Amani, Odesse


Amani is exploring and happens upon a napping Odie somewhere along the Southern coast and finds out a bit more about some of Southern's crafters.


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Ancient Cove

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Southern Weyr - Ancient Cove

This stretch of Southern beach is reportedly the site of an earlier habitation, when the rocky cove was a hatching ground for firelizards, and later for people.
The sand is especially fine-grained here, and near the water's edge can be seen wallow-hollows of both human and dragon size. The waters of the Shallows beckon gently with the soft swooshing of the surf.

It is the eighty-eighth day of Summer and 105 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

There are still a myriad of curiosities hiding in Southern's jungles and along its coasts, remnants of those who'd gone before and vanished for reasons largely unknown. That mystery both intrigues and unsettles Amani, but whenever she can (and wherever it seems relatively safe so that the risk of heads exploding her adventurousness is minimized), she tries to investigate and learn). With the late afternoon affording her and Zymuraith a bit of a break, the junior Weyrwoman decides to poke around an old cove where she's seen shadows of old things from the air. Down upon the strand, however, things don't seem quite so ghostly. Dragon and rider walk along the water's edge, peering at the abandoned wallows that pock the sand, speculating about the in silence…but mostly enjoying the summer day in an unfamiliar locale.

Keep on walking and before too long, the not so subtle signs of recent habitation will soon become quite evident. The vegetation has been disturbed and what could be footsteps in the sand appear from the direction of the beach going further up ahead. There's a pile of palm fronds oh-so carefully stacked in a manner that very much isn't natural and the reason? It might have to do something with the pair of feet poking out from one of the leaves. Off in the water, a quartet of dolphins have spotted the golden visitor to the beach and come swimming closer. There still a good bit out, but there's much jumping about as they come to investigate.

It's Amani's firelizards, wheeling about over the water as they are, who notice the four dolphins and bring them to her attention. The goldrider perks instantly, as does Zymuraith, the curiosity over the creatures mutual. Though Amani has now seen dolphins at a distance several times, she has yet to meet any up close, and since these four seem keen on seeing what Zymuraith is all about, they start up the beach at a quicker clip in hopes that it might be possible. The queen wades easily through the water alongside Amani as she remains on the sand for now, a fact that enables her to spot those conspicuously-arranged palm fronds. Only when she's closer does she spot the feet, and she pauses, puzzled as to where anyone else might have come from so far out. "Um…hello?" she calls cautiously, not wanting to startle whoever it is but not really seeing any way not to.

Odesse could probably have ignored that cautious hello. Nap time is important after all, especially if one has gone through all the trouble of building an impromptu sunshade and everything. But for a particularly chubby blue firelizard that was nesting under the leaves as well, voices mean possible food and so Tuna will shake himself out of the napping spot with a curious chirp and in doing so, cause some of those fronds covering the dolphineer's face to slip off as well. There's a rather grumpy swat as she tries to roll over and keep on napping, but it's hopeless at this point. All those long minutes of rearranging everything to be just the right way, gone. She'll sit up, groggily rubbing at her eyes as she stares over at the rider for a minute. One blink, two blinks. Then some mild recognition, at least for Zymuraith being big and dragon shaped and gold. "Uhh, Weyrwoman? My in the way?" And don't worry. The pod is well on their way as well, although they do seem to get distracted part of the way by their acrobatic routines, but they continue before eventually coming to a stop where the water is still a decent depth. Faint sounds of much excited clicking carries well over the water despite the distance though.

There's some recognition on Amani's end as well when Odesse finally appears from beneath the greenery, the memory of the woman with fish in each hand and a fire being made near the boardwalk to cook them on flickering to mind. "Journeyman…Odesse?" Is she remembering rightly? "Sorry; no, you're not in the way. I just wasn't expecting to see someone else out here. I saw the dolphins and wanted to get closer, but then I saw you and figured I'd better not startle you. Or end up with Zymuraith startling you. Speaking of Zymuraith, she's wading out further, up to her shoulders in order to get more closely acquainted with the intriguing creatures that have come to investigate. And with the pleased interest she's getting from her lifemate, Amani can't help but glance that way and grin.

