Amania, Willimina, Bonifas, evka, Xanthee, Zisiene, Ziniel, cameos by Tallel, Agertha, Brynn, Aztrexia, Javid


The Zingari welcome a new member into their midst, but Amania doesn't believe it's her until she isn't given a choice!


It is evening of the 4th day of the 9th month of the 11th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 12 Aug 2017 06:00


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"You're an aggravating lot, you know."


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

The Zingari encampment is usually quite boisterous and colorful, but for tonight's event, it is even more polychromatic. Brightly colored banners and streamers fly from the wagons, yurts, and anywhere they can possibly be hung from. Entertainments have been arranged, fire dancers, a dancing display, a play, food, drink and all manor of frivolities. The Zingari welcome a new member tonight, so it is more a celebration than performance night, but if the Zingari make a few marks in the process, what's the harm? One entrance and several exits have been made and guarded and it costs a half mark to get in if you're not Zingari, Off to the North end of the camp, the fire dancers dominate, wide spaces cleared so they may tote their talent in relative safety. The East side of the camp is all shopping and food, the South end of the camp hosts the entrance, professional and public dance floors and acrobats of all sorts. The west part of camp has a different feel, focusing on play acting and it is here the ladies and lords of the night look for their customers. The Center fire hosts another set of dance floors and ample seating for eating and revelry and toasts. It's a true Zingari party in gather fashion.

Willimina sits at the head table near the center fire, talking with their guard captain and enjoying a goblet of wine. She's eschewing the whiskey for now, but that will flow so freely later it won't matter. The Zingari leader seems in good spirits, laughing and talking and enjoying the gaiety. Her eldest daughter stands at her left elbow, observing the goings on and taking down notes for later, she is old enough to learn her mother's duties and so will be seen more often around camp rather than with Timo or the nannies.

Speaking of Timotin? The Zingari weaver is out and about for once, enjoying the atmosphere as he picks this place and that to sit and play his guitar. It's easy to see he's been at the whiskey already because he's chatty and rosy cheeked, rather than quiet and observative. He's dressed brightly in Green and Silver, his chest bare to the warm desert air. "Good evening folks! Do enjoy the party! Thank you, I play again in about a candlemark."

Reveka is stationed near the entrance, her own performance stage roped off so that she has space to work. She's doing her contortion act first, bending herself into all sorts of unbelievable and sometimes painful looking positions. She'll be in the dance floor later, but for now, she does her best to get through her routine and keeps an eye out for friendly faces. Amania's amongst re them.

Aztrexia, having been cooped up since her coup against Willimina, is for once, being allowed a little freedom. As long as she has a sitter nearby, and she's sure Igraine and Javid are around somewhere, as all Zingari usually attend a welcoming party like this one. She''s a vision in white with green and silver highlights in her hems, ribbons and jewelry. The dress she chose clings to her figure and is dazzling against the silver of her hip bells and belt. She walks through the crowd with a smile, happy for once that she isn't the focus of glares, shouts and distrust.

Bonifas might not be performing at the moment, but that doesn't mean the boy isn't dressed for it! Like many of the Zingari, the outfit he's chosen to wear is mainly the caravan's colors of emerald and silver. He mingles with the crowd at the moment, making a round of the camp to see what all is where currently. Reveka's performance space draws his attention for the moment and he'll try to offer a wink to the girl if he thinks she's looking at him at some point during her act.

Fire fans in hand, sans the fire, is Zisiene as she goes through a new routine one last time before her turn to dance. At a signal, young woman dips her fans into the fire set for that purpose and begins her dance. The fans whirl, and spin as she steps through her routine in time to the music being played for her.

The thing is that Amania is completely clueless that any of this has to do with her in the least. She thought it a bit odd that she was told she'd have the night off of guard duty, considering she thought having more people around for festivities would mean they'd all have to be at work. But the captain scowled at her when she'd protested and…ordered her not to even try it. Which was confusing, but she stopped arguing. Now she's wandering among the always-overwhelming glitter of the evening, though with considerably more tolerance than when she'd arrived to work for the caravan. She looks much different than she had then, too. She looks like she fits among the Zingari now. A long dress of flowing lavender fabric sheathes her form, leaving her arms bare…which she isn't used to, but it's a compromise from Reveka trying to get her to wear something that bares her stomach, for Faranth's sake! There's a silvery sash adorned with tiny silver bells around her waist, much like the dancers wear. Long, dark hair is allowed to fall free around her shoulders, and she might just be wearing a bit of kohl to line her eyes. Something else Reveka helped her with, no doubt. Speaking of Reveka, it's her friend she's watching bend herself into rather impossible shapes right now and trying to keep her mouth from hanging open in disbelief.

