Idara, Eryzz, Taurie


The Treble Clef is the place to be, as Idara, Eryzz and, eventually, Taurie get to know each other.

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It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the sixth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Treble Clef, Southern Weyr

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"How about the one about the red-haired lad with the dozen fire-lizards, who seduces the maiden of Fort Hold?"


The Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

The Treble Clef has established itself as a favoured haunt of Idara. With no alcohol to cloud minds, the place is one of safety for her. This evening, the sun long since set, the teenager has got herself a prime table at the front, right before the stage. Winter is a good time for her - out come her precious Hold dresses, all long sleeves and full skirts. A rich blue dress is her choice tonight, and her blonde hair gleams in the glows' light as she watches the young man on stage. His performance on the flute comes to an end, and Idara claps politely, delicate hands returning to her lap after only a moment. A green fire-lizard perches on her shoulder, wings tucked in neatly and seeming to have been watching the performer, too. The man takes a bow, and Idara's gaze follows him as he leaves the stage.

The stage stands empty a few moments longer, just long enough for people to start speculating and that fluter player wondering if he might have to do an encore, when in comes a rather out of breath Journeyman Harper, coal black hair toussled and sticking out in all directions. Eryzz is dressed in a silver broacade over coat, unbuttoned to reveal a black tunic that is slightly askew, half tucked in, half not. Over his shoulder a guitar case if slung as he seeks out the previous performer's eye and mouthes a sheepish, 'Sorry!' before putting his case near to the stage and starting to tidy himself up to perform. No matter what he does, the longer in front coiffe he's sporting only barely becomes passable, still sticking out chaotically in places. Finally he's ready and takes the stage with a crooked smile, "Sorry about that folks. How about this old favorite to start us off?" He breaks into a mildly lewd song, full of playful innnendo and double-entendres.

Idara turns just enough to see who's just come rushing in. Ooh, fancy. Eryzz and his outfit get a long look, pleasure in her eyes. This, she likes. Silver and black, a good look. With the outfit surveyed and approved of, her gaze lifts to get a look at the man's face. Out of breath though he may be, he's easy on the eyes. AND he's about to perform - what could be better. She straightens up in her chair, her firelizard unruffled by the movement, a perfect little creature sat on her master's shoulder. Hands resting in her lap, a delicate smile curves Idara's pale lips as she focuses entirely on Eryzz and his guitar. The song makes her ears go red, and she lifts a hand to cover her mouth and the widening smile there at the lyrics.

Once the light hearted ditty is out of the way, Eryzz slips into something a little more classical, an old tried and true ballad that brings a touch of nostalgia to the older audience members, but appealing to the younger with a rather tragic love story. As he ends on one final, drawn out note, the lovers having finally made their way back to each other, vowing never to part, even as the ship beneath their feet sinks. It's a bit of a downer he knows, but now he has the audience just where he wants them when he looks out over their faces. "Any particular requests for songs? If I don't know it, I'll owe you a drink." He says with a cocksure wink.

Now this is totally Idara's type of song. Love story - check. Tragic but romantic ending - check. And sung by an attractive guy - double check. Her hand is no longer at her mouth, now they're clasped together as she sighs at the end of the ballad, a wetness on her lower eyelids that is dabbed away by the lace handkerchief she draws from her sleeve. Eryzz's offer prompts an amused smile from her, and she lifts her voice to answer him. "How about the one about the red-haired lad with the dozen fire-lizards, who seduces the maiden of Fort Hold?" It's…totally made up, Someone's got an ulterior motive.

Someone's clever. But Eryzz is no slouch himself. He caught the way Idara looked at him through that last song, he's seen it in audiences before. "Well, that's a first. I've never been stumped before," he says, looking straight at Idara with piercing slate grey eyes. "Maybe you could sing a verse and it might just jog my memory?" His lips are pursed together with the ghost of smirk playing along the edges. "And if it doesn't, I will gladly stand you that drink, as promised." The audience seems to be interested now since none of them have heard this song before either.

