Amani, Xanthee, evka


Three best friends come together for a night of gossip, laughs and mixed drinks of course.

Talk of sex/relationships
Backdated, Follows shortly after the events of Lovely and the Cad


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Lower Bowl, The Magician’s Study (Amani’s Weyr), Southern Weyr

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Lower Bowl

The graceful sweep of spacious bowl lies scoured clean by an easterly breeze. Detritus is whisked neat to the eastern steppe of the bowl that lies several feet lower than the western plateau. White walls contrast the rough granite of the rivercliffs: the giant maw of the Hatching Cavern lies in the thickest part of the western wall, sheltering the training grounds and weyrling barracks lying nor'west. Directly north lies the leadership courtyard, heavily humid and subtly scented by intrigue.

There are two things undeniably true about Amani - one, that she is Southern’s junior weyrwoman, and two, that she is also still quite a young woman. Being both at once can’t be helped, and she has enough maturity to her that sometimes the former can be seen above all else (in a good way). There are, however, moments when she pines for the latter alone, not that she would ever give up Zymuraith. In fact, her lifemate teases her about agonizing over being what she is.
So this evening, since her two best friends are visiting from Igen, that’s precisely what she intends to do.
Her work for the day finished and a quick bath taken, she is now striding out to the lower bowl from the living caverns, a gauzy indigo dress in Zingari style marking her clearly as she makes her decisive way out toward their chosen rendezvous point. The next thing is, of course, spotting the other two girls.

Heading in from the direction of the Stables, Xanthee can be heard telling Reveka, “And I swear I was picking hay out of places that hay should never go for a full sevenday.” Apparently Xanthee has been giving her Zingari friend a tour of all the interesting places she frequented during her ill-fated Candidacy at Southern. A little giggle accompanies this last as they stroll into the Bowl.
Scanning the area, Xan spies a familiar figure in an indigo dress and she waves manically in Amani’s direction. “AMANI!” She calls loudly, totally forgetting that Reveka is right there. Then her pace is quickens to go and catch up with the goldrider, a little bounce to her steps as her pack is jostled on her back.

Reveka is mid-exaggerated-eye roll when Xanthee ends her tale and laughter bubbles from her lips. She's got a few shopping bags, and a rose to her cheeks. She looks over when Xanthee spots Amania's and waves, a wide happy smile on her lips. “Amani!!!” Her tone is loud and excited and rings across the bowl. Well… if anyone needed to know where Southern’s Jr Weyrwoman was, they know now. Reveka runs slightly to catch up to her best friend and wrap her in a lengthy hug. “Look at you woman! You positively glow with all that jungle sun!”

The grin that comes up in the presence of her visiting friends has such a different feel to it that Amani realizes she just…hasn’t outright grinned this way in a long time. “As opposed to what all that desert sun used to do to me?” she says with a chuckles as she returns Reveka’s hug. “Looks like you’ve been busy already.” Doing exactly what she’d expected Reveka would want to do while here. “Sorry the boardwalk is still closed; we’ve been having some…issues.”
Releasing Reveka, she turns to catch Xanthee into a tight embrace - or as tight as can be managed with the other girl’s pack in the way. “I’m so glad you felt ready enough to come back here finally, Xan.” Straightening, she glances between them both and gestures in the direction of the leadership courtyard. “Ready to go set things down?”

Waiting her turn while bouncing slightly, Xanthee returns the hug when it comes, pack and all. “Thanks, I think the last time I was here was for the Hatching so it has been awhile.” Breaking off the hug, she hikes her pack up to her shoulder as she follows after her friend. “Although I got a nice little reminder of why I’ve been avoiding coming back for my troubles.” She adds cryptically, a little bitterness entering her tone as she shakes her head, “But how are you? Reveka's right you are practically glowing. Might that be because of a certain someone?”. Yeah, Xan remembers their last visit, in the Caravan Grounds when Amani had spilled about her possible beau.

