H'rik, Sesa


Sesa comes to the Living Caverns for lunch shortly after H'rik arrives and she gets a pleasant surprise and gives H'rik a good idea in the process.


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Igen Weyr Living Caverns

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"Whirliebird, sir?"


Living Caverns

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

The house creep on apace, and the smell of fresh food has drawn many a person to the living cavern. Spring, though still mild by Igen's standards, has seen a shift to the foods being served - meals are less heavy now. H'rik has helped himself to something with plenty of tomatoes, and a distinct smell of garlic, and he's balancing the plate, cutlery, and a mug of klah as he heads towards a table. Not the table where the leaders sit: he's never seen there unless protocol calls for it. No, a small table with just three chairs is his goal, and he hooks one chair with his foot, dragging it across the floor with a loud scraping noise as he gets a space ready for himself.

Sesa isn't far behind H'rik in her arrival. Lunch draws many a folk to the living caverns and Sesa's stomach says it's time to eat, no matter what needs doing. So, Edleveth freshly bathed and oiled, and herself too, she heads for food and replenishment. She picks something light, a salad with some shredded wherry meat and a light drizzling of oil and spices. Juice accompanies this, and now, it's simply a matter of finding somewhere to eat her meal. There's a small table nearby, one that may or m ay not have a certain Weyrleader sitting at it. Approaching, she gives a bow of her head in respect as her hands are far too full for a proper salute. "Excuse me sir, would you mind if I joined you?"

H'rik probably could have made this a lot easier for himself by putting his food down first, and then tackling to the chair but…with a half spin he's in the chair. NOW he puts down his stuff, and pulls the chair in closer to the table. "Oh, morning, Weyrling." He manages to be pleasantly polite, even as he hopes his escapades with the chair weren't too embarrassing. Too late now, anyway. "No, please take a seat." There's recognition in his eyes, even though he uses a title rather than Sesa's name. "How's Edleveth?"

What chair? What escapades? Sesa saw nothing. She seats herself lightly and smiles. "He's quite well, better now that he's forgotten our thread scores." The moody blue had been quite despondent over his failures for a few days after. "And how are you sir? And yours?"

H'rik does his best to eat food in between speaking. Nothing worse than speaking with his mouth full. He nods as Sesa explains Edleveth's current state. Once he's swallowed, he adds: "glad to hear it. Draconic memories are good for something, fortunately." The fact that he and Wendryth came out of that Threadfall unscathed is a topic of much guilt, and the Weyrleader glosses over it quickly. "Well, thank you. I was hoping to bump into you, actually." He leaves that one hanging in the air, looking at his plate as he takes another bite. So casual.

Casual as it is, Sesa's hand stills over the handle of her fork when H'rik mentions wanting to bump into her. That hand falls to her lap and her attention is riveted to her Weyrleader. "Oh? What can I do for you sir?" Despite the relaxed tone of this seemingly random meeting, there's a nervousness fluttering up in Sesa's stomach. What could the weyrleader possibly need from her?

H'rik chews rapidly, dropping his knife and fork onto his plate. "Mm-mf," he says, as he pats at his trouser pockets, then finds what he wants in the right hand one. It doesn't emerge above the table quite yet. Once he's swallowed, his words actually become understandable, as he looks over at Sesa properly. "Well, you and Edleveth are in need of a Wing. Your performance has been impressive and - well - I thought Whirlwind might give you both a good challenge." Finally, his hand appears as he holds the distinctive Whirlwind badge out to Sesa, an offer given with a small smile.

Surprise flickers over Sesa's features. True, blue, reactionary surprise. Hazel eyes flick to look at the prize offered, and it is indeed a prize. Sesa could never have dreamed that she would be handpicked by the Weyrleader for his own wing. To be honest, the tiny woman's jaw drops a bit and she might look a bit like a fish gasping for air for a few seconds. "Uhm…thank you sir, I ….we're just doing our best to help, really." A bit of red tinges her cheeks as she accepts the token of Whirlwind membership. "I'm honored. Really." And to be honest, even if she won't say it out loud, damn proud of herself and Edleveth. "We look forward to serving you well Sir. We'll not let you down!" Eating may very well have just gone out the proverbial window, because Sesa is now far too excited about this.

She's not alone in the forgotten eating thing - with the item handed over, H'rik has some official stuff to run though. After all the congratulations and so forth are done, anyway! "Welcome to Whirlwind. Wendy's looking forward to working with his son." There's a slightly goofy grin as he says that, before he forces himself to be at least somewhat serious for the next. "We've got drills tomorrow at dawn, but if you arrive a little before I can go over your position in the Wing's formation." No doubt, filling some important gaps after the particularly nasty 'fall and subsequent ones. "S'tol's got a copy of our timetable written up for you, so he'll give you that, then, too. Uh, yeah. if you don't know about the Whirliebird, I'm sure someone will introduce you to it soon enough." There's a glimmer of amusement in his eyes as he says that.

