Sienna, K'vvan, Kyara, Mayte


Sienna is finally awake. K'vvan is angry, drives Kyara off, and then gets ganged up on by the two most important women in his life.



It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the seventh month of the second Turn of the 12th Pass.


Infirmary, Igen Weyr

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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

Days after the feline attack on Sienna and F'dan, and Sienna's fever has finally, finally broken. With the infection in her arm and shoulder, Healers were briefly worried they were going to have to remove the arm, but Sienna rallied and fought back (with the help of tons of medication and intensive care) and now her fever has broken and the infection has faded. After drifting in and out of consciousness for days, right now she's actually awake and looks a bit more present than she has in the past, and outside Kehemath is even eating a wherry someone brought for her.

Threatening healers is generally considered a BAD IDEA, but after so many years Igen's healers are more or less use to K'vvan's threats and more or less (though sometimes there IS LESS, if he's being a REAL JERK) let what he wants happen happen. Thus the second Sienna is more or less awake someone does send a message up to him to let him go. Thus it is that black cloud K'vvan stalks into the infirmary with I-am-pissed-at-you written ALL over his face. He doesn't start yelling right away . Just a terse "Sienna."

And during those days, Kyara has, of course, been more or less fretting herself sick. With so many climactic things occuring in line over the past few sevens, it's a wonder she's slept at all. Or perhaps not; Liareth is good at facilitating that particular activity. The greenrider has been in and out of the infirmary a lot, mostly to check on Sienna, but also for need or two of her own. It's actually the need for a change of the bit of bandage on her right hand that's bringing her to the infirmary when she, too, gets a message, and she finishes her course there at a very brisk walk, ignoring her initial purpose. There's someone else there already - someone she's been deliberately avoiding for some time now, but that's not about to deter her. As K'vvan speaks his singular piece, Kyara slips around behind him and looks Sienna over with very clear relief, blinking rapidly to quell the moisture that jumps to her eyes. "Hey," she says a bit hoarsely, smiling and moving around to the opposite side of where Sienna is from K'vvan.

Sienna isn't quite sitting up, even, she's just laying there. Her face has gained back some of its color, but her curls are still limp and she looks a mess. Bathing is not a priority when you might get your arm cut off. Her right arm, heavily bandaged, rests on top of the light sheet that covers her, and her dark eyes watch as both K'vvan and Kyara enter. She smiles, blinking a few times to try and shake clear the low does of fellis she's on now. "Hi." Her smile is warm, pleased, happy to see them…until she sees K'vvan's face, and then it falters. "I'm sorry," she whispers.

K'vvan's face is not at all blank of emotion. And there is no hint of tears. No, he's stiff with ANGER at this moment. His arms sit crossed on his chest as he actually glares down at Sienna. Her slight 'I'm sorry' seems to snap something in him and his mouth opens. It's not QUITE at yelling level, but it's not normal talking either. "What in the sharding F*CK WHERE YOU THINKING." It doesn't seem to be a question, because K'vvan is just going to go on not-quite-yelling. "Going off with that damn bronze rider in the first place? AND THEN coming back BROKEN UP. Do you not f*cking now how important you are to this sharding f*king weyr? Bloody hell Sienna. You're going to be sharding LAID UP for WEEKS IF NOT MONTHS. You're f*cking lucky that there aren't any sharding weyrlings right now!"

To say that Kyara hasn't also been angry over Sienna going off with F'dan when she's pretty sure W'rin didn't lift Sienna's restriction from sweeps (unless she missed something) would be lying. However, she did most of her being angry while Sienna was still out cold. Were K'vvan not here, she'd be asking Sienna the same questions, just a lot more quietly and with a lot less cussing. As things are right now, the younger AWLM keeps her peace for the moment with a clenched jaw and taut gaze not getting up to K'vvan's eyes. Contrastingly, she settles nearby, reaching out to grasp her friend's hand (the good one), giving it a squeeze. K'vvan isn't saying anything she's sure Sienna doesn't already know and told herself. An amber gaze bright with quite a bit more than one thing flicks quickly between K'vvan and Sienna, but there's otherwise not a word from Kyara yet.

