Odesse, D'ex, Zynth


Odie's just drinking and minding her own business until Zynth invites her to come up and take a problematic shirt off D'ex's hands.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - River Delta

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« No other people up there, naked or otherwise. No, why would D’ex have company over? I’m the only one who ever has company over. »


River Delta

At last! The winding Black Rock River spills into the Sea of Azov through the fingers of the river delta. Small islands form around the estuaries as the deep river rises up to meet the shallower inland sea. Rich in nutrients, this part of the river teems with fish that come to lay their eggs at the boundary where fresh and salt water mix. During the mating seasons, the delta is clogged with seacraft and trader vessels fishing for the best catch of the year. The stirring of silt from the estuaries creates the murkier waters of the delta; a stark contrast to the crystal clarity of the inland sea.

It is the seventy-ninth day of Winter and 37 degrees. Still dark and overcast, the winter rain has picked up and become heavier, albeit still pleasant.

For a climate dominated by muggy, humid summers, this wet winter evening might even be classified as freezing! But it’s at least tolerable if one dresses in enough layers. Odesse may have been going a bit stir crazy being couped up due to the steady winter rains and so, as soon as there was a break, she bundled up and she is out! Apparently she does own more clothing than just bathing suits. She actually has pants. And like three sweaters, all of which are on at the moment, plus that jacket. She might be bulky in the layers, but she’s warm enough and the dolphineer and her flask are going for a little walk along the river delta. A shame it’s been so overcast there aren’t any stars to look at, but what’s a girl to do? Drink, apparently.

The delta is a beautiful view, truly. Perhaps it is one of the reasons that Zynth chose the weyr he did. At any rate, the lone figure is locked on from above. The svelte, little blue dragon is swooping down in moments,clothing no worry here, nor even the chill. Rather, frost reaches out to the dolphineer, gentle and not even demanding attention should the drink keep the flakes and the shadow of the dragon not be noticed. Big wings, pull up and Zynth is landing, no words yet, but eyes lock on Odesse brightly. This was his Odesse. Or, perhaps not. Or, perhaps she just didn’t know that she was his, despite her protests to that particular fact. Either way, the dragon is pleased to see her. His mind already reaching upward, flashing images of the familiar face to his rider in the weyr above, evoking emotions far different from Zynth’s gentle pleased.

Odesse shivers a bit, first probably assuming the chill and wind are normal things, but the growing shadow of dragonwings does catch her attention. The woman scooches herself over to the side of the path to make a little more room for the blue to land. Small he may be, he’s still huge to those not intimately involved with dragons on a daily basis. And sure, the journeywoman may have objected to being collected, but she still likes Zynth alright, although it’s a suspicious glance given looking for his rider. Since she can’t actually spot the sharding pirate bluerider, she’ll take another swig of her flask before broaching the subject. “Howdy, Zynth. D’ex not with ye tonight?”

Wings open and close once before settling to the blue’s side, his head snaking now to Odesse’s level as he speaks, « Mine is at home worrying over clothing that does not belong to him. But I can get him, if you wish to speak to him. Or I can bring you up to my weyr. » The words come with a swirl of snow, the blue’s nose reaching out to sniff at the bottle, « If your liquor is running low, we have some home-brewed from our neighbor, Th’res. Perhaps you would like a taste? » Or perhaps the blue simply delights in bringing folks home with him, collection or no collection or unwittingly collected or whatever. « And how are your friends in the waves? The weather is not bothering them, or you, is it? » Though Taliveth might keep in touch with the dolphins, Zynth does not, merely visiting when accompanying Taliveth, but rarely seeking them out on his own. « Come up to my weyr? For some liquor? It is not far, just up the cliff. » The blue crouches, his shoulder lowered to allow an easy climb up, though the dragon is without a harness now.

Odesse really can’t help but let out a snort at the image conjured up when Zynth mentions his rider being consumed with worry over other folks clothes, although she does manage to throw up an arm to block any possible droplets of rum from being flung towards the dragon with the snort. Manners, she has a few and why she doesn’t run away completely at his offer of hospitality. That’d just be rude, even if this does scream trap. The dolphineer’s at least had enough liquid courage to be able to ignore the trap warnings for a moment. “The dolphins are doing alright… the water doesn’t get as cold as quickly as the air does.” And why would a little rain bother the aquatic creatures? There’s a skeptical eyebrow raise as the blue quickly goes back to trying to persuade her to go back to his weyr. “Ye sure D’ex ain’t gonna mind? ‘N ye mentioned clothes… I ain’t gonna find any naked folks up there, am I?” The thought of encountering D’ex naked unexpectedly causes her to shudder, and not the good kind. More like that time she ate some bad oysters. But despite the question and the shuddering, she’s still moving to accept that help up onto his back.

