D'tri, Nika


D'tri drops by to let Nika know he's back, hijinks and confusion abound. As always.


It is the sixty-fourth day of Summer.

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At-man's Front Porch Pick'ns

A certain shabby comfort gleams on this deceptively rickety ledge; warm and worn, the outcropping of rock hosts the familiar comfort of home, the welcoming wall that supports it gleaming softly brown — a beacon that envelops visitors in warm hospitality. Landing room, though sparse, offers a certain stark beauty; the coziness of this homely, simple ledge provides shelter for all who would rest their weary souls. Tempering the rotted-flesh smell of the herder complex below, the gentle waft of the salty sea breeze provides a pungent, sweet fragrance that merely adds a hint of spice to down-home hospitality. Nearing the entrance the ledge widens, an overhang juts from the rocks above, shielding guests from all weather.

It is one of those rare late afternoons that Nika and At-man have off. By any sane standard of life a living person should be inside the coolness of caverns, or weyrs, or soaking in the water. But Nika is neither standard nor sane, and so she and her dragon are sprawled out on their ledge. The tiny woman's arms are spread as far as they can, her legs a sharp 'V' off her body, as she watches as lazy clouds drift across the sky. "Bunny!" Is shouted at one, to which the blue most disagree because she lets the teeny 'pfffft' sound escape her lips before pointing upward, "See, there are its ears!"

Then there is something that is definitely not a bunny. A noise, just off to the side, from something much larger. The sort of sound the lovechild between a creaky wooden door and an immensely oversized corvid might squark out. It isn't long before - WHOOSH - Chorzeczyoth swoops into view, rider taggin' along as they glide past with an idle flap. They almost look to be passing right by! Almost boredly. Until… they don't, and turn decidedly less-than-gracefully, to head STRAIGHT FOR Nika and At-man's ledge. With little sign of slowing down, but WITH a delighted yell from D'tri - "DEAD MAN LANDIIING!"

"No, that isn't a bunny!" Nika comments with a squeal as she leaps from her cloud-watching spot, and shoos herself and her giagantic blue to the side of the ledge, making more room for the impending drop of the bronze. In the surprise attack of the bronze and rider, the little blue rider hadn't yet bothered to focus on the who's who. "D'tri? D'tri! Is that you?" Another squeal as not really waiting for them to land she bounds forward.

Barrel-chested and sort of oddly proportioned he may be, but Chorzeczoyth's landings are smoother than they used to be. He still pretty much lands all at once, without any grace to speak of, but to his credit — Nika is not squished. And that's very much a good thing, if what he does next is anything to go by. He shifts his weight and turns with a front-half HOP, promptly enough to earn a "HRK," from up above, to breathe a short series of guttural clicks directly into her face. HI.

These noises are only barely preceded by another— the slooow fumble of D'tri nearly MELTING off of Chorzeczoyth's side, and then finally DROPPING down to just… lie there. On the ground. Sprawled. "It is meeeeeee." Then, a second later, as he turns his head just slightly to peeer at Nika from down below. "Is it warm, or is that just me. It is, isn't it."

Chorzeczoyth receives the biggest and warmest of all of Nika's greetings, unless he moves quickly, she's reaching out to HUG his face. "I missed you bronzy-bronze pants. Not that dragon's wear pants…" But, then she turns to the rider. Bouncing the steps between them, she throws her head back so she can take a good look at him, the smile she had for his dragon pulled into a face of pain and anger. Pern's smallest palm of fury flinging upward to meet cheek. "It's you. You didn't even …." Say goodbye. SNIFF. But punishment delivered the woman's face falls back into its natural smile and she falls into giggles.

Did D'tri really miss the insanity?

The insanity? Yes. The smacks? Maybe not so much. But it does help bring him back to reality, it seems, even if his head's been thwap'd into looking, momentarily, the wrong direction. "- Didn't even bring a gift?" D'tri guesses, gingerly lifting a hand to rub at his cheek. "I guess I should'a thought that one through a little better. Also, is this our new handshake now? I feel like it's our new handshake. Just a good…" He turns his head to look at Nika properly, now, before a grin makes it onto his features and he smacks himself across the cheek. A little more gently, perhaps, but enough for a sound effect to finish his sentence.

Chorzeczoyth's head turns to watch his rider at the SMACK, but… not for long. After a whrrcaw-noise that sounds suspiciously like amusement, he instead turns to LIFT his head in silent greeting at the blue nearby. Maybe sneaking glances back and forth, across ledge and toward weyr. Stuff. Everywhere. To peek at.

"That's only the second time." Nika offers with a linger of giggle in her voice, and with his acknowledgement of lack of brain activity, she rocks herself up on tip-toes to get a better look at the damage done. "You're here?" Suspicious at first, the tone, perhaps she's sleeping, or is in a coma from a threadscore. "Are you here here, or just here? Like for a visit. Have you seen your sister? Does she know?" Then in a sudden switch of mood, she rocks back on her heels, the back of her hand playing with the end of her nose ildly in a pauses of silence. "Well, hug me already!" Arms are thrown open. Atmanth is watching the whole scene unfold with what could be read as dragon-y amusement, though the greeting of the bronze draws him away from the humans, a warble as the other male looks over his things. Not many things, the outside is just home, worn-down, well loved, comfy home.

