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Amania is having a somewhat gloomy morning accompanied by a broom when an unexpected visitor comes along to brighten her day.


It is morning of the 8th day of the 1st month of the 12th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Hatching Cavern Entrance, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 22 Sep 2017 06:00


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"It'll be latrines again at most, I'm sure."


Hatching Caverns Entrance

A grand and storied entrance into a place where dreams and dragonets roam: it is western-facing, this greatest-entrance, and not heat nor rain nor ferocious wind can disguise the truth of the hatching grounds beyond. Adventuresome merchants occasionally take root in the sheltering stone-roof of the otherwise open-air entrance, selling klah or stuffed meatrolls or even jewelry and tiny knick-knacks frequently draconic in nature.

Reveka has been summoned by Amania via the RP Invite command!
Reveka had not been epecting quite the amount of humidity that hit her when her dragon transport blinked into Southern's skies, almost immediately her silky, wavy tresses had become frizzy and unmanageable. And it'd bee early still! Near dawn even. It is both harder and easier to breathe in this climate, but she feels as if she walks through thick fog, a constant slick of moisture beading on her skin. It's a good thing she'd worn such light clothing, she'd been warned of the heat here. Giddy with the idea of her surprise, Reveka had run around asking after Amania. Some doe-eyed, dreamy drudge finally informs her that Amania had been spotted near the hatching cavern. ANd it had taken Reveka three attempts to find her way here, but here she finally is, bright brown eyes searching the area for a familiar face, somehow she thinks Amania might appreciate seeing a a face from home.

Amania has been up for a short time now, sore from morning PT that she'd pushed herself through with uncommonly intense focus but well-fed and watered in its wake, at least. Now she has a broom in hand, a plain grey skirt and rough shoes worn along with a white tank top and a runner-tail. Unglamorous work, this, but such is the life of a Candidate. Though she generally remains neutral about the chores she's given, save for work on the garden terrace (which she enjoys) or the latrines (which she hates), this morning she seems troubled. Her eyes are a bit red, as though she might not have gotten much sleep, and indeed there is an air of weariness about her. Her expression is pensive, dark brows drawn together slightly. The hiss of stiff bristles against the stone is deliberate, almost methodical. If ever anything felt like busy work, it's this particular chore on this particular morning. With people coming and going from the hatching cavern, she isn't really paying attention to faces…except she happens to look up at just the right moment to spy a colorfully-dressed girl looking around the place. A girl with a familiar face. Once that face processes, Amania brightens as though a cloud has passed from before the sun. "Reveka?" She leans her broom against the wall and sprints to embrace her friend, flushing because it's not something she's used to doing. Apparently, she has far fewer compunctions about it now than she used to! "What are you doing here?"

Reveka doesn't manage to spot Amania until her friend calls out her name and sprints up to her. Reveka is a hugger, but she is not expecting such an exuberant greeting from her friend and has to re-balance herself while hugging Amania back, a wide smile on her face. "I figured you could use a little piece of home in your day! And I missed You!." Reveka kisses Amania on the cheek in greeting and backs up a bit. "Well, let me have a look at you! Are they treating you fairly? Or you getting enough to eat? Sleep? Any cute boys? Oh please do tell, I have a seven before I'm being called back and I intend to hear and do everything." Reveka has never been on a vacation by herself and since her rider escort is not required to shadow her, even better.

Amania flushes enough for the tips of her ears to turn red with the kiss to her cheek, but she grins in return to her friend. "Well…your timing couldn't be better, I'll tell you," she informs Reveka, her expression wavering slightly before the brightness returns. "I've missed you, too! But you knew that." She glances around a moment and then, content that she's not going to get into immediate trouble for a little bit of shirking, gestures for Reveka to follow her over to a little outcrop to the right of the entrance with enough space for them to sit. "They're treating me like a Candidate," she says, "which means I do whatever's asked of me. But it's all been pretty fair so far. Except for having to clean latrines over one person's screw-up. Sleeping is alright, mostly. It's too hot for it some nights, though." For restful sleep, at least. "The food here is great, actually, though not like the cooking at camp. And boys…" She pauses to consider, the fact that she even has an opinion she's willing to voice now something rather different for her. "A few are nice to look at. But it's not something to focus on. Especially after too much of exactly that got Xanthee sent home." She moves on quickly from the matter, though, and smiles at her friend once more. "You'll want to go to the boardwalk as soon as you can, I think. You'll love the shops there. And the ones up past the garden terrace," she says, gesturing toward the Weyr entrance.

Reveka beams at Amania as they talk, listening ears taking in all the candidate has to say. She wrinkles her fine nose at the mention of cleaning latrines. "That sounds awful… " She says of cleaning them out. Amania's comments on her are met with an avid nod of her head. "I swear it took me almost a candlemark post flight to relearn how to breathe. The air seems heavier here…" Reveka squeals a little excitedly. "I'd never been a'dragon back before…. it was terrifyingly amazing." After she'd figured out she wasn't going to go plummeting to the ground that is. Reveka smiles knowingly at mention of boys and shakes her head. "Such temptations they are. Xanthee got sent home? I haven't seen her about… " Reveka looks shocked at that particular bit of news. "Well… perhaps it just wasn't her time to be here. " Because obviously the dragons sensed something in the girl, but seems it wasn't in the cards for the tea maker. "Oh yes!!! I do want to shop while I'm here. Do you think they'd let you off your chores to show a tourist around? I've never been here and there's soo much to see that I have no clue where to start, except with you." Reveka has been missing her friend dearly it seems.

