N'cal, Selaine


Selaine's just finished a round of drilling with Arroyo… and is then tapped into the wing with some new duties!


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


North Bowl

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North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

There's a corner of the North Bowl being taken up by the whole of Arroyo this cold afternoon, drills done for the day and dragons being looked over, straps being given a last lookover before removal. A few of Arroyo's riders have only a short break before being sent along to sweeps, and N'cal can be seen in pointed conversation with a brownrider and a bluerider. "A pass back over the River Hold and the trade route once you've finished," he's saying, and a finger is raised flicked between the two. "If Vaneth can't make it through, S'hal, have him bespeak Tseylath and switch out. If you see anything, let Iolarth and me know straight away." With salutes given in acknowledgement, the two pairs leave, and N'cal goes about his own inspection of Iolarth's straps, his brow furrowed in thought.

Cold as it may be, Selaine and green Akitith are not ones to slack off in their duties. She, too, had been doing drills with Arroyo, though she was not officially part of that wing. So far, she'd been flying with most of the wings to see how each wing worked. At the moment, Selaine was also taking the time to check Aki's straps. Her thoughts wander as she ponders over which wing is best for her. The rest of the werylings were already tapped and it felt as though she was behind. "I just need to be sure, right, Akitith?" the young girl murmurs, adjusting a strap that had come loose. The green's eyes swirl comfortingly at her rider in response.

While the rest of the wing finishes inspections and goes its separate ways to other duties, N'cal remains, watching. Considering. That Selaine and Akitith linger catches his eye - or rather, Iolarth's attention, as he rumbles to the young green and moves her way, leaving his rider to follow in his wake. "Selaine," the bluerider greets with an inclination of his head once he comes in to speaking range. "You and Akitith did well this afternoon. How do you find Arroyo?" he wants to know, folding his arms an regarding her thoughtfully.

Iolarth's rumble does catch the green's attention and she alerts her rider at the approaching duo. The young girl turns to face the wingleader as he speaks to her. In response to N'cal's questions, Selaine replies, "Thank you. And I find… I seem to fit in Arroyo better than the other wings, to say the least." And that much is true, to be sure.

"The wing strives to be a good home for chromatic riders," N'cal notes, nodding. "Not that the other wings dont', but Arroyo has a unique dynamic to be sure. Does Akitith like the wing? The other dragons?" Iolarth is regarding the young green pensively, evaluating, and the bluerider smirks a bit. "Iolarth thinks well of her. He wouldn't be considering her so if it weren't the case."

Selaine offers N'cal a small smile. "Of course." she replies, nodding slightly. "Akitith does like the wing, in fact. She definitely feels more comfortable around the chromatics." Here she looks over at the green, who whirls her eyes at the girl before looking at Iolarth. "And I'm honored to hear that she's well thought of, she definitely tries to keep up with the older dragons."

"The both of you are still young, and once you've found your spot in a wing, keeping up won't be an issue," N'cal returns, smiling back. "You saw the same flying with your clutchmates. Adjusting to a new home wing always takes time." There's a moment of silent conversation traded between dragon and rider, and the wingleader chuckles for a moment, his eyes falling on Selaine once more. "You were…a Harper before you Impressed, yes?"

At N'cal's comment, Selaine nods. "Yes… but there is still a difference between weyrlings and seasoned riders. It's quite encouraging to know we'll be there someday." She absently scratches Akitith's eye ridges, as the green has brought her head down in reach of her hands. N'cal's question catches her slightly off-guard. "Oh.. yes, I was. I didn't think many people remembered that."

Grinning for the fact that he's thrown the greenrider girl slightly, N'cal shrugs a bit. "I might not have, had I not been speaking with Kyara just a little while ago. She remembered you were, as I would expect from a rider of the same background." Leaning against Iolarth's lowered head, the bluerider folds his arms yet again. "Tell me - how was your knack for gathering information, as a Harper? Did you get much chance to practice it, watching, eavesdropping, and the like?" There's something he seems to be looking for in this line of questioning, though he remains vague for now.

Selaine grins at N'cal's admission as to where he got his information. "Ah, I suppose that does make sense." Still scratching Akitith's eye ridges, she ponders his question, curious. "I did… I'm a pretty decent observer, if I do say so. I didn't get to use it much but I had some practice." She replies after a moment.

"Good," N'cal returns simply, nodding and pushing away from Iolarth's nose to clasp his hands at his back as he takes a few steps toward the young greenrider. "In that case, there is something I'm hoping you may be able to help with. At this point I'm sure you know about the bandit attacks that have been plaguing the area. The ones we have been missing on our sweeps, somehow or other. I have an idea - that may help shed some light on the source of the attacks, if it works. I could certainly use a bit of Harper-trained observation skills for it." Not that riders as a whole aren't an attentive lot. He just knows how to capitalize on his resources.

At this point, Selaine makes a point to stand a bit straighter when he mentions that she might be able to help. She listens carefully, nodding thoughtfully. "I am more than willing to put my skills to use if they will benefit us." she replies, "Just let me know what to do and I'll do it."

Smiling for Selaine's willingness, N'cal moves again, this time delving into a pouch on Iolarth's straps. "I have a few other riders in mind, but you and Kyara at least I would like to meet with out at the Oasis Inn this evening, after sunset. We can discuss what I have in mind there. However," and he comes back away from his lifemate with something rolled in his hand, "this isn't something you should do without a wing to back you up, of course." He holds out what he's retrieved to her - a blue scarf, trimmed with the blue and gold patterning of Arroyo's patch, and the wing patch itself, pinned beneath his thumb. "Shall we call you one of ours, Selaine? If you believe you fit here, I would be glad to have you join Arroyo."

Selaine is as attentive as ever as she listens. She makes a mental note for herself and also tells her green to remind her, lest she forget, though it is highly unlikely. Distracted by this, the girl does not notice N'cal pull out the object from the pouch. At the presentation of the scarf and patch, she is slightly taken aback. It only takes her a quick moment, however, to grin widely and accept the items. "I would be honored! Thank you for allowing me to join your ranks. I'll do my best to not disappoint."

With an inclination of his head, N'cal pulls his hand back to be clasped behind him again, while Iolarth gives a smug rumble and a croon to Akitith. "You're quite welcome. We look forward to having you along. Drills are usually in the afternoon like this; be a bit early tomorrow so that we can review the positions we'll need to let you fly in, determine where you'll likely be strongest. In the meantime, however," he says as Iolarth comes to his feet, "do meet me at the Inn this evening. Try to find Kyara beforehand and come together, if you can." It's just a suggestion, mostly because he has Selaine's age in mind…but he'd likely still be pleased to see them come together, were she older. "I'm off home to tend to a few things. Clear skies, Selaine. I'll see you later." And with that, the bluerider scales Iolarth's neck and they're airborne, heading for the airspace above the Bazaar.

Akitith croons back, eyes swirling at the news and glad for both herself and her rider. A nod is given to N'cal before he flies off. "Clear skies to you as well, sir." Selaine bids before he's off. Looking at the green, she grins, "Well, let's hope we fit in, shall we? Now… to find Kyara…"

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