Tallel is here, of course…but he's dancing, which is something he's not been seen doing by himself in quite some time. It's a safe bet there'll be some sets with him and his wife later on, but for now, he's showing off a little.

Ziniel paces round at the foot of a set of silken cloths that just touch the ground. A moment is takent to make sure everything is secured properly, then up she goes climbing swiftly until she's a good distance up. Waiting for just the right time to begin draws a small crowd. With a light nod downward, music begins and the girl starts through her routine.

Reveka stands in the upright position, catching Bon's winks and Amania's disbelief. She smiles and goes over backward, coming out to wave at the crowd from between her own legs. She winks before she takes it a step further, putting her forearms on the ground and lifting her feet to plac them atop her own head. The transition is seamless too, and Reveka is filled with relief. This is her second performance night since she passed her tests and she's still nervous. She holds the position a moment before she returns to the standing position.

Paying her half-mark at the entrance, Xanthee moves into the festivities slowly, taking in the color and noise and performances with wide emerald eyes. Her outfit is simple, just a plain cotton chemise in forrest green over a long black skirt, her wavy ebon hair flowing freely over her shoulder. She is awed at all the sights and takes her time to stroll through the difference performances, cocking her head to one side at the contortionist, wondering how she manages to get into those shapes. Spying a refreshment area, she goes over and orders some of that whisky that seems to be going around, trying to look as old as possible as she's served.

Brynn opens the door to her wagon, a hidebound notebook tucked under her arm, frowning. She peers round the corner to the Zingari area, which is so alight with life, and continues to frown - who knew frowning brought dimples to cheeks like that. How did she expect to get some quiet in the trading area, away from the high altitude of her weyr? With a sigh, she shoulders her staff and goes out to investigate. She sniffs at the air. Something smells delicious. She takes long strides and follows her nose past several dancing acts. The greenrider is dressed in her former cloth guard attire - all neutrals - quite at odds with the brilliant colos of the Zingari.

Timotin spots Amania in the crowd, and sets his guitar inside nearby wagon before approaching the newest Zingari woman. He idles up alonside Amania, eyes forward to watch Reveka's performance. "I never did understand how some folks can do things like that. Makes you wonder if it's painful, eh?" Timo slides his gaze towards Amania to gaze upon her reaction and answer.

Bonifas won't be the only person in the crowd cheering at Reveka's contortions, but he will add a whistle to it as well before he moves on just a little bit. Another familiar face is not too far and the woman of the evening as well! "Amania! Feeling welcomed enough?" A hand waves towards all the activities in the general area and beyond. If anybody has ever said the Zingari don't know how to throw a good party, that man is a liar. Timotin's approach is also noted and the boy will give a smile and a nod towards his elder. "Evening, sir."

Amania can't help but wince a little as she watches Reveka, but applauds enthusiastically nonetheless. She isn't aware that Timotin has come up beside her until he speaks and starts a little to find him so near, blushing to have been caught off guard so. "It looks painful, but she's grinning about it, so…" Amania shrugs, still incredulous. Then there's a Bonifas, and her head swings the other direction, blush still intact. "I felt welcomed enough my first day here!" she says with a grin, not actually following where his question comes from but going with it anyway. Glancing around, she spies the fire-fan dancer, someone up on silks…is that Brynn? She isn't sure. What she is sure of is that she may not see everything there is to see before the night is over.

Presently, Willimina stands to take a tour through the crowd, Lillia at her heels. They survey the crowd, greet when necessary, and stop near Tallel's performance area. Willimina can't help it, she always stops to watch when Tallel dances. Lillia takes the chance to chat with a few friends, she rolls her eyes at her mother's twitterpated behavior. Adults. Sheesh.

Finished with her dance, Zisiene douses her fans as she exits the dance area. A wide smile on her face as she nods to those she knows, and then she's doing a fade into the crowd where she disappears in spite of her brightly colored clothing. The young woman slips her way through the crowd until she's just behind Amania and the crowd that is with her, "Enjoying yourself so far?" Isie asks, then steps back just to make sure she avoids any startled reaction.

