Vosji, Xanthee


Vosji catches Xanthee unawares with a special knot and a new role for the young greenrider and her lifemate.


It is midmorning of the sixteenth day of the seventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


North Bowl, Igen Weyr

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"You've been very good in leadership classes; do you think you're ready, as a pair, to lead?"


North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

It is the seventy-sixth day of Summer and 107 degrees. The day dawns bright and clear. Everything is coated in sand, but no clouds linger on the horizon.

Teaching political classes, whether in big class-lecture-style or in small groups — which is where the now Senior Weyrlings are — is not Vosji's preferred way to spend her time, but thankfully both Miel and B'ram are more interested in those things. So they've been teaching today's theory classes while Vosji oversees some weyrlings doing independent formation practice, wing stretches and flying out in the bowl. Iskanzivoth is up in the air guiding a couple of browns to show them how they sit in a specific position, if, say, he were one of the wing's seconds and they were dragons in that wing. The browns' riders aren't actually on their dragons, but watching from the ground — that's fine with Vosji, it's open practice time, not a lesson, but she is curiously watching the riders watching the dragons. How good does the dragon-body-only learning method really work? It does at least appear that those dragons are having fun.

On the ground, Xanthee is watching intently as her green practices her flying after some thorough wing stretches. The way the larger green glides through the air never ceases to amaze her, already she's bigger than some of the smallest adult greens and she shows no signs of stopping either. Shielding her eyes with her hand against the glare of the sun, her emerald eyes sharply follow her every move, mentally relaying adjustments or suggestions of exercises, to which Liowyth readily responds with her actions. With her rider's urging, Liowyth finds an empty bit of air and practices some more tricky maneuvers, turning on her tail, diving and then immediately moving into a climb, and even some barrel rolls from all imaginable angles. There's a silent look of pride in Xanthee's face even as she very slightly pumps her fist as her side when Liowyth manages everything almost flawlessly. Remember, your wings are extra big, so you wanna really make sure their tucked when you roll so you don't go spinning in some unexpected direction.

Some of her green sisters may still merit impressive sizes due to their lineage, but there's certainly no arguing with the idea that Liowyth is huge. And to think, at one point, people thought Iskanzivoth was pretty large for a mid-range dragon! Vosji's attention does drift across the different weyrlings, and when her glance alights on Xanthee she moves over in that direction, looking curious and saying calmly, "Those are some nice turns she's got there. A bigger green like that, you'll be eligible for one of the higher wings if you'd want it — have any thoughts, yet, on after weyrlinghood? Besides I think you've got a weyrmate-to-be to go back to?" That smile is friendly and a little bit amused all at once; no, she is not mocking you; yes, she appreciates that this thing she has learned about was NOT an issue that clouded Xanthee's training at all; yes, she assumes this is an inevitable weyrmating based on what she got out of presumably Nasrin.

Xanthee chuckles as she turns to the approaching Weyrlingmaster, and shoots off a crisp salute in the bluerider's direction. "It still amazes me that she can be so nimble yet she's no dainty green." The pride in her voice for her lifemate is evident as her eyes raises once more to observe Liowyth who has moved onto to some lazy circuits over the bowl. The greenling has to take a minute to consider Vosji's question about after weyrlinghood, a light blush coming to her cheeks as she mentions one inevitability. "I do, we've umm…just reconnected since we moved into our weyr, it's been letters only from Candidacy until recently, but we survived it, and made it out stronger than ever." She won't dwell on that though, because the question of wing possibilities does have her pondering. "A higher wing could be fun. I was thinking…maybe Parhelion, because I know they help with the guards in the bazaar, and I've trained in self defence and some weapons with Kyara before I was Searched this last time." There's also the added bonus that it's led by a female greenrider, but Xan keeps that little tidbit to herself.

The young greenrider's salute is echoed, dismissed in kind, and Vosji rolls her shoulders back to settle into standing in one place for a bit rather than weaving around the group. "You were responsible, which is all that matters as far as that's concerned," says the Weyrlingmaster with a reputation for not being soft on flirtation. It's not that she's anti-romance, though it would be easy to believe it! "I am sure you'd be a good fit for Parhelion, as far as I can tell. What Eala thinks is another matter entirely, but you will find out soon, and you're allowed to discuss these things with the wingleaders should you se them. They'll all be about, observing and planning, and we do have meetings about placement so I always like to probe for what you're thinking." Collectively and individually. "Does Liowyth have thoughts on wings, or on what she'd like to do after training? Leadership aspirations, interest in creating ledge sculpture, wing preferences?"

Straightening a little bit at Vosji's comment on being responsible, Xanthee chuckles softly and bobs her head, "That was the plan all along. Nothing was going to distract me from this, candidacy and then weyrlinghood, he knew that going into the relationship." She nods her understanding as the older woman goes on, considering her words with a soft hum. "I'd already planned on talking to her if I catch her around and she's not too busy." When asked about Liowyth's thoughts on the matter, she grows thoughtful as she lifts her eyes again to spy the speck that is Lio high above the bowl. "She has a bit of a natural leadership streak I've seen develop, she wants to help whoever and however she can. She's always been interested in our extra lessons about formations and things. As for wing preference, she hasn't mentioned one, but I know there's a part of her that would love to do what the bigger colors do, fly in the high wings. She has this thing about being just as capable as anyone else, maybe even more so." Xan chuckles softly at that with a shake of her head.

