Alyna, D'har


D'har finally gets to break away to see Alyna in the infirmary after her scoring.



It is the 22nd day of the 5th month of the 14th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Infirmary, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 07 Jul 2018 06:00


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"It's simply…something I might consider, that's all. In the wake of…this."



Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

Evening is beginning to creep over the Weyr and it's been a few candlemarks since Alyna was brought in with her injuries from that day's Fall over the Feline plains. With her leg wrapped in bandages, she's laying propped up on her side with the aide of pillows. Dozing fitfully under the lingering effects of fellis juice and other medicinals, she comes awake with a start as she finds herself in someplace wholly unfamiliar. It only takes trying to move her leg once and the dull pain that brings to remind her of the events of that afternoon. With a hiss of frustration, she flops back onto her cot and then reaches out for the buzzing link with her green. » Haquith? Are you ok? « The soft buzzing in her mind creeps up in intensity, almost as if the green is afraid to hurt her rider. « I am fine, very minor score, hardly a scratch. I told Searuth to tell his where you are once they came back from Fall. » With a sigh of relief, Alyna lets herself sink into the bed again, thanking her green's good sense while she was incapacitated.

D'har has been trying to break away to get to his weyrmate for all of those two candle marks. Dealing with cleanup and post-Fall reports has kept him occupied almost the whole time, and knowing that Alyna is injured has done his mood absolutely no favors. Now that he's released, he has Searuth drop him as close to the infirmary as possible and runs to cover the remaining distance, leaving Searuth to seek out Haquith and do his own brand of fussing. Once he bypasses the Healers who try to slow him down, he forces himself to take a deep breath for steadying purposes. She's injured, not dead, and he even knows the nature of said injury, so he rationally knows he doesn't need to rush about any more. But the maelstrom of emotion he's been experiencing since the news is something he's never experienced before, and he won't be back to himself until he sees her. He rounds the bend to where he cot is just in time to hear that frustrated hiss, tugging the curtain aside to find her on her back, but awake. "Lyna…" He folds himself onto the edge of the cot, reaching for her hands, dark eyes glittering keenly with mingled relief and worry as he takes her in.

And then he's just there and Alyna is looking up in those worried dark eyes and she clasps his hands in hers, drawing him close as she tries to adjust her position to make room for him, bringing with it another soft hiss that she tries to bite down on and turn into a weak little chuckle, "It's not that bad, I promise." She says that with a leg propped up on pillows and swathed from hip to almost ankle in bandages. "The Healers say the score covers a lot, but it's not deep, and it shouldn't hinder me once it's fully healed," she's rambling nervously, wanting nothing more to reassure her weyrmate, but his proximity, and the realization of what could have been a much worse injury or even worse, has her breath catching in her throat. "D'har…" she whispers as she lifts one hand to cup his cheek, so many words rushing to the surface, she finally just blurts out, "I'm sorry I wasn't more careful."

"No, no, don't…" D'har tries to keep Alyna from shifting anymore on his account, taking his gaze down her bandaged leg. It's a lot of bandaging. Even with her reassurances about it not being bad and knowing that it isn't deep, he can't make the clenching in his stomach over what could have been. Her apology snaps his eyes back to hers, and he shakes is head, lifting a hand to sift her hair back from her temple as he leans into her touch. "No apologies, my love. It's no secret that Thread can thwart even our most thorough preparations." Leaning down to her, he captures her lips in a desperately affirming kiss, keeping his forehead pressed to hers when they part. "I'm just glad you're still here with me."

"Me too," Alyna whispers breathlessly after the desperate kiss he treats her, taking a deep breath, she takes a moment to compose herself, the feel of his forehead against hers endlessly reassuring. "It was just rotten luck. I checked my blind spot twice to make sure it was clear…" she trails off and shakes her head, "Anyway, I shouldn't complain…Scars are sexy right?" She chuckles at her joke, but there's a flash of worry in her own pale blue gaze as she pulls back just a little bit to take in his reaction. Her legs, that she would hardly cover in the warmer months, one of her best assets if you were to ask her and now one of them is flawed quite drastically.