Brynn's belly will have to wait because she's just spotted Reveka's contortions. She pauses with the large crowd gathering, leaning slightly on her staff, and then suddenly squinting. Is that the girl from the other day, in the fabric shop? Yes! Amania is noticed and that makes her doubally certain - she's always been good at spotting people in a crowd - guard training, you know. A firm nod and a wink is given to Amania, and then slight nods to Bonifas and Timotin before the fire-dancer captures her attention. Zisiene's sudden appearance is noted too.

Xanthee takes her cup of whiskey and continues to wander, taking it all in, when a whistles turns her head and she spies the boy she had met a little while back in the Tea Room. She perks up visibly and a hand reaches up to check the state of her hair. Unfortunately as she is doing that, he seems to have moved into a conversation. Bother. She takes a thoughtful sip from her drink and then coughs a little bit as she mutters to herself, "Smooth." Making a decision, she sashays closer to Reveka's performance space and watches intently the amazing things that she is doing with her body, every now and then, shooting covert looks in Bonifas' direction.

Agertha pays her entrance fee, and steps through the gate. A wide smile is easy to muster as she's free of her twins for the night. She stops to watch Raveka's dance for a moment, then moves on as she spies another area to watch. Eventually she'll fetch up near the food.

"Oh, but you're not truly a Zingari until we've used you as an excuse to throw a party!" Bonifas will wink at Amania, and follow it up with a cheeky grin. Because that really is what tonight was about. A welcome and it was about time they had a good party. Zisiene may be sneaky, but since Bon was facing Amania, he wasn't caught off guard by his fellow spyling's approach. "Hey, Isie. Doing any knife throwing tonight?" And the feeling of eyes being on him may have his eyes scanning towards Xanthee's direction, but the girl isn't noticed quite yet.

"But…I'm not a Zingari; I just work for them!" Amania is suddenly finding herself the center of attention and is very unsure of what to make of it. Her blush is probably permanent at this point, but it complements the kohl well, at least. "I am!" she says a little breathlessly, turning (in an unstartled fashion!) to look at Zisiene and smiling even though one hand is nervously fidgeting with the little bells on her sash now. Why does she want her crossbow on her back all of a sudden? The things that become people's security blankets… She shakes the feeling out of the way for a moment and asks Zisiene, "Are you going to be performing some more later?" Because that's something she wants to see. Now that Brynn is closer, Amania catches that wink from the greenrider and lifts her hand in a little wave. The new girl that makes an appearance nearby is noted, mostly because she keeps looking at Bonifas. "I think you have an admirer," she murmurs to Bon, discreetly pointing past him at girl with the whiskey.

A grin is given to Bonifas as Zisiene gives a nod, "Not until later though. When it's just a touch darker. My flaming daggers seem to be popular, particularly here at the Weyr," Isie beams at Amania, "Looks like Zini's got her silks," a snort is given in amusement at that.

Brynn continues on towards the food, making her way through the crowd.

Xanthee thought she was being subtle, sipping her whisky, tiny sips so that she isn't reduced to coughing, trying to look engrossed in the performances in front of her as she meanders slowly from one space to the next. Her glances no more than very quickly in the boy's direction, but her attention is then taken by the girl doing some amazing things in the air with some long pieces of silk. She stands, tranfixed as she looks upwards to enjoy the performance.

Bonifas raises an eyebrow ever so slightly at Amania's protestations that she's not Zingari. "You're part of our caravan now." Which might not seem like a huge deal while living in the Weyr, but things get close when you're living on the road. Which will happen again at some point. But her statement about an admirer has him laughing. "Only one?" But since the guard was so nice to point his watcher out, he'll be able to finally spot Xanthee and after a moment, a flash of recognition. The next time he catches her looking his way, he'll throw a grin and a small wave. As for Isie, he nods. "I still need to see if S'ayde will be willing to teach me how to juggle flaming knives. Igraine mentioned it once." The juggling knives part he can do, and may be doing later. The fire part is something he hasn't been working on though.

