Mayte, Sienna, Ravene, Sadaiya, and Charli


After the Fall, Sienna and Charli help Mayte work through A Feeling. After that, Sadaiya doles out hella nude hugs.


Just After Threadfall


Igen Weyr Public Baths

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

It's after Fall, and the baths have seen a steady stream of exhausted riders coming and going as they clean themselves up. Sienna is in one of the last groups to visit the baths, having seen to all of the Weyrlings first and foremost. Finally though, she's sinking into the pool with a groan, just sitting for now, while Kehemath sleeps a heavy sleep, washed and oiled on the Weyrleader's ledge.

Shortly after Sienna's entry into the baths, Mayte comes in with towels and sweet soapsand in hand and a stony look on her face. The towels get dumped, one of which unravels into a housecoat that Mayte doesn't tidy up but to make sure it's not sitting in water, clothes get stripped and flung into a corner, and the soapsand taken up; the Weyrling slips into the same pool as Sienna, looking momentarily relieved as hot water starts to soak into muscles. Eyes track over to the greenrider, and she sort-of-grinmaces: "Weyrlingmaster," in greeting.

Sienna opens her eyes at the arrival of another, and she smiles gently. "Mayte." There's a pause of silence, before she offers, "How are you doing?"

The cleaning ritual has begun: Soapsand EVERYWHERE as Mayte tries to get rid of the smell of Agenothree. Scrub scrub. Her expression doesn't change much, "I'm fine." Okay, maybe a little abrupt, "Rhiscorath too," she tries again. A quick duck under water to see if the smell is out of her hair and then, "You? Kehemath?"

Sienna watches the young goldrider. "Are you sure?" she asks gently. "With Linny injured…" She'd think Mayte wasn't 'fine'. "Kehemath and I are tired, but well. She tweaked a wing but that'll heal as she rests it."

Mentioning the visiting goldrider causes a little twitch in Mayte's shoulders as she's scrubbing more soap into her hair. Uncaring of where she's left the rest of her soap, she makes her way over closer to Sienna with pursed lips. "Good. Good about Kehemath," Mayte clarifies, and then pauses: "You know, I knew it would happen to people I know…" Deep breath, "But like that. Right in front of me."

Sienna turns a bit to watch Mayte approach, and the AWLM lifts a hand, holding it out to Mayte. Cuddling nude in the baths might be odd but she can offer a hand to hold at least? "You saw it?" she asks gently.

Mayte isn't quite ready for comfort, all tightly wrapped around herself as she starts talking again, "I heard it. Her yell." A hand waves away some soap that's trying to crawl into Mayte's eyes, "And I was so angry." Confession time with Mayte is like pulling teeth, and she looks up at Sienna again: "Is that.. normal?"

Sienna lets her hand drop gently into the waters, and she nods. "Angry? At…what?" she asks gently. "All emotions are normal, Mayte," she soothes.

"Angry with Thread, I guess," Mayte sounds sheepish as she confesses this, "It's silly to be angry with it, isn't it? But it hurt Linny, and so many others." Mayte's expression darkens again, "I'm not so worried about it hurting me. But people I care about." She dips her head forward, rolling it in the water to get rid of the soap and tosses her short hair back.

Sienna shakes her head. "It's not silly to be angry with it. No, not at all. It may be mindless but it still causes pain." She nods, sighing softly. "I know how you feel," she murmurs. "Every Fall I feel the same. The people I care about, I worry about…"

What's that smell? The fumes of exhaustion — and Thread char. Divested of her jacket and anything else that isn't essential, Charli enters the bath with an exhausted sigh, hpushing her fingers through hair made gray by the remnants of ash dusting her fingers. Oh, look, there are people here. She gives a tired sort of nod to the pair, squinting in the steam as she peels off the rest of her clothes with a wrinkle of her nose in distaste for the smell. "Whose idea was coming forward to this time, anyway." She grumbles to herself and the baths at large, sliding into the water's warmth gratefully.

Perhaps that's the answer Mayte was worried of getting, or maybe it's a relief; she straightens her shoulders, and nods with a taut little smile: "Well, Mosaic looked like it was doing well up there." Another person has Mayte looking over and a nod to Charli: "Hey, Charli." Mayte has sunk to the water just under her chin and her shrug is invisible but for a couple of water ripples on either side of her head, "Don't ask me. I'm from Now."

Sienna watches Charli arrive with a small smile for her clutchmate. "Yours. Ours," she answers dryly. Then she looks back to Mayte. "They flew very well," she confirms. "For a difficult Fall…they did very well. We all did our best."