Idara is so sure of herself that she's going to catch the harper out,especially when he admits to being stumped. She meets his gaze, a triumphant little smirk dancing on her lips. Then he turns her trick around and plays her like she was trying to catch him out. Well and truly caught, Idara looks shaken for a moment at the prospect of having to make up a song on the spot. Definitely not something that's in her very specific skillset. "It goes a little like - well, like-" trying to cover up how flustered she is, she makes a bold but ultimately pathetic attempt at singing something. The words are unclear, something about a man, and the tune is oddly similar to one of the more popular songs of the moment. Her voice is…really nothing to write home about, no support and flat. She at least tries to be loud enough to be heard, but the ears are going red again.

With a dry chuckle at Idara's attempt, Eryzz sucks a breath in between his teeth dramatically and shakes his head, "Nope, sadly I do not know that one, but it almost sounds like something I do know…" He poises his guitar again, and breaks into the popular diddy that sounded an awful lot like what Idara was trying to hum. An upbeat song about a man and his poor luck, until a series of unfortunate events has him meeting the woman of his dreams and falling in love…But ends in a twist, the last line reveals, when she introduces the luckless man to her husband. After that, he decides to give his voice a rest and moves into a couple of instrumental pieces before his set ends and he takes his bow.

Crisis averted (though Eryzz's chuckle didn't help reduce the flush of embarrassment on her face), Idara listens with interest to the song the man did launch into, smiling with deep amusement at the twist at the end. Her usual gentle applause joins the sounds of the crowd's appreciation. As the harper moves into instrumental music, she takes the opportunity to finish her drink while she doesn't have to focus so hard on listening to words. By the time Eryzz is bowing, Idara's glass is empty, and after clapping for the man she catches a waiter's attention. "A drink, harper?" She calls up to Eryzz, apparently not minding that she's doing this in front of the whole Treble Clef. A sign of appreciation to a set well played, surely?

Eryzz relinquishes the stage to the next Harper as he carefully packs his guitar into its case. He's just hiking the strap over his shoulder before Idara's offer reaches his ears causing him to turn to look in the direction of the voice. Smiling at Idara, he wanders over to her table and gives a deep bow with a flourish of his hand with a mischievous glint in his slate grey eyes, "I wouldn't even dream of reneging on my offer to share a drink after you stumped me so completely." Setting the case down, he takes a seat across from the girl and orders himself a glass of juice before folding his arms on the table and leaning towards Idara, "There is no song about a red-headed man with a dozen firelizards from Fort is there?" He asks even as a dark brow hikes up a little and lips pull into a lazy smirk.

The slight smile on her lips the only show of how pleased she is that this has all worked out nicely, Idara gets her order in - a lightly flavoured water, this time - and folds her hands in her lap as she regards Eryzz. Up close, she can better appreciate his looks. A pale blonde and a dark-haired man, though with surprisingly similar eyes. The teenager's smile turns into a delicate laugh. "I'm afraid not, harper. I do apologise for catching you out like that." The laughter still in her eyes as she looks across at him implies, sorry or not, that she found the whole thing a good chuckle.

"No no, not at all. I should be flattered," Eryzz replies as he continues to lean forward over folded arms, "That you would perjure yourself in front of all these people just to be able to have a drink with me…" he trails off with another soft chuckle as one hand reaches up to push coal black hair back from in front of his face. Straightening in his seat then, he reaches out his hand in her direction and finally introduces himself, "Eryzz, Junior Journeyman Harper, at your service."

Idara doesn't answer that, merely smiles and adds a possibly unintentional, but probably totally intentional flutter of her pale eyelashes. The waiter having sorted drinks, she takes a tiny sip of her drink, setting the glass back down on the table. After a second's pause, she reaches out a hand to take Eryzz's; clearly unused to shaking hands, her grip is extremely light, her small hand cool from where it was holding her cold drink. "Idara, of Southern Barrier Hold. Well met, Junior Journyeman Eryzz." Her hand won't linger for very long before it returns to her lap, to join the other to sit primly there. "I suppose I shall have to consider how i introduce myself, now my move to Southern Weyr appears to be more permanent." She says it light-heartedly, as if making a sort of joke of it.

Eryzz dips his head quickly before Idara can pull her hand away and brushes a light kiss to the back of it, a roguish tilt to his lips as he moves to take up his drink once his hand is freed once more. "A pleasure to meet you Idara of Southern Barrier Hold. I really should get down there some time. Haven't seen snow since I left the Hall and was stationed here a couple Turns ago now." Taking a sip of his juice, he catches the girl's last with some interest, "Ah, so you've moved here…was it originally supposed to just me a trip?" he guesses from the things she's said.

