A'lira, Igraine, Milosh, Echo, Tallel, Willimina, Javid, Aztrexia,Daenerys, evka, Timotin, Ziniel


A'lira and Igraine get Weyrmated!



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Igen Caravan Grounds

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"A drinking game, perhaps? A shot each time we notice someone staring at one of our loves?"


Igen Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

There's been a growing air of festivity in the Zingari encampment this morning, though, usual business has been shut down and the caravan borders have had guards set up at them There is an event today, but aparently it's private, friends and family/clan only. If one were to be of the Zingari heritage, a walk through cam this morning is one filled with excitement. It's a Weyrmating today betweeen one of their own and an honorable dragonman. The actual area for the ceremony has been quartered off and while others prepare the after party, the wedding party gets things set up for the small and private ceremony Igraine asked for. HEr parents are there, visiting from the Kheerin for the 'wedding' and to touch base with Willimina. Other than that, Igraine can only hope the few friends she invited show up. She peers out through a slit in her yurt door while one of Timo's helpers tries to sew a small tear in the waist of her dress. Her eyes are searching for Milosh, or Javid, or Willa or anyone familiar as her stomach does flip flops and time seems to drag. She's so excited and it can't come soon enough.

Milosh is nearby, his bronze firelizard sitting on his shoulder, complimenting the black and gold Kurta he's chosen to wear. His hair is braided tightly to his scalp and down the back of his kurta. He's currently helping with the chairs for the event, eyes roaming the crowd for a certain face he's quite keen to see these days, not that he'd admit it to anyone. He's developed a sort of fondness for his current pet. Either way, he doesn't see her, not yet, and goes back to work, moving from chairs to placing bottles of Zingari red at each table.

Meanwhile, in Milosh's wagon, the groom is a long tall bundle of nerves, constantly worrying at the hem of his long-tailed black shirt — sewn and decorated by the hands of his mother, who is trying to the best of her ability to keep her young son from shredding the silky affair before it can see daylight. Today's his Weyrmating. Today, he steps into an adult relationship he had never thought to enter into — well, except perhaps once before. BUt now, here and now, he's going to become one with the woman who has managed to steal his heart right when he wasn't expecting it to happen to him again, and it unnerves him to no end. "Mother," He turns to Cantrell, watching her out of worried eyes, "Are you certain this is right?" The small, white-haired lady looks up — way up — to her son, chuckling her raspy chuckle and patting his chest, covered by silver embroidery around the long, slit neckline of that black shirt, and assures, "My son — you already know the answer to that." He hadn't been this nervous with his last ong-term girl, so apparently Igraine is well and truly enmeshed into his life. Somewhere close by — not so close as to disturb the Zingari livestock — Kyprioth is settling lightly into the mindscape of his rider, stilling the worst of those nerves, a warm and dark presence, loyal and ferocious. "I…" A'lira frowns, moves to the entrance of the yurt, and scans the crowd. Milosh — he'd know what was happening, now wouldn't he. HOW CONVENIENT that the man's close by. "Milosh." he almost snarls the word. New pet or not, A'lira is not here for shenanigans, he kinda needs his best man right now. "Get in here, man. Echo ain't gonna get snatched up right now."

Aztrexia is here too. How she managed to snag an invite to this 'wedding' ceremony is a bit of a wonder. But she did, and she's here, in a seperate yurt from Igraine, trying to get Igraine's siblings into a semblence of respectability, while the woman's sisters are prepped for the wedding. It makes Aztrexia indescribably glad she was an only child, because she could not put up with the scrabbling and arguing that goes on between the young ones. Are all Kheeriin broods this big? She wonders, after all their own leaders seem determined to have a gaggle. She sighs and gives up, smoothing the deep blue folds of her skirt. She's done all she can here. Stepping out into the light, she's glad it's a warm winter day in Igen.