« No other people up there, naked or otherwise. No, why would D’ex have company over? I’m the only one who ever has company over. » After all, Zynth knows people and D’ex doesn’t. The blue will meet the news that the dolphins are faring well with a swirl of frost, though it is not clear if he notices or understands the reason for that shudder, « Come, the weyr is warm and the liquor is good and no, D’ex will not mind. He is busy and will not be bothered. » Or perhaps, bothering him is the goal here. After all, in generally the rider did not appreciate his blue bringing home people randomly. It sorta messed with his everything. Still, the blue will wait for Odesse to climb up and get settled, he does not take off right away, but straightens slowly, wings again opening, « Hold on. » And with that, Zynth is up, one pull and he’s airborn, two and they are climbing the cliff-face. There is no fancy flying here, no tricks or bother to worry his passanger, but climbing up, up, UP! For a moment, all of the delta is visible, the fall’s water spray is just barely felt, though the air is thinner in just that short climb. « And Here- » The blue turns, ducking into what could be a shadow in the cliff-face, his ledge is tucked farther back than his neighbor’s, shadowed at almost all hours of the day and even now with a large stone overhang. Claws scrap on the smoothed surface and wings start to fold, « My Weyr. »

Tonight is really the snorting sort of night for Odesse. Or maybe that’s because her flask is already mostly empty. Either way, she can’t quite hide the laughter as she scrambles on up. She might not be used to dragonrider, especially sans straps, but holding on is something she’s a professional at. “At least if he ever does have some company over, he’s got ye to remind him of his manners.” Not that its foolproof, but she could imagine how a D’ex dinner party without Zynth would go. Someone would be served a stabbing for sure. She holds her breathe a bit when they get the full view of the delta and the waterfall, but eventually breathing can resume as normal as they arrive. The trip down a dragon back is much quicker and easier than getting up in the first place and off she slides, glancing around for the red-headed rider, when he’s not immediately visible she’s just going to creep in a little bit further to see how far she can get without being noticed, although she has been drinking and so her ‘careful, sneaky walk’ is way over-exagerated. Odie turns around to raise a finger in the shhh sign to Zynth as she attempts to drunk-ninja her way in further.

The blue’s wings shuffle as he straightens again, eyes whirling an amused green as Odesse starts around the corner into the weyr proper. Still, he makes no announcement of his guest, nor himself. Claws are placed carefully, step by step following Odesse. The weyr opens up, larger than a blue really requires, but almost looking un-lived in. The place’s walls are prefectly smooth and rounded in an arching oval, like being on the inside of an egg, the sandy bowl in the center of the weyr is ringed by a raised, flat area that has been filled with D’ex’s living space, a bed on one end, a table, some shelves and a little nook holding a kitchen. D’ex himself can be seen with his back to the entrance, heated coals in a basket next to him, an iron heating on those and a jacket and shirt layed out on the ironing board. He doesn’t move, but his voice rises, “Ey, you’re back quickly, thought you were going swimming. You decide that the ocean is too cold for even you?” The words are directed completely toward Zynth, the rider still completely unaware of anyone else’s presence here. Still, Odesse told Zynth to shhhhhh, sooooooo, Zynth does not reply.

Odesse really can’t believe her luck, but really it’s not too surprising since D’ex has a suspicious lack of things left around that one could trip over. Even in her tipsy state, she can manage her own two feet just fine and hasn’t hit any unexpected obstacles. She hunkers down a little beside Zynth once she does spot the bluerider. Like maybe she can just pretend to be his little, mysteriously blonde and human shaped shadow. He’s watched for a moment, but then he calls out. Dolphineer glances at the dragon for a moment to see if he’s gonna say something, but since he doesn’t look like he had, Odie’s gonna take the intiative. “Nah! All that swimmin’ is some thirsty work. Zynth said he had some mighty good booze up here. Ye gonna pour it for him?” Or should she rummage through his kitchen on her own?

D’ex turns in alarm, eyes wide, “WHAT?! Huh? Odesse? How…why? God damn it. Zynth, we talked out this! We talked about bringing people home. And how you should NOT!” It only takes a quick one-over for D’ex to see that Odesse is under the influence, his arms fold, his task momentarily forgotten, “And he said we were sharing? Why do you believe anything that comes out of him?!” Still, with a heaved sigh, D’ex will turn, walking toward the kitchen and getting out a mug and a bottle, “Where did he pick you up from? You came willingly, right? Oh, don’t touch anything. Please.” The mug is filled and held out to Odesse, “Come on, sit or you’ll spill this and I’ll have to be unhappy. Sit. And tell me about that annoying boy-toy of your’s because he’s painfully cute and I have some of his stuff.” Zynth slips in and settles into his bowl, watching but not speaking again just yet.