D'har just smiles warmly at Alyna despite the over brightness in his eyes, his thumb stroking her cheek. "Undoubtedly," he says to her last comment. "Perhaps one day I'll have one to match." Not that he's planning on it, of course. He glances down at her leg again and shakes his head. "A scar is nothing compared to having no leg at all. Or no life. You're still whole. Still the devastatingly beautiful woman I fell in love with." With a deep, slow sigh, he presses his lips to her forehead, then continues to linger close. "I wish I could get you home. Unfortunately, it's going to be at least a few days before that can happen." Perhaps closer to a sevenday, but he's being optimistic.

"Don't you dare!" Alyna blurts out when D'har mentions getting a scar to match, "I'd be a wreck if our positions were reversed and it was you lying in this bed," her voice grows thick as she shakes her head as if that will prevent the tears from pooling just behind her eyelids. When she looks at him again, her bright smile matches sparkling eyes, "Hmmm, wow…devastatingly beautiful? Even in this situation, you're still my charming bluerider with lines to make me blush." she teases him heartily with their own little inside joke by now, cheeks reddening even as she laughs. Leaning into his kiss, she briefly closes her eyes, enjoying the lingering of his touch. "Sorry, more like a seven love," she sighs at that, wanting nothing more to be able to go home with him, "With a wound this big, they are being extra careful about infection." She looks up at him through pale lashes, "But I'll see you every day right?" she asks hopefully, even adding a slow batting of her lashes in the bluerider's direction as if he needs anymore enticement.

"And yet," D'har tells Alyna more somberly, looking her squarely in the eyes, "if I ever do end up lying in the bed, it will be through no fault of my own, and I will need you to be as little of a wreck as possible. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it seems." There's a thickening to his tone that betrays just how hard he's working to hold himself together for her. Being with her is making it easier, seeing that she's going to be alright. But fear causes the mind to cling to certain things no matter how unreasonable it is to do so…such as what could have been, and what could happen in the future. Swallowing hard, the bluerider, focuses on breathing for a few moments for the sake of composure. He grins at her blush nonetheless, the acting easing him considerably. He nods when she affirms his thoughts about how long it will take for her to leave. "Every day, as often as I can come," he promises. "I'd stay with you if I could, but…" There are several reasons why he can't, or won't be allowed to for this situation.

Taking a deep, steadying breath, Alyna looks back into his dark eyes when he becomes somber, her head nodding in affirmation that she understands. As he composes himself, she lifts one hand to his cheek, thumb stroking gently over his rough stubble, "I promise D'har, I'll do my best to keep it together," her words are mere whispers but easily understood with their close proximity, a single tear escaping before she can wipe at it with the back of her free hand. "You're doing a pretty good job so far love," she commends him, before pulling him into another kiss, warmly responsive and desperate for whatever she can take from him in this situation. When she comes up for air, she smiles warmly up at him, "Yeah, the Healers would probably yell at us if you could stay here…" she winks suggestively, a twinkle of her old self in crystalline blue eyes that are finally drying up. As if suddenly remembering something, her eyes grow round, "Haquith! Has she had her bath? She hates sitting around stinking of firestone." Eyes unfocus as she reaches out to her green who projects back images of a group of candidates scrubbing her down and then oiling her thoroughly under the watchful eye of an AWLM. With a sigh of relief, she sinks back into the bed wearily, "Thank Faranth for Candidates."

D'har goes into the next kiss all too willingly, chuckling at her next comment before tilting his head to catch that stray tear with his lips. "I'm sure their telling would put me right off of doing anything too scandalous," he says, his tone rumbling as he pitches it quieter. Then the segue into concern of dragon baths snaps him out of it, and his own gaze goes vague as he checks in with Searuth. "Ah. That would explain why he hasn't been able to get at her just yet. But he's waiting his own turn after her apparently." Thank Faranth for Candidates, indeed! "I'm sure they dosed you with fellis rather heavily," he notes, stroking her hair once more. "How is your stomach? Will they let you eat, if I fetch some dinner from the caverns?"

