A'sh, Finn, Majel, Roslin, Teivos


A summer morning at the lake shore hosts a fishing lesson, bathing weyrlings and weyrfolk who aim to relax.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It couldn't be a more beautiful day. Summer? It's early yet, the heat'll come, but for now. Simply gorgeous. Dragons sport in the water. Folk exercise and take their leisure on the shore. The last Threadfall had been light and around the Weyr and the Bazaar spirits were good. Well, Finn's spirits were good, but when weren't they? Finn tramps out onto the pier laden with fishing tackle, sandals flip-flap flopping on his feet, long shorts and a shirt hanging open to feel the wind on his skin. He stops at the end of the pier, grinning out at the sparkling water. He closes his eyes and fills his lungs with clean summer air. It's Igen, so, there's dust in it. His throat hitches and he he coughs, wheezing, "Ah, Igen!" he exclaims arms thrown wide, head back. The tackle he's carrying sweeps up. Watch out there, pier goers!

Roslin's only a few moments behind Finn, except she doesn't seem to be in such a good mood as he does. That's not to say that she's in a bad mood, but nothing in particular has happened yet for her to actually have reason for a good mood. She's certainly open to the idea, though. An eyebrow ticks up as she watches his pier antics, a little smirk tugging at her lips as head shakes gently back and forth. Finally, when Roz reaches him, a hand claps him on his back before she stands next to him, hands shoved into her pants pockets as she looks out at the water. "Does it ever exhaust you being so happy-go-lucky?" she muses, attempting a straight face but failing as a grin twitches the corners of her lips upward.

After their morning lessons have concluded, some of the weyrlings and their baby dragons have elected to make their way to the lake for their first bath of the day. They're still chatting amongst themselves, comparing notes on sewing leather and eager to barter skills in expertise for a little assistance in strength, where required. Majel pauses on the edge of the shore to delace her boots and sensibly roll up the legs of her uniform trousers before wading into the water some ten feet from the pier with bristled brush and soapsand pouch in hand, her free arm rising to shield her eyes as Dyxath splashes awkwardly behind in her wake. "Gently, " she cautions aloud.

Tokath, for his part, simply assumes that the pier is the way to go, with the young blue beginning the trek out onto the stony expanse. "Tokath!" Ah yes, of the weyrlings heading to the water, A'sh hurries himself after his wayward lifemate, gently rerouting him back toward the shore. "That's hardly the place for you, down here.. The /water/." Boots? Those get wet as the weyrling sloshes about, but he at least makes sure Tokath will /stay/ in the shallow water. Then he trudges back out again, tugging the wet things off his feet. Kerplop.

Teivos is not exactly dressed for breezy time fun in the slightest, wearing, well, what he typically wears when he has to spend the day running around distributing messages to people who are typically more annoyed than grateful. The fact that he's walking instead of racing along suggests he's not on his way to haphazardly chuck a note to someone - plus the fact that nobody likely lives out here, anyway. Rather than attempt to stroll along the beach and look casual, he makes his way along the pier, quick only to get off the sand. Not terribly friendly in outward disposition, he at first skirts the others making their way in order to find a spot near the end so he can sit down and start unstrapping his sandals. From the looks of it, some rock or other abrasive substance has gotten into them, as his feet look a little bit chewed up, pretty well explaining why he's planning on putting them in the water in the first place.

Finn drops his arms and turns to beam at Roslin. He gives his head a single shake, eyes twinkling, "Nope." Setting the tackle down carefully, he drops into an easy crouch, "You ready to catch fish on hooks you made." He pokes at her knee with a finger, proud, a bit. Finn's eyes go wide and the poke turns into an urgent patpatPATPATPAT! "Look! Look!" he stills, leaning around Roslin in his crouch to look at the cluster of weyrlings and their young dragonets. The two blues nearest are picked out. "Look at 'em." He pivots in his crouch to face Roslin, "You think they'd like some fish?" And with that, he shifts, plunking cross-legged on the pier to rummage through tackleboxes. Teivos' arrival gets a grin and the young man scoots over by way of invitation and granting space. The chewed up feet get a curious brow furrow and then he's back to work! "Roz, hand me the bait bucket, eh?"

"I'm ready. Just pass the message onto the fish, huh?" Since fish don't seem to want to be caught most of the time. "Otherwise, my hooks will just look good hanging out in the water." Which isn't nearly as satisfying. Roslin's eyes go wide at the patting, and when she turns to look at what Finn is so excited about, she rolls her eyes, pushing his hands away from her. "Chill out. S'just weyrlings. You act as if they are purple or something," so says the daughter of a goldrider, very obviously not twitterpated over dragons. The bait bucket is passed over to the trader, and then Roz is sitting herself down next to him on the pier, eyes glued, as always, on what he's doing. Everyone else, unfortunately, gets ignored in order to pay attention to her teacher.