It takes a moment more for Odesse to place name to face, but seeing as how Southern only has two weyrwomen at the moment, if post-nap brain doesn't take that long to come up with, "Weyrwoman Amani. 'N Odie's just fine." She's a woman in a bathing suit on a random beach sleeping under a pile of leaves. Formality really isn't her specialty. She raises her eyebrow as she peers over towards where Zymuraith is wading out. The dolphins come a little bit closer. A few calling out questions to play while The largest tries to brush up next to the queen's side. "She seen dolphins a'fore?"

Amani is fine with not resting on formality! After the initial formalities are out of the way, of course. Odesse's question garners a distracted nod as the young goldrider splits her focus. "She has. We both have, but only from a distance. And they really do speak!" She'd heard as much but had still remained slightly doubtful until now. Zymuraith, of course, is the one relaying this wonder to her rider, perfectly willing to let the dolphins closer as she wades out into deeper water still. "She says she wants me to come hear, since she can't answer them." And obviously Amani can and is perfectly willing, the prospect perhaps more exciting to her than it might be to anyone who's been near the water so much longer.

Odesse snickers a bit as Amani mentions the dolphins speaking like it's something amazing. Dolphineers of course have a skewed perspective on the matter. "Aye, they really do speak! Too much sometimes, but I forgive 'em. Usually." And with a wink, the journeywoman is hopping up, brushing off some of the coat of sand she acquired during her nap even though getting in the water momentarily is probably a much better method of sand removal. "Some dragons'll talk to them. There was this one brown one time that but on a whole show. There was dancin' 'n singin' 'n lots of splashin'" All courtesy of Taliveth! The dolphins are also perfectly willing to move closer, although getting a good look at them might be difficult as they just won't stay still! It's like they're almost braiding a path through the water.

It's even more entertaining for Amani to learn that dolphins can, apparently, be chatterboxes. Now she has to hear them. "Hmmm," is her response to hearing that there have been a few dragons who talk back. "Maybe Zymuraith just doesn't want to confuse them? She worries about doing that to others in general…" Except the queen does know how to restrict herself to her "speaking" voice without much else, challenging though it may be, so Amani isn't quite sure what's going on there. Zymuraith, being the size she is, can't track the dolphins as quickly as she'd like and rumbles in consternation as she tries to watch whichever one next enters her field of vision.

The dolphins, even more than being chatterboxes, are complete and total show offs and once they see they're getting an even bigger audience, two begin to tail walk backwards that ends in a synchronized flip. One of the remaining dolphins, after doing another swim by Zymuraith's flank swims up to the two woman with a squee. "Odie play!!!" That's a demand more than a request. "Dragon play???" That one's more tenative as Opo looks over towards the gold. "You play?" There's a splash of water with the bottle-shaped snout towards Amani. Odesse laughs a bit from where she's standing, still trying to get some of the more stubborn sand off. "They can also be fickle, so if you want to keep watchin', might want to start playin' or we'll need to find a bell to get 'em back."

The delight on Amani's face as they get closer, watching the dolphins' antics and hearing them speak, is so true that it might be easy to forget she's supposed to be one of Southern's Weyrwomen aside from being a desert-bred teen who still has much to learn of the world. There's a brightness to her expression that hasn't been present for a few sevens…so needless to say, this is likely a very welcome encounter right now. When she conveys the dolphins' question to Zymuraith, the queen looks almost perplexed for a moment before pushing fully out into the water and submerging…and then stretching her neck to blow a stream of bubbles at the nearest creature. Amani can't help but laugh, never having seen her lifemate try such a thing as an adult before. "Ah…I

Odesse is an old hand at introducing folks to her watery friends and she'll stand back with a smile on her face. It's a pretty great perk of her job. Zymuraith's bubble stream gets a squeal of glee from the nearest dolphin and some bubbles of his own. Seeing as the gold is at least ten times as big as him, the dolphin's isn't quite as big, but he still seems pretty happy. One of the other dolphins as Amani comes closer, swims over and shamelessly presents his belly for some scritching. "Well, Tirr there is wantin' you to rub his belly, kinda like scritchin' a dragon ridge. 'N we rescue folks from storm wrecked ships all the time. Don't think ye got anythin' to worry about today." No drowning on Odie's watch!

