Aztrexia, Ryott, Javid


Javid and Aztrexia have a bit of fun with Ryott before offering up a surprise to the spyling.


It is afternoon on the 19th day of the 7th month of the 15th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 20 Nov 2018 07:00


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"Having to go through the process of…dismissing someone is never easy."


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It's only mid-morning in Igen and already the heat has hit sweltering. There isn't a soul outside that doesn't absolutely have to be there and it's no different in the Zingari ranks. The grounds are quiet saving the muffled sounds of life coming from within the rows of yurts and wagons. Inside the education yurt, Aztrexia is just dismissing her morning herbology class. "Ryott, if you could hang back a moment, I'd like to speak with you. Javid should be here in a moment." There's a distinctive glint in the adept's eyes, but she doesn't elaborate.

The idea of leaving the relative comfort of the yurt for the summer heat outside has Ryott dawdling as she puts away materials and equipments that were used during their lesson. Quiet, as usual, her dark eyes lift when her teacher addresses her. Dark brows furrowing even as her gaze narrows, trying to discern something from the Spy Adept's features, but that glint is the only clue and not much of one. Mention of the Spymaster coming as well only darkens her expression, but she nods curtly with a succinct, "Sure," before finishing her clearing up.

Javid has been in and out himself, of course, being that he handles his own share of instruction. He has other business to tend to in between, which finds him striding back to the teaching yurt with some speed to see to this next matter. So it is that he pushes into the yurt with some apparent urgency, but he slows immediately upon stepping into the cool interior, pushing the covering from his head and pulling off the loose robe that protects him from the sun. "Thank you for waiting," he tells Aztrexia and Ryott both as he brushes his underlying clothes straight and crosses to them. "Having to go through the process of…dismissing someone is never easy." Both an explanation for his slight tardiness and, perhaps, a bit of a ploy to make Ryott a bit nervous.

Aztrexia seems pleased when Ryott agrees to stay and goes back to sorting through the hides on her desk and waiting. She gives nothing away when Javid enters with his announcement, though internally she notes to ask him who was let go later. "I wouldn't say you're late Spymaster, I only just dismissed the class." Hazel eyes move to land on Ryott. "I have Ryott here as we discussed. Shall we sit then?" Aztrexia waves at one of the freshly cleared sets only tables and chairs. "I appreciate that you could make this conference Javid."

Ryott sits at her usual spot, near the front, waiting on the Spymaster's arrival, her fingers idly tapping on the hard surface as she remains relatively introspective, running through several scenarios in her mind, each as unlikely as the next, at least to her. Thankfully she doesn't have to wait too long until Javid is there, and she straightens in her chair, squaring her shoulders and offering a curt nod in the spymaster's direction with a clipped, "Sir," of acknowledgement. The comment about dismissing someone does bring a faint twitch around her eyes, and lips are pressed a little more firmly together. When invited, she moves over to the table and chairs Aztrexia has set up and slips into one with little fanfare and adjusts her posture before looking from one to the other expectantly, but voices none of the worries going through her mind as to what this conference is about.

Javid settles himself easily, a faint glint in his own eyes as he surveys Ryott a moment. "Conference is such a serious word," he notes almost nonchalantly, tilting his head to regard Aztrexia with a smirk. "But I am very curious. What might this conference be about, Adept?" Surely the Spymaster hasn't been left in the dark about whatever this is…right? Either way, he keeps his expression neutral for now.

Aztrexia chuckles as she settles herself between spyling and spymaster. "Oh but this is serious sir." she assures, a secretive smile forming on her lips. Maybe the spymaster has been left out, maybe not… Trexa's not telling. Turning to Ryott, Trexa's smile turns somewhat more prideful than secretive. "First, I'd like to start this off by saying that Ryott here has successfully completed all the classes required for herbology in the Jr spyling bracket, has in fact, completed more than her fare share. So there are congratulations in order there. What I'd like to speak about is where she will go from here, starting with something you and I have discussed already." This last is said to Javid while the first is addressed to all. She eyes Ryott, to see if what has been said thus far has registered. No doubt it has, but keeping the suspense is fun.

