes a few steps toward the Weyrsecond and collects the knot with a grateful nod before turning toward Va'os. "Thank ya kindly. I'll make sure Southern stays proud of me." Confidence exudes from the new Weyrlingmaster as she pins the knot upon her left should. "Permission to be dismissed, sir." There's definitely a new glint in her light colored eyes as she glances from Weyrleader to Weyrsecond.

"I know Niamyth ain't brown!" Va'os scoffs from his corner, while pouring himself a generous amount of whiskey into a tumbler glass. He's leaving D'wane to do the searching, while likely wishing he could be a jerk and give Rocio the old knot and make HER get it correctly threaded as payback for the hollering and calling him 'boy'. Alas, not today! "You're asking the wrong guy," he quips to D'wane about the organizing. He's largely kept things As Is from previous Leaderships, as 'organizing' isn't his strong point (on most things). One only has to see the inside of his weyr to get an idea! "You're free to go!" Va'os' dismissal comes with his glass being lifted in farewell, while sweeping outwards towards the door — and a bemused grin, of course.

Things might be easier if somebody put Va'os in a corner more often, but at least D'wane can successfully find a knot and pass it over to its new rightful owner. As for the rest of the knots, it's pretty clear why they were in such a state of chaos since he just grabs the spare knots by the handful and just tosses them back on in. That will be future him or future someone else's problem. He'll give Rocio a salute as she's dismissed and then pour his own drink. "So… have we broke enough stuff for today?"

Niamyth would be insulted if the men in the room didn't know what sparkling shade of viridian green her hide is, let's be honest. Good thing Rocio has kept her lifemate shoved to the very back of her mind throughout this entire meeting else some of that sass might've bled through — less is best, after all. "Have a good evenin', gents!" As quickly as Hurricane Ro arrived, she's out the door and making her way through the library with a new hitch in her giddy-up. And once the door to the war room is clicked shut, the bronzers miiight hear a muffled but very distinct "YEE-HAW!" followed by a "Shhhhhhhh!" from an archivist. Let the new adventures of Ro & Nia: Weyrlingmasters begin~

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