Sienna shrinks back when K'vvan starts not-yelling, blinking back tears. For a moment she's cowed, but then she lifts her chin a bit. "That bronzerider is F'dan, and he saved my /life/, K'vvan," she says firmly. "I was covering sweeps for U'lan." Remember? The dragon poker game she lost? Are her sweeps restrictions still in place? Guess she'll find out when W'rin comes to see her and she's awake. "We got grounded by a sandstorm and then felines attacked us. It wasn't our fault!" Could've happened to anyone, right? As for how important she is, as for weyrlings…she sinks back against the pillow and closes her eyes, a few tears leaking out onto her cheeks and sliding into her hair. "I'm sorry." Her hand shifts to hold Kyara's, squeezing her hand with a steady pressure.

"It was f*king your fault Sienna." K'vvan's tone is firm, his anger not abated a single bit by her seeming contrition over what is going on. "You shouldn't f*king ever go out on sweets. ESPECIALLY when F*KING SANDSTORMS ARE ON THE F*KING WAY." His tone finally reaches yelling as his face turns a bright red. Deep breath and he actually glances at Kyara. Is she on his side? Probably not. K'vvan doesn't care. "After LAST TIME, "she knows what he's talking about right? The time HE tried to get her killed in a sweep thing? "You should F*king have shelter planned in ADVANCE. Not get f*king stuck somewhere dumb beasts can get at you. What the F*ck are we suppose to do till you're sharding HEALED." It almost seems like he's done when he adds one last bit, "what if you DON'T F*CKING HEAL."

"The sandstorms have been unpredictable since the season began, and you know it," Kyara snaps at K'vvan, her tone low and hard and nearly gritted but still around half K'vvan's volume as she finally looks up at him, steel bracing behind amber fire. So much for not speaking to him. "If you have such an issue with weyrlingstaff filling in on sweeps while there aren't any weyrlings in the barracks, go take it up with W'rin. And as for what gets done while Sienna keeps healing," she continues with a slight increase in volume, carefully emphasizing those last two words because that is what's happening, "Ay'den and I and whomever else he chooses will be picking up the slack until she is healed." The steady pressure from Sienna is returned in the meantime, even as the younger greenrider's gaze remains latched to K'vvan.

Sienna frowns, shaking her head and responding as firmly as she's able. "Weather report was clear. And that cave was clear too, last time we were out there! We didn't do anything wrong, K'vvan, it was an accident!" Oh, pronouns. So much room for misunderstanding. Then she pauses, staring at him. Something he's said has cut her deep. She is quiet while Kyara speaks, and then she speaks up again, her voice soft. "Is that your main worry, then? The work I'll miss?"

A glare at Kyara. "F*ck off Kyara, I wasn't sharding talking to you." Then his gaze hits Sienna again. Deep breath. "No. You are f*king the most important person in this whole sharding weyr Sienna. You're the only person that can deal with sh*ts like me and that f*king F'dan as well as all the fluffy happy go-getters and smooth sh*t over after W'rin. Without you this whole damn place goes up in flames. You're f*king important. More sharding important than ANYONE else in this damn place." He's not going to say that he was worried sick about her. No. Not with Kyara right there. TOO MUCH FEELINGS.

The only reason Kyara doesn't pull rank right then and there and order K'vvan to leave before she launches herself at him is because she knows Sienna cares about him. The only reason reason she doesn't hurl something at him is because her better hand for it is caught up in Sienna's right now, and she actually lets go for fear she might hurt the other woman in how much her muscles tense with her anger at K'vvan. She almost turns away to prevent him from seeing the tears that burn at her eyes, the rage she's trying to suppress that reddens every inch of her face and sets her teeth to baring. Whatever K'vvan is saying is lost beyond the rush of blood in her ears as she works to keep her breathing steady. Either let K'vvan walk all over her just so that she can remain in the same room with Sienna, or forget her respect for Sienna's friendship with him and do everything running through her head right now…no. She can't reconcile the two. "I have to go," she half-whispers to Sienna, her ire nearly not allowing her to speak as she rises, fists clenched. "I'll be back later." Around the circumference of the room she moves, keeping as much distance as she can between herself and K'vvan before storming out.

