Diem, R'zel, Va'os


A visiting Weyrwoman watches a few Southern riders take on the infamous obstacle course.


It is the fourth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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"Orrr I could just have one of these built at Igen."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

The beach at Southern Weyr now looks rather different - it's to be hoped that any visitors in the habit of betweening straight to the seashore have been made aware of this fact. The obstacle course only takes up a small fraction of its length, of course, but it's a noticeable feature, not far from the Weyr, and growing. Wheel rims to step in and out of, logs to vault, nets to scramble under, a high wall, a curved wall, balance beams, and a lovely mudpit to slide across on a rope have now been augmented by a slippery pole to cross and some loose nets to scramble beneath. Today it's free of candidates and weyrlings, but some of the wings are trying their luck. Amongst them, about half of Ocelot are here, either somewhere on the course, or rejoicing in having finished and watching those who are still going round. R'zel tries to lead by example, so he's already been round once, and he's currently shouting instructions to one of his greenriders who's turned out to be less than keen on swinging on ropes. "Both hands, Damey! Come on, man, it's only mud!"

The popularity of the obstacle course has only grown over the days! Ocelot isn't the only Wing present, some of Jaguar has turned out to give it a shot as well. Va'os is prime example of having gone through it, to judge from the state of his clothes and the mud still coating some parts of him. It's not the first time he's tackled this thing! Though today luck hasn't favoured him ? which he takes in stride in his usual humour. "You should tell him the mud's good for his skin," he quips jokingly to R'zel, from where he stands to observe from his vantage point. Tsiroth is nearby as well, sprawled all too comfortably on the sand and probably making his own commentary; verbal and musical, in private to his rider… or to anyone who'll 'listen'.

Igen's senior pair announced their presence to the Southern dragon populace the moment they winked in from ::between:: and have since been in a 'meeting' with Mayte. No one has really seen them out and about the Weyr since their arrival, but that doesn't mean Zsaviranth hasn't been mingling with other mindscapes. The herbaceous scent of white sage indicates that the desert queen is very much present and listening to the chatter around her. It's no surprise that Diem opts for the beach when Mayte is suddenly called away to deal with a temporary pressing issue, which has the Igen weyrwoman wandering past the boardwalk and onto the sand to take in the ocean breeze and scenery. Dressed in summery Igen garb (yes, that big knot is pinned to her shoulder), Diem's sari sports fiery colors of burnt orange and yellow that contrast well with her dark hair and tanned skin. The obstacle course does, in fact, catch her eye as well as the riders running it and she finds herself walking closer to the huge fixture with sandals hooked between two fingers. Amused are her tawny colored eyes when she catches the Weyrleader's comment, "And it'll bring volume to lifeless hair."

It's probably Verokanth who gives R'zel the hint that there's a visitor arriving; he turns before Diem's comment, which he's near enough to hear. He himself has managed to avoid the worst of the mud - so far. Today, anyway! He tosses off a sharp salute to the Igen goldrider. "Morning, Weyrwoman. Welcome - have you come to have a look at our new… facility?" There's a fair amount of amusement in his expression as he gestures towards the course, which is far from visually appealing.

Tsiroth is on his best behaviour today, no thanks to Va'os' stern warnings once he was made aware of Zsaviranth's arrival. It'd do no one any good if the bronze's antics upset Rhiscorath and the Igen gold; if left to his own devices, it could go that way. So with some relief, the Weyrleader can focus on being social… and hopefully not blunder either. "I forgot about the hair!" he continues off of Diem's comment with a snap of his fingers, only to smoothly move into a salute. Grinning, he adds on the heels of R'zel's greeting. "Morning, Weyrwoman ? and it's really quite the facility…" Though as one rider slips and misses his mark, the bronzerider visibly winces. Ow, that look like it stung? Clearing his throat, he'll quirk a brow. "How are things up north, in Igen? Been awhile since I've had the chance to speak to H'rik."

Diem acknowledges the saluting bronzeriders with a polite nod before offering a quick introduction — they might know who she is, but doesn't know them! "Diem." A thumb is tugged in the general direction of the bowl. "Zsaviranth is more than likely holding court with Rhiscorath." There's a grin that follows as she turns to regard R'zel and then the obstacle course. "It's quite impressive. And a perfect location!" Apparently she's still loving the salty breeze from the Azov when Va'os reminds her of the spring time weather in Igen. "Things are well back home. H'rik is busy at the moment with our T-Tourney events, which you are both invited to come watch if you are able to visit." When the rider slips, Diem might wince along with Va'os. "It looks like you both have been through this… facility. Do you have a favorite section?" Could be a trick question!