"Well." Whatever Vosji wanted to hear, or whatever she was looking for, she seems to have found it — her expression satisfied, she gives a single nod. "That's good, if you're able to catch Eala. And it's good for Liowyth to have that confidence, though don't forget to remind her that being small also has its advantages — she can do a lot more fancy flying than, say, a bronze, even if they can last longer in a Fall than she can. But," because that's not what Vosji came here to talk about today! No, she's reaching into her bag, glancing at it briefly as if trying to locate whatever her hand falls on but isn't yet revealed, "You've been very good in leadership classes; do you think you're ready, as a pair, to lead?"

Xanthee's eyes observe the slip of the Weyrlingmaster's hand into her bag with curiosity, one raven brow lifting in speculation but reamining quiet for the moment, nodding in acknowledgement to all the bluerider says. "Oh I know, she has her own strengths that are uniquely hers," Xanthee replies with a swell of pride in her chest until she's momentarily deflated when Vosji gets to her last question. "Are we ready to…lead?" Xan echoes, blinking slightly in surprise before she clears her throat and composes herself after a moment. "Is anyone really ready for that? But I suppose, I'm well prepared, we both are, with the knowledge we've gained from those classes, the rest I have a feeling is learned by experience." She hesitates a little as she looks at the older woman, wondering if her answer was the right one.

The smile on Vosji's face is not thinning, nor is it becoming more contemplative; if anything it's becomign a little more wicked before she says, "It is true in some ways that no one is really ready until they've already done it," she says easily, as if conveying grand sage knowledge but not about anything particularly important, "Yet everyone has to start somewhere, and Xanthee and Liowyth, I think it's time you began with this wing. You'll continue to report to Iskanzivoth and myself, of course, but while we may be ahead of you, Threadfall decisions will go to you first and the rest of the clutch will look to you for decisons before they come to us. It will be on you to guide them, to lead them — though we're here to help you every step of the way, yet we will be waiting for you to request it unless it seems you're trapped in a dangeros situation. Which." She pauses, pulls the Wingleader's knotfrom her bag, dangles it toward Xanthee. "I do not expect you will end up in. Your long candidacy experience and focused drive have brought you this far and I can't see it doing you wrong. You need not be involved in disciplinning your wingriders, though you may come to me if you have input, and you will not be able to select your own seconds — my assistants do this as I choose the Wingleader. Do you accept?" Does she have a choice? Do people say no?

Try as she might, Xanthee can't help the brightness that overcomes emerald eyes, glistening with emotion as Vosji finally reveals what all this has been about. "Us? You want us to lead the Weyrling Wing?" She's pretty sure that's what the Weyrlingmaster said, but for a split second she doesn't quite believe it. "I…er…Wow," the greenling stammers as she looks to the sky and spies Liowyth descending, having been listening in on the conversation from afar. « C'mon dearest, don't leave the Weyrlingmaster hanging. Accept already! » she relays before landing delicately nearby and nearly bouncing towards her rider with barely contained glee of her own. That sets Xanthee to chuckling, snapped out of her stammering as she nods enthusiastically to the bluerider, "Yes ma'am. It's my absolute honor to accept," she says with some tightness in her voice, but she's keeping it together, barely. She takes the proffered knot almost reverently, before snapping off another crisp salute, "I'll do my best not to let you or them down Ma'am." Them being her fellow weyrlings who she has just found herself partly responsible for, a frightening but exciting thought.

"If they think you are," Vosji looks a little — not guilty, so much as matter of fact, but there is something in her tone that carries 'sorry to have to tell you this' as its mood, "They won't hesitate to let you know. Remember that it is a learning experience for everyone, and so criticism from your wing is a good thing." In other words: yeah, that's definitely what she said and now with Xanthee holding the knot, it Is So. Vosji delivers another salute back, and then with a more gentle smile: "Wingleader," everyone needs to call you that, now, Xanthee, except people who are not weyrlings, "If you don't need anything else right now I need to take the blues on betweening practice. But you know where to find me." And if she does need anything else, Vosji isn't just leaving. Just in case.

"Understood Ma'am. Completely," Xanthee confirms with gusto, maybe a tad too much as she tries to rein in the smile that's nearly stretched ear to ear for something more restrained, but it's a losing battle. She can feel the swell of pride in her chest even as her eyes still swim with happy tears. She nods along with Vosji's last, making her understanding known even as her fingers fiddle and play with the knot in her hand, resisting the urge to put it on then and there. "Got it Weyrlingmaster. I think I'm ok for now. But thank you again. For your trust in me. It makes the long road I walked to get here so worth it." Her voice chokes up on the last words as she wipes at her eyes with a fingertip. "You go ahead. I know where to find you if I have questions." Of which there will surely be many once Xan gets over the shock of all this. "Clear Skies Ma'am."

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