Timotin waves at Bonifas. "He has a point, you came to work for us, so now you're one of us, and it's a heck of a reason to throw a party." Timotin grins and waves at the party around. "So, welcome again Miss Amania. Anyone plan on dancing?" Timo changes the subject with a wide grin, after all, they're here to have some fun right?

Finishing one set of spins, Ziniel starts into a second set. Silks wrapped round her, she spins, dips, and climbs. Making the stunts look as easy as walking through the bazaar. The last sliding descent is stopped mere inches above the ground, Ziniel grins as she unwraps the silks and stands up to take a bow. She's aware that there are those watching her like a hawk. Zini will go in search of food now that she's done, and been waved away for a bit.

Reveka moves through two or three more poses before she calls for a break, as easy as it might look, contortion takes a whole lot of muscle control and it takes a lot out of a person. She moves to the sidelines and towels off before searching for and joining Amania's little party group. "Having a good time guys?" She asks brightly, snagging a drink off a nearby server. That was thirsty work!

Willimina eventually moves on from Tallel's display, leaving Lillia to chat with her friends. Its not long before she comes abreast of Amania, Timo, and Bonifas. "Amania dear, enjoyig the festivities? We'll be having some cake soon." The Zingari leader smiles, and the action reaches her chocolate brown eyes. It's been a good seven and she's pleased with the evening so far. "I do hope you get the chance to make the rounds, there's some pretty spectacular things going on everywhere. Dont stay in one place too long, and welcome again dear." WIllimina gives a small nod of her head and moves on, she's got to direct the gift table, they'll be moving them next to the cake. A true 'house warming' as it were.

"Um…" That's Amania's eloquent response to Bonifas' 'only one' quip, not having any good response and possibly not catching the fact that he's joking. Then she looks to Timotin again, her expression dubious. "This is not because of me," she states definitively, wondering why both he and Bon have teased her with such a reason. Maybe it's an inside joke? "This is just…because! Like all performance nights are." Right? It's the only thing that makes sense, after all. Timotin's dancing question draws a sheepish look. "I don't know how," she'll inform him before moving her attention pointedly to Reveka - after the end of Ziniel's silk performance is taken in. "I am, but I keep getting teased," she answers Reveka, a distinct harrumph included in her tone before it brightens. "I didn't know you could do all of…that," she says, and starts to ask more when Willimina is suddenly there. "I'm trying my best to get around," she tells the caravan leader with a grin, though she hasn't moved from here for some time. "I'll be sure to get some, when we do," she says of the cake. Still clueless. And then Willimina is giving her another welcome, and she sighs in frustration as the woman leaves. It has to be an inside joke of some kind. Not knowing the punchline is getting a bit irksome, but only if she lets herself think about it. "You're an aggravating lot, you know," she announces to everyone in the vicinity, but it's with a definite fondness.

Oh Faranth! He caught her looking at him. Xanthee's already tanned complexion takes on a dark rosy tinge over the apples of her cheeks as she quickly looks away as he grins and waves in her direction. She swigs the rest of her drink in one fell swoop, shaking her head slightly at the burning sensation but managing not to cough her guts up, so that's a success. As she notices the girl on the silks finish her routine she finds a nearby surface put down her empty cup before clapping enthusiastically. "Wonderful!" she exclaims. Then she is off in search of another drink, deciding that she is in need of some more liquid courage, the warm feeling spreading in her belly is strangely fortifying.

Bonifas is both serious and joking. He's pretty sure he's got at least two admirers right here. Maybe even three. But then Amania confesses she doesn't know how to dance and Bonifas blinks. "Rev, I know I promised you a dance, but I think there's an emergency I have to take care of first! Amania, we have to teach you to dance. All Zingari dance." This is a fact and they've already established that she's now a part of the caravan. He'll offer his hand out to the guard girl and if she takes it, he's going to try and lead her to the dance floor.

Reveka gives a nod of her head toward Bonifas. "But of course, happy dancing." Reveka never has a problem finding a dance partner at one of these things. She'll nod respectfully at Willimina when she passes through. Timo too, gets a nod before Reveka makes her own way to the dance floor, and is swept up in seconds by a young Zingari hopeful. See? Easy peasy. Even if she is just a little disappointed about losing a dance with Bon, but perhaps she'll get aother later!

Zisiene slips away as there is much more to look at before her knives are lit.