"Such a good friend to remind me, you are." Charli offers sardonically, raising her eyebrows with wry amusement before sliding a glance towards Mayte. There's a little hint of sympathy for the girl in her gaze, and the slight uptick of the corners of her mouth. "You did well, too — you didn't run away at first sight. You faced it down. We're all angry and scared and everything else — but we have to, right?" She shrugs, languid. "It could be worse. At least we can try and take the fight to it, rather than sit shivering in the Holds with the shutters barred shut."

Hey, how the Old folk see fit to argue this out, Mayte isn't involved with; she merely watches and relaxes in hot water. Charli's acknowledgement gets a nod and faint grin, "You too." High praise from the newbie. About hiding? Mayte shakes her head, huffing, "No way. Not again." The grin to Sienna is more Mayte-like, a little slyer: "With Majel in charge, it was gonna happen." Not just a little admiration in her tone.

Sienna chuckles softly. "We do have to," she agreed. "And we did well, despite…everything." She sighs, the keening still echoing in her ears. "The Holders are on ground crew," she says firmly, softly sticking up for those holders. One of them died today after all. Eyes dart to Mayte, and the AWLM smiles. "We all did well. I'm proud of all of you."

Charli grins sideways. "As many as can get themselves armed. And those who can't, stay inside. Not that I think it's cowardice, mind — probably prudence. But still, I'd rather go out to meet the threat than be forced to hide from it." And that's how the pale-haired girl rolls — like those fabled banzai fighters of old. There's that old gamine smile, there, aswater is siftex betwixt thin fingers; she says, "So, ladies, are we done feeling badly for being angry at the mindless menace? Because I, for one, thinks it deserves our enmity."

Mayte darts a quick grin at Sienna, "At least I've managed to get Rhis to stop asking about chewing firestone. Once she heard about the remains, she was having none of that!" Emphatic shake of her head. Straightening, Mayte nods at Charli that she follows up with a more reassuring, "Yeah. I'm alright." So reassuring, along with that easy-breezy smile.
Sienna chuckles softly at Mayte, and then looks at Charli with a small shrug. "I never felt bad for being angry. I still feel angry. I will always feel angry and there's nothing wrong with that." She's not ready to go party though.

"Dzakath would certainly reassure her that it's disgusting." Charli nose-wrinkles impishly, giving Mayte the eye — but will let it go for now. Nothing like pressure to make a girl clam right up. "Mmph. Good. I was afraid I'd have to half-drown you, or something." SHe raises her eyebrows at Sienna — it's an idle threat, obviously.

"Dzakath would have been a help about two months' back," Mayte tells Charli drolly, much more 'Mayte'. The threat of half-drowning earns a tired little splash from the Weyrling, "Yeah, that'd go over well." There's a curious look from Sienna to Charli and back. "So, you two know each other pretty good, huh?"

Sienna rolls her eyes at Charli, shaking her head. "No need for drowning, we were just talking it out." You know…talking? About feelings? Something Charli has never been very good at. "We were clutchmates. Are," Sienna says with a little smile.
More likely, Charli does not allow her feelings to get the better of her — a thing for which Sienna is well-known. There's a wicked glint in her eye, a languid stretch. "We Stood together. If I recall correctly, though, I Impressed a couple clutches later, though. But yeah, we know each other pretty well."

Looking back and forth between them, Mayte grins to herself but Charli's correction has the young woman a bit more wide-eyed, hand covering her mouth to hide the bubbling laughter. Maybe. Anyways, what does a grumbling stomach underwater sound like? Mayte looks down and blinks. "Oh wow," is her statement, "Wish I'd thought to bring something to eat too…"

Sienna gives Charli a puzzled look, but then her memory clicks in and she nods. "Right." To Sienna, that just means Charli doesn't /have/ feelings. They have another connection too, but Sienna doesn't bring it up, just staring absently into the distance for a long moment, hand reaching up to touch a pendant that is no longer there. She lets her hand drop, and chuckles. "Sure the Caverns have tons of food laid out…" Not that that helps them in here.

Charli chortles as Mayte eyes her belly. "Huh. I think we ought to feed you, somehow… " She taps her finger against her chin, considering. "But I don't want to get out of the bath." Perhaps they could call a drudge, somehow.

Poor planning on Mayte's behalf. "But the Caverns are so far awayyyyy," she mock-whines, cutting it off with a grin to both greenriders. "A drudge would be awesome right around now. With klah, and meatrolls, and maybe a sandwich…" Mayte's lost in delirious hunger-pangs and her stomach rumbles a bit louder: "or even a glass of wine or something…" Hitting the spot and so on.