“Hey now, the desert sun gives you that lovely bronzing…the jungle sun gives you glow.” Reveka's last trip South side had left her coming back to Igen with a similar radiant glow. “You know it!” Reveka says of being busy and winks., “That bar… .the Kitten? Is adorable. I had a few drinks there, even met a sleazy brownrider.” And then it's Xan’s turn and Reveka more than willingly moves over so that she can adjust her shopping bags and let the other two get reacquainted. When asked if ready to set things down Reveka nods emphatically. “Yes. Someone please tell me there's wine…” Because every girls night needs wine, right? Right.

Amani laughs, blushing faintly at Xanthee’s insinuation. “Poooossibly,” she drawls in answer, though the secretive little smile that tilts her lips denies nothing. “I’m not really sure how the jungle gives me glow, but I’ll take your word for it.” Gesturing them onward, she starts leading her friends toward the leadership courtyard. “So you’re saying that you got here and ending up running into him?” The young goldrider rolls her eyes, shaking her head slightly. “That’s some bad luck. I’ll make sure we make up for it. With…wine, though you might have to help me out a bit on that one.” She still doesn’t know much about wine, but at least she has a solid love for whiskey now, especially since the Zingari version of it has made its way South.

“Yeah, fucking F’kan. Doesn't look as if he has changed much, still seems bitter after all this time.” but then Xanthee is waving a dismissive hand as if trying to shoo away thoughts of that certain brownrider as she follows the other two. Then wine is mentioned and Xanthee swings her pack to the front and rummages inside until she half pulls out a familiar bottle of Zingari red, “Wine is fine, but we should totally do shots later, I picked it up from the Cantina before I left.” she says with a sly smirk. What is it with Xan and shots? Who knows. She tucks the bottle back in as she picks up the pace to keep up.

“Sounds like he’s made quite the dirty name for himself…” Reveka eyes the bottle of Zingari red for a moment, F’kan momentarily forgotten as her sense memory kicks in and she gags quietly. “Just don't let me drink too much of that.” Reveka laughs, if a bit nervously. She has no intention of repeating that hangover.

Amani glances at the bottle Xanthee produces and laughs, giving a little shake of her head. Reveka’s reaction to it gets a curious look; she doesn’t know the hangover story yet! “Just keep pace with me; you’ll probably be fine,” the goldrider advises, having no intention of tending to her duties tomorrow (or ever) while fighting a hangover. The matter of the brownrider-who-must-not-be-named is dropped as they make their way into the leadership courtyard, and Amani gestures upward to where Zymuraith is clearly visible, now lowering her great head and placidly whirling azure eyes to observe the approach of her bonded and guests. “Alright, ladies, up the stairs we go,” Amani announces, and pauses as receives some instructions from her lifemate. She sighs and turns to give her friends a wry look. “She says we need to take the stairs two at a time. Something about ensuring strong bonds with a little test…” Which she thinks she has mostly puzzled out, but she doesn’t want to think too hard about it just now. “Just humor her.” And so she leads the way forward, the pace a little slower as she skips a stair with each upward step.

The Magician’s Study (Amani’s Weyr)

A short flight of steps leads up to the entrance to this queen's weyr, an ornate metal gate swinging open with barely a squeak to permit entry into the short, candle-lit tunnel beyond. Although it may be on the smaller, more snug side, the weyr is beautifully furnished. The four-poster bed has a plump mattress, and the fabric draped from the wooden bars bears a distinctly Zingari flair in red and gold, some with discreetly glinting and elegantly embroidered design work present upon close inspection. It also allows for some privacy if arranged just so, the gauzy lightness of it lending the room a slightly ethereal quality. The writing desk provides plenty of workspace without taking up too much of the corner it's placed in and matches the pale wood of the bed, illuminated by a pair of hanging glow baskets. A set of elegant glass pens and ink pots serves as the highlight of the space, glinting in the light as though a hidden magic might reside in each crystalline stem. The comfortable chair tucked under the desk is upholstered with a pale brown fabric. A small wardrobe in a similar wood has been squeezed into one corner of the weyr, trying not to take up what remains of the floor space. There is a contrastingly rustic chest sitting beside it, almost begging one to ask what mysteries it might hold. A small private necessary is available off the back of the cavern, pristine and tidy, with a sparkling clean pool and plenty of shelves holding several generously-sized towels in various jewel tones and other toiletries to boot.

