Kyara, Veresch


Kyara catches up with a disguised Veresch at Igen River Hold.


It is early morning of the twenty-second day of the sixth month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Igen River Hold

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Igen River Hold

Sitting on the cusp of a striking juxtaposition of sand and greenery, Igen River Hold hugs both rugged cliff and gentle slope of riverbank. Small fishing craft with brightly-hued hulls and sails can be seen to coast easily along the currents here, as well as larger boats built for transport and the occasional journey downriver to the ocean. Crafthalls for both boat-builders and fisher folk make up most of what can be seen from Igen River itself, the ramps and piers extending past the thin strip of tidal swamp to be found at this point along the water’s edge. A smallish sprawl of industry, this hold - but a bustling one, with a colorful and thriving community of river-bound Seacrafters and holders who find such a lifestyle to their liking.

It's early in the morning, early enough that the air is still chill. The weather is oddly quiet too, and there are signs of a major 'storm having passed this way yesterday. Whilst the Hold is still quiet, the women of the hold are already out and about, and so are the visitors and traders that have a reason to be up that early. Over the rising scent of baking bread they go about their morning tasks. One of them, a young woman of uncertain age, given that she's in modest clothing, is moving towards the outskirts of the hold and the river that supplies most of its water. Well, not moving. Waddling, in fact, the awkward walk of a woman in an advanced stage of pregnancy, uncertain of her step. It's a slow walk, and a quiet one. Meditative, almost — or just not in the mood to fall head over tail on the uneven rocks.

Kyara isn't an unfamiliar sight at Igen River Hold, considering how often she used to come here with her brother and how much she's been keeping watch over the place whenever her sweeps take her over it. In fact, she's even been known to come here to run along the river bank for morning PT. With her new rank, she may not have as many chances to come down here, but with no weyrlings currently in the barracks, she still has some time to use as she pleases. This morning, she has indeed been for a long walk along the river (before the sun broke the horizon) and is waiting for the Hold to come further awake, intending to speak with one of the resident Seacrafters about a few matters…and to see if she can spy a certain young friend of hers whom she heard might be hanging about for certain covert reasons. Dressed in very modest manner herself, boots, trousers, and shirt hidden beneath a thin, flowing Igenite robe along with her knot, the greenrider wanders the edges of the hold. She spies a pregnant woman struggling along and immediately moves to offer help…except the closer she gets, the more familiar the woman's face seems. A small smirk grows upon recognition, and she eventually falls in step beside Veresch. "Well, well," she murmurs in a mostly deadpan tease. "Sadaiya and I were just saying we hope you'd find a good boy at some point, but this is putting the cart before the runner a little, don't you think?" Amber eyes slide a sidelong glance at Veresch, glinting with humor as she offers her arm in her own contribution to the act. "I still say you'd have made a good player for the Harper Hall."

It's not odd that Kyara shows up and recognises her. Kyara knows everything. That doesn't mean that Veresch doesn't pout that her disguise is so easily broken, or that she doesn't take the arm. She does, trying to lean on it in close approximation of what she's seen. "I don't understand how anyone can get pregnant willingly," she grumbles softly. "It feels like I'm carrying a ton, my back hurts." Yes, there's a sizable bump underneath the robes there. Moments later, exhaling at the compliment, she tenders a smile both wry and amused. "Thank you. Everyone seemed to watch out for them, so I thought I'd give it a try. It's nice to see you! And you know. Boys. Rev about laughed his head off his neck when he saw it last night before we pulled in, and boasted about his prowess." Pause. "Does it look okay from far away?"

"Oh, don't look like that," Kyara scoffs good naturedly when she sees Veresch's pout, tapping one of her own cheekbones. "Harper eyes, you know. Plus I'd know you anywhere by now, I think. It does look very convincing, though; I thought I was coming to help someone who really needed it. Not that you don't." The fake belly is eyed. "I can imagine it hurts. What are you using to do that?" she asks, whispering the question. The comment about Threvobek earns a chuckle and a shake of her head. "'Boys' indeed. As long as he can be convincing when you're out and about together." A quiet moment passes. "So. Listening, watching… Anything else in your job description entails while you're here?" Not that those two things alone won't garner some very useful information in themselves.

There's a little sort of resting spot that Veresch wanders to with Kyara's help, likely one well-known to the rider, out of sight of the main hold and bidding fair to being empty this time of the morning. "Legumes," she answers primly as they turn that bend; the moment she's around she straightens her spine with a grunt of irritation, hitching the 'belly' up with one hand. "Way too many legumes in a sewn sack, and then a strap around my waist and chest." Looking left and right, she hitches it up a little more, turns to sit on a log and tries to manage legs that want to splay. "It's working, the women are telling me what to watch out for these days, but it's a pain. Everywhere." She shifts aside a little to make a space for Kyara, grinning up at her. "Keeping my eyes and ears open, asking questions. Finding out more about where the bandit activity seems to be coming from."

"You mean coming from in this area," Kyara amends with a nod, keeping her voice subdued, "since we know the bulk of it was centered at the Weyr. I can't imagine there'd be many here, though it's enough that a sort of pincer setup was working for them. Thank Faranth they seem to have lost their main source of information about our sweep schedules, though." She's willing to bet she's far from the only rider who's been sleeping better the past month. "It hasn't stopped them from being bold in whatever else they decide to try, though." Obviously. Settling beside Veresch on the log, she eyes the legume belly again with amusement. "Well, just don't hurt yourself. Anything you find out will be put to good use soon. I take it you're reporting in to Sadaiya?"