Sienna looks up at K'vvan, and her brows lift in surprise at what he says. Is she blushing? Maybe a little. "K'vvan," she says quietly, "It's going to be okay. I'm going to be okay." If she had another good hand she'd reach for him, but she doesn't. But…then she does, and she's giving Kyara a worried look. "Kyara? O…okay." She's not stupid. She knows the tension between these two but she's in no position to try and mend it. Ironic, perhaps, given what K'vvan just said about her. "K'vvan, sit." That…is an order.

Maybe K'vvan will show his human side to Kyara again soon. He might even apologize (Sienna might have to ask him to first) . For just a moment the mullish look stays on his face as he considers that order and the abrupt pushing of way of Kyara. Abruptly he slams himself into a chair at the bed's side, his hands folding together, elbows on knees and head pressed against the interlocked fingers. (like he's praying) No more angry words just silent tension.

Assuming for the sake of argument that the chair is on Sienna's left (good) side, when K'vvan sits, she reaches out her left hand to touch his shoulder. "K'vvan," she says quietly, her voice soft and gentle. "I'm sorry I scared you."

Silence from K'vvan as Sienna apologizes again. His forehead remains pressed against his hands till finally he raises his head again and take a rather deep breath. He doesn't actually acknowledge that Sienna had hit the issue on the head, instead, "You're not allowed to die Sienna. Or be crippled. Ever."

Looking not entirely pleased with anything, Mayte makes her way into the Infirmary. Her eyebrows knit together in sullen annoyance, she scans the room, scowling at a few healers, but then makes her way to Sienna's bed, trying to smooth her expression. A nod to K'vvan and some attempt at a smile but it's to Sienna that Mayte says, "Hey. How're you feeling?" in friendlier tones than her face belies. She's trying here.

Sienna gives his shoulder a squeeze, pleased he didn't shrug her off or twitch away uncomfortably. She smiles gently at him. "I will do my best," she promises. "I love you too much to just abandon you." When the curtain opens again and Mayte is there, Sienna smiles a little bit. "Ma'am," she greets properly. "I'm…alright?" How much truth does Mayte want here? From her expression, Sienna's assuming she was forced to come check on her.

K'vvan's face is still all sorts of ANGRY MAN, but he's not yelling. The shoulder squeeze is taken with more or less good grace. His mouth opens with a "You pick a f*k… Mayte." Beat. Public. "Ma'am. Sienna was just telling me how she's never going to do anything as f*king stupid as this again." A piercing look at Sienna with overtones of RIGHT?

The Long Day on Mayte's expression leaves her look admittedly less pleasant than usual, but she tries to smile. Right before it drops into a tired moan: "Don't call me ma'am. Oh Faranth, anything but." Mayte for one isn't convicting Sienna with a withering look, instead fiddling with a thread that's loose from her shirt. She can still do dry humour though, "I would kinda say she learned the hard way, K'vv." Nope, Mayte's not taking back that fond nickname. To Sienna: "But you are feeling better, right?" A low anxiety creeps in around Mayte's eyes, crowsfeet before she's even got deep laugh lines. "Or, like, less than mauled-to-death?"

Sienna pulls her hand back to rest on the bed again. She just eyes K'vvan for a long moment, but she's too tired to argue with him and so she looks up at Mayte. She smiles a little bit. "Slightly less mauled-to-death." But she hasn't even tried to move her arm. She's too afraid to.

"I bet Sadaiya could order her to not do stupid stuff. I'm going to ask her do." Abruptly K'vvan is standing up with PURPOSE writ all over him. "Maybe you can talk sense into her Mayte. She can't die." Okay, his voice breaks just a bit there before TOUGH GUY IMAGE sweeps up.