Amidst the daily activity, a new face arrives in the Treble Clef, the door opening to emit a blonde, blue eyed woman. Dressed in her best, a harper blue dress that swirls around her ankles and shows just enough skin without being inappropriate, Taurie seeks to take a break from her busy day. She's been renegotiating contracts for her father's shipping business and it's been a harrowing morning. She seats herself at a table and sets her things aside before allowing her blue gaze to wander the room. A waiter catches her attention before anything else and once she's ordered, she gazes around again, sight landing on a rather familiar face. A smile perks her lips as she watches the harper introduce himself to a woman sitting next to him. Her eyebrow lifts in interest when he kisses the woman's hand. Eryzz is getting bolder. It's nice to see him outside his normal shell. If he manages to see her she'll wave, but for now she chooses not to interrupt his current interaction.

Despite her best efforts to look composed when that kiss brushes the back of her hand, the pink colour to Idara's ears gives her away. "Ah, you were Harper Hall trained? Southern Barrier is beautiful though, is it not? And so very different to here." An observation, not a slight on the Weyr and it's very different climate. One hand lifts in a flippant gesture, then reaches for her drink. "A visit to my aunt. I've been here nearly a Turn, now." The green fire-lizard on her shoulder, perched as prim and proper as any Lady Holder, turns her head to get a better look at the movement of someone sitting nearby. Bright blue eyes peer fixedly at Taurie.

"Yes, and before that I lived in a tiny little cothold no one's ever heard of not far from Southern Boll," Eryzz replies, a bit of a crooked smile when he notices the pink of her cheeks. "And I've never actually been to Southern Barrier, I was referring to the snow I saw at the Harper Hall. But I keep being told that it's a beautiful place to visit." Idara's green's movement has him following the flit's gaze until he spies Taurie all on her lonesome, returning her wave with a little waggle of his fingers in her direction and a smile on his lips. Turning back to Idara, he brightens his smile, showing a little hint of white teeth. "I know this is terribly rude, but would you mind if a friend of mine joins us?" he gestures at Taurie, "I work with her mother you see…" he says as if that's all the explanation needed.

Taurie's drink arrives sooner rather than later, so when that wobble of fingers comes, she begins gathering her things and her drink, a hand tucking her hair behind her ears. When she sweeps over, she doesn't sit, but stands, bag slung over her shoulder and drink in hand, perfectly able to skedaddle if need be. "Eryzz, nice to see you out and about and outside the archives. No doubt my mother is still there with her nose in some near ancient tome." She chuckles and takes a sip of her drink, a hand extending to Eryzz's tablemate. "Pardon my rudeness in not introducing myself first, I'm Taurie, Merchant by trade." She smiles brightly and her head cants slightly to the left as she examines Idara and her ladylike green.

"Ahh." Idara's mistake. "It is. You should certainly visit. There are a great number of wonderful sights to see." And then…Eryzz recognises the woman sat at the other table (she wasn't there before), and the teenager subtly stiffens. "Oh, how interesting. Well met, Taurie; my name is Idara, formerly of Southern Barrier Hold." The 'formerly' seems more apt, now she's considered it during this conversation. Her green doesn't so much as move, though her eyelids do blink now and then. "Oh Beauty, don't stare so," Idara tells the green. "Taurie is going to sit with us." The green lets out a muted noise, and now does move her wingtips as if resettling them ever so slightly.

"Always a pleasure Taurie. She certainly was when I left her, I was likewise taken with some old records and almost completely forgot my set here," Eryzz replies with a dry chuckle before taking another sip, "Thankfully the audience was kind enough to forgive my tardiness. Sorry you missed it. It was a good one if I do say so myself." When Idara seems to be accepting of the idea, he hooks a chair next to him with a foot and pulls it out just a little for the merchant girl, "No rudeness at all, please join us. I was just telling Idara here that I'd love to visit the Southern Barrier Hold some time, have you ever been?"

Taurie sits in the offered chair. "I'm not surprised, the Weyr would literally have to be crumbling around her ears for her to leave." is said of her mother. "And well met Idara." She sets her drink down and her rucksack next to her chair. "I was just there yesterday as a matter of fact. Father's got fingers everywhere and I've been renegotiating his contracts for next turn." She smiles. "It is beautiful there, a little too cold for my liking though."

