Selaine, Akitith, Finn


Selaine and Akitith are taking a swim to wash off the firestone funk. Dragons are ticklish. Who knew?


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It is the seventieth day of Autumn and 87 degrees. Mercilessly bright, Rukbat's light heats the desert as a small dark cloud appears on the horizon.

After a long day of chewing firestone, Akitith was sweaty and smelling of all things awful. Selaine took the chance after their drills to take a swim in the lake with the bathing dragon, to at least get rid of as much of the firestone smell as possible. She was clad in some swimwear that she'd gotten not too long ago. At the moment, she was floating a couple feet from the shore, with her green diving in and out of the water, occasionally splashing her and extracting disgruntled responses in return. But it was hot and she was much too lazy to yell at the green.

Finn is traipsing down the rocks, hopping from stone to stone on his way down the treacherous tumble of boulders at the base of the standing stones. He's got something cupped in both hands and so it's both impressive, nerve-wracking AND comical as he lands, teeters, catches himself, adjusts, hops, lands, teeters. Again and again. Until, at last, he's at the bottom. He peers closely at the precious bundle and, satisfied, makes his way to the gravel trail that rounds the lake and will carry him before long to the Weyr. He pauses to watch the dragon sporting in the water, grinning out at it, the pale human form floating at her ease noticed, but not noted.

After some diving, Akitith, too, floats on top of the waters with her wings spread out to its full length. Taking in a breath, Selaine dips under the water before coming back up, hair and body dripping droplets. Other than herself, there's nobody else at the lake at this hour so she's surprised to see someone coming down from the stones as she scans the shore area. Squinting slightly, the figure looks oddly familiar. After a moment, she realizes who it is and calls out. "Finn!" the girl waves over to the trader if he notices her. Akitith perks up at the sound of her lifemate calling out to someone but only opens her previously closed eyes to have them whirl at the newcomer.

Finn leans closer, Who the…? Selaine? He straightens, calling out and trotting to the water's edge, "Selaine!" He grins out at the dragon floating in the water, "Is that Akitith Akitith Akitith?" For whatever reason he finds himself unable to say the green dragon's name but one time. The little bundle he's carrying is a burlap sack rolled down to reveal a brillantly deep pink flower with crepey petals, fluttering delicately in the warm air. "Have you flown? Do you have a weyr now? What's that smell?" All the questions. ALL. The last, with a bit of a nose wrinkle.

Mostly silent until the snap of wings in the backwing of landing, Karkath settles to the ground. Once on the ground the very dark brown wades into the water where he sinks down to just below the surface.

As she notices Finn come towards the water's edge, Selaine wades back to the shower, having only been waist deep in the water to begin with. "That's her!" she replies, grinning, once she's close enough to not shout. At the sound of her name repeated thrice, the green folds her wings and swims gracefully toward the shore. There's a roll of the weyrling's eyes at dragon. "Akitith, this is Finn, I told you about him, remember? And Finn, meet Akitith." Said dragon is now right behind Selaine and she settles herself down before bringing her head closer to Finn to get a better look at him. Not like she can't see him fine from far away… still. "We've flown! Plenty of times now, right Aki?" the weyrling reaches out to scratch her lifemate's eye ridges. "And I do have a weyr! It's over there!" the girl points over to the central bowl and up. "That smell, unfortunately, is the smell of firestone. Trying to get rid of it is awfully difficult." There's a wrinkle of her nose, too.

The smart, retrieving brown is noted and Finn stretches up onto his toes to see swivel his head around to see if he can spot E'bert. "Good fishin' Karkath," Finn calls out to the dragon lurking just beneath the surface. Finn drops back down to his heels casting about for a safe place to put his precious bundle. Ah. A little cluster of rocks. He places the sack just so, the little flower drooping sadly in the breeze off the water. Bright eyes are turned towards Selaine and Akitith. Mostly Akitith. His eyes grow distant, a recollection of wind and speed and height and giddy weightlessness, climbing, falling. "Do you love it?" Flying? He tracks her arm across the bowl and up, up, up. "Oh, heh, I guess you do fly a lot." Can't get up there without it. "If you need anything made for your Weyr, let us know." The Reika. "Did you guys get the fasteners I dropped off to the Barracks?" Rapidfire, the comments and questions, "I didn't realize firestone smelled so bad." He turns to Akitith (Akitith Akitith), "How do you stand it?" another nose wrinkle. "Um," he reaches out a hand, "May I?" It seems like he's asking the dragon more than the girl.

Selaine only vague notices the presence of others. Akitith is the one who pays more attention but even then, she is currently distracted by the person her lifemate has made mention of before. "I absolutely love flying! It's really nice flying around at night…" Her own eyes grow distant as well, remembering the countless times she and Akitith drifted above the weyr at night. "Oh really?! I really do need a lot of things…" For the weyr, of course. "And I did! I felt a bit bummed when I didn't get a chance to talk to you when you did." she comments, frowning ever so slightly. There's a shrug from Selaine about the smell. "Been doing drills for months now, ya get used to it… sort of." Also nose wrinkle. "But you probably smell it worse… This one here's been chewing it today." As if to emphasize, the green lets out a huff at the two. It's not her fault she smells! When Finn reaches out a hand, Akitith leans her head closer until she touches his hand. -Attention hog-. But outwardly, Selaine is grinning. "She loves getting scratches. Careful though, that firestone smell won't wash off so easily."

Karkath blinks from his submerged position. E'bert? Oh no, he ditched the exhausted rider in their weyr. E'bert won't be showing up, and Kar's just going to observe.