Willimina has been readying herself and she steps out of the yurt she shares with her husband and family in a floorlength, longsleeved gown of regal red that splits at the waist to reveal a white petticoat underneath with desert roses embroidered on it's surface. Her hair is in an elegent updo, leaving neck and face bare. Her dress is snug, showing the beginnings of Willimina's pregnancy quite effectively. This is one wedding the leader won't be drinking at. SHe makes her way to the bridal area only to spot Trexa emerging from the family yurt. "Trexa! My, I'm so used to seeing you in your adet gear that it's almost a shock to see you this fussed up. How is your fiance?" During their report sessions, Willimina and Trexa have come to know, and even like each other a little. WHich is still a strange sight for some.

Milosh turns at the sound of A'lira's voice, smirking at the man's words as he moves to slip into the area with A'lira and his mother. "I was helping with set-up" He says almost innocently. Who had mentioned Echo? He hadn't. Though he most certainly had been thinking about her. A'lira's nerves are showing and it makes Milosh smirk a bit more. "Jeez man you look like you need a drink. Do you need one?"

A'lira squints at Milosh in a mildly threatening fashion. Fancy duds or nah, if Milosh gets up to too many tricks… A'lira might have to bite him. Or something. "Yeah, like people haven't been talking. And you wanted to borrow my weyr for a reason, Milosh." And then, the scowl clears for a grin, amused. He hasn't survived Weyr life and life among the Zingari without picking up some observational skills of his own. "I somehow doubt you'd want to for a mere client." Oh, but it's good to have the smart-aleck in the yurt with him; it's all he can do to stay off the ceiling, even with his mother and brother getting him all dolled up in traditional Zingari garb. Adelayan, his brother — as tall a man as his brother, if a bit slimmer after the manner of a dignified Great Dane next to a blockier mastiff, grins as he adjusts a fold of his brother's clothing. "The man could use several drinks. He ain't come off the ceilin' yet."

Javid is wearing something remarkably like his spymaster garb…but much sharper, fitted, and formal with subtle dark green brocade infused into the black fabric. There's an odd but striking drapery of emerald fabric that cuts slashes across his chest and over his shoulders, finally coming to some semblance of order as a sash girding his waist, a bejeweled belt knife protruding from beneath the folds. An experiment by Timo, perhaps? Whatever the origin, it works…though he feels he pales in comparison to his fiancee' when he spies Aztrexia near Willimina. So he drifts that way, unable to take his eyes from the one to be his, though moves slowly. He doesn't want to interrupt the exchange between the two women, after all.

And then there's Tallel, looking sharp in his own scarlet kurta with gold embroidery scrawled over his collar, cuffs, and left arm…andwho is still amazed that his wife still manages to make his heart trip over itself with every outfit she finds to wear. Or gets Timo to make. Seriously, where does the woman keep all these dresses? Certainly not in their yurt! He just hangs back a moment, though, also not wishing to interrupt the exchange with Aztrexia…though he does spot Javid and crosses to the spymaster, leaning closer to speak to the man. "I think we might have to settle who's luckier with an arm wrestling match…"

Igraine starts catching glimpses of a few people and her nerves settle, a little. Timo's helper finishes and the weaver himself moves to insect the work. "How do I look Timo? Be hinest?"

"You look a vision Igraine. Stop fretting and turn around so I can fix your veil to your hair." Timo has the red embroidered veil draped over his arm with a golden circlet that has a red gem that will dangle over Igraine's forehead when she wears it.

Igraine nods, blushes and turns, lifting her skirt so as not to drag the gorgeous gold and red ensemble that Timotin has arranged for her. She stands perfectly still while the man grabs a stool and begins his work.

Timo uses pins to keep both veil and circlet in place and smiles at the finished look of it. "There. You look perfect m'dear. Shall I go get things moving now then?"

"Yes Timo. Thank you." Igraine moves to the standing mirror that's been brought in for her and she looks at herself, hands smoothing down the front of her dress. Here it is. The time has come.