Though the inner weyr is cozy, Amani has made certain there’s plenty of room and comfort for Xanthee and Reveka. There are two cots piled with blankets and pillows, some furs dropped on the floor, and various bits of furniture pushed neatly aside to accommodate it all. There are even a few small platters with cheese, bread, and fruit set read upon the desk with a waterskin and carafe of mango juice chilling nearby. “Make yourselves at home,” Amani tells them, a faint flush coloring her cheeks as she introduces them to her home.

That’s ok girls, Xanthee doesn’t work tomorrow and has no problem drinking enough for the three of them. Ok, so she doesn’t have plans to make herself sick like some people, but she feels the need to cut loose a little bit and this little reunion of the three Igenite girls is something she didn’t know she needed so much. Then they are at the stairs and Xanthee’s eyes grow wide when Amani says her dragon wants them to take the stairs two at a time. A small pout plays on her lips, “That’s fine for you tall girls, I’ve got short stumpy legs.” But what she doesn’t have in height she makes up for with the muscles she’s been building in her legs with all the running she’s been doing. So moving back, securing her pack a little tighter on her back, Xan takes a running start and basically jogs up the stairs, her strides not quite spanning over two steps, but her forward momentum keeps her going all the way to the top. Where she of course waits for the others before entering the inner weyr.
As they are shown in, Xan spies the cots and other preparations, as well as the weyr as a whole with it’s obvious Zingari flair, she just gets a goofy smile on her face. “Amani! This is a great weyr! I love all the little touches that are just you,” she gushes as she waves a hand in the general direction of the bed with the red and gold fabric. “It’s just so roomy too!” She says with a giggle, poor girl has never had this much space for herself growing up as a Weyrbrat.

Reveka is game! And she’ll have to tell Amani the hangover story later. She’s no stranger to these sort of workouts, so it’s fun taking the stairs two at a time, even if she is chuckling at Xanthee’s complaint. When they get to the top and have to pass Zymuraith, Reveka finds herself stopping to stare at the Gold, a very small amount of fear mixed in with adoration and respect on her features. It’s just a moment, one where she takes in the beauty of the draconic form and gets an up close look at a gold, which isn’t an opportunity one gets often. She dips her head respectfully in the dragon’s direction before heading in after the others. She looks around the weyr with a fond appreciation. “You certainly did pick up on the fashion and style while you were with us.” Reveka gives Amani a smile and a wink. Not that Reveka had anything to do with that. SHe sets her things aside and out of the way, eyes still looking around. “It seriously looks great in here. By the way, I’m loving that yurt.” And the privacy it affords.

“Your legs are perfectly matched to your height,” Amani informs Xanthee in counter to the “stumpy” comment as she trails the shorter girl up the stairs. She grins at the compliments about the weyr, giving a little shake of her head. “I tried,” she says to Reveka’s comment on fashion as she crosses to her bed and settles at the foot of it, kicking off her shoes. “Honestly, a lot of this was already here when I chose the place, but I needed the color. And this is downright small compared to the other choices I had.” That’s aimed at Xanthee in counter to the note about roominess. “One had an inner weyr at least twice this size, and the dragon’s side would have fit two of Zymuraith, I think. But it needed a lot of work, and the pool wasn’t even flowing. Speaking of, you should have a look.” She gestures toward the gauzy gold hanging in the back of the room that separates it from the bathing room and necessary, where they’ll find pristinely warm and clean and color-splashed space, the centerpiece of which is the generously-sized pool.

Of course Xanthee wants to see! Dumping her pack on one of the cots, claiming it as hers, she moves towards the gauzy gold hanging in the back and looks behind it with a gasp. “Your own bathing pool?! Lucky!” Her emerald eyes roam the area, taking it all in before popping back to the main room where she slinks back to her pack and sits down on the cot she claimed and starts pulling a few things out of the bag. The bottle of Zingari Red being one, then she pulls out a small piece of rock, half a geode, which she lovingly tucks under the corner of her pillow. Then she is taking out a decidedly man’s cut of short sleeved tunic well worn, a white one, looks like Xan raided Mal’s clothespress for some sleep wear. “Anyone mind if I change right here?” And without even waiting for an answer, starts to strip out of her dress and pulls the tunic on over her head, hugging it about her form as she grabs the bottle of whiskey and spies that mango juice. Mmmmm… mixers! So she heads over to mix herself a drink.