Ryott's curiosity is mounting by the minute as she looks from one Spymaster to Adpet, a furrow forming between her brows as the latter starts her explanation. She nods almost imperceptably as each of her accomplishments are noted, no other change to the neutral mask she wears, lips still pressed in tight line, dark eyes alert and studying Trexa intently. A kid of few words on most occasions, she remains silent now, mostly because there haven't been any queries or comments thrown directly at her. But it's apparent that she's taking it all in.

"I do remember seeing such a report cross my desk," Javid says with a nod, his gaze falling squarely upon Ryott once again. "Well done, spyling," he tells her with a nod, the press of his own lips curving into an approving smile. "Direction from here is crucial, of course. Even with the herbology classes completed, those studies will need to be ongoing…" He tilts his head a bit at the girl as he asks, "Do you feel satisfied that you've completed your classes to the best of your ability, Ryott?" He's quite still as he awaits her reply, intent upon how she responds beyond just her words.

Aztrexia is quiet now, eyes landing on Javid as he speaks and then again on Ryott as he asks her a question. She too is curious about what the spyling thinks in regards to her studies.

Ryott takes Javid's praise with a more pronounced nod of her head, and a dry, but only because it's her natural tone, "Thank you Sir." She doesn't let it go to her head though, because then Javid's going on and she leans ever so slightly forward, elbows resting on her knees as she takes a moment to consider his question before answering, maintaining her own brand of eerie unblinking eye contact. "No." she states rather simply, "I'm sure there's something I could have done better, I could have wasted less time with that stupid feud with Evgeny for one, although our experience in the desert was very educational, I could have not ended up in the brig that one time."

Javid's expression relaxes fractionally as he listens to Ryott's reply, amber eyes glinting thoughtfully. "Indeed," is all he says initially to the spyling's answer, but there's a definite note of approval to his tone, subtle though it may be. He turns his head to regard Aztrexia now. "Being her primary instructor, what would you recommend in light of all this, Adept?"

There's a smirk that lands on Trexa's lips when Ryott mentions her feud with the young Sr Spyling, she still thinks the line of correction used for the two of them was quite clever. "Right. But we all make our mistakes Ryott, not one of us is perfect." Aztrexia should know. She's had her own line of mistakes… and her own row of complete disasters. Her tone holds its own line of approval as well and she looks between spymaster and student before replying to Javid's query, her expression studious and thoughtful. "I would like Ryott to become my mentee, to instruct her in advanced courses in both toxic substances and healing ones. But…." Aztrexia moves so that she can remove something from a pocket, something that remains hidden in her fist for the time being. "In order to place you in said courses Ryott, I believe you require one of these." She opens her fist and from her fingers dangles the knot of a Sr Spyling. "And getting one of these, requires approval from our good SpyMaster here." Turning towards Javid, Aztrexia gives a most secretive smile. "And I'm going to need an assistant to handle the toxins from now on, as I can't, for the time being." A chuckle follows, and it's all the elaboration anyone is going to get on why she can't. "What think you, Javid?"

"Mistakes still mean I didn't do my very best," Ryott retorts, clenching her jaw slightly at that to keep anything else from slipping out unbidden. The Adept's next words though do cause her dark eyes to widen considerably in surprise when the older woman outlines what this whole thing has been about. The rest of her face is kept carefully neutral as that knot is dangled in front of her, but still out of reach since Javid has final say on whether she gets it or not. There's something more in her gaze now, not her usual baleful stare or frown. Is it just a little twinkle of hope? That she's finally moving towards her ultimate goal? It could be, but it's there and gone in an instant. As she watches the Spymaster and waits for his verdict on the matter at hand, she remains silent.