There's a smile for H'rik when he mentions his Wendryth wanting to work with his son and Sesa can't help from running her fingers over her newest treasure. "I can be there early sir, that is definitely not a problem." She and Edleveth have been rising with the avians for ages, getting up a little early won't be an issue. She nods along with everything else until H'rik mentions his last. "The Whirliebird, sir?" An eyebrow cocks up, and there is definitely a question in her tone beyond the one voiced.

H'rik doesn't look surprised that Sesa doesn't know about the Whirliebird - who would, if it's not relevant to them. Rather, the Weyrleader's amusement grows to a full on grin as he considers what she has yet to find out about Whirlwind. "I'm sure you'll learn what it is sooner rather than later. I imagine there'll be plenty of people wanting to buy you drinks." As long as it's not the night BEFORE her first drills, he doesn't much mind when Sesa gets any sort of initiation to the bar in question. Remembering his food, he picks up knife and fork again. "It's a good time for you to join, too - I'm hoping to organise a T-Tourney soon, so you'll get to represent your Wing at that, if you'd like?"

Sesa will have to take H'rik's word for it, though she gets an idea when he mentions people buying drinks. "I hope they don't expect to spend too much sir, I'm not much of a drinker." Even if she does know how to let loose a little these days. She's learning. Slowly. "A T-Tourney? I remember the last one of those…My whole family attended to root for the weyr. I'd be honored to participate sir."

"Very wise," H'rik says - no judgement here for people who aren't big drinkers! She'll probably find that he's a moderate drinker himself, once she's spent some time with her new Wing. He smiles round mouthfuls of his lunch as she mentions her family attending. "They'll have all the more reason to cheer this time, then."

There's a slight dimming to Sesa's features when H'rik speaks of cheering. "Aye, most of them anyway." No matter. She peels off her Weyrling knot and affixes her new Whirlwind badge of honor there, looking at it with pride before turning back to the weyrleader with a much more neutral, but still happy look on her face. "Any idea as to the sort of events you'll set up?" Because knowing ahead and being able to prepare is good, right?

H'rik does spot the subtle change of expression there, and drops his gaze to his food. Oops. A topic to skim over, then. At least the topic of the T-Tourney events seems to be a safer one to linger on. "There'll be plenty in the air - races, relays, probably some distance challenges. I've got to hammer out some of the finer details, see what's feasible." Being in the Pass, with other pressures, has its limits on 'fun' stuff like this. But darnit, he's trying! "I'm wondering if I can do something with rider pairs and ground crews working together…." He's spent a lot of time thinking about this, hasn't he?

Sesa is appreciative that H'rik doesn't press her for details, it's nice to not have to talk about things sometimes, not that she would until she was ready anyhow. That small shift in mood is pretty much obliterated anyway when H'rik begins to check off what he has planned thus far. "If I may be so bold as to suggest sir…." She begins when he mentions ground and air pairs. "Most that would plan that would plan a mock threadfall, or something of the like." Which is fun to watch, but can get tedious when seen often or too much. "WHat about something like a synchronized performance? A sort of dance between air and ground that mocks the patterns of threadfall? Or even tells a story of sorts?"

H'rik nods, the nod of a man who's agonised over a mock Threadfall being part of proceedings. Not only tedious if too often done - but perhaps too on the nose given the difficult 'fall and all the fallout that's resulted. He looks interested in her suggestion, eyes going distant as if he's forming a mental image of what that could look like. "You know…that might be just what it needs." He picks up his mug, abandoning his empty plate thanks to this new, and welcome, distraction. "Yeah…maybe ribbons…." Why does that sound so ominous coming out of his mouth? "I've got a meeting to go to but - thanks for the suggestion, Sesa. I'll see you tomorrow morning." He at least manages to focus on her for that goodbye, such as it is, but the Weyrleader looks distracted as he wanders off towards the inner caverns with his drink.

Sesa beams, internally doing cartwheels when H'rik seems to like her idea. "Glad to be of service sir, I hope the idea works well for you." And she could make more than a few suggestions as to where to turn to coordinate that idea too, but, one thing at a time. She gives a proper salute when H'rik excuses himself, thanking him again for choosing her for Whirlwind. "See you tomorrow Sir, I look forward to it." Though, she isn't staying to much longer either, because she's too excited to eat, and because she has to go tell someone her good news.

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