"Oh, I don't want to steal-" Amania can't even get a protest out before Reveka is carried away into the swirl of dancers. Now she's left looking at Bonifas with a distinct wher-in-the-moonslight expression on her face. Her eyes flick to his hand and she clears her throat, straightening and then wondering at how her hand has decided to lift partway on its own. She drops it, eying Bon as her heart trips into a light trotting tempo. "If I go out there, I'll make an ass of myself," she informs him…but it's not a no. "Can't we… Can't you just show me right here?"

"It's not stealing, we're just rescheduling!" Bonifas is still totally planning on snagging Reveka for that promised dance later. And maybe more. But he's got a duty right now! The almost acceptance of his offered hand is watched, and then he shakes his head and smiles at her, his hand still out there. Don't leave him hanging, Amania. "It's fine. I'll lead. You'll just have to follow after me." And he makes it sound so simple. "And we can't do it right here, it's much too crowded. That's why there are designated dancing spots." Logistics. Willimina has them all figured out.

Aztrexia simply enjoys her freedom, slipping through the crowds with a childish delight. She's never truly got to enjoy a gather of any sort, so this is a bit of indulgent luxury for the half-breed girl. She stops at one stall to sample the food, her face lighting up as she finds a delightfuly spicy flavor on her tongue. Curry. She indulges in a full helping then before having a drink and moving on to observe some dancers nearby. Sometime through her walk, the fine hairs on Aztrexia's neck rise and she gets the distinct, and familiar feeling of being watched. It's something she's slowly getting used to, sometimes being able to tell who is watching, and sometimes not. She smiles, let them watch. Trexa's dressed to impress and for once is under no stress.

Ziniel slips into a changing area, when she returns the girl's dressed in clothing more appropriate to dancing on the ground than her emerald green get up that she was wearing. She'll take her place to dance at length, her movements aren't as limber as Reveka's, but she makes her own dance look as effortless as she made the silks routine look. Easy, anyone can do this, her ease of movement says to anyone who doesn't know any better. To those behind the scenes, it's clear she's spent hours in practice. Probably since she was old enough to walk.

Xanthee looks crestfallen as she takes her second glass of whisky and turns to see the object of her admiration take another girl onto the dance floor. She takes a long swig of her drink, apparently quickly adapting to the taste as she barely twitched that time. Looking around, she seems to panic and the exit is eyed fleetingly, the temptation to run apparent in her stance. She watches some girls effortlessly find dance partners while she plays the wallflower, although there is no real wall to speak of. Snapping herself out of it, she stands straighter with resolve and takes up another circuit of the performance spaces, forcing herself to put her attention completely on what is in front of her, her gaze starts to move towards the dance floor but she forces herself to stop and concentrate on the amazing routines from the performers.

Amania stays right where she is for a moment that probably feels far too long to Bonifas, klah-dark eyes flicking from his hand to his face. Her lips are bitten together, and she looks like she's hovering between moving forward and turning to bolt. There's an argument being had within, for sure…but eventually, the part of her that wantsto learn wins. With a huff, she steps forward and puts a subtly trembling hand in his, anxious but determined now. "What do I do?"

It doesn't take long for Willimina to get things sorted out. She gives the ten minute warning and it spreads by word of mouth, cake and presents at the center fire, Amania's presence requested. She then goes about grabbing musicians, you can't have cake and presents without music!

Bonifas has more than enough confidence to spare for both of them and he's not giving up on this. Eventually the girl does take his hand, right about the time that ten minute warning goes through. "Perfect! Time for one dance!" And unless Amania objects, the boy's going to lead them towards the closest dance area which conveniently isn't playing one of the more enthusiastic sets at the moment. Something suitable for learning. "You take my hand like this, and put your other one there…" He'll help with the positioning. "And then basically when I step back, you step forwards. When I step forward, you step back. I'll be your guide!" Sorry, Xanthee. While Bonifas may be taken, he isn't the only teenage boy present tonight. Look, there's two Zingari boys just chatting on the side of the square looking like they just got finished with a set and their partners have wandered off.

Amania has already objected, but it's not stopping her now! It's a given that having her other hand end up on his shoulder and being that close is going to make her blush again, but it's not as though there's anything she can do about it. She'll nod to his explanation, taking a deep breath and forcing her shoulders to stop climbing toward her ears. "Okay," she says, acknowledgment as much as self-assurance. And when they start moving, at least moving her feet in the correct counter to his seems to come somewhat naturally. The rest of her body following suit a bit more gracefully…well. That'll probably take some practice yet.