Aztrexia beams at Willimina as she approaches, a smile on her face much more these days than her former perpetual frown. This life has enriched her, made her glow. "Leader Willimina, you look a pretty picture yourself, quite radiant." Aztrexia folds her hands in front of her and gives the leader a respectful bow. The smile on her face is coy when it's revealed and she laughs at Willa's last. "He is well, thank you. Quite amused, I think, by my excitement for our nuptuals."

Milosh gives a solid salute and returns a moment later with one of those bottles of red and a host of tumblers. "I have just the thing." A'lira's comments about Echo have Milosh chuckling as he pours the drinks, one for everyone. "Let them talk A'lira, I'm not ashamed… and neither is she." That he knows of. He moves to hand A'lira his whiskey, and tosses one off to the brother too, since mom is still working on fussing over A'l, he leaves her drink on the table and lifts his own to the air. "To your impending nuptuals A'l, may they be long, and full of surrises." Milosh winks and takes his drink

Looking decidedly not like herself, Echo wanders into the area where people are setting up for the party after the ceremony. Her wardrobe didn't include anything fancy enough for a weyrmating, so the outfit she wears is brand new and the way she fidgets slightly only goes to show how unused to such garb she is. A simply cut dress of pale turquoise, fitted in the bodice, low scooping neckline, with short capped sleeves, both embellished with pale gold embroidery. From her waist the skirt flows ever so slightly off her slender hips, hem falling to a couple of inches above her andkles, showing a pair of matching, tight-fitting, pants underneath. From the hem to half-way up the skirt, matching embroidery embellishes the bottom of the ress. Around her neck a matching scarf, long and thin, wrapped once there, and the tails left to hang freely, one down her front and the other down her back. Her hair, which has grown at least two inches in the desert heat, is fluffed and tousled in an auburn cloud around her head. Face is delicately augmented with just the barests touches of make-up. Hanging back for the moment, she skirts the periphery of the preparations and just breathes for a few moments.

Ziniel steps out of her wagon, finally satisfied that her new attire is hanging properly. The burnt umber top is a muted shade against the light blue of the shawl and matching skirt that are trimmed in green and silver. The girl looks around, and is glad she chose to wear the shawl with her outfit. Ziniel moves to where she's spotted Echo, a smile for the other girl, "You look nice," she says, then she's looking around at everything. There's a moment before she shoo's off both of her 'lizards, with Moss finding the top of Zini's wagon a nice place to perch. Stone? She's going to go over by the runners and pretend she's a stone, it's her favorite game.

Javid chuckles at the caravan second, hands clasping at his back. "Perhaps something that might not tear our sleeves," he suggests. "A drinking game, perhaps? A shot each time we notice someone staring at one of our loves?" He frowns and shakes his head. "No. We'd both be on our asses before Igraine comes out." Hmm. He looks at Tallel sidelong, hoping the man has a better suggestion.

Is it time to freak out yet? Certainly, it could be; or would be, if Cantrell or Adelayan werent keeping Alira within certain parameters. Theres pride in the way they ensure the brocade jacket — a dense maroon painstakingly embroidered in dull gold embroidery — settles over the brownriders broad shoulders and chest, its tailored look showing off that long, smooth body. His trousers are, too, settled properly, as maroon as the jacket, and even to making sure his shoes are comfortable. He looks down at himself, all dressed up, and wonders, aloud, Whats she look like, Milosh? You sure we got the colors right? HALP. Hell take that drink, now, and glower at Milosh for a second, needing a way to keep his nerves settled. They better not be. Specially not today. But he does stop needling the man now; hes actually all too happy that Milosh is happy with the girl. From what hes heard, Echos certainly keeping the man busy and happy. Thats a good thing, in his book.