Scritching! Amani knows how to do that quite well by now. "That's amazing," she says to the prospect of making rescues alongside dolphins as she wades out further until she can come right up to the awaiting dolphin. "It's something we can't do nearly so easily." Dragons being creatures of the air and all. At least they can give pointers on where to go from above, though! "Hello, Tirr," she greets as she stretches out her hand to the dolphin and starts to vigorously rub his stomach. Further surprise arises upon her features as she takes in the feel of his skin. "You're warm!" Not something she was expecting from a water-dwelling creature, especially following her experiences with fish. It's clear that there's very little comparison to be made!

Tirr can also attest to Amani's scritching abilities. He clicks as the weyrwoman says his name, but doesn't provide her own. He can't have that. "You are???" And a splash of water playfully towards her. "'Course warm. Warm-blooded! Not fish." The dolphins at least are quite confident in what they are, even if the landlubbers all have doubts just cause they happen to live in they could be anything besides fish. Odesse moves out slightly deeper so she can start treading water on her own. "We've been workin' with Ocelot some. Got more bells up 'n down the coast. We can get 'em to the shore. Then ye all can get 'em back to civilization. Ship wrecks don't tend to happen where it's convenient."

Amani blinks in surprise when she ends up prompted for her name, then blushes. The dolphins are to be considered on their level in terms of intelligence, she's just now learned…and now she won't be forgetting in. "Sorry, Tirr. I'm Amani, from Southern Weyr. Zymuraith there is my lifemate." She renews the vigor of her rubbing with a grin. "I'm still learning about dolphins. I didn't know you were warm-blooded before." And now she really wants to learn more, particularly now that she's hearing about this particular facet of Ocelot's mission. Looking to Odesse again, she asks, "What else do you do with them besides shipwreck rescues?"

"Mani!" Tirr will repeat the name, just to ensure he understood. Mani is close enough, right? It's what the other three dolphins are going to be repeating before they try to lure Zymuraith further out into the water where a full on game of tag might actually be possible. Odesse is sticking to her leisurely water treading close to Tirr and the goldrider. This whole treading water thing she could (and has before) do all day. "Oh, I've done lots of things with some Ocelots." She's got a mischevious grin for that. "But as far as professional work, mostly been that, bell system to help improve search 'n rescue. 'N worked with some o' Lynx lookin' fer smugglers a while back."

Amani laughs brightly to hear her name, shortened though it may be, repeated in chorus after Tirr. Close enough, indeed! Zymuraith rumbles a bit over the "mispronunciation" but lets it go after some tacit assurance from her bonded, following the dolphins' lure toward that ensuing game of tag. The young gold isn't overtly playful in general…unless it's with someone or something she enjoys, and she decidedly enjoys the dolphins. As Amani's scratching moves to a spot beneath one of Tirr's fins, she gives Odesse a lopsided smile for her impish reply, nodding to the rest. "I'll be sure to learn more about the bells," she notes. "What about with the dolphins themselves? You ask for their help; do they ask for yours with things sometimes?"

It's probably a good thing that the dolphins find Amani's name much more fun to repeat. Zymuraith is just not exactly friendly to dolphin mouths and comes out more like Zym'aith! But it's only said once or twice before they're off into the deeper water. If the gold listens closely and feels even closer, under the water, she might sense the sound waves of the dolphins echolocation as they're dipping in deep into the water. Gotta keep a close eye on her as well as tag seems to be more like hide and go seek. "We ask fer their help, 'n they ask fer ours. They tell us where the good fishin' is 'n currents 'n possible weather problems. 'N I got hands." Odesse wiggles her fingers to demonstrate she does indeed have them. "Flippers ain't much good for first aid."