Timotin finds himself sans a dance partner and goes looking around. Eventually he's in Xanthee's vicinity and idles up to the young woman with a grin and a bow. "Goood evening Miss. Is there anythig I mgit elp you find? Or might I ask you for a dance?" Either is a viable option for Timo, who would bee perfectly fine on either side of that fence.

Xanthee blinks a little bit as she realizes that someone is actually talking to her. Her immediate response is to take a sip of her whisky whilst trying to look much older than her 15 Turns, "Thank you, no, I was just enjoying all the performances, everyone is so talented." she beams, her color high, the drink probably to blame. At the question of dancing, she perks up noticeably and nods enthusiastically. "I would love a dance." she exclaims as she takes the little bit left of her drink in one swig, barely scrunching her face at the taste.

Surely Bonifas can't miss the blushing, but he's going to ignore it. The first dance does go as smoothly as any first dance can reasonably be expected to go. His toes will survive this round unscathed! "See, this isn't really that bad? A bit more practice and you'll be…" Well he was going to say as good as any of the rest but that would be an obvious lie considering the other dancers that have been practicing since they could walk. "Uh… better." That was lame. To recover, distraction! "Now, I think we need to get you over towards the cake. Can't have Willimina blaming me for delaying you."

And Amania isn't going to end up blushing more for stepping on Bon's feet! Success. His words as they finish draw a smirk, especially with the last. "Nice save," she teases. But then there's mention of cake, and why in the world would it matter whether she's there for it right this moment? "Hm? Alright…" She'll follow Bon that way anyway, despite lack of comprehension about the importance of the cake. So far.

Timotin isn't needed for cake, nope. And there's a girl here wanting to dance. He grins and leads Xanthee out onto the dance floor. He'll bow to her before leading her on an exhilerating dance, one meant to up the heartbeat and make the spirit soar. It's obvious he loves dancing for the fun of it, question is, how's Xanthee doing?

Aztrexia hears the call for cake and heads to the center, she wants to try some of the cake and perhaps maybe catch a glimpse of who might be sitting her this evening, though she'll likely never know. She slips into a seat tat affords her a good view of he cake and presents tables and waits for things to start.
Reveka returns to the main fire with a smile on her face and a rose to her cheeks. Dancing is an exhilerating sport and Reveka loves it. However, such things require a higher caloric diet, and well, even though it might not be the best kind of fuel, Reveka is ravenous. And besides that, who doesn't like cake?

Xanthee lets herself be lead onto the dance floor merrily as she does a little cursty back to his bow. While she may not be proficient in the dance like some of the Zingari girls, she knows how to be lead and so with only a moments hesistation, she follows him in the dance, her feet stepping lightly on the floor, her heavy skirts swishing around her fetchingly. A few times, when the dancing gets extra boisterous, a small laugh will bubble out of her lips as she lets herself get caught up in the music.

If Amania thinks shes being pranked or joked around with, there will be nothing left for her to doubt after this. Once the young guard is present, the entire clan will burst into a song of welcome, presenting Amania with both the cake and her gifts. She'll not have such a hard time furnishing her yurt now. People will cheer once the singing is finished and Amania will be steered towards sweet treats and opening gifts.

Tallel finally finishes his set and bows his way out of the dancing ring, finding the vest he'd discarded before starting and throwing it on to make himself a bit more presentable as he joins Willimina near the fire and presents and cake…just in time to start singing! And he's rather boisterous about it, high-energy after a dance and grinning at Amania as they finish.

Bonifas will be the good guide and make sure Amania finds her to the cake and presents on time and burst into song with the rest. Besides, benefit of walking Amania to the cake means he's one of the first in line to get his own piece! Score! Hopefully it's one of the corner ones with lots of icing. Reveka is spotted as well and he'll veer towards the contortionist. "I haven't forgotten I still owe you that dance! But Amania did well. A little practice and she'll probably be comfortable." Not the best, but not the worst. Comfortable is probably the adjective he should have used earlier.