Adeyalan winks at Milosh, accepting the drinks for himself and his brother, and hooks a companionable arm around his brothers shoulders. Its fine! I made sure, me and Mama. Stop worryin, man! Cantrell steps back, finally satisfied with the fit and every possible adjustment that has been made. Oh, but her babys grown up, finally! She flicks her creamy brocade sherwani„ to be sure theres no dust (there is none, of course; shes all too adept at keeping herself spectacular when shes of the mind) and makes sure her other son is as well-turned-out in his matching garb, nodding approval.

Tallel just laughs, shaking his head at the spymaster. "I've got nothing. Sorry." Sighing he, looks up at Willa and Aztrexia again. "I am glad of that," he murmurs over the matter of his wife and Javid's fiancee' speaking. "And…preparing for a wedding becomes Aztrexia, I will say." He's certainly taken notice of how excited the woman has gotten about it, even if she's not trying to project it, necessarily.

Willimina laughs. "Well they do tend to get curious when we women start to get excited about something, I think it makes them nervous. WHich is good, it keeps them on their toes." Speaking of men, WIllimina spots both of theirs having a conversation. "Now what do you suppose they are talking about?"

Aztrexia's laughter joins WIllimina's and she nods. "Aye, I think you have the right of it there." She looks over when Willimina points out Javid and Tallel and she shakes her head. "Not a clue, but what to you want to bet it has something to do with us?" After all, both men are looking this way.

Timo emerges from the bridal yurt and emits a series of shrill whistles meant to get the attention of the wedding/weyrmating party alone. Time to get things moving people!!!! Timo leads Igraine's family to their places, and Igraine's sisters come out to flank each side of the yurt door, which is positioned so that Igraine will come out walking down the red rug that leads to the alter.

Igraine takes her place behind the flaps of the yurt door, still hidden from sight. Her maid of honor, one of her sisters, hands her a drink which she hastily takes down. "Thanks Mila." She says and then accepts her boquet of ribben and brilliant cloth flowers that look remarkably real. Thank you Timo. Every stitch is in place, every hair, and the only thing on Igraine's face is the kohl at her eyes and the henna at her brow and hands. She hears the music begin to swell out in the 'courtyard' like area and her stomach does a few flip-flops.

Milosh is in good humor with A'lira's famil it seems and his eyes twinkle with mischief as he finishes his drink. His part of things is done. All the weyrmating things are taken care of and when the 'newlyweds' find their way ome later, they'll find themselves packed for a trip to Ista with written permissions for them to go on a two seven holiday as a honeymoon. And Milosh had had to work hard for those! Timo's series of whistles, often used in the spywork, catches Milosh's attention and he claps A'lira on the back. "That's us brother, you ready for this?"

Javid can only smile wider at that, his gaze flickering thoughtfully downward for just a moment. "It does," he agrees quietly…and then notices both Aztrexia and Willimina looking their way. He clears his throat softly and straightens, nudging Tallel's arm, his ears perking at the sound of Timotin's whistle. "We'd best get to them, I think," he suggests, and crosses to Aztrexia, giving Willa a bow before offering Trexa his arm. "If you are such a vision now," he murmurs, "I can't imagine what I will see on our wedding day, my love."

Oh, Faranth, here they go! A'lira casts Milosh a look that says, plainly, that no he is not ready for this at all! But he'll take a bracing breath and nod, very, very slowly. "Yeah. Let's do this." Well, he did ask, didn't he. Once a man sets in motion the machine of a wedding, he can't stop it, not if he wants to keep living. Or so his brother once told him! With that, he'll come out of his assigned yurt, trailing the members of his party. Already his eyes are searching for Igraine, wanting to catch a glimpse of her, still wondering how he got this lucky! And yet here he is, about to claim his mate in front of all the important people in their lives. Kyprioth, of course, is with him in mind, if not in body.

Tallel notices the direction of Willimina and Aztrexia's attention and just grins unrepentantly at his wife, even as Javid nudges his arm. "Let's," he agrees, and sweeps up to Willa with a bob of his head in greeting to Aztrexia, giving Willa his own arm as well. "Radiant as always, saikhan," he whispers at her ear, exacting a kiss before moving with her to their designated place in the gathering.