Reveka is right after Xanthee in peering around in the bathing area. “You lucky lady, you!” She turns back to look at Amani, just a wee bit of envy seeping into her happy features. Xanthee’s antics after are giggled at as Reveka shakes her head. “By all means Xan, show us what you’ve got.” She winks and is teasing before moving to sit on the other cot, waving for Amani to join them. “Come on woman, we haven’t seen you in ages, catch us up on what’s going on with you!”

“It’s…something any goldrider gets, apparently,” Amani notes, feeling herself flush a little again. She’s still not used to the fact that there are privileges she’s been automatically afforded, or can take advantage of, though a personal bath is one she has gladly availed herself of. Then Xanthee is changing right then and there, and she can’t help but laugh. “By all means,” she replies, giving the other girl a knowing smile when she sees Xan’s choice of sleepwear. “And feel free to use the pool.” She certainly means to later.
With a chuckle and a sigh, she stretches out on her stomach on the bed, propping herself on her forearms. “Well…Zymuraith’s fully grown, which makes her very watched right now. If she takes off before Rhiscorath, I might end up as…Senior…and I really do not want that… Though Zy’s opinion is that things happen as they happen and we do whatever duty demands, which I can’t argue with.” But it doesn’t make her feel any more ready for the possibility. “Most days I’m vetting things that happen with the living caverns and the guards, getting to meet with various people from among the wildlings, which is a balance of easy and hard. Then of course there’s drilling with Puma, keeping up with flamethrower training, PT… Days are full. And I don’t feel like I leave enough time for Ibrahim, but he’s been wonderful to me,” she says, and can’t help blushing for a different reason as she mentions the wildling man.

Xanthee grabs a glass and puts a good two fingers of the whiskey into it before filling the rest up with the provided mango juice as Amani goes on and on about her duties as a weyrwoman. She takes an experimental sip just as she mentions the idea of her dragon rising first and becoming Senior. Mmmm, not bad at all. Xan just whistles under her breath when Amani has finished, “Do they at least give you time to breathe? Or do you have to make sure you schedule it in too?” She heads back to the cot and sits down on it, tucking her feet up under her as she continues to sip at her drink, “I think I just found my new favorite drink. This is yummy!”

Reveka listens and gives the same low whistle as Xan. “Sounds ridiculously busy. I think I’d love it, it would certainly keep my mind of my own floundering love life…or lack thereof.” Reveka gives a self deprecating smile and rises to fetch herself a drink, though she sticks to a strict one finger pour. She too mixes some juice into it before moving back to her seat. She takes a drink and the sweet of the mango mixed with the redfruit infusion in the whiskey definitely makes for a good drink. “Mmm, Xan that is good.”

“I feel like I do sometimes,” Amani says of time to breathe, watching as the girls mix their whiskey and mango juice. Reveka’s lamentation earns a groan of sympathy, and the goldrider rises, giving her friend a squeeze around the shoulders. “I’m sorry, Rev,” she says, deciding not to make any further mention of her own love life. “Alright, I need to try this,” she says, pouring herself a finger of whiskey and filling the rest with mango juice, stirring it thoroughly and then eying Xanthee curiously. “Am I getting it right?”

Xanthee hides an embarrassed blush as she chugs the rest of her drink dry. Nope, no one over here totally responsible for some of Reveka’s romantic woes. She is not going to do another repeat of that night in the Oasis Inn, however. She may drink em fast, but will be spacing them out. How responsible of her. Getting up to put her glass back up with the whiskey and juice, Xan grabs a platter with some cheese on it and brings it over to her cot, to totally share of course. She places it next to her while she sits cross-legged. Almost unconsciously, Xan reaches back under the corner of her pillow to pull out that small hunk of rock, which she just holds idly in her lap, fingers trailing over the different surfaces in the geode. Looking over the cheese platter she grabs a couple pieces and pops them into her mouth. Ok with being quiet for once, cause maybe Reveka won’t bring up her failed matchmaking if she just kind of fades into the background over here. When asked by Amani about the drink, she merely nods her head, “Yup, just like that.”