Dyxath takes a small step toward the pier while Majel gets their bathing implements situated, wedged head tilting upward for a better look at the people standing on it. He's curious, this midnight blue, but obligingly stills so that his weyrling can begin lathering his hide. The height disparity between them is steadily shrinking, as it is with all of the newest pairs; there's less squatting involved and more ground to cover as the sevens pass. "Later, " Majel tells him firmly while scrubbing gently along his shoulders, eliciting a small rumble. Casual though his posture may be, there can be little doubt that his attention remains trained on the other people nearby: they're interesting to observe, after all, the excited young fellow, his focused pupil and the owner of those wriggling toes up there.

There's people looking. A'sh straightens back up again after he gets his boots off, the soggy ends of his pants left to hang in the water. They can't get any wetter, after all. He lifts a hand though in a wave for those on the pier, while ushering Tokath just a bit deeper. "I'm not going to make you swim." At least the reluctant blue seems pacified by that, tilting his head up to ignore the sudden scrubbings to watch the people as well. They're doing stuff up there!

Teivos has his sandals off, his pants rolled up, and his feet in the water. He is officially done with everything he was planning on doing so far. This leaves him free to look curiously around at the others, specifically the two nearest to him. He rests his hands on the edge of the pier, holding onto it lightly and letting his feet sway back and forth a little bit. He's about to ask about fishing when the excitement over the weyrlings takes place and he glances in that direction, though his reaction is more on par with Roslin's than Finn's. Finally, he asks, voice warm if not particularly loud, "Are you fishing for the first time, or… just… for them?" He nudges his shoulder towards the dragonets to punctuate the question.

Finn laughs, a throaty chuckle, taking a seat so his feet can swing freely off the edge. "A message." He pantomimes writing really tiny, "Dear fishies, please bite Roslin's pretty hooks so we can feed you to dragons. Love always, Finn." He bumps her shoulder with his and mimes rolling it up. "Now, all we need is a messenger, cuz, uh, I don't swim so good." Eyes track over to the weyrlings as he works. "Well, lah-dee-dah, Miss I-grew-up-with-dragons," he cuts an amused look sideways at the girl while he works. Pointing with a baited hook, the VTOL wriggling pathetically, "That one's so dark he's almost purple." Dyxath. So there. Oh. They're… all looking this way. Fishing for the first time, "Roz, is. She made these," he thrusts the squirming hooks at Teivos, "The hooks, not the critters," explained rather unnecessarily. "Uh. I'd like to feed 'em." Finn raises a hand, the baited hooks held aloft and waggled, spare fingers fanned in a wave. He calls out, voice raised to cover the distance, "Hey, if we catch anything… can they eat it?"

"If the fish don't listen to that message, then they are jerks and we don't want them anyway!" Roslin declares, through laughter at Finn's message writing, before attention goes to Teivos. "If it was up to him," a thumb goes to Finn, "we would be fishing for them. Acts like the damn things make the…well, he…." Unable to come up with a comparison, Roz finally just shakes her head, "He's obsessed with them, let's put it that way." A hand playfully smacks the trader, but the girl's face is rather serious. "You can give your fish to them. If I catch anything, I'm keeping them for myself. To show people." Hard to tell if that's a joke or if she actually is serious. "But seriously," so it was a joke, "Finn, they are much better fishermen than we are. If they wanted fish, they could get a fish much faster than we could." Determined, she is, to break him of his unhealthy obsession.

There's a raised eyebrow and a swift, assessing glance in the direction of Finn's query, even as Majel takes a step back so that Dyxath can carefully unfold his wings, all blue-black against the lake. "He's already eaten, " the woman says matter-of-factly as they wade a bit closer to reply. Bubble-burster extraordinaire. "I don't think he'd be against trying a bite, though no more than one. Wings up, Dyx." And she promptly ducks under the one on his right to clean joints and spars alike, emerging after a few minutes to repeat the process on his other side. "She has a point, " for Roslin's sensibility, accompanied by a slight smile.

A'sh pauses in his scrubbings, looking over at Majel with a brief smile. "Depending on the size, a single bite is a whole fish!" Tokath at least seems pleased by the idea, shifting about in the water until he moves away from his weyrling. "Tokath!" A'sh sighs, slogging after the blue in an attempt to continue washing the dragon's flank. Tokath, on the other hand, seems far more interested in what's on the pier, forepaws settling against it in an attempt to get his view just a little bit higher. A'sh's hands settle on his hips, giving up for the time being in favor of peering up at the pier-goers as well. "I hardly think Tokath is coordinated enough for fishing just yet, but I can't say that I mind the help at all. Just..yes. Not a lot, I think."