Echo returns Ziniel's smile and a touch of a blush colors her cheeks. "Thank you. I figured it's a festive occasion, couldn't very well show up in my usual work clothes." Her fingers twitch at the tail of the scarf hanging down her front playing with the fringe that hangs from it. "Do you know the couple? I haven't met them." she clarifies, probably why she is over here. Her eyes wander nervously, having a good look around for a certain long-haired escort, although she knows he's likely to be busy because he does know the couple. With a little sigh at not spotting him, she returns her gaze to Ziniel.

Somewhere in the crowd is Daenerys is all done up in pale blue and maroon, looking like some kind of tortured doll, nervously hooking his finger into his high collar and hoping against hope he escapes notice among the fancier group, though his attire is as fancy as their, well suited to the occassion. Hopefully, Reveka's somewhere in the crowd, too. Though not especially meant to be there, he thought it best to appear properly dressed to view this mating from afar, as his first taste of a truly Zingari affair. Good thing he's in the way-way back.

Ziniel gives a slight shake of her head, "Not very well," which is why she is likewise over in a mostly out of the way spot, "I'm pretty new to the Zingari," there are things that make her relation to the Zingari complicated at best, "I think they're getting ready to start?" Zini turns to watch while absently finding a chair to hook over to sit on.

Timo is looking very smart in his light blue Kurta, which actually signals him as the ZIngari officater of the ceremony, though there is a Harper here too, to make things super official. He takes his place next to the harper at the head of the isle and smiles At A'lira and wedding party as they pass to stand to the left of the isle. He notes the groom looks nervous, but this is normal. The music is clearly heard as the small crowd settles, Igraine's mother holding back joyous tears.

Milosh gives A'lira another solid clap on the back. "You can do this man…" He encourages before leading the way out and taking his place next to A'l on the isle. He looks down it expectantly, as eager to see Igraine in her wedding gear as well. Though, his eyes do catch a flash of blue over in the reception area that makes him smile. There'll be a gold 'lizard joining Echo soon.

Aztrexia chuckles as Javid and Tallel make their way over and she blushes madly at Javid's compliment. "Well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?" She teases and moves with Javid to take her place in the seats.

Reveka is indeed in the crowd forming in the reception area. She is actually directing the buffet and the drinks as they are prepared for the arrival of guests. The ceremony might be private, but the reception isn't. She's dressed in her usual burnt orange, though in a much more formal gown than her usual dancer's outfit. A veil covers her hair and face, though the face veil is quickly discarded when she realises it will hinder more than help today. If Daen wants to spot her, here she is.

Finally the signal to come out comes and at the crest of the music, Igraine emerges, a vision in a floorlength gown of red and gold, her hair veiled in the same colors as a riot of yellow, gold and red cloth flowers spill from her bouquet. She's got a wide smile on her face as she begins to move forward with the music, her sisters leading the way down the isle. Her breath catches in her throat when she spots A'lira and the whole world disappears as she focuses on him and what's about to occur and she couldn't be happier.

Willimina turns in her seat to look at Igraine when the music signals and she is quite enamored of the woman's choice in dress. She looks beautiful, and the color suits her well. "Doesn't she look grand?" She asks Tallel after accepting his own compliments towards her with a kiss.

Javid is well pleased that he's managed to draw that deep of blush from Aztrexia, trying not to grin like a fool. He tightens his arm further upon hers as they sit, and then the music begins. Catching sight first of A'lira, then Igraine, he sighs quietly, his smile growing. Add it to the list of things he never thought he'd see.

Well, there she is, his Igraine: so beautiful. So right — whats that? There are people here? Enh, fouggetaboutem. Hes suddenly calm, and sure, and ready. Hell take that walk down the aisle, forgetting Milosh, his brother, his mom — everything except the woman waiting for him at the end of the aisle, who had consented to be his. His shoulders are squared, and hes certainly every inch the honorable rider all of a sudden. What? Hes going to get his girl.