Idara lets the two chat, eyes flicking to the stage to take in the younger harper there playing somewhat nervously on a clarinet of some sort. The talk of Southern Barrier Hold draws her back in, as Taurie makes that slight against in (in Idara's eyes, at least). "Cold weather clothing is so beautiful, though," the girl says, sounding airy rather than defensive, while still being…well, defensive of her home Hold. "Furs and lovely knitted designs. I had to leave a great many of mine at home when I moved here." A brief sigh is given, before she adds: "I was saying to Eryzz that he should visit. There are so many wonderful sights, especially in the winter."

"Oh, I don't mind the cold that much. Like Idara says, as long as you're dressed for it, it can be quite fun." Eryzz remarks, either not catching the defensiveness, or just choosing to ignore it. He tsks softly in Taurie's direction, "You amaze me sometimes Taurie with your sheet industriousness. I just hope you're finding time for yourself…cause everyone needs time to relax." He points out innocently enough, but there's a bit of a private smile for the blonde merchant. Not wishing to be rude, he turns his attention back to Idara, propping his elbow on the table top so that he can rest his chin on his knuckles, "So what's you're absolutely favorite thing to do in the cold and snow?"

Taurie looks at Idara and smiles. "No offense meant of course! I absolutely adore the winter fashions that run through the hold, in fact, we ship a good deal of fabrics there from Fort and High Reaches." Taurie chuckles. "But I was born on Ista, an island child am I." She relieves her cup of more of its burden and sets it back down again. "Which is probably why I prefer the Weyr to the hold when it comes to climate, but it's absolutely some place to visit and see the sights. I adore the hot springs there." Turning to Eryzz she continues her diatribe. "One must make progress if one is to succeed and since I've decided to make Southern my permanent base of operations, well, best to cement my contacts and place." However, politeness does take over at one point and she turns her interest back towards Idara and the query Eryzz asks of her, that private smile seen and acknowledged with a knowing twinkle of her eyes. Ha. Relax isn't particularly a part of Taurie's vocabulary.

Idara waves off Taurie's apologies with one pale white hand, though no words are spoken inr elation to that. "The hot springs are delightful," she agrres, before she considers Eryzz's question. "Well - watching my brothers play is very entertaining. Sometimes I would help them build snow Holds. That was fun until one would decide to destroy the whole thing." There's a nostalgic smile, though it doesn't last for long. One must converse with newcomers to be polite, and so Taurie gets a question. "Oh? I must have worked with some of the fabrics you ship. Are you involved with shipping any to the Weyr?" Clothes are, apparently, a strong interest of Idara's despite the lack of a weaver's knots at her shoulder.

"Hmmmmm…Hot springs you say?" Eryzz's slips a sly smile to his lips as he glances at each young woman in turn. "That alone might tempt me to plan a trip sooner than later." There's a definite sense that the Harper's cooking something up behind those slate grey eyes as his tablemates fall into talking about fabric and cloth. He does pipe up at the mention of snow holds with a wide grin, "We, when I was an apprentice that is, would build snow holds in the main courtyard and we'd have elaborate snow battles between us, and woe to the journeyman or Master who would unwittingly try to cross the battle lines. Got into sooooo much trouble for that." Her chuckles while reminiscing.

Taurie brightens even more, if possible, at the chance to talk shop, after all, it's what she's best at. "We do indeed! More so now that there's a brownrider that insists on having fabrics shipped in from some caravan in the North. And I keep getting more custom orders for Fabrics from elsewhere beyond what we ship to the Weyr. Is there something in particular that you're looking for?" And fully in Merchant mode now, Taurie is hooked. Any extra profit is a good thing and her father's books have shown a good increase in profit since Taurie started hawking custom orders beyond the Merchants they contract with in Southern. Idara's inquiry does force Taurie to look closer at the teen, trying to discern what profession or craft the girl occupies. Eryzz is given a short, contrite look. Sorry friend, she just can't help herself when it comes to business. She knows… or hopes rather, that the Harper understands. Like mother, like daughter, though Taurie's obsession definitely gets her out and about more. The Harper's tale of snow battles definitely garners a chuckle or two however.