Teivos blinks at the false message writing, smirking slightly only to shake his head and comment lightly, "I'm a messenger, but I think I'd need some serious recompensation if I'm making an aquatic delivery." He pulls his feet out of the water as the one dragonet gets closer, resting his heels on the edge of the pier. He rubs his feet gently with those long fingers of his, cleaning off some of the dirt and trying to get them to look less like he's been shuffling through sand for no reason. He looks from the weyrlings to the pair on the pier before he amusedly murmurs, "She has a point. They get free food all the time, anyway. Bit of a waste to give them your fish."

"Excellent. I, uh, I can pay in fish AFTER you deliver," he winks at the messenger. Finn nods hearty agreement to Roslin's sentiment. "Like the damn things what? Make the world go 'round?" He points upwards at the sky. You know. Where THREAD comes from. "Maybe ya noticed. They do." He shrugs at the mention of obsession, "What's not to love. The fight and fly and…" he looks between Roslin and Teivos, bemused, "It's a wonder is all." He gestures out at the lake, up at the sun, a deep breath (wheeze) of the clear-ish air, "All of this. Come on! What's not to enjoy!?" Finn smiles down at the deep, midnight blue dragonet, nodding at Majel's matter-of-fact-ness. "Yes, ma'am." Eyes widen at Tokath's clambering and close regard, he smiles, "Come on, Roslin. Lookit that?" Clear blue eyes dance along the dragonet, dopey grin. "He's gorgeous." Mock-scowling at the two weyr-raised party-poopers on the pier with him, "Them fishing for themselves versus us," he looks at Roslin and rolls his eyes, "Fine, me making a gift is not the same and you know it." He tips a look Careful not to snag the curious dragonet (or any of the humans), Finn casts one, two times and hands the rod to Roslin. And again for himself. "All right. Now we wait." This. This is the good part. "Finn, of the Reika," steadying the pole with one hand, Finn leans over to offer a handclasp to the messenger.

Roslin has a very smug and satisfied look directed at Finn of 'I told you so' when she has others agree with her statement, and she barely, just barely, resists the urge to fist pump in victory. The trader's gushing and staring gets ignored with a droll look, not even willing to play along. She's a party pooper like that. But she accepts the rod into her hands, very carefully holding it, as if scared of frightening the fish away with any sudden movements. "You sure you'd rather do this? Surely one of them needs help," she comments, chinnodding towards the weyrlings. If he can bait the fish, Roslin can bait Finn, too. And as he remembers his manners to introduce himself, she does the same. "Roslin." Of the people. But she doesn't say that, since she's teased Finn enough for one day. Or for now.

"One bite, one fish, " and Majel waves a hand at A'sh. "You can't tell me you haven't ever told someone, 'I'm grabbing a bite' to indicate you were getting a whole snack instead of just a single nibble." Her lips purse at Finn's address. "Majel, " she corrects evenly. "And this is Dyxath." Gentle exfoliation concluded, she sloshes her way out of the water as the blue wades in farther to rinse off, crouching down to all but submerge himself before slowly making his way back toward the shore. Reluctant to relinquish his time in the lake, he nevertheless emerges to shuffle awkwardly toward the pier, careful to hold his wings out of the way as he settles just next to the beginning of the walkway. He gets to dry off and people-watch simultaneously, this way.

A'sh tilts his head just a bit, clearing his throat. "I..see your point." Still, he does eventually nudge Tokath down again with a soft reprimand about climbing things. "Oh! Terribly sorry. A'sh, with Tokath here." That's his name. The blue perks up a little bit, giving a high warbling note before he settles back down again in the shallow water. "I think they're pretty amazing myself, actually..I doubt there's much wrong with thinking so." Hey, the former healer certainly didn't grow up around dragons either, after all. There's a light pat to Tokath's flank however, and the blue follows along as they both wade out of the water again.

"I'm not saying they're not impressive. I'm just saying you probably don't need to feed them yourself," Teivos hazards thoughtfully, looking down at the dark blue dragonet and then to the weyrling next to him. He switches his fingers to his other foot, inspecting it for any actual cuts in case he needs to deal with them. In the midst of Finn's conversation regarding the dragons and fishing, Teivos looks momentarily amused by the satisfaction he seems to have over just putting the line in the water. He reaches over to accept the hand offered him, nodding slightly, "Teivos, of, uh, me." He gives a little bit of a wave to Roslin to include her in that introduction, then shifts to start peeling out of his layers of clothing, at least enough he can do his proper duty as aquatic messenger. With Majel and A'sh introducing themselves as well, it makes sense for him to send them both nods, even if he technically wasn't who they were talking to, "I doubt you'll catch much fish right now, anyway. The people alone would probably cause problems, much less the dragons."