Cantrell and Adelayan find themselves seats among the Zingari, looking as thrilled as the groom, chattering to themselves about how beautiful the bride is, how dignified (for once) Alira looks — hes probably never going to live it down amongst his family.

Daenerys will wander among the reception area, hopefully not looking too conspicuous! Indeed, hes not sure what to do with himself, so hell make himself useful and fetch up next to Reveka, and ask softly, Can I help you with anything? You know do anything? Because its just odd, to not be working, even at a time like this. One things sure, he has to be rid of that brocade jacket, and is fortunate to be wearing a decent shirt beneath, black and silver. At least hell look a little less like someones lost red-headed stepchild over here if hes helping to serve food or whatever.

"She does," Tallel agrees softly as he watches Igraine exit, glancing briefly toward the groom and noting the shift from nervousness to surety that occurs. He can't help but remember bits and pieces of their own wedding as he watches, remembering the attendant emotions and knowing what they're going through. Well, knowing what A'lira is going through, at least.

The arrival of Igraine followed by A'lira has Ziniel going still, and quiet. She's not sure what else she's to do? Ziniel looks over towards Echo, and then she's back to watching the proceedings. Maybe she should go help serve the food with Reveka?

Timo smiles with pride when Igraine emerges and is sporting one of the finest wedding dresses he's made to date. And she wears in well if the reaction of the crowd and the groom are any indication. He'll just wait to do anything until both A'lira and Igraine stand in front of him.

Milosh is a bit rivited too. He had also not ever expected to see this, to see Igraine wedded off. Weyrmated. Whatever. Same thing. As always, there's a part of him that panics a nd calls A'lira all sorts of fool, very silently. He's here to support his friends in their union, not imbue his own personal beliefs on marriage into things. It's all fine for them, it's not something Milosh wishes to participate in as the groom. So he's glad that's A'ls job here and he's just the best man.

Willimina falls silent when Igraine passes and sits back to watch things.

It doesn't take long for Igraine to make it down that isle and join A'lira in front of the officiators, passing her bouquet off to one of her sisters as she joins hands with her intended. He looks so handsome…so perfect, and perfectly matched too. She barely hears the words of the officiators, as they move through the ceremony, only barely catching her cue to say "I do", because she is entranced with the cloth being bound around their hands, a symbolic handfasting that will bind them forever. She nearly weeps before she looks at A'lira and they are told he can kiss the bride and she swells with a happiness that she cannot contain, eyes looking at her groom expectantly.

Reveka is more than happy to take Daen's help and puts him to work as the ceremony begins. By the time the Weyrmating is done, she and Daen will have the reception area ready, spylings set to wait service tonight stand near the buffet and bar and two guard the cake that has been made for the event, a giant three tiered tower of gold and red frosting with white desert blooms piped upon it's surface. That's going to happen next, but first, they must get people seated as they arrive from the grounds or ceremony area.

The officiant's words pass in a haze, all while A'lira is looking at Igraine. Just… drinking it all in. His wild Zingari bride — oh, wait, let's add in that "I do" where appropriate, wake up, A'lira! His slow smile after they kiss promises Igraine she's probably going to have even more fun after the ceremony. He doesn't even seem to notice their hands being tied together for a moment; and then he looks down at it, confirming that it's actually happened. Oh, he might rib Milosh later about his aversion to marrying — but that'll be much later! For now, he'll give Igraine all his attention.

Daenerys all too happily falls to his assigned duties, settling in to the directives given him with calm efficiency. It's all part of being part of a social group, isn't it? All working toward a whole to ensure the festivities go off without a hitch.

Javid and Tallel are both just quietly watching, both happily applauding when the kiss comes along. Though Tallel whistles, just to be obnoxious. He's known Igraine a long time, after all.