"Going ::between:: terrified me, that night M'noq brought me here," Amania confesses with a tiny, involuntary shudder. "It still scares me, but at least I know what to expect now." Over the matter of Xanthee, Amania gives a heavy sigh, shaking her head. "It just happened last night. You probably wouldn't have caught her, especially if she just…went back to the terraces or something. I tried to tell her to go to the Zingari if she needed to. I don't know if she heard me." Or perhaps she just went right back to her job at the Tea Room. At Reveka's last, Amania takes another speculative look around, this way and that, eying her broom once more. "I doubt I'll be missed; I can't keep this entryway any cleaner," she grumbles, getting up and taking the broom from its lean against the wall to hide around the corner. "And if I am, I'll just say I was asked to escort a visitor. It'll be latrines again at most, I'm sure."

Reveka beams. "Perfect! Now I can steal you for awhile with none the wiser, and if need be I'll act the perfect tourist, since I am one." The subject of Xanthee is dropped, as there's nothing more really to say, except to reiterate that the girl could sell the Zingari out. "Now, you mentioned food and shopping. can we do both?" Of course the brightly colored Zingari girl would go to the shopping first. Spending marks. It's in her nature.

Amania looks around again, still obviously a little bit wary of this decision. Still she gets up and brushes off her skirt, frowning slightly at how drab she looks at the moment. She'd been with the Zingari long enough to have acquired a small sense of style, after all, and chores don't allow much room for concern with that. In the end, she decides her clothes don't really matter right now; she's still a Candidate, and she could've been legitimately called away for something similar, after all! "Um…well, there's both to be found on the boardwalk," she replies and beckons Reveka to follow. "Come on! There are a few different ways to get out there."


Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Reveka follws Amania excitedly, not commenting on or even really caring about Amania's state of dress. She is just glad to be on another adventure of sorts. And the idea of being near the ocean is appealing too, she's never seen warm ocean before. And so, she is in a tither the whole trip out.

The trek to the boardwalk is a familiar one for Amania by this point, and she rather likes being the one to show it all to someone who hasn't seen it before. Soon enough, the Sea of Azov glitters in the morning sun up ahead, and the faint scents of morning snacks being baked and cooked at various points along the strand mingled with the subtle tang of salty air waft up to greet them as they get closer. She glances over to observe what Reveka makes of the sights and smells. "Have you never seen the ocean either?" she asks her friend, one dark brow arching curiously. "You were born to the caravan; did they never travel along the coast?"

Reveka shakes her head. "Not truly no. I have seen the sea from Keroon, but never been so close as this. Mother never let us get too close to the water, afraid of us drowning or something." Not to mention this is Reveka's first trip anywhere without her family. Reveka soaks in the sights and scents, excitement flowing like a river from the girl. "Where to start? Perhaps something to drink? I'll buy!" And she knows Amania isn't allowed spirits, so no worries there.

"Alright," Amania agrees with a smirk, peering along the stretch of the boardwalk and spying a merchant who sells juice and ices. A hand lifts toward him before she proceeds to lead Reveka that way, a thoughtful hum sounding in her throat. "It's still hard to swim in it," she says of the ocean, "but at least I'm not as afraid to go out in the water anymore." As they go along, she points out various stalls and what's offered, just so her friend has a point of reference. "If you're staying the seven," she notes, "you may just be here for the Hatching. That makes it easy!" A sidelong glance is given along with a little smile. "How are things with Bonifas?"

Reveka gladly purchases two drinks and pays avid attention to Amania's introductions to the boardwalk shops. "I can swim…. but I've heard the ocean can pull you under. " And that's the part that frightens Reveka, even though she want to admire the sea and it's beauty. "I'm here for a few days, I don't know of about the whole seven. I think mama would have an apoplexy if I were gone that long." She'd barely got permission to come in the first place. Mention of Bonifas has the girl blushing a bit. "Things are going well. Very slow, but well." It's quite obvious the Zingari girl is OK with things being slow, and that she really likes the boy in question. It's writ all over her face. It's a good thing Rev's not a spy!

Amania takes a sip of cold juice, realizes she's much more thirsty than she originally thought, and takes two more long pulls for good measure. "It can," she says of the ocean, "but Nox, the Istan boy who's been helping me, said you just have to swim across it until the current lets you go, not into it. Then you can get back to shore. I still don't want to find out how that goes, though." Seeing Reveka blush has the Zingari Candidate grinning. "Slow is good," she says. "And he'd better sharding treat you well, though I don't think he's the sort to do otherwise. Make sure it's not just about how he looks." She's aware she sounds fussy, but at least she knows where it comes from. Her slight frown betrays thoughts of breaking the nose of a certain brownrider who didn't treat her erstwhile bunkmate well.

Reveka shakes her head with a smile. "He treats me well and we have fun together." And as the dates have been more adventure based than anything else, it'd been a fun ride so far. "We don't see each other a whole lot, his schedule keeps him busy and so does mine." Reveka giggles at the mention of looks. "Oh no…. I like him for much more than his looks. But he's not too bad to gaze at either… " Not too bad, try quite pleasing.

"Well, I'm glad," Amania says with a nod. "Maybe you two can give Xan a good example of how things ought to go…" She gives another little shake of her head and a sigh to lay the subject aside once more. "Look; there's the place that sells jewelry made of shell. The lady who makes them is from the jungles - a wildling, but she doesn't mind the Weyr so much." And with that, Amania pulls Reveka that way to go make an introduction. Will she end up caught at some point? There's a fair chance of it. But to her mind, getting to go off with her friend for even just a little bit is worth the inevitable latrine duty. She'd needed a bright spot in her day, and after the departure of one friend, the arrival of another is just what she needed!

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