Sienna chuckles softly, pushing herself out of the bath and wrapping a towel around herself. "I need to go make the rounds anyway." Check on W'rin. "I'll send someone with something. Hi, Ravene." She gives her friend a worried look, but now isn't the time to push it as she gets herself dressed.

Wait, what? Charli is in the bath, and suddenly, there's a basket in her hands. Hopefully, all that water doesn't destroy the food — quickly, it's set aside where Mayte might reach it, and Sienna's given an indolent little wave. "See ya."

There's a patter, and it's faint. Then it's stronger, and a jiggling Weyrwoman flies through (having seen the occupants from her niche of undressing), crying aloud: "NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!" before cannonballing into the pool proper, sending water flying in every which direction. A moment, then Sadaiya surfaces, her curls sticking damply to her face, a jet of water being spit out from her lips. "Ahhh, no one here to criticize me for that. Good eeeeveening." Toothy grin.

Ravene has finally stripped from the clothing she'd been wearing, and slips into the pool that Sadaiya just canonballed. Nope, no spectacular entrances for Ravene, "Oh," she blinks at Charli, "Sharding wonderful. That was my clean clothes," the basket with the breads is tucked under the bench Ravene had been seated on. Now her clothes that she was going to put on are all wet. Yay? At least it's not the food, right? Right.

Sadaiya agrees.

Charli ducks and covers just as Sadie makes her grand entrance in her usual fashion, laughing uproariously as she's soaked. "Well, I needed to wash my hair anyway. Good to know being Senior hasn't ruined your sense of humor, there, Sadie." She peels back her soaked hair, giving Ravene a little shrug. "I could gt you something dry real quick, Ravene."

"Bwoop!" Sadaiya's hands come up and cup together, then squeeze, shooting a feeble squirt at Ravene. Another toothy grin. "Oh it's just gravy not having anyone who'll get mopey at me in here when I finally see you, Charli!" Squealing, she dog-paddles over to her greenriding buddy and throws her slippery arms around her. "It is SO good to see you. I'm sorry I've been so busy. You've met Ravene, then? Her bread is just, man, I mean Daegan was great, don't get me wrong but HNGGGH!" Emphasis is added with another smoosh.

Ravene sighs and gives a slight shake of her head as the basket is tipped out, soggy clothes and all, "They'll dry enough," because she's going to be soaking a bit. A weak chuckle is given for Sadie's enthusiasm, and she does not manage to duck the squirt of water. What Ravene does do is climb out and spread her clothes on an empty bench. Oh look at the water drip drip dripping on the floor, "Daegan's the one gave me the idea to stuff the breads," she admits, "Always going on about how it would be so much quicker to just cut into the bread and have the meal right there and all that."
Rather than mind being be-smooshed, Charli throws her arms 'round the godlrider with her usual enthusiasm, grinning wickedly. "Good to see you, too," She turns her head slightly to eye Ravene with a grin. "Well… she introduced herself with an absolutely giant basket of bread. Which I barely saved from a soaking." But all is forgiven, naturally. Who doesn't sometimes need to just get in the bathtub already? "Ooh, Daegan. I remember his food. It was pretty good. Any idea whether he came forward or no?"

"I… am not sure. Things were so scattered, but I hope so. Him and his hip-wiggling, man." Sadaiya releases Charli and pushes her hair back in one motion, then settles on one of those convenient submerged benches. "Never tell him, if we do find that dancing dear, that I prefer your mixes, Ravene. Unless it ends up with some friendly competition and my stomach. So what's going on, my darling dears? Celebrating the lack of sausage in this soup?" She jerks her chin towards the rest of the blissfully empty pools.

Ravene gives a shake of her head to Charli's question, "I don't think they did," which is a pity because she misses her former mentor, "Where to start?" Ravene finally says in response to Sadie's question, "K'dor's furious with me," like the stillbirth of their child is somehow her fault, "And I'm not sure who I should be furious with?" a worried look towards the door can't be missed, "I'm told he'll be fine," E'bert that is, "But I can't… I still see that boy that I caught stealing food from my shop when I first opened," sigh, gulp, and a headshake given to get herself back in control of herself. No more tears.

