Sesa, E'gus


Sesa and E'gus catch up, and decide to go for a swim….but all does not go as planned

Vague mention of flight shenanigans


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It is noon of the first day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the first day of Autumn and 91 degrees. A strong, dry wind blows across the desert that raises and carries along a massive cloud of sand that obscures Rukbat and drowns Igen in darkness. Visibility is reduced to nothing as sand pelts the weyr. Torrents of sandy wind lashes exposed skin, and grits in the eyes and nose of anything that dares to brave the elements.
In Southern:
It is the first day of Spring and 57 degrees. Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with only the occasional short falls of rain painting the ground.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the first day of Spring and 19 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Igen Weyr, Lake Shore

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"I was hoping for a longer swim than that!"


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the first day of Autumn and 91 degrees. A strong, dry wind blows across the desert that raises and carries along a massive cloud of sand that obscures Rukbat and drowns Igen in darkness. Visibility is reduced to nothing as sand pelts the weyr. Torrents of sandy wind lashes exposed skin, and grits in the eyes and nose of anything that dares to brave the elements.

Despite the fact the wind is starting to pick up a bit, Szokanith still insists on swimming at every free moment. Besides, the heat is still oppressive at high noon, the rays of the sun baking the ground and lake alike. Rather than try to butt heads with his stubborn green, E'gus has merely embraced the chance to relax. He's spread out a towel on a clear bit of sand and has sprawled himself on it, dressed only in a pair of shorts and nothing else. His bare, brawny chest rises and falls with his breath and his eyes are closed, though he's obviously not asleep because … well … there's absolutely no snoring involved. His deep copper red hair has grown back in somewhat and his beard as filled out again, though it's nowhere near to the epic proportions it was as a candidade, sadly. Szokanith herself is lazing about in the water, only her head visible.

Sesa has decided that a swim before lunch is a good idea. It's never a bright one to go and eat when one is overheated. Or at least, that's how it is for her. And so, the midday rays of Rukbat shine on the harper turned rider as she walks the path to the lake, her blue in the air above her.

«There are others at the lake my sweet.»

Sesa smiles. That's ok, the more the merrrier. It's not like I own the lake or anything. Adjusting her ruaksack, she keeps moving on and when she does come upon the lake, she looks for the 'others' Ed spoke of. E'gus and Szokanith. It's been a while since they've socialised, since shortly after the green's flight, if Sesa can remember correctly. She blushes, and the pink stain stays on her moonlit skin as she meanders up and greets her clutchmate. "Good afternoon E'gus…" He may be sleeping, but somehow Sesa doubts that. Edleveth finds a perch on the beach, whirling eyes on the submerged Szokanith.

One of E'gus' eyes opens a crack and he squints up at Sesa from his sprawled position. Once he realizes who it is, he opens both of his pale blue eyes and blinks up at her, "Sesa." It's a greeting and a speaking of her name, his deep voice a rumble in his chest. It's hard to tell if he has any matching blush from their previous encounter, what with his beard and all that, but he does have a bit of a smile hidden amongst all that facial hair, "Bit windy, but the water's nice." Stretching, he sits up, rubbing at his bearded face to wake himself up a bit, "You good? Been a while." That's as far as he's going to get at mentioning the fact they last met when his green rose. He seems determined not to make things /too/ awkward between them. Szokanith lifts her head from the water completely like some mythic sea beast, water sluicing from her kelp green hide.

« Edleveth - why not stop quoting poetry and swim? Seems an awful waste of time. I think a storm may be brewing soon. »

Sesa smiles back down at the red haired rider, both for the greeting and because she feels like doing so. She folds herself down next to E'gus and puts her rucksack beside her. "I'm good." And the short sentence speaks it's own truth. Sesa doesn't feel awkward at all, despite that flight only having been her second go at things like that.

«But poetry is the very breath of life my sweet green!»

Despite that, the blue does indeed slip into the water, as at home there as he is in the skies. Sesa watches it all, an amused look on her face as she stares at the dragons in the water. "And you? How are you doing?"

E'gus scratches idly at his bearded face, as though deeply considering the question, "Good. Beard's taking a while to grow back fully, though." There's a touch of annoyance in his tone at that, though, despite his beard actually being pretty thick already. Not to mention the fact he's rather hairy all over in general - he may be brawny and fit, but his bare skin is covered in red-gold hair almost all over. Probably keeps him from burning in the sun. "Had a chance to do any drawing lately?" is his question to Sesa, one thick eyebrow arched. "Wing stuff been pretty busy. Haven't been able to carve much." He grunts at this, a little sad at his lack of carving time, "No wood, anyhow." Double sad.

Szokanith snorts in a kind-hearted kind of derision that only she can pull off, « Sometimes your poetry is better left unsaid, lest it make someone sick with the sappiness of it. Best to just do, I say! Why stop to make pretty words about it? » She fliks her wings, sending a spiral of water into the air towards Edleveth.