D'tri is glad to oblige with the inspection of his face, turning it just this way to show the damage. Or the lack of it. But he seems content listening to Nika rattling on after, back straightening out of his slumped posture. Clearly Nika's energy is infectious. "I'm here here! Keeping a low profile, believe it or not. Sort of." Then, promptly, comes the ordered hug, though he makes a point of scooping his arms UNDER Nika's in order to squish and lift her right off her feet, should she allow it. Or maybe even if she doesn't. Because what else is being tall good for? Still grinning, he adds in what may possibly be a small seriues of lies, "Nowhere but Southern would have me! I'm TOO WELL LOVED here."

"Low profile?" Nika would seem baffled but instead she's swept up off the ground, her arms thrown around D'tri's neck, with a 'Weeee!' Thoughts of profiles and behavior swept away in the FUN. "You are well loved here." The woman states seriously, at least as serious as she can be dangling as she is, and in the midst of laughter. "Anyway. I missed you! At-man did too. He says I get into more trouble when you're around." Good trouble apparently. "Where were you? Was it amazing? Did you miss us? Tell me the best part! And the worst!"

There is one more SQUISH, before Nika is is set back onto the floor. Not even dropped! But D'tri's hands remain on her shoulders for a little bit, so he can beam at 'er as he looks her over. Maybe she's CHANGED since he last saw her. Clearly needs investigation. "I was everywhere. Paying visits to all of the Weyrs to make sure they knew my name if they didn't already. Spreading the reputation around first-hand, right? Laying rest to rumours. Had to be done." His brow knits as he thinks for a moment, eyes trailing off to the sky in either recollection of recent events or the telltale creation of lies. Or both. "Best part? Falling off a cliff and onto Chorzeczoyth's back in an attempt to fake my death to get out of the consequences of possibly - and accidentally - bedding a Weyrleader's daughter! … Worst part? The daughter." He pulls a FACE, here, equal parts amusement and forced wincing.

Nika doesn't change, not really. Maybe her boobs finally grew! No. She never changes. "Your reputation is well earned, D'tri." The woman rolls her eyes and shakes her head, before she has to grasp her sides to control her shaking. Bouncing out from his grasp she wrinkles her nose at him, "You talk big, mister. But you ain't got that much that much game. At best you shagged a snaggle-tooth drudge's daughter and her daddy came after you and you got chicken. Too bad too, probably the best you ever got." Now with a complete loss of control the woman doubles in laughter. She never claimed to be good at smack talk.

Well, apparently it's good enough for D'tri, because his hands let go of her shoulders in order for both his arms and eyebrows to go UP in clearly faked SHOCK. Whaaat. "Nika. I'm hurt! Chorz, back me up!" He swings around, arms still up, just as the bronze veeery slowly… just cants his big head in silence. "Chorzeczoyth." D'tri corrects himself, albeit in a chuckle, "you were there! And we pulled it off, too! Soaring far off into the distance and they never even knew my name as they mourned my mug on the cliffsides." Whether through actually REMEMBERING this situation or just through imagining a stunt as successful and daring, the bronze puffs his chest out in pride as his wings get idly retucked into place. Totally happened. Or could happen. Either way. Does it matter.

Nika's eyes may slide over to the bronze, and at his big boy puffing she squints like maybe for just a second she might believe it, but in the end she just shakes her head at the dragon. "You're as bad as he is. Don't encourage him." Her little arms cross and she cocks her head to onside in her own little bubble of pride, "Yah, well. Hannah gave me a lap dance. In the living caverns. And she's not some weyrleader's daughter. She's actually knotted herself." Nevermind that was a turn or two ago. She's markin' it for the win. "Sides. At-man gets enough for us both." For this she cocks her eyebrows upward at the bronze, in a 'what-have-you-caught-son?' sort of way. And then wiping laugh-tears from her eyes, while still whimpering bits of glee audibly, she carries on. "And we don't wait around to see faces afterwards. Tail and bail." With an implied 'bitches' on the end of the statement.

"… With every thing that comes out of your mouth, I wonder more why I didn't come back sooner." This may be the first genuinely true thing that comes out of D'tri's mouth this conversation, if his slightly stunned tone of voice is of any indication. Or maybe that's just because of the news of a lap dance. "'Course, that's not to say I regret going. For reasons I might give you another time." As though just to quickly move on from that subject, it's followed up directly by a cocky grin and a louder statement of, "I haven't visited Hannah yet. Dreading that. Not as easy to please with just my presence, like you are." If Chorzeczoyth is worried about implications of not-getting-any, he certainly doesn't show it, head held high in defiance. Whatever that implies. Probably good faith more than anything else.

"Another time." Nika echoes, and lets go, but not without a look that says that conversation will happen, because he LEFT and that broke her little Nika-Dika heart. Still the conversation rolls on and she claps her hands, "Hannah is great. And it has been a while, so you can prove you've 'changed'." Even for the little bluerider, air quotes go around the word. "I can help you practice. Mock-Hannah meeting sessions. I'll be Hannah." Nika puts her hands on her waist and cat-walks about the edge of her ledge. "Look at me, look at me, I'm Hannah and I'm so HAWT and fierce." And turns in a beauty-LadyHolder-pageant wave. "Tell me what you have come here for minion!" A tiny finger juts toward D'tri.