Oh, that's quite all right! Adeyalan will join in that obnoxiousness to rib his brother: He, too, whistles at the kiss, impishly ignoring his mother's stern glare. What? Brothers always try to mess with their brothers.

Loitering just outside the activity, Echo sighs to herself. She feels she should be helping out, but she wasn't asked and interjecting herself into things is still very difficult. So she starts to pace a little bit, first she was going to head back to her wagon and just come back a little later. Then she shakes her head, and turns herself back around, that's just silly, what is she going to do? Just sit in her dress in her wagon? So she just kind of meanders around the area, keeping an eye out, as her fingers continue to play with her scarf.

When the ceremony ends, Timo disappears to do who knows what, probably to get his gitar, but really, who knows?

Igraine barely registers all the applause and catterwalling. She could care less. She is now bound to A'lira, in ways she could never fully explain and the feeling is an intoxication unto itself. She barely registers the call to the reception, startling into action and walking towards the party area with a foolish grin on her lips. She thanks where thanks are required and greets and laughs, all the way to the cake.

The ceremony ends and Willimina joins in on the applause and whistling, though she does lean in to whisper to Tallel that if she doesn't eat soon she”s going to feint. Pregnancy hunger…it's a bitch guys. She stands when prompted to do so and takes her leave after the bride and groom, as is her right as leader.

A'lira might find that Milosh won't take that ribbing very much, marriage is a sore spot for the widower in hiding. No one knows about his long lost wife and family. And it'll stay that way as far as Milo is concerned. As soon as he's allowed, he sweps off to the party area to find Echo, and put her at his side for the night.

Trexa is taking mental notes, her mind working furiously as she watches the ceremony unfold. She wants her own wedding to be this perfect and more. Ahhh the things a future bride must think of! She stands with the rest, but waits with Javid until he gives the cue to move.

Reveka is well thankful for Daen's help, it eases her stress a bit….and gives her a chance to watch him as he works. Things between she and the ex-tanner have been heating up lately. Just wait until Xan finds out….

Food? What's that? A'lira isn't hungry in the slightest, but he'll follow along, more interested in Igraine than anything else. Isn't that how it works on one's mating day? All else is forgotten in the glow of a day having gone according to plan! And there will be more; much more. He's now safely acknowledged in public that this particular woman is his, and he's hers. Forever.

Which of course prompts Tallel to immediate action. He's done this a few times already, thankfully. Whether Willa decides to come along or sit where she is, he's off to gather sustenance and bring it back to his wife post haste.

Family follows, cheerful and well satisfied with the days events; Mother and eldest, and nieces and nephews and all that. Meanwhile, Daenerys, meanwhile, is giving Reveka the occasional sidelong glance, wondering. Oh, things are certainly much, much different than before — and Xanthee will likely be squealing like the lovestruck girl she'd been a scant two Turns before. Daenerys is likely to put up with it with all the amusement of an older brother, of course. But still, he can't say he's unhappy with the turn of events.

Ooooh is that applause? Echo strains to hear and then she sees the wedding goers start to head in this direction. Now her eyes dart over the people streaming in, a look of eagerness on her face as she nibbles her lower lip nervously. She's starting to get nervous as she sees how some of the guests are dressed, feeling like her own dress is simple and dull in comparison. She closes her eyes to take a few deeply cleansing breaths, not letting her anxiety get away from her, muttering "You look fine." barely audibly, over and over under her breath until she feels herself relax again.

Javid can practically feel Aztrexia taking mental notes at this point. But he is fully confident that their own wedding will be perfect; how could it not be? They've come this far, after all. He rises with her, smiling knowingly. "Shall we, my love? We have to go give Igraine a hard time, after all." Which means congratulations, of course. And he does like A'lira, too, even having met him only once.

The rest of the day is sent in celebration, all involved partying well into the night….except the bride and groom, who disappear sometime after cake, leaving their guests to a party and themselves an early escape to their honeymoon in Ista.

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