Zymuraith can, in fact, feel the sound waves the dolphins are using, and she's immensely fascinated. The gold dives deeper, her great sinuous form curling and curving through the water as she tries to track a dolphin to tag. Still smiling, Amani listens to Odesse's reply, nodding comprehension for the last. "It makes a lot of sense. Faranth," she chuckles. "I never knew. And never bothered looking deeper until now." Something she's amazed at herself for, despite not having time for extra personal studies so much of the time.

A dolphin here, a dolphin there. The pod is really in their element in the deeper water and they're enjoying it. But they do also want to at least give Zymuraith a half a chance to come close so the game is really trying to judge how close they can get before she can tag them. Tails count for tagging as well! "Yer not the first not to bother." Odesse shrugs it off. "Ye ain't from near the sea, right? So how would ye know? But the Weyr wouldn't have half as many fish on the tables if it weren't for the dolphins." Not to mention all the other stuff they do, like trying to keep an eye on the pirates and stuff.

Zymuraith may not be flashy and fast like the dolphins, but there are parts of her that are, like her tail. She attempts to use that to her advantage flicking it out to try and snag a passing dolphin before she surfaces to take some more air. Amani nods to confirm - no, she is not from the sea, unless they're talking seas of sand. "Well, thank you, Tirr," she tells the dolphin in the wake of Odesse's last. "And to the rest of the pod. Thank you for introducing me, too, Odie," she says, and takes a moment to relieve over-warm skin with a quick dip into the water before resuming with Tirr's scritches.

And the youngest of the dolphins wasn't quite nimble enough, or experienced enough to calculate a safe distance from Zymuraith's tail and does manage to get tagged as he was trying to zip by. Odesse nods as Amani confirms and has an idea. "Ye know… if yer interested 'n feel like holdin' yer breath, they can also help introduce ye to more of the ocean. There's a coral reef not too far out from here 'n ye can just hold on here…" The dolphineer will demonstrate a good grasp on Tirr's dorsal fin, which has the dolphin nodding along with this plan and voicing his opinion. "'N then we swim! Mani swim too!"

It's enough for Zymuraith to be smug! Decorously smug, of course. The young gold loses interest in the game for a moment, however, as the prospect of going further out on the water comes up and makes Amani's heart rate do a bit of the same. "Um…well, I am interested," the goldrider replies, "but like I said, I'm not very good at swimming yet. Or holding my breath for a long time. So if you all can be patient with me…I'd love to." Even if it scares her. But just to show she isn't simply talk, she takes hold of Tirr's dorsal as Odesse demonstrated, looking to the dolphineer to be sure she's getting it right. Zymuraith makes a querying sound somewhere between a warble and a concerned croon, though she'll be alright so long as she can be within easy reach of her bonded.

Odesse dives under the water herself and makes a hand signal which ends up getting one of the three playing dolphins coming closer so she can snag a ride as well, although Odie's practiced this a lot more and has just the right way of kicking to help the dolphins swim while not kicking into their side. "Just hold on! 'N ye can tap on his side with yer free hand if ye need to come up!" Although Tirr's done this before as well so he's usually a pretty good judge of how long before a newbie needs to come up for air, but doesn't hurt to have a backup plan just in case. The dolphin's going to do most of the work getting to the reef, Amani just needs to hang on!

And hang on Amani does, probably a bit tighter than she means to at first. Zymuraith takes to the air, following low over the water as the group makes its way to this reef. It's a handful of firsts for Amani again today - just the right amount of refreshment she needs to brighten her being anew. The beautiful and unfamiliar world of the ocean is a good provider of such things, and she'll eventually return home full of gratitude for it. And a definite want to swim with dolphins again.

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