Cale and Ravene


A slow afternoon at Ravene's Bakery and Sundries turns from cleaning up to talk of baked goods.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen: It is the sixty-fourth day of Winter and 32 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.


Ravene's Bakery and Sundries, Igen Weyr

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Ravene's Bakery and Sundries

The murmur of voices fills this space as people gather for the unique breads, and pastries that Ravene's is known for. The counter with its glass display is once again filled with freshly baked pastries, breads, and bubblies. The smell of klah fills the air, and escapes out into the street along with the smell of the freshly baked breads. Stews have been added to the seasonal menu, and are served in bowls made of bread. There is a sign that lists the prices of the items for sale, or for those not able to pay, a list of chores that can be done in return for a good meal. (OOC- Ravene can be NPC'd by anyone within the Bakery proper if she's not online. Just please don't cause her any lasting damage or harm. Just please let me know if you've bruised her, or caused her to have a minor burn.)
in the rafters is Wobbles.

The afternoon lull has just begun, which gives Ravene time to make sure the afternoon delivery baskets are packed and send Zisiene out with them along with one of the apprentices present. The patrons that haven't left quietly pile the dishes into a bin, some take those to the kitche to wash while others sweep the floor before leaving, "Thank you so much Ravene, we'd starve without the bakery," a short roundish woman with graying hair says with a smile, "You've been a great help to our family, and we'll be able to start paying soon. Yelor's got his stall set up," the baker smiles at the woman, "I'm so glad, Dreivi," the woman with the two men that helped to clean the dining are leaves. A sigh, and Ravene leans against the counter as she looks around. Now what else is on the list of things to do? While quietly going over her mental list the two men that had gone in to the kitchen to wash dishes come out, nod, and leave.

Cale bustles about, having been rather enthusiastic about working and learning here. He loves both the front and the back of the establishment, though he seems to get very different fulfillment out of the differing duties. He doesn't pause in his work normally, but he does slow himself to looks to Ravene. "Stone is clean, water changed out, inventory checked and noted." Oh, right — he's really, really good at anything he's supposed to memorize or notice. That weird watching/staring thing he so often does, that's him comitting things to memory. It gets a little weird when he starts noting the clientele and changes to their status, but he's probably learned only to do it to Ravene by now. To wit: "I don't see Keagan and Brusa bring their son around anymore. They don't look in a bad way, so I'm guessing he's found work, or living with relatives. One of the guards who comes through has a serious sweet tooth. I brought her cookies and she gave me a tour of the Bazaar." He grins a bit, perky even after the rush. "Is that something I should try doing more of when I try my cookies? Like.. little baskets for people?"

Ravene nods, "Brusa's found work, and they're looking at starting a small remnant stall," weavers, always resourceful, "It's not a bad idea, but you should be mindful of the people in the Bazaar. Samples are a great way to build business, but there are those who see them as hand outs," a lesson learned from when she first opened her shop, "The two men that just left? I never leave them in the kitchen alone. Ralarn or someone else is almost always there. They've light fingers, if you take my meaning," and sure enough the senior apprentice in question steps out, "They lifted some of the breads. Good thinking putting the stale breads out," and this earns a chuckle from Ravene, "They'll learn."

Cale nods, watching her as he follows the advice and explanation. "I think I understand. Do they always come in, or just when they need something?" He purses his lips a bit as he considers something, but doesn't interrupt or bring up anything else, instead waiting for the answer to his query. He busines himself cleaning off nearby surfaces, working off his youthful energy.

Ravene purses her lips as she considers, "Those two? They're in a couple times in a seven," she finally says, "Most of the people that come in here are genuinely good people, just having a hard time getting work," and Ravene is who she is. Won't see people go hungry when she's more than capable of helping, "Most people are happy to do small chores, or some other task in kind to pay for their meals," and Ravene's happy to have the extra help, "There's a displaced farmer that tend the garden that's in the closed alley between my place and The Handsome Harper," another big help that is. A plate of cookies is brought out by Ralarn, "Cale did you make these?" he asks. He's just shy of six foot, with closely cropped black hair, "Very good if they are," the plate is set on the counter, and Ravene takes one. Small bite, eyebrow raises, and a slow smile follows, "Very good. What'd you use?"