Laughing at his first, Alyna's eyes just sparkle with mischief, "Where's your sense of adventure bluerider?" she teases him obviously before she sees him get that telling far off look. "Well that's good that they are taken care of. She said she had a little score, could you just check on that for me?" Her voice starts to ring with worry as she realizes she won't be able to do anything for her lifemate for the duration of her confinement to the infirmary, and even after that very minimal. Worrying at her lower lip as she sinks into her thoughts, she almost doesn't register D'har's last, eyes coming back into focus on him, "Huh? Fellis, yeah, they gave me some of that, chased down with a couple shots of something strong and clear. It made me all kinds of fuzzy and once they were done the worse of their fiddling over my leg and got the numbweed and dressings on, I just passed out. I only woke up moments before you got here." When asked about the state of her stomach, it takes matters into it's own hands and growls noisily. "I wouldn't say 'No' to a romantic infirmary supper with my favorite person ever. But you should maybe go and check with a Healer just in case, they gave me a bunch of different stuff." And don't ask her to remember it right now, cause it's just not happening.

D'har can only give Alyna a rakish grin for that. He's plenty adventurous, of course, but not when something could make an injury worse. He does note her distraction nodding to her last before cradling her face gently in his hands. "Don't worry for Haquith, love. If she will let me, I'll tend to what she needs until you're able. She is part of you, and therefore under my care as well. And you know Searuth will be there for the same." Likely in more ways than D'har himself can possibly be. There's one more soft kiss given before he rises, straightening his tunic absently. "I'll go talk to them, and return shortly with food."

Letting herself relax into D'har's kiss, Alyna sighs softly at his reassurances, a warm smile of thanks as he gets up from her side, hand trailing after him briefly before letting go. "Thank you. Between you and Searuth, she's in very good hands…and claws?" she quirks a brow as her sentiment doesn't quite work, but she's sure he caught the jist. Calling after him, "I'll be here," and adds hastily, "Hurry back!" just before he's out of sight. With a happy sigh now that she's seen him and was reassured that her very capable weyrmate had things covered, she loses the last of her tension, and just lets her eyes flutter closed as she awaits his return.

Now that he's in a much less harried state, D'har can approach the Healers far more civilly. Once he knows what's acceptable to bring along in the way of food, he makes his way to the living cavern…and returns rather quickly. The reason for his expedience is clear when he comes back to Alyna's side with a pair of covered bowls and half a loaf of bread. "Fortunately, stew is easily served and transported," he reports, setting the food aside in order to help her sit up, propping pillows behind her. He absolutely steals from a nearby empty cot to do so, too. The stew is much like good old-fashioned wherry and dumplings, though with a few more spices and vegetables - hearty stuff, and D'har starts to realize just how cold he must have gotten today after a passing his weyrmate her food and taking bite of his.

Endlessly relieved to see D'har return so quickly with food that smells a whole lot better than the antiseptic scents prevalent in the Infirmary, Alyna gladly lets her weyrmate help her into a sitting position, eyes twinkling at his shameless theft of more pillows just to make it more comfortable for her. Heart swelling under his care, the greenrider can't help just staring at him for a moment in wonder, marveling still that this amazing man is hers. Her reverie is broken when she's handed her bowl of stew and her stomach demands to be filled at that moment. Blowing on it, she takes a hearty spoonful and chews thoughtfully. "That just hits the spot perfectly right now," she remarks as she clears her throat. Reaching over, she tears a small chunk of bread off the loaf and dips it into the rich sauce, soaking it up, "So tell me about your 'Fall then. Everyone in Jaguar make it out ok?" she asks by force of habit, as if they weren't sitting here eating stew in the infirmary.

Something about all this is either focusing D'har on what he's doing in the present moment so deeply that he doesn't notice Alyna staring at him…or making him so preoccupied that he doesn't notice. But he sees her now, settling in a chair he's dragged over so that he's not sitting on the edge of her cot and risking a spill or any such thing. "Jaguar fared well. No injuries," he replies before tearing into his own bread, dipping in with it, and taking a bite of the result. He chews in thoughtful silence for a long moment. "I think," he notes a little more quietly, stirring his stew without really thinking about it, "I might be starting to see the appeal of working with the weyrlings."

"That's certainly good to hear," Alyna says before taking her next bite of now soggy bread. A few more spoonfuls of stew are consumed before D'har puzzles her with his last, a thin blonde brow hiking up her forehead as she looks at him, spoon poised for her next bite but frozen in place. "Oh? What appeal is that?" she asks curiously, her eyes intent on the bluerider, baffled at what seems like a total non sequitur to the greenrider.

