Z'bor, Ozriath, evka, Syrianna


Ozriath gets a bath, candidates get a lesson, and a dragon plays a dirty trick

Candidate Bingo!


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Southern Weyr, Beach

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«Really? I thought it was a rather clean one.»



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

It's a pleasant enough evening, after having rains and slightly chillier weather in the morning, Rukbat decided to finally come out and warm things up a bit, though with the rain, it also means humidity. Pros and cons. Pros and cons. EIther way, Z'bor has decided this is prime time for a lesson on dragon bathing, and of course, Ozriath is front and center and ready to be used as an example. Candidates and baths, some of her very favorite things! The patchwork green lays waiting in the shallows while the greenriding Serval wingsecond waits for his class in the sand with buckets, oils, soapsand, brushes and rags.

Syrianna comes out as she was told to appear at the beach for a class. Given the beach, she is wearing a bathing suit, light blue two piece, with a loose tunic over the top. She has a hat on her head, after all got to keep the sun off if it peaks out. She has her knot on her shoulder as the pale girl makes her way towards the green.

Reveka trails along not far behind Syrianna, dressed in thin shorts and a tank of white, trying her best to follow the candidate uniform requirements and stay comfortable in the humidity and heat. Her hair is in a messy bun at the nape of her neck and she's come prepared to get messy. TIme for dragon washing! Z'bor is given a crisp salute upon her arrival, a gesture she's now quite used to giving. "Evening Sir."

Z'bor gives a two fingered check off salute back to the candidates as they arrive on the beach. "Good evening candidates. Ready to wash a dragon? You're in luck tonight, I think you got the smallest one in the weyr." And it's true. Ozriath is tiny. Plushy sized. (not really, but super close). The sylven cheeked green rumbles a hello at the two girls, lowering her emerald head to turn curious blue eyes on the candidates. "Ozriath gives her greetings."

Syrianna spies Z'bor now and does give the salute and smiles a bit she nods her head a bit and smiles, "Excited to sir." she says softly. She is. She stares at the dragon and then flushes a bit, after all she is staring. She looks over at Reveka and smiles a bit before trying to pay attention, "Greetings to you as well, Ozriath." she states.

Reveka nods. "Aye sir, I've been curious about this, been hearing some of the other candidates talk about it." She smiles brightly and waves at the supplies. "Is this really all it takes?"

Z'bor smiles. "Great, glad to hear it." As to Reveka's question, Z'bor nods. "Yes, that's all it takes, well this stuff and some good old fashioned hard work. Grab yourself a brush and some soapsand and come on over." While Z'bor talks, Ozriath rumbles at Syrianna and then rinses herself in the water, giving the candidates a good wet surface on which to apply that soap sand. "Make sure you scrub her all over, and she doesn't mind a good hard scrub, she'll let you know if it's too much. Feel free to ask questions." Z'bor grabs his ownn set of supplies, not one to bark orders without following them himself.

Syrianna nods and then smiles as she heads over to do as she was told, get a brush and some soap sand, "Are there places we should be focusing on?" she asks as she picks a good place to start scrubbing and smiling as she gets to work.

Reveka , excited as she is, hesitates just a little before following behind the other two. She ends up in front, between Ozriath's front legs, working at the chest and neck area. There's a vibration of nerves that comes with the chore, she's never quite been on this end of interacting with a dragon before. "Are there spots she prefers more than others?" She asks along the same vein as Syrianna.

Z'bor chuckles. "She's usually flakiest around her joints, so scrub diligently there, otherwise, if she's enjoying the scrub, you're doing a good job. WIth Oz it's the oiling that matters more than the scrubbing." And the candidates will find that this particular green likes to glisten like a newly shined emerald when she's done.

Syrianna does start to scrub, making sure to get good at the joints like he said, "The oil helps keep the skin from tearing yes? Makes it more supple?" she asks as she just works the soapsand in as much as she can with that brush, not minding if she gets wet and dirty, it was to be expected.

Reveka listens as she scrubs her area, though she does eventually have to move to the side and when she does, she too pays attention to the joint areas, just as Z'bor has suggested. She's quiet for now, because one can learn just as much listening as asking questions.

Z'bor emits a noise of pleased agreement. "Aye, amongst other things, it prevents rashes, dry spots, cracking, tearing, and helps the skin heal if it is damaged." Z'bor has moved upward, standing on Ozriath's back to get the points the candidates may not be able to reach.

Syrianna is no stranger to giving baths, though never to a dragon, so that part of it is new to her. She tries to do her best though, "That is good to know." she says as she focuses on an area that seems especially dirty.