Odesse glances over her shoulder back towards Zynth as D’ex does his yelling thing and gives the blue a sympathetic eyeroll. She might understand why he wants to collect other people a little more now, not that she’s willing to be part of a permanent collection! “It’s his Weyr too. Why shouldn’t he get to invite folks to it? He said ye never do…” But since he’s headed to the kitchen she’ll follow along. Her poor little flask is all empty after all. “Down by the river. ‘N ye, willingly. I ain’t in the habit of lettin’ myself get kidnapped.” And the eagerness is clear by the grabby hands she makes at the mug. She’ll hold it steady enough as she ends up finding a seat as requested. It’s easier to drink while seated, although the last question has her blinking. “Boy-toy? I ain’t got no boy-toy…” And then she thinks about it a moment more because, well, she’s got a couple possibilities to think about. “Ye mean that brownrider from High Reaches… nah. Or, N’tash… but he also ain’t no boy-toy.” And she hasn’t seen him in a while. Drunk Odie is probably telling herself she needs to make an effort to track down the bronzerider soon, but will sober Odie actually remember to do that the next day is the real question.

“It IS his weyr too, but it is also MY weyr and I appreciate a little heads up if he is going to be dragging people up here.” D’ex caps the bottle and turns to put it away, a sigh of relief that Odesse is here willingly, though to some degree, all of Zynth’s people ended up willing. It wasn’t like the blue could force someone to mount him and picking a human up in his mouth or claws required a lower class dragon than Zynth was. However, at the proclamation of no boy-toy, D’ex will pause, “Oh no? Cute dude? Dolphineer with a name that starts with a … B? Or…an S? Or something? He talked like you two where a thing. Is it serious then? You and that kid? He’s a total mess, you should teach him how to drink properly and keep his head. Or something.” Though D’ex may not know how much Odesse has had tonight, she does seem to be a better drunk than that other guy. No matter how thankful D’ex might be that Odesse does, in fact, sit at the request, he will keep an eye on her. He doesn’t want his nice white coach covers getting a drop of anything on them. D’ex didn’t think he could convince Odesse out of her clothing even if she did stain it, so best just not stain anything, right? “He’s got kinda brownish hair, blue eyes, kinda a dumbass? Not ringing any bells? Jeez, I thought I was bad at remembering people I sleep with, if you really have no clue what I’m talking about, perhaps you get to win on that one.” D’ex turns back to his ironing board and lifts the pressed jacket off of it and holds it up, “This is his?”

Lucky for D’ex, Odesse has a very firm rule about not spilling booze that she tries to stick to and she hasn’t had nearly enough that the rule might be in jeopardy yet. So far booze, shirts and couches are all safe! She does scrunch her nose up as she really thinks, raising her free hand to scratch at her head. It helps with the thinking process! “Dolphineer… with a B… ye mean Bronrick?” She gives a dismissive wave. “Ye were kind of right about him being a dumbass sometimes, but he definitely ain’t mine! And hey!” She sets the drink down on the floor in front of the couch so she can defiantly cross her arms without worries of spilling drinks because priorities! “One, it shouldn’t matter at all to ye just how many folks I’m sleepin’ with, but two, ain’t none of ‘em dolphineers ‘n I do remember their names.” Most of them. She’s too busy glaring to really look at the jacket to see if it really does ring any bells.

“Bronrick… .maybe? He like-this tall?” D’ex sounds skeptical as he lifts the jacket up to the height it might be worn at, frowning, “Here, either way, I don’t want to deal with him unless I get to bring him home and if he’s not your’s, then sure, I’m not restricting myself again.” If it was that easy to get they guy’s jacket off, how hard could it be to get the rest of his clothing off? The Jacket is layed down again, D’ex is trying not to look at that cup on the ground. There are coasters only a few feet away on the coffee table. A coaster under the mug on the ground would be better, but still, D’ex tries to focus on the worry at hand, “Look, I have some of his clothing and reality says I won’t see him for a good long while, so if you could take these off my hands and get them back to him, it would be appreciated. I’d assume he lives somewhere in the barracks, or the residential terraces or has a room in the crafter hall, but I really don’t care, I just don’t want to be storing these.” He picks up the iron, checks the tempeture and starts to run it over the shirt, though this shirt has been in his possession for quite a while now, apparently it wrinkled at some point. Maybe? That little crease counts as a wrinkle, right?