To Sienna, Mayte nods: "S'good enough for now," she'll confirm, "I heard F'dan might lose part of his hand," and the bronzerider's self-sworn nemesis doesn't sound happy or proud of this fact. K'vvan's proud declaration gets barely an eyebrow twitch, "Sadaiya doesn't decide sweeps, K'vvan," and for a moment, Mayte's voice has a bit more timbre but falls flat again, "And I'm pretty sure," because Mayte sounds a little practiced, "That it could have been you, or Kyara, or anyone out there, in those same circumstances. And where would that leave m… the rest of us?" To cover for her slip in public, Mayte looks at Sienna and changes the subject, "Kadanth's nose will be fine. Dragonhealers say it'll take a bit to heal, but nothing broken or damaged." At least at last report.

Sienna looks startled at that news. "Lose part of his hand?" she says, starting to sit upright, changing her mind, falling back and staring at the curtain in the direction of where F'dan's bed is. "What part? Why? What happened?" She can't remember much of anything. A few hazy things here and there. She watches Mayte again, nodding in silent agreement to her words. It could have been anyone. "His nose? What happened to it? I'm glad it'll be fine, Kehemath…" Has been leaning on him a lot.

"Serves the f*ker right." K'vvan mutters that under his breath when Mayte delivers the news that F'dan is going to be maimed. Clearly, as much blame as K'vv is putting on Sienna, the bronzerider is going to get more. (It's probably a good thing the players times don't line up, or K'vv would have WORDS to say to the bronze rider.) Mayte's logic is irrefutable and he stands mullish for a moment before he abruptly sits down again. "W'rin then. Or whoever he gets as his second. Ban all the weyrling staff." Sienna can have company in her misery! His words are all muttered, an undercurrent to the conversation that Sienna and Mayte are having. When the goldrider continues… K'vvan finally lifts his gaze up to rest on Mayte. A hint of something that actually breaks through his anger and he slumps back into silence.

To Sienna, Mayte rolls her eyes companionably about K'vvan, but she raises a hand either to ward the female greenrider or push her back into the bed. "I don't know all the details," she says matter-of-factly, "but he'll keep most of his hand and will fly Threadfall again." Which is the phrase for 'will survive and well' among dragonriders, right? With some exceptions. "Kadanth's nose had some scratches that were deeper than could heal quickly and he needed some extra patching up. The worst," a weyrling's report to her weyrlingmaster, "Was that Rhiscorath had to nearly tie him down so he'd let us get to you both. Kehemath's doing better now?" A quiet look is shot at K'vvan's bowed head but then Mayte's concentrating on pulling up a chair for her to slump into.

Sienna looks sharply at K'vvan. "That's rather harsh, considering he saved my life," she says firmly. "He's a good man and a good rider. Losing part of his hand…" She can't comprehend that, looking worriedly in the direction of his bed once more. She'll have to see him again… "I don't usually /have/ sweeps, K'vvan. I lost the poker game." She glances at Mayte, and then looks back at K'vvan. "Right. What if it'd been you? Where would we be?" Eyes unfocusing a little bit, she smiles faintly at Mayte. "The dragons were nearly panicked," she says quietly. "Kehemath is better now. She and Kadanth…" She trails off for a moment. "She's doing better."

"He should haven't let you gotten hurt in the first place." Sienna isn't about to change K'vvan's opinion of the bronzerider. When SHE turns it back onto him K'vvan is going to fall silent before he manages a rather petulant "I don't do stupid s*it like that."

A feline springs from a closet and mauls K'vvan while Sienna yells, "Seee?! It could happen to anyone!!"

Kyara points at K'vvan and laughs. In spirit.

Even if Mayte and K'vvan share the same-ish opinion of said bronzerider, she'll raise her eyebrows consideringly at Sienna's defense but instead answers, "Yeah. Between Kehemath, Kadanth and Shalnth…" Even if Shalnth's rider wasn't injured… it's strange there. K'vvan gets a withering look and a somewaht blistering, "Oh please." Because we all know he totally would. To Sienna, "Rhiscorath is happy with how they're doing. Practically gleaming about how well they're getting on."

Sienna frowns at K'vvan. "He tried. Believe me, he tried. He feels awful about it, and he's the one apparently missing fingers." Now Sienna has more guilt. "And a broken nose. And a smashed lip. And scratches all over, and an injured dragon. Shards, K'vvan, have some compassion, have I taught you nothing?" K'vvan doesn't do stupid shit? Sienna would laugh. But she doesn't. She looks at Mayte. "Thank you for being there. For helping." There's a pause. "She's happy about…Kehemath and Kadanth?"