Ozriath rumbles as most everywhere that needs washing gets washed, however, once she's had enough, she stands, tumblign Z'bor into the water. The man comes up laughing but that turns to sounds of objection as Ozriath shakes herself much like a canine would, sending suds flying everywhere as the rainbow scape of her mind erupts with childlike laughter that only Z'bor can hear. "That was a dirty trick Oz!" Z'bor calls as the dragon moves further into the water to rinse off.

«Really? I thought it was a rather clean one.»

Syrianna gets even wetter and such with the suds and everything hitting her, getting her to laugh. She smiles with amusement, "Well now all need a bath." she laughs some more.

Reveka is off in her own little lala land, listening to Z'bor talk, and Syrianna ask questions. It's the last thing she expects when the patchwork green they are scrubbing is all of a sudden spraying water and suds everywhere. The sound of indignation that comes from Reveka is audible, and has no real dignity. "That was a dirty trick!" She says just about the same time Z'bor does.

Z'bor turns back to the candidates laughing. "Well, I guess she's done with that" He takes a moment to rinse himself of suds, since he's soaked to the gills anyhow. "Well, get yourself rinsed off and when she comes back then we'll get to the oiling. Anymore questions?"

Syrianna shakes her head as she heads towards the water to get dipped. She shakes her head, "not at the moment, I think most so far have been answered." she gets went and then comes back out, her pale hair wet against her back and the tunic clinging to her and completely see through, good thing she had the bathing suit on under it.

And this is why white is the worst color ever. Reveka gets rinsed off, and well, it's quite obvious now that what lies underneath is a vibrant shade of pink. Well, at least she's covered. "Yeah, she won't do that with the oil too, will she?" Because that will be much harder to remove than the soapsand.

Reveka's comment pulls another burst of full laughter from Z'bor and he shakes his head. "Naw, she was pulling a wee prank on us is all. She'll behave from now on."

«You hope.» I KNOW.

It's not long before the green is making her way back and by the time she has, Z'bor has buckets of oil ready with rags soaking in them. "Now, be on the look out for rough patches of skin, those usually mean dry patches. And OZriath requires a fair oiling. Glistening by the end. She's insistant."

Syrianna nods her head a bit, "The scrubbing helps show where those dry patches are too don't they?" she asks as she moves to get supplies for the oiling. She looks at the green and then over to Reveka and smiles at her and then back to the dragon again.

Reveka looks to Syrianna with a nod, she would think so, it works the same on a person, she thinks. "I would think so…" She eyes Ozriath warily as she approaches again, grabbing a bucket of oil and rag along the way. The green seems like she wants to behave now, so Reveka removes a cloth from the oil bucket and begins oiling the green's hide, soon lost in the shades of green the oil brings out. "She is wonderfully colored…." She comments, truly, the green would be a Zingari dream.

Z'bor grins. "Thanks!" Is given to Reveka's compliment, though he turns to Syrianna. "Aye indeed it does, it's just good all around, and honestly, one of the best ways to bond with your dragon and have some one on one time. And trust me, if you impress, that's just as important as anything else."

Syrianna nods her head, "I hope I do, but trying not to get my hopes up too high, just in case." she says as she does go to work oiling. This is similar to brushing down runners and she has done a lot of that.

Reveka sighs as she oils away. "That's a good way to look at it. I'm trying not to think about it too much. We can't control what happens out there, so why worry about it?" Seems like someone's been finally listening to the mindhealers. She continues working then, her mind focused on the task.

Even for a small green, it takes some time to get Ozriath properly oiled, and the three toil through in comfortable (or at least seemingly comfortable) silence. Once they are all wrapped up and all the supplies is back on the beach and Ozriath is glistening and happy, Z'bor turns to address the two candidates that came out this evening. "You both did well, I don't really have any complaints. And Neither does Oz. Thank you kindly for your help and you may be dismissed now. It's not yet curfew so you can do as you please."

Syrianna nods her head and smiles a bit, "Thank you as well for the honor and lesson." she says to them both and drops into a bow. She cocks her head to the side and looks up at the sky, trying to figure out how much time she has and then nods as she looks back down.

Reveka is happy for the lesson but relieved when it is done, rolling her shoulders as an ache she didn't know could exist sets in. "Thank you sir for the lesson." She gives a crisp salute and a bow, waving to Syrianna before taking off in a jog. She's for the baths! There's just enough time to sneak one in before dinner and bed!

Z'bor waves Reveka off and turns nodding to Syrianna. "It was nice having such cooperative candidates for the lesson. Have a good evening now!" The chipper greenrider begins gathering up supplies and getting ready to leave, and if Syrianna knows what's good for her, she'll skidaddle before Z'bor realises he needs help carrying stuff back if he doesn't want to ruin Oz's oil job.

Syrianna does take off. She has to get cleaned up and stuff, maybe get another peek at the eggs before curfew. She waves and off she goes.

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