Sesa chuckles. "At least it's growing back. Glad to see it." The man looks good in a beard. Drawing her knees up, Sesa lays her cheek on them and looks over at her fellow rider, head shaking a bit. "Not as much as I would like. But that's alright, I'm busy enough." She looks sympathetic when E'gus mourns the lack of carving time. "It is a shame to lose so much of our personal time. But once we get used to the routines, that should change, at least a little." Or at least Sesa would hope/think so.

«Words are food for the heart, that's why.» A flick of his tail sends water flying back in Szokanith's direction.

E'gus runs a hand over his hair, mussing the shaggy red-gold locks a bit, "At least the wingleader hasn't made me shave it." He grunts in satisfaction at that note, though who knows if he's just jinxed himself. "Might not let it get long enough to braid this time. Dunno. Will have to see." The beard braid whipping into his face during flying may be a hazard, after all, and he'll have to weigh his love of his beard with the love of his life in some cases. He cocks his shaggy head as he considers Sesa's words, nodding solemnly, "Would have thought we'd have more time once we graduated. Been even harder." He heaves a gusty sigh, "Still working on a carving I started three months ago. Work on it a bit here and there." He shrugs his broad shoulders, "I'm sure it'll get better." Stretching, he rises to his feet, straightening to his full height of 5'2" - yeah, it's kind of funny that he's only an inch or so taller than Sesa herself. "You want to swim?" He inclines his head in a sort of invitation.

Szokanith snorts again and splashes Edleveth, « You're a big sap. Don't make me gag. » Though who knows - maybe there's something deep down inside that she likes about that, considering Edleveth was the one that caught her before.

Sesa nods. "Yes. Swimming was the point of coming down here." She stands and brushes the sand off, having no qualms with dropping trou and pulling off her shirt to reveal a slim one piece with a low neck. Something she'd picked up a while back in a shade of deep harper blue that looks well against the paleness of her skin.

«Don't deny that you enjoy the frivolities of my speech dear lady, otherwise you would not put up with me.» Smarter than he looks, this blue. «The day is bright and lovely, let us undertake it with gaeity and light hearted fun.»

E'gus casts Sesa only one brief appraising glance as she reveals her swimsuit - not long enough to stare, of course, but he at least nods once in appretiation of how it looks on her, "Nice color." His own swim shorts are much less fancy - a utilitarian green, but it's not as though there's much to be done with men's swim gear, anyhow, as far as fashion goes. Backing up several feet, E'gus runs full tilt at the water and leaps in, cannonballing into the water with a gigantic *SPLOOSH*.

Szokanith even gets splashed with the resulting waves and she is not amused, « I can't take him anywhere, I swear. » Edleveth is given a level gaze and a draconic tail twitch, « You may think what you like, Edleveth. I am not one to be trifled with or to spend time on useless things, as you well know. »

Sesa giggles and thanks E'gus for the compliment, the giggle turning into a fully fledged laugh when the man cannonballs the dragons. Edleveth is far less offended by being splashed and takes a mini-revenge when E'gus comes back up, in the form of a wave sent his direction. Shaking her head, Sesa takes a running leap at the water and dives in herself, grateful for the cool water that envelopes her and cools her down. When she re-emerges above the surface of the lake, she wipes the water from her face and pushes the hair away to look for her swimming buddy.

E'gus surfaces not long later, snorting a breath out of his nose like some hairy sea creature. Then he's promptly splashed again by the wave sent by the blue and he goes under again. When he surfaces again, he's at least laughing at the whole situation, "Least I'm clean now." He runs both hands over his hair, letting the water drip off him. He squints up at the sky, though, as water drips from his beard, "Looks like a sandstorm might be coming." He grunts, somewhat disappointed this may be a short swim.

Sesa is laughing too, until E'gus points out the potential sand storm. Turning in the water so that she might be able to see, Sesa takes in the gathering storm clouds and the breeze that's ticked up a notch or two. "Well damn… I was hoping for a longer swim than that." Sesa's lower lip pouts just a bit before she sighs and begins swimming for shore. That storm could be on top of them in mere minutes, so best get out and dried now. "Ed, come on." She shouts at her blue, who is still trying to convince his fellow clutchmate that words are indeed a necessary thing.

"Me too," E'gus grunts in annoyance at the bad timing of the sandstorm, though he's quick to exit the water, as well. He's only lived here so long but he's already learned how unpredictable the sandstorms can be. He snatches up his towel and starts to dry his hair.

Szokanith is extra grumbly at having to leave the water, « Of all the times for a sandstorm! I had not reached peak saturation yet. » But still, even /she/ knows what a sandstorm can be like and is quick to exit, though she does splash her blue clutchsibling as she passes in a good-natured sort of way.

"At least it was a nice cool off," E'gus notes to Sesa as he drapes his towel over his shoulders, "See you another time, maybe." With a brief look cast at the approaching storm, E'gus starts off towards the bowl with his green not far behind him.

Edleveth pulls himself from the water athis lifemate's summons. «But We've not finished yet!»

Sesa waves E'gus off. "See you!" She's not long in drying off and putting her clothes back on over her suit. She then scrambles up Edleveth's side and the pair take off for the safety of their weyr and a simple lunch from fair stored there.

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