"Flying Thread happens less often when weyrlings are the primary concern. And it keeps one closer to home, more easily summoned, if needed." D'har's eyes are earnest as he answers, hopefully straightening out what seems to be a non-sequitur. "It's simply…something I might consider, that's all. In the wake of…this." And in light of the renewed worry about things he just can't control.

"Even though I don't like the thought of you doing something drastic because of this…" Alyna points at her bandaged leg, "…the idea of you being close by for the months it will take me to heal does make me feel a lot better. I can't imagine being injured like this and all alone," she trails off with a shudder to try and knock loose that unfortunate line of thought, because if this had even happened a turn and a half ago, that's what she would have been. "I know you're just considering it, but I think you'd make a fantastic AWLM for whatever that's worth," she remarks before tucking back into her stew with renewed vigor. "You have something…I don't know…soothing about you, and you've always guided me soundly."

D'har slows his own eating to smile gently at Alyna. "Your opinion of the idea is what matters most to me, love," he says, and huffs another little sigh. "I'm not sure it would count as drastic…but you'll forgive me if I feel like I need to do something…" Since he couldn't prevent this from happening. It hangs there in the silence, unspoken, and he prefers to leave it that way, knowing that it might've happened whether he was near at hand or not. Again, the whole thing just isn't conducive to the most rational thinking. "I'll let you know if I decide on it, love. For now, my main concern is taking care of you." And his duties, of course, but those are a given. This is not usual day-to-day.

There's a deeply sympathetic look for her weyrmate as Alyna can guess at what he leaves unspoken, "I know, love, I know. There's nothing to forgive truly. If you need to do this, I'm behind you completely, always." She smiles warmly up at him, "Isn't that what weyrmates do, after all?" Her voice lowers from her usual sarcasm to the softer tones of adoration and pride. "I have no doubt I will be spoiled with your care by the time I'm back on active duty," she says resolutely as she mops up the last of her stew with the remainder of her bread, popping it into her mouth with a savouring hum.

"Well," D'har says, following quickly after Alyna in finishing his own stew and setting the bowl aside, "it'll be nothing compared to the spoiling you'll get once you can move properly again." And that is a promise, judging by the roguish glint he allows into his gaze. He takes her bowl from her and sets it aside in turn, coming to sit on the edge of the bed once more and punctuating that promise with one more kiss. "Much as I'm loathe to leave your side, love…I still have a bath of my own to take." Who knew? Apparently he managed to scrub down his face and arms and probably change his shirt somewhere in the midst of all that kept him from her up til now!

"Looking forward to it," Alyna nearly purrs with her own playful look to match his roguish glint, her body already warming with anticipation even though she won't be cleared for that for several sevens at least she's suspecting. But then he's coming in for that kiss and she can't resist a hand resting against the back of his neck, holding him there just a little longer in mild desperation before she lets him go with a heavy sigh. "Silly man, off to the baths with you. I might get one of the Healers to give me one of those sponge baths I keep hearing about myself." she waggles her eyebrows speculatively in her weyrmate's direction before once again dropping the playfulness. "Get some rest too, love, and keep our bed warm for me. Oh and give Haquith a scritch from me." She pauses as she sinks back against the pillows now that her hands are unburdened, "Do you have an idea when you might come by tomorrow?" she tries to sound as casual as possible, but there's a touch of anxiety in her voice now at the prospect of being left here alone.

"Or maybe I'll see if the Healers will let me give you that myself," D'har counters, subtly possessive even in his playfulness. He's very much kidding, of course. He simply can't help himself right now. "I will rest, but I plan on being back once I'm done to see you to sleep. Tomorrow, I'll be by first thing after drills." He leans down to kiss her forehead once more before straightening and grabbing their empty bowls. "And I'll give Haquith as many scritches as she wants. See you soon, love." He moves to the curtain reluctantly, giving her a lingering look before making himself slip out and away to tend to his own needs for a bit.

"Ohh, do you think they might let you?" Alyna counters with a wide grin, showing her appreciation for that idea, her touch of anxiety conquered for now by the idea that D'har will be back after his bath. The greenrider sighs blissfully at his final kiss to her forehead before she watches him wander past the curtain and disappear. The combination of a full stomach and the time with her weyrmate has made Alyna pleasantly content despite her unfortunate situation. So content in fact that she starts to doze within minutes of his departure, her body needing the rest for the healing it's going to be doing in the coming months.

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