Odesse shakes her head as that’s one dolphineer who is about as tall as she is, not the taller heigh D’ex indicates. It doesn’t take much more brain racking before another name jumps to mind, maybe inspired by staring at that shirt. “Ye mean Bast?” She laughs right out loud when the name comes to her as she’s picking up her drink again. It was only temporarily on the floor! “Ye are welcome to him. Maybe if ye keep him busy enough, he’ll finally shut up fer a minute or two…” Because drunk singing may be common in the halls of the dolphin complex at night and while Odie usually partakes, sometimes she just wants to go to bed and the singing still continues! “How in Farnath’s names did ye end up with Bast’s shirt… and jacket? I ain’t returning his undies if ye got those in the stack over there.” She draws a line somewhere and underwear fetching is it apparently.

“Bast?” Still, D’ex sounds doubtful, “I don’t know, none of these sound familiar. Either way, I met the guy at the bar, and once before that when I was working with you. I’ve only ever met him when he’s drunk.” Which may or may not have severely warped D’ex’s perception of the man. Either way, he shrugs, iron again running over the shirt, “He was being irresponsible and by the time he would have been of a mind to save his clothing, he would have let them ruin. I couldn’t let that happen.” He glances to where she means and shakes his head, “No, there are undies in there, but not his. I just have this shirt and jacket from him.” D”ex will not question other people’s lines, but nods, “Just get this back to him, let him know that D’ex says ‘Hi’ an maybe don’t mention how damn attractive he is? He does like guys, right?” Hmmmm, D’ex makes a mental note to ask people’s orientation when they are too drunk to remember he asked. Next time, he’d get it right next time. And you know, gotta ask A’ndi how he feels about chestnut brown hair rather than red, but hey with floppy brown hair and blue eyes, that dolphineer dude checked all of D’ex’s boxes. Minus the dumbass-part.

Since Bronrick is a relatively recent addition to Southern’s dolphineers, Odesse is going to safely assume that the mystery drunk the shirt belongs to is Sebastian and practically cackle as she reaches for the shirt and jacket. A plan is definitely forming on how to return them, although they might not end up in as pristine condition as if D’ex had returned them himself. Too bad for Bast! But she does turn an eyebrow towards D’ex on the last. “Ye know, if yer having trouble getting ‘dates’, ye might be able to send Zynth over there to lure folks up to yer weyr. He seems to have the gist of it.” Zynth, wingman dragon of the turn. The promise of a good drink was good enough to get her up there, even knowing D’ex was involved.

D’ex laughs, the iron running over the shirt one last time, “I do not have trouble getting ‘dates’, Odesse. I promise.” The iron is put aside and the shirt shaken out, “Besides, my dragon bringing me people is not necessarily a healthy habit to foster.” Because D’ex is so into maintaining healthy habits, right? Totally. Absolutely. He’s all into healthy habits. “But if you want to barrow him and have him deliver nice young men to your crafterhall, I’m not going to say no.” D’ex folds the shirt, turning to look at the blue in question, “What do ya say buddy? Think you could help Oddie out?” Zynth blinks slowly, his mind unchanging, « No. I’m sorry. No fun in that for me. » His tone is amused, but nothing about it is flexible, « I’m afraid you will have to find someone else to find you both bed warmers. »

Odesse is a bit too busy taking a big gulp of her drink to snort at that, but she will glance dubiously over the cup at D’ex. Him? Getting dates? Skeptical Odie is skeptical, but yet she still somehow ended up accepting an offer to take a ride up to get some free booze. “I think I’m gonna have to pass, no offense Zynth. If I’m gettin’ lonely, I can always just head on down to the Kitten.” It’s worked often enough in the past, but alas her drink has come to an end and she doesn’t want to push too much on D’ex’s hospitality after all. “Well, if yer not findin’ anybody bedwarmers, can ye at least take me back down to the ground? Looks like I got some errands to do now.” There’s a firm pat to that small parcel of clothing she’s now adopted for ‘safe keeping and returning’ or something like that. More something that like, probably.

D’ex catches that look and smirked, “Jeez Sweetie, you really think that little of my skills of charm?” That are usually magnified when the other person is drunk. Or otherwise engaged. Or holding a losing hand of cards. Still, D’ex will shrug, “Though the Kitten is a good place to pick folks up… .” Another shrug and he waves a hand toward the blue, “Ya, ya, Zynth will take you down, just leave your mug there, I’ll get it.” And make sure that there won’t be any mark of it on the floor where it sat coaster-less. The dragon will rise, starting to slip out toward the ledge, « Yes, come, I will take you down. Where would you like to be dropped off? It can be anywhere. » His wings rustle and the chill of his mind is gentle and dappled with snow, « If you have the acquiring of partners handled, I will not mention it again and will assume that you are fully capable yourself. » D’ex will not follow, clearly not feeling like he needs to be there for Zynth to return Odesse to the ground. Instead, he turns back to the ironing board, brining a few items from the folded pile over to it and takes up the task again, “See ya.”

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