Reveka giggles when Bonifas approaches, her hands still in the process of applauding the welcoming song. "Oh, I wouldn't have let you forget anyway." She winks at Bon and looks forward to see if she can catch Amania's reaction to it all, the poor girl's head must be spinning by now. "I'm glad she did well!" Reveka's own partner had been good, but not as fun to dance with as some.

When Amania suddenly finds herself in the midst of a sea of song and cheering, all she can do is stare for a moment. Eventually, she takes in the cake, and the gifts beside it, and the fact that she wasn't really being teased after all starts to sink in. They're welcoming her…as one of them. As a Zingari. Not just the girl who guards for them. Her hand decides to move on its own again, this time covering her mouth as her vision blurs with tears. She's caught somewhere between laughing and crying and mortification, and she can't stop the tears from escaping. She never does this in front of anyone…but she doesn't seem to be able to get herself to stop. Looking to Willimina, she gasps from a breath. "But…I didn't do anything for…this!" she insists thickly. Surely she'd have had to earn her place, more than just by her work and the loyalty that comes from being given a home and…well. A life she can actually call such.

"Hasn't anyone ever told you that the Zingari will pick up any reason to have a party? You gave us a reason, and, you made us your home, you decided to seek us out. Why should we not celebrate your presence here. Each new person makes us greater Amania. Welcome home." Willimina smiles and gives Amania a gentle squeeze on the arm. "Enjoy your cake and gifts." And with a bright smile, the Zingari leader turns and joins her husband, whom she whispers fervently with a mischievous smile to and disappears into another section of the camp.

Timotin finds Xanthee to be a delightful dancer and the dance ends all too soon. He's smiling as they leave the dance floor. He leads her towards the singing and cake before giving her another bow. "I appreciate the dance Miss. Perhas I'll snag another later?" After all, cake time is now, and Timo will never turn down cake. Never.

Perhaps Aztrexia may be able to guess who her sitter is, considering there's someone taking extra care to remain out of sight among the wagons. Perhaps some of the spies have filled in for certain holes among the guards tonight. The Zingari spymaster, who usually does make an appearance at most festivities, has not been seen all evening…to anyone's knowledge. He might be wandering the camp in disguise, given his hobby as a player. There will come a point when a dark blue firelizard pops into view near the erstwhile adept, leaving her with a tiny roll of paper before blinking away again.

Bonifas does indeed manage to get his piece of cake and Amania's reaction is watched with a small smile and shake of his head. "I tried to warn her." He really did, but she didn't believe him. And with the speed only a teenager can make food disappear, that slice of Bon's cake is no more and he gives a nod towards Reveka. "I'll find you later for that dance. But I have my performance coming up soon." And he's got some stretching he should probably do before he starts tumbling about, but perform he will. And return for the promised dance.

Aztrexia reads the note left to her by the blue lizard, and while everyone is distracted she tosses the small piece of paper in the fire, and sits with what might look like an amused smile on her lips, as if someone had just sent her a oarticularly amusing joke. But inside she is afire, the words of that note ringing in her mind like the bells of a dancer's skirt.

Reveka smiles. "You better!" She smiles and pecks a kiss for luck on Bon's cheek before she too wanders off, it's her turn to perform in the dancer's ring. She'll have to wait on her peice of cake it seems.

Actually, Amania was told that, probably by Bon. Maybe Reveka. Maybe both! Willimina's words serve to start her tears again, but she grins at the caravan leader as her arm receives a squeeze. "Thank you," she manages, and watches the woman slip away before taking a good look around at the crowd that has suddenly become, for all intents and purposes, a family. How is it possible? Maybe…eating some cake will help. No, definitely. She'll help herself to that, and then move over to the table holding gifts. So many… An impossible trove of things. How can they be all for her? She's having a hard time with this…but eventually, the reality of it is something she'll accept with all her heart.

Xanthee grins broadly as she curtsies to her dance partner and nods at his offer for another dance later. As she head over to see if she can snag herself a piece of cake, her head muzzy from the affects of the whisky she was not used to. But before she can enter the throng of people waiting in line for a piece, a green firelizard pops in from between right in from of her face and gives a hungry shriek in her humanpet's face. With a chagrined look, she calls the green to her outstretched arm. "Oh Banshee, I forgot your supper didn't I?" she says soothingly so her green stops with the shrieking. With a last look around at the party, Xanthee sighs and makes her way towards the exit to take care of her little friend, with only a little waver in her steps.

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