Divale, N'iel, Zaria, Lukoith, Roxeauth, Azrith


Roxeauth tries out the males of Igen Weyr by taking to the skies in her first Igen flight.


It is afternoon of the first day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Pens, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 06 Jul 2018 23:00


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"Tzajal is going to suggest a rider-room in the stables at this rate"



Here thar be pens, in a variety of shapes and sizes fit for all manner of beastie. The largest pens are those housing plump herdbeast for human or draconic consumption. A few of the smaller pens are unoccupied, though there are remnants of their former occupants still evident on ground and fence. The actual pens themselves are made solidly constructed, proof of Igen's resilience in improvements. In each pen there are troughs for feed and water, and they appear again by the stableside.

It's been a few days of extra attention to Roxeauth's beauty needs for N'iel. The perfectly scrubbed, buffed, and oiled green has been a regular sight around any areas with a high dragon throughput - though never the pens. Only now, finally, with the afternoon wearing onto into evening, does the curvaceous green fly from the lake shore to the feeding pens, tossing her head back to bugle her arrival. « Now then, let's see what you Igen boys are made of. » Her husky voice reaches out, and then she lands with alarming accuracy on a fat herdbeast, greedily drinking from it. The only moment she will allow herself be seen eating like this, voracious and needy, is now.

And in those days before, Lukoith could sense something, but couldn't exactly pinpoint which green was nearing her time; not until Roxeauth made it obvious in her flaunting and showing off. The dark, midnight-cloaked brown made every effort to slyly admire from afar or leave a few brisk but silver-tongued remarks. Ever the gentleman! Only… he's left that behind, now that the scent of blood and the panicked herds reach him. Now he becomes as voracious as she, as the inner wolf-beast overrides. He doesn't answer her call verbally, just a low rolling, thunderous growl as he falls upon his prey and greedily drains it. As to where Divale is? She's well aware of Lukoith's transformation and shift… and is making her way down despite the grim cast to her features.

Ever since their little flirtatious run-in while training for the T-Tourney, Azrith has been paying his attentions closely to the lady Roxeauth, intensifying his wooing when she started to alter her behavior. Eagerly, he has been an audience for everything she's had to show him so far, so there is no way he is missing her grand finale. As soon as he hears that husky voice reaching out, he returns with a mental chuckle in his rich tenor. « Coming lady! Wouldn't miss it! » And true to his word, he comes winging down on sky blue wingsails, a melodious trumpet to mark his arrival. Seeing the brown already on his kill, the blue wastes no time in picking a beast of his own, a plump caprine. Landing neatly to break it's neck, he dips indigo muzzle for a long drink, arrogantly appointed eyes locked on the beauty before him. Zaria will be there shortly, already wincing at the idea of this flight, well aware of her blue's courting in the last little while.

The difference between the two males couldn't be more stark: the growling Lukoith, a beast in a dragon's form. And Azrith, more verbose and just as alluring. Lifting her head, rivulets of blood running from the corners of her eager mouth, the green turns her purple gaze on her suitors. « You are a welcome sight, Azrith. And you, Lukoith. A dragon of few words now, hmm? » Well pleased with the choices presented to her, much as she might select from a box of chocolates, her body tenses, and then she's aloft, moving surprisingly fast for a green of her size. « Now we'll see which of you can keep up! » As Roxie rises into the sky, her emerald wings glimmering in the sunlight as they carry her away from the ground. Now N'iel makes his appearance, looking as far from surprised as he can. "About time," the rider mutters, as his half-glazed eyes turn to see which males are giving chase.

