Diem, Zaria


Seeking shelter from the storm, Zaria needs Diem's help when the sandstorm leave her worse for wear.


It is morning of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Galleries, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 27 Dec 2018 05:00



"Blast it all between!!"



Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

One of the best locations at Igen to wait out a sandstorm is the hatching cavern and galleries. Protected and shielded from the elements, there's hardly any danger of getting sand burn across any exposed skin on the body in this covered area. The howling wind and the pelting sand against the stone walls can be heard quite clearly and yet it doesn't seem to disturb Zsaviranth as she turns her eggs. Diem is rather used to these types of storms and she's currently watching the gold from her vantage point upon a stone bench in the galleries. With a shawl draped around her shoulders, the Weyrwoman appears to be staring off at nothing in particular at the moment.

Seems someone got a little turned around in the storn when a particularly nasty gust got Zaria square in the face, her eyes unprotected because she was only going a short way. Or that was the plan anyway. With the help of her blue, she managed to make it to the entrance of the Galleries, feeling her way around and letting Azrith guide her as best he can in the limited visibility. When she's finally out of the storm, the brownrider spits and sputters out sand before her hands go delicately to her eyes to try and brush the worse away. She's cursing the fact that she forgot to bring a waterskin with her, and follows up with the more audible type of cursing as anything she does just grinds the sand in deeper. "Blast it all between!!" She says in a rather uncharacteristic outburst for the relatively calm Wingleader.

Nothing snaps a person out of their reverie like a cursing wingleader, which quite obviously has Diem directing her focus toward the bluerider. "Zaria! Are you okay?" Clearly not by the way the woman is dashing at her eyes. Diem stands up from her seat upon the bench and lets the shawl drop from her shoulders while grabbing hold of her cup of water in the process. She makes her way over to the wingleader and then reaches for her elbow. "Come over here and sit down, I've some water. It's two steps straight ahead of you to get to the bench." She helps guide her along if allowed. "If you sit and then tilt your head back, I can flush out what sand I can." Apparently this is a common practice in the dragonhealer yard when she's on duty!

Trying to recognize the voice, Zaria snaps her head in its direction, "Weyrwoman? is that you?" Her training doesn't let for anything imformal as she takes an educated guess and sigh a bit in relief as she drops her hands from her eyes, angry red and streaming tears that are trying to dislodge the sharp grains of sand from sensitive tissue. When she feels the woman's hand on her elbow, she lets herself be lead, mindful of the directions, and manages to settle onto the bench with only a litle wobble, turning her head up as instructed. "Oh thank Faranth, you'd think after a couple Turns here, I would now better than to go out in a sandstorm without the right protection," she states a little sheepishly with an embaressed chuckle.

"Yes, it's me." Diem confirms as she helps guide Zaria to the stone bench a few feet away. Once her patient is settled, she takes a moment to assess the damage and then nods knowingly to herself. She smiles warmly even though Zaria might not be able to see it clearly and then helps her tilt back a teensie bit in preparation for the water. "It happens to everyone. You can live here your whole life and still manage to get caught out in a sandstorm." That last bit has a bit a chuckle that follows and soon she's brushing some of the particles of sand away from the woman's eyes. "Okay, I'm going to pour water and it's going to trickle down into your eyes. Blink a few times and then keep them open. Ready?"

Letting her head be tilted back even further, Zaria is blinking furiously already as she laughs weakly, "I guess that's somewhat reassuring, I'm just glad I ran into you in here. How's the clutch doing? I keep meaning to come and see them but work is never ending." Her nervous rambling trails off as she can feel Diem's touch on her face, brushing away the excess sand. As the older woman describes what she is going to do, Zaria nods her head just a little bit in understanding, "Okay, I'll definitely try. It's not that I'm not used to getting sand in my eye, growing up at Ista, but the sheer quantity that gets kicked up in a storm here is unreal." Some more rambling, but at least she holds still.

Now that Zaria is aware of what is about to be done, Diem pours some water and allows enough from her cup to flush the eyes with a good dose. "Sandstorms are not to be taken lightly even if you are inside the Weyr. As you've just experienced." She watches as the bluerider blinks and then keeps her eyes open long enough for another flushing of water to take place. "Hmm." Now Diem is looking for any signs of excess sand and doesn't see anything right away. "How does that feel? Try not to rub your eyes right away. I've a cloth here that you can use to dab around them if you'd like." A soft purple scarf is then fetched from around her neck and held ready should Zaria wish to take it.