Veresch wrinkles her nose at the correction but nods, accepting it as fact. "Yes. The sweep schedules." A grimace. "Do you… does the riders have any idea who it was so far? I mean, the person I thought was guilty didn't do it, I think." She adjuts her position on the log, frowns down over the curve of the belly. "I don't…" She sighs. "Primarily, yes, but I think she lent me out to N'cal for the moment, he's the one coordinating things. I think. And no! I mean, it's likely a stupid disguise, but if someone tried to attack me I could bellyflop on them and knock them out." The corners of her mouth tilt up. "Not quite what you taught me, I know, but whatever works, right? It just feels uncannily like a firestone sack the longer I keep it on. I've no idea how women do this normally."

Kyara shakes her head, the sigh that accompanies the act decidedly on the frustrated side. "No. I'm not sure anyone does, and if N'cal has any suspicions, I don't think he's voiced them yet," she adds with a small grimace, knowing that if he has, she hasn't been a position to hear, as of late. Then she laughs a little. "I meant hurting yourself with that thing," she says, gesturing at the sack. "Whatever works…as long as you don't throw out your back or something in the process. It's not a stupid disguise; it's effective. Though I wouldn't recommend bellyflopping." She thinks for a moment, still smirking as she thinks back to when Sienna was pregnant. "I'm pretty sure they work up to it. That's not to say it still doesn't cause a backache," amongst other things, "but the weight isn't just…suddenly there, you know? So it's probably a lot more bearable."

Giving up the hunt for the guilty party in lieu of rubbing her back again, Veresch grins as she shifts closer to Kyara. "I'm never falling pregnant," she advises cheerfully, letting the belly flop down in order to hug Kyara's closest arm. "And I won't, I promise. I might have gone a bit overboard with the weight. Sienna…" There's a thoughtful look at the tranquil river. "Sienna's supernatural anyway, she makes cheese." That's a feat worthy of some mysticism. "We shouldn't be out for too much longer as it is. You can only tarry so long, and I think Rev wants to get back. I know I want to get back to the baths." For a moment her expression stills, thinking of Zeyta, but she shakes the doldrums away. "If I could apprentice at the Weyr, I'd want to become a Harper too. But I can't sing well, and you don't want me close to instruments."

Returning Veresch's arm-hug by way of bringing her arm closer to her body and resting her head against that of her friend for a moment, Kyara smiles, chuckling softly. "Well, I wouldn't think about it now, anyway. You might change your mind later…" She trails off a little at an unvoiced thought, also gazing out at the river. The comment about Sienna, however, has her laughing outright, her head tilting back in her mirth as the sound rings out for moment into the morning air. "Oh, you know I'm going to tell her you said that. I can't not!" At Veresch's next, she considers that still expression for a moment. "I've a few people I need to speak with here before I go. And as for apprenticing…there's much more to being a Harper than music. Things like this, for instance. Though you would have to train in music a little bit; Harper does. But many choose a focus that isn't musical, when they're able…"

It's nice to enjoy the moment of closeness, to let emergent adulthood settle back for justa moment and bask in the presence of someone wiser. "I know," she mutters from her position, too happy to move just yet. "Well. I mean, I've never really tried all the instruments there are, so I'm not really sure that I'll be that bad. But this kind of thing… this might almost be worth it." She straightens slowly to look at the slowly rising sun, then stretches out her legs. "I'm young," she finally says. "But I don't think that's it. You're almost as young as I am, just a few turns older, but people respect you enough to make you a weyrlingmaster, and…" Pause. "How do you do it?"

"I always found it to be one of the more exciting parts of becoming a Journeyman," Kyara reminisces. "I was never in this deep, mind…but I certainly have been since coming here and now." At Veresch's last, Kyara gives a small smile, her eyes dropping from the river to the sand at the shoreline. "I'm not sure even I know the answer to that, Veresch," she replies, nearly murmuring. "Maybe it's just…luck. But something I've found to be true in my short time alive is that you should always and only ever be you. You own up to your weaknesses and walk confidently in what you know you're good at, without being arrogant. You stand against what you know to be wrong, even if that means standing against the powers that be. You have compassion for those who need it. And you respect everyone, even if you disagree with them." She shrugs, looking over at her younger friend. "Whatever it is I do, I do it just by being who I am." A grin. "I don't think you have much of an issue there, yourself. As you said, you're young. Things come with time, too, and you've got plenty of that."

Veresch gets to her feet with a groan; whether it's for the advice or the fake belly, she's not telling immediately. "Surely I can't have that much time left," she teases as she reaches behind her to rub her back theatrically. "Already pregnant." With a final spine-popping curl she makes for the edge of the water and cautiously dips her pitcher in, straining to get it back up and onto her head with the difficult centre of balance. "I've got to get back before Rev starts boasting about triplets or something. As it is, there's someone riding back to the weyr so I've got to keep this on." She turns a smile on Kyara, expression gentling. "Take care, and clear skies, and all my love to Liareth."

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