This time it's D'tri's turn to laugh, all too happy to look at 'Hannah' and her antics. After an initial few seconds of amusement, he attempts (poorly) to stifle his chuckles and salutes! A better salute than he's pulled off before his leave, even, and he freezes at the end of it. "News has arrived, my lady!" He attempts, words uncharacteristically clear, "You must go into hiding AT ONCE. Your beauty has reached critical levels of distraction for those around you! Augh! AAGH." Finally, he unfreezes, but only to clap one hand onto his face as the other grabbyhands towards Nika. Finally, his acting talents have a use! He manages to do this with an entirely straight face. "Can't— RESIST! TOO. HOT."

"Yaaahhh, if that's what you're going to do you'll never gonna get her to like you." Nika manages a dry tone before cracking, and can only fall into laughter at his face clapping, "Try, Hannah - werywoman, I would hope you'd give me another chance, I have grown and matur—!" Only the end of the word break off as her pitch raises to a point that only canines can pick up, and with a squeal she runs a few steps away from the hand-grabby grabby. "Sooo, that's why you never got along with Hannah. Huh? You want to kiss her!" She teases, from a safe distance.

With the pretendy funtime games over, D'tri clasps his hands behind his back again. To wander, calmly, after Nika as his near ear-to-ear grin is returned to him. "She'd like that, aye? I think I deserve better. Especially now that I've grown and matured so much, see." Much like the bronze before, his chin's lifted up as he ambles. All noble and shit. Better believe it. His eyes narrow just a pinch, as they follow Nika around. "'Sides. Imagine your face when you'd find out. Heartbreaking."

"Deserve better, 'Tri?" Nika eyes roll so eye only the smallest bit of color is left. "The only thing you've grown into is a bigger ass." Still smile matches grin, as she manages, with a stride and a half to his one to stay just beyond, until the last statement and her face squishes up and her fist clamp down against her sides. "If you think I'm still hung up on you or somethin', Dimitri. You go kiss Hannah. You'd deserve what she'd do to you. 'Specially if that weyrleader daughter story is true." The thought of Hannah pounding the bronzer into a bloody pulp causes another row of bubbly giggles. "Unless you're just covering up how heartbroken you are that I was just fine without you."

Amusement makes its way further across D'tri's face, perhaps because of the use of names, or because of the possibility that Nika might actually believe the weyrleader's daughter story. But when she stops, he does as well. Perfectly still, stage-practised posture worthy of the most critical mother's praise. "Mh." His eyes stay locked on Nika's face, pausing mid-thought. His own controlled look of smug contentment does not fade in the least, providing a bit of disconnect when he next says, simply, "… Li'l bit."

He stops, he's smug, he's…completely baffled Nika, whose head flops slightly to one side like a confused puppy. "Oh." All she does is blink, all her normal energy contained in the flashing up and down of lids, as she thinks or at least tries to. "Oh?" She tries the word again as if this time it might guage the honesty of the bronzer's answer. Finally some other part of her moves, as a finger yanks down on a slowly growing curl, which snaps back up wildly when released. "Really? Cause…I mean…" Her little hands come together, one a little walking guy who gets on the other hand, and then the two hands fly away and then she just points at him.

There is no help from D'tri, when it comes to gauging honesty. Though Nika's baffledness does bring him to suck in some air that is then released immediately afterwards in what may be a sigh of relief. "Yeah, well, you weren't the reason I disappeared." He unfreezes from his mostly static position, all at once, to spin 'round on a heel and head back to Chorzeczoyth, who rumbles a few throaty noises as he's patted roughly on the side of his beakish snout. "But you might be one'a the reasons I'm planning on staying, this time."

Nika hasn't move from her spot, she doesn't move, though her head follows him as he retreats back to his dragon. "Me?" It's more a squeak than a question, and the finger that was turned on him turns into her own chest, before dropping. A step or two is taken, tentatively, toward the dragon. "Hey, 'Mitri." Her smile unable to stay hidden for long returns with a vengeance, "I'm glad your back back."

Some things, D'tri will know how to make look good. He's spent enough time on enough stages to know how to move properly, even if he may not always choose or bother to. But climbing a 17 foot high dragon? Nope. Nope nope. It's all grunts and grabbing the wrong straps and Chorzeczoyth lowering himself in learned habit. Come oonnnn. "Good!" He replies, cheerfully, only to Nika's last statement, decidedly not answering the earlier question. And only once he's finally all the way up where he was going in the first place does he look back down at her again. "Now, 's find out how much drink it'll take me to get into my first spot of real trouble since getting back, aye?" He'd make a grand gesture but… Chorzeczoyth has not outgrown the habit of BOUNDING on his way to the ledge's edge, causing his rider to sink loooww and HOLD ON for DEAR LIFE all the way until wings are spread and they're in mid-air again. Whooosh.

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