This grumpy K'vvan sitting here. His arms are crossed on his chest in silent DISAGREEMENT with the lightness the two seem to making of this. But he's not arguing. Aloud.

Yeah, Mayte's used to that. Instead, for Sienna's benefit, she says, "Rhis is just… seeing hearts everywhere. If a blue and a bronze stand near each other too long…" Eyebrows rise in meaning. "Yeah. She's driving me a little crazy. As for helping? "Wouldn't have been anywhere else," the junior reassures. "Just… I wanted to make sure you were healing alright. Getting the care," one poisonous eye sweeps over the healers, "that you need." In lowered tones meant to be overheard, Mayte hitches a thumb at K'vvan: "He was even more useful - climbed up Kadanth's back like he was Nadeeth's size!"

Sienna ahhs. "I don't think Kehemath and Kadanth are like /that/, but. They…get each other. Their minds are very similar. And after this…" She gestures vaguely at the infirmary and the horrors within, and shrugs. Brows lift and she turns to look at K'vvan again. "So you /were/ there. I thought…" She dreamed it. Her hand reaches out towards him again, but she doesn't touch him. She's asking.

"Of course I was f*king there Sienna." Anger rises back up in K'vvan's voice before he snaps his mouth shut again. Nope. Not speaking. There's less the pair of them can beat him up about if he stays quiet. SIlent. Instead he reaches out and he takes her hand, his grip tight with the worry that has gripped him the last few days he hides under anger. Deep breath. "Kehemath is the most important dragon to Nadeeth." There are layers of meaning there….

Mayte shrugs slightly: "Whatever is making Rhis happy right now, right?" So she'll let the illusion continue. A brief sigh as Mayte blinks a few times but she mmms, watching the two greenriders connect. The junior levers herself out of that chair slowly and hums, "If you'll excuse me," a polite phrase she's getting used to, "Rhiscorath is asking for me." Both Sienna and K'vvan get a wan smile but for Sienna, Mayte adds, "Keep getting better, okay? I'll see you later." A brief smile for K'vvan, then Sienna, and Mayte starts making her way out, deftly avoiding one healer who walked right into her path.

Sienna squeezes K'vvan's hand. "Thank you," she says quietly. "Kehemath has appreciated Nadeeth being there so much. She's helped a lot. Helped…when we returned too. I remember ribbons…" She squeezes his hand again, giving him a look. "Nothing changes, K'vvan," she says quietly. She looks back at Mayte and nods. "Thank you for checking in on me, Mayte, I appreciate it. Wine again soon!" When she's not drugged with fellis.

"Sienna." Deep breath. He's not angry talking anymore. "Just… don't let anything happen to you. Okay?" His eyes travel upwards to fix on Sienna's face, the green intense. "Not for any reason. It would destroy Nadeeth to lose Kehemath and I need you still."

Sienna squeezes his hand as she meets his eyes, darkness meeting intense green. "I won't," she promises quietly. What other promise can she make? "I need you too," she whispers. "Thank you for being there when I needed you most."

Tightly K'vvan presses on that hand, though not enough that he might hurt her. "I will always be there Sienna." Fervent is his promise before he's standing and releasing that grip. Too much emotions now. "I should go make sure Mayte's okay." It's abrupt. "Don't do anything stupid like try to move to talk to F'dan," see Sienna, he KNOWS YOU, "till the healers say you can."

Sienna smiles softly up at him. "And I will too," she promises quietly. Then she looks a bit sheepish because she /was/ considering it, for about an instant until she moved her arm a millimeter and got a zing of pain. Nope, that arm is staying put. "I won't," she promises. She'll just call for him. She knows he'll come see her. "K'vvan…" She hesitates a moment. "I love you."

K'vvan pauses in his turning away to glance back at Sienna. "You mean a lot to a lot of people Sienna. Me included." It's as close as he's coming to 'I love you too' tonight. Out he's going to go though he does PAUSE by a healer and POINT at Sienna. Like, go make her not be in pain kind of point before the greenrider is gone.

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