Cale nods intently, processing her explanation studiously. He swaps his rag out for a clean one before pausing to tilt his head. "Okay, so that's just the way they are.. it's probably nothing personal. They don't plan well and probably only short term for things." He chews on his lip, then perks a bit when the cookies come out. He grins a bit, and looks between the other student and Ravene. "I reduced a portion of the regular flour with a very finely milled corn flower. It can make the cookies fragile, so I have to be careful with the cooking time, but that's where they get the, uh, mouth-meltyness. It's a lighter flavor and really works well with glazes and jams, too."

Ravene nods, "Very nice. I wouldn't have thought of that," she admits with a smile, "Yeah, took me a while to figure that out with those two. Started making sure the stale breads were out when they'd come in. Fresh and day get locked away, then when they leave they leave with the stale stuff," Ralarn snorts as he nods with Ravene's assessment, "That was clever," said to Cale for the cookies, "I have never seen Ravene raise her voice, and sooner or later people learn they can't pull the wool over her eyes or quit coming in," chuckle for that, and he looks at the door, "I promised my folks I'd be home early. Mind if I leave?" Ravene waves her hand, and the older apprentice leaves, "So what else have you done with the recipes?" is asked of Cale soon as Ralarn's gone from the shop, "He'll be back later. Unless his mother's taken a turn for the worse."

Cale nods and watches the other student go, chewing on his lip. "He comes in here to help him work things out. I do it, too, I bet." He looks to her, then, and smiles a bit. "Oh! Uhm, I tried some things with powdered sugars, and they didn't end up very good. I have to be more careful with time and temperature when the sugar is exposed. I *did* try a little heavier on the flour and a touch more oil and then fry them into sweet dumplings." He licks his lips at the memory. "I might try less sugar and add some meat and vegetables before frying them up next time. I used to fry bread at the end of the day when someone had messed up the dough and as long as the grease was still good, we could make something tasty out of it if we still had stuff left over. Usually."

Ravene nods, "I'd like to try those," the sweet dumplings, "Yeah, sugars will burn quickly if not watched," she affirms, "If you do that, make sure the meat and vegetable you use are thinly sliced. You won't have to decide whether to make sure the stuffing is cooked through or keep the dumpling from being over cooked."

Cale nods. "Okay. I was gonna try with leftovers that were already cooked, actually. Just a quick fry to heat everything up and that'd be good, right?" He tilts his head. "I mean, we could season them and stuff, but we didn't get spices in my training, just the leftover or spoiling basics."

Ravene nods, "That would be good. I use left overs in my stuffed breads, so it's a good use of resources," a smile is given at that, "I'd still use thin slices though, or minced," because more can be folded or stuffed into the dumplings, "Also keep in mind that some flavors won't blend well with sweet. Sour will, some hot will. Bitter? Usually you need a lot more sweetner to balance bitter."

Cale sucks in his lips and gnaws on them as he listens to her, eyes focusing on nothing in front of him. He nods after she speaks, before his gaze sharpens and he frees his lips up. "With bitter stuff I'd use a savory, starchy sort of biscuit dough, with a bit more fat in it. I don't mind bitter by itself, but I know a lot of folks won't eat it otherwise."

Ravene nods, "This is true. Everyone has different tastes," A sound from above gets a sigh, "I have to check on Tanise," and off she goes. The remaining apprentice shrugs, "Her infant daughter," is said by way of explanation, "Bet she's gone for a while," and back to the kitchen he goes. A decided tone of total disdain and dismissal for the journeyman that runs the bakery.

Cale nods, watching the other apprentice quietly with his quiet, appraising gaze. He moves to get back to cleaning and preparing things, observing the flow of the establishment quietly(and the other apprentice, as it happens).

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