Reveka sips from her glass and shrugs nonchalantly at Amani. “Eh, it'll happen or it won't, particularly if someone stops trying to help, loving gesture though it is.” Reveka eyes Xanthee playfully. Ha! Fat chance Reveka's gonna let her live that one down anytime soon. She loves you Xan, really she does! She even laughs to accentuate she's not truly irked about it… not anymore. Puking in front of Xan had taken the fire right out of that bout of temper. Go go embarrassing moments!

Amani stops her mixing and takes a sip, even as she notes Xanthee’s sudden determination to finish her drink in record time. It’s a note placed off to the side, however, as soon as the whiskey/mango concoction hits her tongue. “Hmm…interesting! In a good way.” At least she thinks it’s a good way. It may take Amani some time to decide, though it’ll probably work out favorably. That’s what happened with her and whiskey, after all.
After a moment, the goldrider glances between her friends and chuckles. “Oh, Xan, were you matchmaking?” she asks teasingly, leaning over to snag a bit of cheese of the platter herself.

Xanthee gives an incredulous 'As if she would ever consider trying to set up two of her dearest friends together’ look and a shrug before popping another piece of cheese into her mouth, but suddenly finding herself kind of dry so she unfolds and puts her geode down, on the pillow this time. Moving then to pour herself another drink of her newest concoction (now to find the perfect name for it) she is also using this time to think of a way to change the subject, and of course her mind goes to a certain Miner of hers. So as she is pouring another generous helping of whiskey into her previous glass, she begins, voice all innocence, “So, Mal did the most romantic thing the other day….” letting that line hang out there like a little piece of bait to see if anything bites.

Reveka rolls a look at Xanthee that indicates that Yes, she had indeed tried her matchmaking skills on Rev and Daen and how well had /that gone? However, she tries not to give Xan too much guff about it, really. She had been just trying to help. Reveka sips at her drink and rolls her eyes very playfully when Xan brings up Mal. SO many boyfriends to talk about and none of her own. “Oh? What was that?” She asks, because she is interested, even if romance is a sore subject in her own world these days. It’s definitely not in the case of her friends, whom she’s overjoyed for, really.

And with that exchange of looks, Amani has all the answer she needs. Snickering, she takes another sip of the new concoction, eying the geode Xanthee sets on the pillow and stretching out on the end of the bed again, this time on her side to prop on and elbow, leaving her other hand free to handle her drink. Xan’s leading question earns a grin and a little shake of her head. “Something besides giving you a shiny rock, I’m guessing,” she amends teasingly to Reveka’s question, gesturing with her glass toward the geode.

“Oh that thing.” Xanthee says with a giggle and a little blush as she takes a sip of the drink she just finished making. “That's a geode that he had found and he had me help him split it open. He has the other half.” Her beaming smile at that memory accompanies a warm feeling in her heart. But then she pulls herself back to the present with a wave of her hand, “But anyway. My last rest day, Mal comes over and tells me he has a surprise for me if I wanted. I’m telling you, this guy and his surprises, he loves them. So of course I say yes, and he takes us all the way to Igen River Hold for their Winter Gather. He said he had enjoyed dancing with me so much at Willimina’s turnday party that he wanted to do it again.” A lovesick sigh escapes her lips before she takes another small sip. “Not even the best part. He had arranged to rent one of the small, private tents for people to stay overnight, right by the river’s edge. So we talked, and ate bubblies and drank cider, and…” she pauses here for dramatic effect while a mischievous smirk tugs at her lips, “We made it through exactly two dances before I dragged him back to that tent to show him just what I thought of his surprise.” She finishes with a giggle, emerald eyes dancing. “I swear, I am being spoiled absolutely rotten by him, I can hardly keep my hands off him.” Xanthee sighs again heavily as she moves back to the cot she had chosen and sits down onto it, grabbing another bite of cheese.