"Lack of.. " Huh. "How did this to be an all-girl party, anyway?" Charli quips, leaning back against the backrest and hooking her elbows over the lip of it. Ravene's revelations bring a slight frown. "What? Shall I put my fist through his eye for you?" She asks, sitting abruptly upright. "What idiocy."
te It's great! Hey, I'll take a page from other people's book and be like what I say goes because I am a goldrider. So I say you are awesome and I love this shit so keep doing it. *nod*

"Right?" This time, it's Ravene's turn for a Senior Sized Hug. "If he gives you more trouble, I swear I'll make him do sweeps for, like, for EVER. K'dor I mean. Put E'bert on there, too, just as a safeguard because I am sure he'll deserve it at some point," Sadaiya murmurs, as encouragingly as she can with her particular brand of comfort. "I don't even know how this ended up being all women but I am SO okay with that. W'rin'd be like 'blah blah blah put on a parka' or something about being unsafe."
Ravene shakes her head, "He has been knocked from the list of morning freebies," wicked grin at that, "Until he realizes that he was the idiot that insisted on my carrying the pregnancy," which she's still angry with K'dor over, "And then there's E'bert in the infirmary, and the healers won't let me in because I'm not as he put it," pause to get the snotty tone correct for whichever visiting healer had blocked her path to her son correct, "You're not E'bert's mother, so you can't visit. He's in too percarious a position health wise to let just anyone see him," and that has her fuming, "Of course I suppose I should be happy I'm not in the brig I hit that sharding fool so hard," yep. Sometimes Ravene just doesn't think before she acts. Sadaiya's hug is returned, "If E'bert lives through that score he took," and there's that anxiety starting to creep back up. Moms. All worry for their kids, even if the kid wasn't theirs by birth.

Charli claps a hand to her face, remembering. "Oh, yeah, that guy. I wish someone would just take a board to his head. If he tells me about safety One. More. Time… " Fistshakes. "There is such a thing as overcautioning." And then, she squints at Ravene, getting a glint in her eye that Sadaiya might well recognize. "Well, let me see if I can do something about that. If Ravene happens to be in about to visit me, I can sneak her in to lay an eye on E'bert. And I'll be there." She shrugs. "I mean, it'd have to be a brief visit, but still, you are his mother, you ought to be able to at least lay an eye on him, sit next to him for a few minutes. It's likelier to help than hinder."

Sadaiya nods firmly. "See? Problem solved. And failing that, I'll swing my knot around and try to hit someone who'll listen. Don't worry, though. E'bert's a bounce-backer." There's a slight splash as she tips her head to the side and more locks of her hair hit the surface of the pool. "I know there's a better word there. Either way, bass-ackwards views of gender interactions aside, we've got some amazing Healers here. He'll be just fine. I promise."

Ravene nods, "I think the healer I knocked out was sent back to whatever hall he came from," she hopes he was anyway, "I have been so busy. The baby that lived, the bakery, and now E'bert," and the tears threaten to spill again. She keeps them in check though, one crying fest is enough for one decade thank you very much, "Anyway, I did get in briefly the day after the 'Fall. Like I said, it's probably lucky I didn't get thrown in the brig," or maybe the healers that stepped in recognized a distraught mother when they saw one? Either way, Ravene's been spending her time baking, and tending sick children (okay, E'bert isn't a 'child' shh).

"See? There you go." And, to punctuate her sentence, Sadaiya spritzes Ravene one last time. "Bwoop!" Charli earns one as well, just for cheer's sake. "Bwoop! Everything's great. What YOU need, and Charli, you still owe me because I forget the circumstances but I got you to agree once under duress so you're going with, is a SPA DAY. Expensive mud! Smelly oils! Food NOT MADE BY YOU!"

"Unlikely," Charli points out confidently. "Most people here damn well know you're E'bert's mother. So," And here, she offers a conspirational wink at Sadie. "I'mma go, in my capacity as a formally trained mindhealer, and demand you be allowed in to see your son for his mental health. Besides, Dzakath's pretty good about helping calm ill dragons. She seems to be able to keep them soothed to a certain extent." SHe hauls herself out of the bath, grinning at Sadie. "Not this time, sweet Sadie," She grins mischeviously, "I gotta go make sure Ravene can go see her kid, and all."

"Cuuuuurse yoooououuuuuuuuU!" cries Sadaiya.

Ravene chuckles and watches Charli make ready to leave, "Thank you," she says to her friend, "I'm sorry. I've been a wreck. I think I scarred a young man for life when I broke down in the cantina," she's pretty sure she worried Veresch.

"See that? Slippery. Like… like a FISH!" Sadaiya shakes her fist at Charli's back, and she continues as she stands, revealing her bits to the whole wide of Pern. Just then, a throng of male riders come in and all, silently, point. Muttering, she stomps up the small stairs that lead back to the covering area, a few cusses coming out clear. "That's my cue. But keep in touch, darlings. We need some cheer in here. And NOT Linny's kind of cheer, because that ends in dropping pukes. Though she's coming with us." Thus, with a wave, the goldrider's tush is the last thing seen as she leaves, stage left.

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