"Majel," he grins at the dragon, "Dyxath. Tokath. A'sh. Teivos." Lots of names! Ah, man, Roslin, you gotta bring more than 'I told you so' to the party to derail the locomotive of Finn's Good Cheer (tm). He sticks his tongue out at Roslin. On the sly. It's undignified. Even for someone as questionably dignified as Finn. "Pull on the line ever so often to get the bait to wiggle. The fish like that." He winces, "But Teivos is right, whatever lives in this lake is probably WAY out there." He points with his chin out over the water. FINALLY. Someone who agrees. Finn gives A'sh The Nod. He takes another deep breath, this one less troubled by particulate, and smiles at the folks all around. "This really is the fun part," he waves a forestalling hand, "Sure, sure, catching fish is fun, but you can't count on it. "This," he waves around at the little knot of people and dragons, "This you can." With that he turns his attention to the water, smiling happily as the folk visit and chatter and work and tend all around.

"Oh. Joy," Roslin drolly and sarcastically murmurs, eyes rolling in response to the trader's words, and when they finally come back to face forward, dark eyes land on Teivos as the girl dips her own bare feet down into the water finally. "Don't even understand why I'm holding onto this damn thing, then." And already the allure of fishing is gone, if her chance of actually catching one is so low. Her grip on the rod is loosened and it drops down into her lap, but she'll hold onto it…just in case. A'sh's words reach her ears, and suddenly, she feels slightly guilty for teasing Finn about the dragons. But she can't tell him that right now. Later. Gotta stay tough. But then, something is remembered, and a smirk goes to Teivos. "Unless, of course, you are successful in delivering the message to them."

Majel refrains from joining in on the commentary regarding how amazing dragons can be, choosing instead to shade a long look back toward the weyr proper with one hand. "I'm not sure they'd be sentient enough to understand your tidings - and if they were, I shouldn't expect them to willingly go to their deaths so that you could have a plentiful catch." Her humor is paper-dry, but the corners of her mouth twitch upward. Retrieving her boots, she stuffs her feet back into them, lacing them in quick, efficient movements. A few of the other weyrlings still cavort in the water after getting most of their bathing out of the way, but most of the group that arrived has wandered back to the shoreline to dry off before beginning the walk back.

A'sh shares in that nod. The nod of men. Of brethren. Of…well A'sh nods, anyway. Tokath opens his wings in a quick snap of membranes, flicking water this way and that..much to his own delight. No, the dragonet isn't quite at the level of hunting his own food yet. He made rain. So awesome. What else is awesome? That smooth bit of rock just under the water's surface. The blue's head ducks down, quickly snatching up the stone between his jaws…and quite promptly begins to trot off. "Ah..hey! Wait for me!" The former healer makes to follow, quickly heading after his dragon..though he does turn a bit to wave at the others left on the pier. "Nice…nice meeting you! Tokath!"

Teivos finishes taking off both his shirts, which get tied rather neatly around his satchel to make an odd sort of package. He slides over the edge of the pier afterwards, holding onto it with one hand and frowning a little as he slips into the water. Egh. Even if the water isn't actually all that cool, going from being braised in the sun to submerged in water can make a major temperature difference. He hangs like that from the pier, in the water but not drifting off, and looks up at Finn and Roslin with a slightly crooked half-smile, "Well, if I had a net, I'd hand them the note, then just bring them back here. Sadly, I'm not much of a fisherman myself, fun as it is." He looks back at Majel and shrugs slightly, his lips tucked in a way that is pretty typical for people who are trying not to smile (or even laugh) anymore than they are, "Who knows? Maybe they'll appreciate the sacrifice. Considering what I know of fish, though, I doubt they'll have much opinion either way." He doesn't really have any interest in getting too close to the dragons himself, so he's rather glad that at least one of them, if not most of them, are heading away from the pier. The fact that Tokath is doing it with some kind of treasure only serves to increase his level of mild confusion and definite mirth.

"Something tells me you're right, " Majel deadpans to Teivos, observing Tokath's rock-snatching with no little amusement. "Remind him that we have chores, " she calls after A'sh, turning to brush a careful hand along Dyxath's neck. Satisfied that he's dry enough to not end up with sand clinging everywhere by the time they make it back to the barracks, she gives Roslin and dock-hanging Teivos an even, "It was nice to meet you both, " before they begin making tracks for the bowl.

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