Reveka giggles a bit at Amani’s shiny rock comment and snags a piece of cheese for herself as Xan begins waxing poetic about her romantic date with Mal. “Oooo lucky man.” Reveka teases with a smile before popping that cheese into her mouth. “Bet he woke up smiling eh?” Reveka drops a wink at Xanthee and snags another piece of cheese. She seems to relax, more so than she’d been at home. Maybe a short vacation is exactly what this Zingari girl needed, because after a day of exploring, shopping and just goofing off, she’s feeling a lot better.

Amani’s delight to hear about Xanthee’s escapades with her dashing Miner is clear in the way her eyes light up and dance with amusement. She’s still grinning by the time the other girl finishes, laughing softly as she sips her drink and nibbles the cheese and fruit she’s plucked up along the way. “I’m sure he must have,” the goldrider agrees with Reveka’s last. “I think ‘love’ is the only word to cover what it sounds like you both have going on, Xan. I don’t remember seeing you anything like this before.” When they’d first known each other at Igen or during Candidacy. “And it sounds like he probably doesn’t think he’s spoiling you.”

“We both did. Actually I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling since.” Xanthee says with a bubbling giggle and a blush rising to her cheeks. “And yeah, we are definitely in love. So deeply in love, I never knew it could be like this.” Xan bounces once in her spot on the cot as she finishes her gushing with a longer sip from her drink. “But enough about Mal, seriously, I could go on all night. How’s your beau doing Amani?” Cause inquiring minds wanna know.

Reveka chuckles. “If you’re not careful Xan, you’re gonna end up wed with kids sooner than you think…” Reveka is joking, because she thinks she can be sure they’ve got that precaution handled, or at least she can hope. But it’s fun to tease anyhow. It’s Reveka’s turn for a refill and she stands just as Xan is asking after Amani’s beaux. “Yes do tell. Who is this mysterious man who’s caught your attention. Is he sexy?” Reveka bets he is.

Amani grins at Xanthee’s declaration, chuckling to see the other girl blush. “Love looks good on you,” she says before taking another drink, and then it’s her turn to blush. Which isn’t difficult; it’s Amani, after all. “His name is Ibrahim, and he’s a wildling…though he lives here at the Weyr. His family…isn’t too keen on dragonfolk.” She bites her lip as she smiles, nodding and coloring further at Reveka’s last. “He’s wonderful. To me, and in…many other ways.” She chuckles and drinks a little more, sitting up to lean against the nearest bedpost. “He’s kind, patient, fantastic with his hands…”
Her smile fades fractionally, something inscrutable flickering through her klah-dark eyes as they lower and settle at some vague middle distance. “I just…know I can’t be everything he wishes I could be to him, or him to me,” she says a bit more quietly. “Zymuraith is going to rise sooner or later and I really don’t want to hurt him. He’s says he’ll be alright, but…I’m not so sure.”

Rolling her eyes in Reveka’s direction, Xanthee chuckles a little bit, “No way!” She sits up straighter and runs a hand over her flat belly. “Flat as a board and going to stay that way thank you very much. I work in a tea room, and I’m a Weyrbrat. I know the teas to make, and make sure Mal takes them as well. I want kids…actually I’d love to have his kids, but not yet. I can stand until I’m 25, and if I don’t impress by then, I’ll know it wasn’t meant to be. But until then, Mal knows how important it is to me and supports me all the way.” She preens a little bit at that and then settles again when Amani is talking about her boyfriend. “A wildling!? Wow! I mean Rhuysarr, or what was his name after impression? Was some serious eye candy so I can only imagine.” Then her friend is mentioning how he’s good with his hands, and Xan can’t pass up a chance to lean in and waggles her eyebrows suggestively at Amani. “So how wild does this wildling of yours get?” In the bedroom folks, Xan is subtly asking about his bedroom habits, everyone got that?