Blinking furiously when she can feel the water drip into her eyes, Zaria forces them open tfor the second flushing, still fluttering lashes as she tries to help wash out the excess grit. Finally the itchy sting is much less and the burning subsides with a relieved sigh, "Much better! Thank you so much." Reaching for the scarf, she dabs as instructed around her eyes to get at the excess water and tears, the redness starting to go down. "Well I've certainly learned my lesson not to take the weather here for granted. Hopefully with winter just around the corner we'll get some respite." Finally taking in the view of the eggs and the bulk of Igen's senior queen, she hmmmmms consideringly, "Another nice bunch out there. Hopefully they are as good as the last batch, really glad with how Arroyo's new recruits are fitting in."

Diem breathes a sigh of relief when she can see Zaria feeling better than before. "Good." Breathed more to herself, that. She straightens a bit and then takes a seat next to the wingleader now that the sandy crisis has been averted and then casts her gaze toward Zsaviranth and the eggs. "To answer your question," From a few minutes ago. "The clutch is hardening just fine. Things are steady with visitors coming in to see us and Wendryth has been a gem per usual." She tilts a smile over at Zaria next. "They should be hatching within the next few sevendays, I'd think. She never tells me an exact date, but I can take a guess for a rough estimate. And I'm glad to hear that Arroyo's recruits are doing well. I've a few new faces in Mirage that I haven't had much interaction with yet." Being sands bound, of course, doesn't help with that.

Zaria continues to dab at her eyes, which are starting to return to normal, smiling in return to Diem's answer to her previous question, she tilts her head to one side as she gazes back over the Sands. "A few sevendays huh? A Hatching is always a fun event. Yeah, I think I chose well with the ones I managed to snagged, really living up to expectations. But can't be surprised with Vosji teaching them. She was my Weyrlingmaster back at Ista you know." There's the nervous rambling again, most people understand it's just the way the bluerider is, she can't really help it. As to Diem's last, she chuckles just a little bit, "Yeah, it has to be rough being stuck in here for months on end. I'm endlessly thankful that Azrith hatched blue and not brown, especially with how much he chases."

There's a fond smile when Vosji is mentioned and Diem gives another nod. "Zsaviranth is fond of her Iskanzivoth. I was thrilled when Vosji was given Igen's Weyrlingmaster knot because I just knew she'd do great things with each class. And so far she's done just that." There's a whuffle from the gold upon the sands as if she, too, agrees with what her rider had just said about the Weyrlingmaster. A shrug then rolls from Diem's shoulders at the thought of being sands bound for a few months. "It's something you have to get used to. Some clutches are better than others and the seasons tend to determine what sort of experience you'll have. Being stuck here during the heart of summer is… a challenge."

"She definitely has," Zaria agrees with Vosji having done a good job here at Igen, "Her ex-weyrlings tend to do great things." She says with a playful note in her voice, making a reference to herself perhaps, a rare attempt at a joke. She turns her attention at the gold's whuffle with a smile acknowledging the queen with a polite bow of her head. Back to Diem, she smiles again, "Oh I'm sure you get used to it, I'm just personally glad I never had to. Yeah, I can imagine summer is definitely not fun out here." Now that she's almost back to normal, the lingering redness around her eyes is hardly noticeable, she looks towards the entrance as if she is wondering if she dares venture out again. As if remembering it at the last minute, she holds the scarf back out for Diem, "Here, thanks again."

A forestalling hand lifts and Diem smiles at Zaria. "Perhaps you should keep it to help shield your eyes if you need it out there." The wind is still whipping and the sand sounds like it's still pelting against the stone walls — never a good sign! "You can bring it back when you have another free moment since you know where you can find me." Of course, she assumes the Arroyo wingleader has free time these days. Perhaps she does! "Be safe out there. I'll see you at the Hatching festivities if not before." And with that said, Diem stands up from her seat and makes her way down toward the railing where she can slip back onto the sands.

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