"A person may do everything perfectly and still fail, Ryott," the spymaster counters evenly. "That is not weakness, nor an indication that they haven't done their very best. That is simply life. And without mistakes, no one would learn a thing." Javid then has to take pains to make sure his expression doesn't waver in the wake of that little smile Aztrexia gives. But he utters a grunt of assent and nods, saying, "I think I need to know a few things before giving that approval," as he leans forward a bit. Raptor-keen eyes fix keenly upon Ryott as he does so. "There is more required of senior spylings, and much more responsibility given. Much more scrutiny placed upon them. There are behaviors that will not be overlooked or tolerated, and punishments for disobedience and misconduct will be much more harsh and ready. Being dismissed from the ranks entirely will not be out of the question. A more intricate knot is a recognition of greater maturity and ability, and I must know that that recognition is not misplaced. Do you understand, spyling?"

Aztrexia's facial expression falls to blank and serious as Javid gives his reply, a sharp nod an indication of her agreement. She bores into Ryott, watching every facial expression, listening to her reply on mistakes, and then to Javid's response. "It's a grave responsibility, rising in the ranks here. Willimina won't tolerate any slips in our conduct, or in our training, not after the Elder's coup…" And Trexa's part in it. That aside, she waits eagerly, but with stoicism, for Ryott's response. "And beyond understanding, do you think you can handle the rise?" After all, if the spyling is unsure… it may not be time for this.

Taking covert, deep breaths, Ryott's attention doesn't waiver from the two older Zingari in front of her, maintaining an exterior of ice while inside her thoughts are roiling and her heart beating so hard it echoes in her ears. "It is a grave responsibility," the spyling agrees once she's considers all that was said, especially the dire consequences to unwanted behaviours. That has to sink in a little bit before she can continue. "I understand Spymaster. All of it. And I can definitely say…I'm ready for it. All of it." There's a fierceness to her gaze now, resolve and ambition all rolled into one as she awaits her fate.

That fierceness is something Javid studies as intently as ever, quiet for a long moment as he allows Ryott to sit with all that's just been said a little longer and taking his own time to consider. Or, perhaps, to just draw things out a bit more. "'Grave' might imply there is nothing to be enjoyed in what we do," he muses. "But I do not think that true for you. Very well." He stands up now, looking to Aztrexia. "I approve this promotion, Adept." And to Ryott, with a subtle quirk to the corner of his mouth, "We shall see how ready." Folding his arms, he waits to watch Trexa do her part.

Aztrexia watches the exchange between Javid and Ryott, narrowing her gaze to pick up on Ryott's subtle body language. She smiles when Javid finally gives the Ok. Standing, she motions for Ryott to stand too. "Well then, that settled, Ryott, I would like to promote you to Sr Spyling, should you accept, know that your burden is now heavier, that all eyes are watching you, and that we wish you the best of luck. We're proud to have you as a student Ryott, we look forward to seeing you become so much more." She then offers the knot to the young woman and waits for her answer.

Ryott almost can't stand it, the way Javid draws things out, taking every ounce of self-discipline to not fidget. When he finally gives his approval, it's like a weight lifts off her and she's feeling almost…Giddy? No that can't be right. Steadying herself with another deep breath which she exhales sharply, she unfolds herself from the pillows and gets to her feet, standing at attention. Dark eyes unreadable, but her lips keep threaten to curl at the corners, something she tries to prevent by clenching her jaw. With all solemnity, Ryott listens to Trexa's words intently, nodding at key points and then, without hesitation, reaching out to take the knot when it's offered to her, "I'm honored Adept Aztrexia to accept the senior spyling knot and all the responsibility and burdens that come with it."

Javid nods agreement with all that Aztrexia says but says no more for a moment, instead observing the way Ryott is holding certain things back with quiet amusement. "Wear it well then, spyling," he finally says. "Unless there's anything else from your mentor, you are dismissed to carry on your duties for the day. Congratulations." He makes no move to leave himself, simply observing until all winds to its end.

Aztrexia grins. "I have nothing more to add. You are dismissed spyling, and you can have the afternoon to celebrate." She waves at the door and makes no move to leave either.

Ryott doesn't need to be told twice. With a final respectful nods to Javid and Trexa, the teen makes her exit in a reserved fashion until she gets just past the yurt's flap and then she takes off in a flash, no doubt to show off her new knot to a certain rival/friend.

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