“He sounds…exotic.” Reveka comments on her way back. Just the term ‘wildling’ in itself is mildly exotic. Amani has Reveka’s attention. Xanthee’s antics get a smile and a laugh from Reveka.. “I was kidding Xan.” She sips from her drink, a look of concern crossing her face as Amani voices some concerns. “It’s hard to navigate what men are thinking.” Reveka knows this from experience. coughcough Daen coughcough “But if you’re worried, why don’t you talk to him about it? Honesty and being upfront about how you feel about things is the first step to building something” Reveka is a firm believer in trying, in leaping off the ledge and going for it, and working through what happens as a result. Whether it works out or not. It’s the adventurer in her. “Why do you question if he’s really ok?” Trust folks. It’s a thing. Reveka seems a bit shocked by Xan’s last question to Amani, the dancer hiding a blush behind a sip of her drink. “Wow Xan… Why don’t you just outright ask her how her wild man is between the sheets?” Reveka laughs and sips again.

Amani grins and nods for Reveka’s choice of words; “exotic” covers a lot when it comes to Ibrahim. Then Xanthee’s question makes her grateful she doesn’t have anything in her mouth just then, and she gives a little laugh. “Enough that I have absolutely no complaints,” she informs the girl and gives her a bop on the nose with a fingertip, since she’s leaning so close. Suffice to say by her expression, she’s had her first time checked off for quite a while and hasn’t been shy about going after more.
Attention then turns back to Reveka’s questions, and the goldrider sighs softly. “We have talked,” she says, “and I trust him; he knows himself best, right? It’s just…how can we know that we’ll be alright in a situation we haven’t experienced yet? Shells, I don’t know how it’s going to go for me, except that I’ll end up waking up beside someone who isn’t him, and I’m not sure how I’ll react. How can he know he’ll be alright with it from his end?” So runs the quandary she won’t be able to help mulling over until it actually happens.

When things turn to serious talk, Xanthee gets rather quiet and picks up her geode again. It’s become a bit like a worry stone for her, she strokes it absently as she listens to Amani’s concerns about flights. Her own brow furrows as she ponders how Mal would feel in that situation. They haven’t actually talked about it, but he has to know that flights will happen if she impresses, right? But now Xan is not sure and that makes her troubled. Best she takes Reveka’s advice herself and bring it up with Mal at some point. But then with a little shake of her head she brings herself back to the conversation going on now. “Well just be forgiving if he doesn’t react like he thinks he will afterwards. It’s really hard to know until you’re actually in the middle of something.” And so Xan randomly spouts sage advice, who knew?

Reveka nods and sighs. That is quite the quandary, and she hadn't quite thought about it that way. “That, too.” She says, agreeing to what Xan says at the last. Being forgiving in that situation would practically be a must, wouldn’t it? It gets her wondering how she would feel in a situation like that. She goes a bit quiet actually, thinking on it as she slowly sips away at her drink. “That would be a hard thing to face up against, I guess. It’s definitely something to make you think.” And hey, it gives Reveka a new side of herself to inspect, just for fun.

“How could I not be forgiving?” Amani counters with a subtle widening of her smile. “In everything else…like I said, he’s wonderful. And that’s what makes the thought of it hurting him, hard.” She notes Xanthee’s discomfiture and deduces what must be going through the other girl’s head easily enough, all things considered. But there is one thing Xan and Mal have that hasn’t really been broached between Amani and Ibrahim…and that one thing might be what allows such misgivings through. It might just make all the difference in the world. “It makes me think too much,” the goldrider finally states with an exasperated huff, and she grabs a pillow, stuffing it onto her lap so that she can lean forward onto her elbows on it.

Pushing herself off her cot, Xanthee moves over to the bed and sits next to Amani, putting an arm around her shoulder if she’ll allow. “From what you've said, he's a great guy. Trust him. I know it's hard when so many 'what ifs’ are floating around. You won't know what will happen until your queen flies, but you both sound to be looking at things as rationally as possible and that's what's important.” And because she’s Xan and can't help a chance at a friendly tease. “Unless it's F’kan that you wake up next to cause then Faranth help you.” She says with a little snicker. In poor taste? Maybe, but she’s going for the cheap laugh.