R'zel has, in fact. "The walls, I think. Though most people seem to like the rope slide." He glances sideways to check the progress of his unfortunate greenrider. "That might not include D'amey there," he adds with a wince: D'amey is now wallowing in the mud. "Oh well, at least it's a good day for it, and the location is perfect if you need to wash the mud off." The wingleader raises his harper-trained voice to its loudest and tells the greenrider, "Get out of there and do it again! You're going to crack this!" Then back to Diem in a more moderate tone. "A tourney? That sounds intriguing. What are the contests?"

"A few times," Va'os shrugs in false modesty to Diem and flashes her a quick, wry smile for her introduction. "Va'os," he offers in turn, and then tilts his head to where Tsiroth is now watching them in open interest. "And that's Tsiroth." There's a snicker sent to R'zel when he calls encouragement out to D'amey. "Maybe he was just taking our advice about the mud?" Not that the greenrider could've heard it! He won't be the only one intrigued by mention of the T-Tourney; Tsiroth is 'listening' in and Va'os echoes the same. "I don't think I've ever heard of that sort of event before…" Tell them more, Diem! Tell them everything.

"There are dragon pair and team relay races, aerial demonstrations, groundcrew foot races, Dragonball…" Diem says with a bright smile. "All sorts of action for both dragonriders and residents! Our Bazaar will also have their own festivities." IE: sales! and (hopefully) less crime. Hey, she can hope right? The goldrider then considers R'zel's favorite section of the course and then looks over at said walls. "I… would probably just hang from the ropes." she says with a laugh. "I'm built more for agility." Just don't ask her to demonstrate in this sari.

R'zel isn't quite as tall as his Weyrleader, but he's still a good size and shape for climbing things. "Perhaps you'd prefer the balance bars," he suggests, then adds his own introduction. "R'zel, Verokanth's, of Ocelot." He nods appreciatively at the description of the Tourney events. "Dragonball - that does sound fun. I can see that getting a good following. Wing teams, or something else?"

Va'os almost asks that very thing of Diem, but luckily other conversations prove too interesting and engaging. Still, that doesn't keep him from grinning at her mischievously. There's a low, appreciative whistle to the list of events. "Just about a little of everything, for anyone and everyone!" he remarks, while his brows furrow in thought; and given it's him, it may be suspicious. What is he thinking? "When is this T-Tourney supposed to happen? Maybe if we're not facing Threadfall within that time frame…" Is he considering taking up the Weyrwoman's offer earlier to come spectate? From the sidelong look he gives R'zel, that's a very big possibility.

"Perhaps I should come back dressed in outdoor gear to try those balance beams." Diem looks thoughtful as she actually considers doing just that. Then she's reminded that Mayte will be returning soon and she'll be venturing back inside for a good chunk of the day. "Orrr I could just have one of these built at Igen." A toothy grin follows and she then peers at Va'os, "Toward the end of the month. I'm sure H'rik will send you details should you want to come see certain events." She'll just volunteer her Weyrleader for the task! She then considers R'zel's inquiry and attempts to recall the memo that crossed her desk in recent days, "There are wing teams for certain events and also individual competitions." A beat, "Perhaps it's not such a bad idea to have our own obstacle course for Igenites to train on. Will either of you show me the finer details of this facility?" No, she didn't just flutter her lashes. Okay maybe a little~

"I'd be glad to walk you round, Weyrwoman, and my wingmates will be happy to demonstrate anything you'd like to see in action." Oh yes they will! So obliging, R'zel! "In fact, if you'd like to walk this way, some of them are just about to go round again." That probably won't include D'amey, who had finally made it across the mudpit and is looking expectantly towards R'zel. Not just yet, anyway. R'zel gives him a thumbs-up, and the greenrider scoots towards the sea to clean up.

"Outdoor gear isn't necessary. Just something, uh… sturdy," Va'os almost sticks his foot in his mouth there. Almost. "You don't want to bog yourself down. Unless you're looking to up the challenge?" Now he's back to grinning at Diem, which only brightens when she brings up H'rik and the potential of further details. "That'd be nice! Give him my regards, eh? And if you do go ahead with building one up in Igen, I'll definitely have to swing by to see how it compares." Was that another sort of challenge? Who knows. He does, however, dip his head and chuckle under his breath, gesturing for R'zel and Diem to lead the way. If Ocelot's Wingleader thought he was going to have all the 'fun' in entertaining their guest? Va'os is going to be a persistent shadow… at least until something calls him away (and it will)!

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