"I'd be happy to show you the hot springs. Southern Barrier is where I grew up, after all." Totally unashamed of making such an offer in front of Taurie, idara gives a light laugh at Eryzz's story of building snow holda at the Hall. "Sounds delightful," she says, before her attention goes back to Taurie and talk of fabrics. "How interesting," is her observation of the woman and her family's interests. She isn't oblivious to the closer look the woman is giving her, but she ignores it casually, sipping her water. "I shall have to come see you ahead of summer. My summer wardrobe is much in need of expansion."

Eryzz has to chuckle as Taurie slips so easily into shop talk, his head shake dislodging his messy coiffe to fall down in front of one eye again, which he quickly tries to push back with his hand. If he catches the merchant's eye, he'll give her a warm smile, hopefully fending off any worries that she has about talking business. Reaching for his juice again, he's just started to sip when Idara makes her most generous offer, but seems to catch him off guard all the same as he sputters slightly and has to put his glass down with an embaressed grin. "Sorry 'bout that, went down the wrong way. That's a very kind offer, and I can't think of a reason why I would refuse…" He replies slowly, pondering his words even as he flicks a glance at Taurie before smiling back at Idara. "…So I's be happy to accept. What better way to see a new place than with the guidance of a native."

Taurie nods eagerly at Idara. "Please do, I'm more than happy to help. someone out in the wardrobe department." After all, one's appearance is an important thing. "Perhaps I can interest you in some of Ista and Igen's summer wear, they tote quite the interesting fashion choices." Eryzz's reaction to Idara's offer has Taurie nearly chuckling behind the rim of her glass as she drinks. There's a teasing glint to her eyes when the man accepts and she smiles when he looks her way. "What a fun sounding trip, I hope you enjoy it Eryzz, oh and do try the klah while you're there, they make some of the best." Leave it to Taurie to help. She winks and finishes off her drink, setting the empty cup aside. She stands and gives both patrons a pleasant smile. "Thank you, for inviting me over, but I was just stopping in for a drink. Now I need to be off, I have a meeting with a cantankerous old vendor on the boardwalk and I'd rather not give him a reason to gripe by being tardy." She collects her rucksack and pushes the chair in. "It was nice meeting you Idara. See you later Eryzz." And with that, Taurie flits off, blonde hair swinging behind her.

There's a flutter of surprise that anyone would consider turning down Idara's so very gracious offer to show someone around her Hold. She covers it with a smile that verges on the sickly sweet. "We do," she confirms Taurie's comment about the klah. "As well as the hot springs, I can show you some of the interesting formations there. In the winter, the way the ice forms is fascinating." How very…exciting. Oh, but Taurie's leaving! Leaving Idara alone with Eryzz. Oh noooo. "Nice to meet you too, Taurie," the holder girl gets in before the merchant heads out, Idara's blue-grey eyes lingering on her a little longer than necessary. But back to Eryzz! "Spring might be better weather - unless you're very used to the extreme cold? It does get very cold in winter, you see."

Raising his glass to Taurie in farewell, Eryzz chuckles in her direction with a bit of shake of his head, "Always a pleasure bumping into you Taurie, I'm sure we'll do so again soon." Turning back, he returns Idara's sickly sweet smile with a crooked grin of his own as he leans forward on the table, folding arms over each other, "Ice formations do sound facinating, I'm sure it will be a trip to remember. Just tell me when and I will be there. I can stand some cold alright so don't worry about me," He says with a dismissive wave of his hand before downing the last of his drink. "You can find me most days in the Archive Library, but you can send your little green Beauty after me as well." The Harper thinks he remembers that's what the girl called him. His attention is drawn back to the stage where that poor clarinet playing apprentice is doing their best, but is obviously struggling. "If you'll excuse me Idara, I simply can't let such abuse for a good composition go. But it was a pleasure to meet you," he offers a shallow bow after he gets to his feet and grabs his guitar. Heading to the stage, he hops up alongside the other Harper and joins in with his guitar, a gesture which the apprentice thanks him for with a nod.

"I will," Idara promises, and a hand goes up to touch Beauty lightly. The green responds by rubbing her head against her human's palm, eyes glittering in the light of the glows scattered about the place. "I look forward to it." She watches him bow and join the other harper. By the time their set is finished, however, she's gone, to whatever business it is that she actually does around the Weyr. Or maybe just to go find somewhere else to haunt, who knows.

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