Lukoith's attention turns sharply to the arrival of Azrith and immediately the blue is sized up and marked, though he makes no further moves there's no missing the notes of aggressiveness in his posture. First kill tossed aside, he leaps and takes down another, jaws clamping around it before forward momentum has stopped them both. Roxeauth's voice draws his focus but he does not answer in words; he doesn't have too. The cadence in which his growled-rumbles and chuffs take speak volumes. Lukoith doesn't need words when it comes to this! He'll win her over through the most ancient and primal manner possible: instinct. … and maybe a lot of brute strength and predatory cunning, but that's moot point! Once she's aloft, he's following in her wake, aiming to stay slightly below her and in the middle of the pack of suitors she trails. Down below, Divale strides towards the pens, just as the exodus occurs. Brows furrowed, the brownrider keeps her grim look as her gaze lowers from skyward… to N'iel. There is a respectful dip of her head, but she says little else save to scrutinize him closely and find no detail of recognition.

Azrith takes his time draining the caprine, meticulously lapping up any lingering gore from his maw once he's finished. The blood running down his throat warms him from the inside out, his flashy hide with it's myriad shades of blue, striking in the fading light of the day. Watching her every movement with lust whirling eyes, the blue catches the moment of tension and coils to spring with only a slight delay after her. The chase is on! Moving with grace through the air, sinewy body cuts through the currents with flair, not able to resist a little twist here, or a fancy flick of his tail there. He especially delights in weaving around the larger more cumbersome chasers, changing his position frequently in the air. « A nice strong start dearest! You should see the view from here! » His mind is a ripple of emerald silk, bunching and wrinkling provocatively. Finally Zaria arrivea, a little out of breath as she spies first her newest wingrider N'iel and then Divale, a rider she is well aquainted with. Her hazel eyes are bright with leaking dragon lust as she takes long, willowy steps towards the greenrider.

Roxeauth is climbing, revelling in the freedom that this feeling gives her. A neat spin shows off her abilities, and then she pulls a sharp left turn to keep the males on their toes. As much as she's focused on herself, and the glorious feeling that is a flight, she wants to see what her suitors are up to. A glance back confirms they're following: the primal Lukoith there, alluring in his own way. And Azrith of course, their heirarchy forgotten as Roxie considers the graceful blue. « Ah boys, but you have to keep up with me! I'm the view today, and you don't want to miss out. » There's a flick of her glimmering tail as she pushes harder, pushing on. N'iel, poor sod, is faced with a rider with a Wingsecond's knot, and his own Wingleader, so this is going to be an interesting one, whatever happens. He's managing to hang on the line between his mind and Roxie's, their Turns together giving him plenty of practice. But there's a hungry look in his eyes as he watches both women; a most unusual look for the rider.

If she desires to remain the star of this chase, Lukoith is all too pleased to oblige. She'll be his moon and he'll hunt her across the endless skies, if he must! Though he's not as massively large as some browns go, he's not quite built for aerial displays; he leaves that for Roxeauth to show and for the competition to tire themselves out in their attempts to flaunt or match her move for move. His approach, while not at all flashy, is masterfully calculated and planned; a rougher beauty, by far. He misses nothing in his headlong pursuit of her, whether it be her flashy moves or taunting calls or the movement of his competition… Lukoith keeps tabs on it all, while madness and lustful drive push him ever onwards. Divale is likewise coming to a similar thought vein as N'iel, once she spies Zaria joining them. A low sigh escapes her, but her features remain neutrally set; all save for the occasional darted look to the greenrider. She's not yet crossed the line mentally either, still gripping hard to her control.

« I was talking about you, beautiful creature, » Azrith asserts as he flips himself over another suitor, wings working hard to keep his upward momentum going strong. « I certainly wasn't talking about these ruffians who are deluding themselves into thinking they are good enough for you. » Dramatic pause is dramatic. « They have a decidedly scruffy look. » A sly dig at a certain beastial brown? Surely not! Azrith is above such things. The flick of her glittering tail is like a tonic and the blue surges powerfully upwards towards the glittering leading lady. One the ground, Zaria looks wearily at the hungry look in the greenrider's eyes, but yet feels compelled to step closer. Her preferences are hardly ever considered when her blue chases, and so she's left to fidget nervously, her gaze often wandering, almost wisfully in Divale's direction before she pulls herself back together with a shake of her head, well as much as she can with the chase heating her blood by proxy.