Reveka can only nod and listen throughout this next, having never had to stare something like that down, even in theory. She’s never been asked to stand for a clutch. IT could happen one day, but she’s always been of the opinion that she’d think about it when/if it ever happens. So, there’s a topic of conversation here she can’t quite touch on, or add to. Though she does look half horrified when Xanthee teases Amani with waking up next to F’kan. Her nose scrunches up in distaste and she shakes her head. “Not in a thousand turns would I ever give in to that.” She says. She’d been rather unimpressed with the man. And that totally wasn’t a dig at Xan! Reveka loves you!

Amani will definitely take the hug. She’ll take all the hugs, even if she doesn’t make it immediately clear that she appreciates them in general. Nodding to Xanthee’s advice, she leans into her friend’s arm and takes another drink, rolling her eyes to both sentiments about F’kan. “Wouldn’t have a choice,” she points out to Reveka, “and I’d say it’s more like Faranth help him if it ever happens.” The visions she’s had about what might happen… “Anyway, enough about that possibility. Anything exciting I’ve been missing at Igen? Aside from the Weyr finally stumbling on the blueglow at Kurkar.” Yes, she’s heard. And it might be something she’s seen before, though she isn’t elaborating just now.

Xanthee flicks her eyes over at Reveka for that comment and says, rather pointedly, “Well, he did have a thing for virgins.” before she smiles to show that she is just kidding of course. Her attention snaps back though to Amani when she mentions the blue glow. “You’ve heard of that stuff?” Xanthee's emerald eyes grow wide and then she slaps herself lightly on the forehead. “Of course, you're originally from Kurkar, I keep forgetting that. The first time I saw you was at that party for you in the Zingari camp, so you’ve always been a Zingari in my mind.” She says before she pulls back after giving Amani a final squeeze. “More news? Hmm, well it isn't Weyr news, but I finally found my father. A bronzerider by the name of Ha’ze. Also discovered a parcel of half-sisters, only one I met, Elonoora, a baker apprentice here at Southern actually. She's making my Turnday cake for me.” And Xanthee thinks that's it, “The blue glow is what most people are talking about. Managed to get my hands on some, don't know if it's genuine or not yet though.” Her forgotten drink is remembered and she moves over to her cot to fetch it.

Reveka can only giggle at Xan’s virgin comment. Yeah, yeah, make fun of the virgin in the room. It’s totally cool. Reveka has liquor. See? She’ll even take a sip of her drink at that point. She also grins at Amani. “Kick his ass girl…” Reveka responds in regards to Faranth help F’kan if he ever catches Amani’s gold. “Oh, and there’s a couple of weddings coming up in camp and Willimina is expecting! I wonder if it will keep us weyrbound instead of traveling this time? Willimina doesn’t always fare well through her pregnancies.”

“I’d rather be Zingari in anyone’s mind,” Amani says, “even if I wasn’t fully one of them for very long.” But long enough that she can claim them as her people, and that’s what matters. Talk of the blueglow is cast aside in light of the rest of the happenings that are brought up. “A family all of a sudden, Xan? That’s amazing!” Possibly not in as many ways as she thinks, but still, it’s huge. “I’ll try to make it down for your Turnday if I can,” she promises, and then grins at Reveka. “Who’s getting married? And when is Willimina due? Just how many children is that woman trying to have?” is asked atop a deeply amused chuckle.

“It as a bit of a shock, but things are settling down again. And I know you’re very busy, so I will totally not be offended if you can’t make it.” Xanthee smiles as she settles back down on her cot with her drink, taking another generous mouthful of the sweet drink with a kick. She decides to raid the cheese platter as the two Zingari share news, grabbing a couple of pieces of fruit along the way as well.

Reveka launches into details about how Igraine and A’lira are getting weyrmated and how Javid and Aztrexia plan to wed, and yes she got her knot back and is no longer branded traitor. She gives when she thinks Willimina is due and launches into a few fun caravan stories, as usual, showcasing the colorful life of the Zingari. If they get tipsy enough, she may even elaborate as to why she and Xanthee have been eyeballing each other all night and how that situation led to her very…colorful pyrotechnics with Xan later. Hence her eyeing the bottle of whiskey earlier. All in all it’s a good girls night, booze, talk of men, gossip. The works! And probably just what all three women needed in light of the life challenges they all currently face.

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