Azrith's comments elicit a mental chuckle from Roxeauth, the 'sound' ringing out to all and sundry. « We'll see who wins my heart tonight, » Roxie purrs back to Azrith, her attention on the blue as much as on the brown who chases with dogged determination. The glittering tip of her tail sways as she beats tiring wings, and now it's time for her swan song; a graceful dive, which she manages to make look like an effortless movement, even as she gives herself over to whichever male is bold enough to twine with her. N'iel rubs a hand over the stubble that shadows his jaw, a reminder of his humanity before he gets swept up entirely in the surge of Roxeauth's emotions. His eyes, glazed though they are as he sees through her facets, stare at Divale and Zaria in turn, his body tense.

Now comes the chance! Lukoith will note with keen and steady focus just when Roxeauth's movements through the skies hint at her waning strength. Just as the moons wax and wane, it makes his crazed desire for her all the more potent and it is at this apex that the young brown breaks free of his chains. Moon-lit forests of his mind reach for the dazzling green, shrouded in heavy mist that cloak and hide the suggestion of corruption below. His wings sweep in powerful strokes, fuelled by blood and sheer willpower and the deep, low pounding sound of a drum. He veers around one competitor, then another, not caring if he bumps into them so long as his path stays true… And when she is directly in his sights, his wings will fold and he will make a charging "leap" of his own in hopes of snaring Roxeauth in a less-than romantic grip. Below, on the ground, Divale visibly goes tense as her gaze narrows and darkens, her control slipping away. If she had enough coherency left to pick up on Zaria, she would have caught that glance and understood. Only her focus is on N'iel instead, who would normally never gain such a heated stare from her.

Azrith is mighty determined, his whole pleasure in life distills down to the thrill of the chase. Keen eyes follow the sensual lines of her body from swishing tail to the beat of emerald wings, tense and ready as he catches signs that she's tiring. When she dives, the blue's gaze follows her down until she's barely a dragonlenth above, when he twists his body in on itself, as if a spring coiling and then he releases himself with his last burst of energy, coming at her from the side with wings outstretched invitingly, claws extended to capture her in his embrace, indigo tipped tail just waiting to entwine tightly with hers. Zaria too is now only focused on the greenrider, her whole body buzzing with her blue's need, muscles tightening as he takes his chance, breath catching in her throat until the outcome is decided.

Lukoith and his intensity, primal and ever alluring to a starlet green (who doesn't like a bit of rough), is extremely tempting. Roxeauth turns her head at the movement, the brown charging towards her, a handsome brute. It's in her moment of distraction that her defences are down, and in comes Azrith, the entrancing blue making a catch of her with his claws. Roxie does not resist the blue's embrace, twining most eagerly, while down below her rider reaches for Zaria. Would it be more awkward if his Wingleader's dragon hadn't won? It's not a question for this moment, though, for N'iel has other things on his mind - finding a private place being the foremost.

It isn't always meant to be and that is furthest from Lukoith's mind as his chance to snare Roxeauth fails and she falls prey to another. Snarling his disappointment, the brown wheels away with the last of his strength and he makes a hasty retreat; any other disappointed suitors who drift too close will be subjected to a threatening snap of his jaws or growled warning. Time for him to find somewhere to land and brood. Divale is jolted by the sudden whiplash shift but there's a twitch to her mouth that hints at relief as she turns to drift away without a single glance back. With the amount that the brown chases, she's not unfamiliar to this part of flights either and takes her leave to shake off the after effects of losing.

Trumpeting his triumph for all the Weyr to hear, Azrith pulls the green deeper into his embrace, tail and claws trapping her against him as his mind explodes with a rainbow of color as they fall into flight bliss together. On the ground, Zaria almost blinks in suprise at the surge of success coming from her lifemate, propelling her suddenly into N'iel's arms, pulling him in for a heated embrace before her mind matches his with a need for somewhere private to ride the rest of their dragon-induced desire. Grabbing him by hand, Zaria spies the stables nearby, surely they have a convenient loft or something, because her sense of urgency says they need to find somewhere now!

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