Finn pops up onto his toes and gives Karkath a wide-eyed I SEE YOU look, with a big toothy grin to follow. When Akitith presses her head into his hand, the young smith's can't even help the smile that breaks across his scruffy features. He cranes his head this way and that, hands following the stark and graceful structure of bones and flesh. He marvels at the soft hide and the whirling eyes, a dopey grin on his face, "What?" Selaine was saying stuff. Answering his questions. He blinks, settling into a solid lean to really give some good scritches to headknobs. "The stars…" Finn breathes, shaking his head, remembering a night flight not too long ago. "Sorry about that. It was late, I think you were all asleep." He keeps on scritchin' "Aww… it's not that ba-" URK. Akitith huffs out that foul-smelling breath. Finn's throat clicks and he goes a little gray, smiling gamely, "-ad." Wheeze. He pops up on his toes, ostensibly to look at Karkath, but really to get some fresher air. Wheeze. He sinks back down, redoubling the scritches, "Wow. Akitith. You need a breathmint."

There's a glance from Selaine to the brown, turning her head slightly in the direction Finn's looking before turning her attention back to him with an eyebrow quirk. And then her mind is filled with the satisfied thoughts of her lifemate. The green's eyes whirl a miriad of colors at the scritching. Yea, that's the spot. Selaine grins at the sight of the two. "I knew she'd like you." she comments and then shrugs. "Ah well, no biggie." They were seeing each other now, right? And then there's a laugh from the weyrling at Finn's reaction, a nice hearty laugh right from the stomach. There's even a low grumbling sound that comes from the dragon that practically shakes the ground beneath them. It was unmistakeably a dragon laugh. "Definitely takes some getting used to. It's impossible to rid of it completely." And it is apparent that the weyrling has accepted the inevitable.

The rumbling laughter shivers into Finn's hands and feet, resonating in his chest and his petting stills a shocked moment before slowly resuming, "Whoa," Finn turns wide eyes to Selaine, "THAT would take getting used to." A funny thought strikes him and with a quick look for permission from Selaine Finn moves to Akitith's chest and leans against her, arms spread wide, head turned and pressed against the warm green hide. "Do it again, Akitith, Akitith, Akitith." He scrunches his nose again and peers off at Selaine, he can't quite see her with his head against Akitith's chest, but she's there in his periphery.

The chest of a dragon is not the softest area to touch, at least not like the underbelly but it is sensitive enough to the dragon. At the feel of Finn leaning against her, it is certainly an odd sensation. Indeed, it causes her to do the low rumbling that is also known as a dragon laugh again. Selaine grins from the side, watching the spectacle before her. "She says it tickles!" the girl tells him, giggling.

The softness wasn't what he was aiming to feel, rather, maximizing contact closest to the giant bellows of Akitith's chest. The vibrations of laughter shiver into him and Finn can't help but laugh himself. Tickled in all senses. At Selaine's last he turns, dropping his arms, eyes wide. This is HUGE news. "Dragons are… TICKLISH?" Finn's eyes grow crafty and he makes a grabby claw hand at Akitith's chest and gives Selaine a 'c'mere' jerk of his chin. He's not gonna tickle fight solo. Akitith outweighs him by orders of magnitude!

Selaine's eyes go wide at his suggestion. "Uh… I dunno about that… " she tells him. "I don't think I have it in me to take on her revenge after being tickled. But! You are more than welcome." The weyrling laughs, stepping away slightly to give them a wide berth. Another laugh escapes before she says, "And now she knows what you're going to do… and she says she won't hurt you… badly." There's more rumbling from the dragon's chest, a bit more powerful now with the dragon's amusement.

Whoa-ho-hooo. "Wow," he peers up at Akitith, after that latest laughter. And back down at Selaine, "Ah yeah. You really can't hide a sneak tickle attack from her, can you? Like, say, this!" Finn, still looking at Selaine, with grabby claw hand extended towards Akitith's chest flinches, feigning a sneaking tickle attack to see what the dragon will do. Belatedly Finn wonders what a dragon thinks is 'bad' in regards to hurting a person. They were very tough creatures.

Of course, Akitith would never hurt anyone… intentionally. The feigned tickle attack only brings forth more rumbling laughter. "She says she would never hurt you… intentionally." Selaine laughs again as she steps forward to scratch the eye ridge when the green brings her head back down. "Dragons are very aware of their surroundings and to catch one off guard is quite a feat, in of itself." With her head back down, and some ridge scratching, Akitith nudges Finn. "Aki!" the weyrling shakes her head. "She wants the other side scratched. At least now I know she's not opposed to dragon hugs… I wonder if you're the first to even attempt that…"

"Oh, heh, that wasn't a hug. I wanted to feel her chest rumble." Finn clarifies. Hugs are very serious business. Finn hugs are patented. Finn's caught a little off guard at the nudge and staggers, arms going around Akitith's muzzle. That's closer to a hug, but still not. More a panicky grapple. He laughs and steadies himself, "Here?" he points at a spot near the front of Akitith's muzzle? "No?" He cocks his head, "Here? Still no?" He makes his eyes wide, "Where Akitith? I'm not a mind reader!" He winks at Selaine, clearly enjoying himself.

"As much of one as I've ever seen." Selaine comments, grinning again as her fingers work their way at the green's eye ridges. Though this process is slightly thrown off by the fact that said dragon's huge head is constantly moving to get Finn's hand at the right place. There's a bit of an exasperated sigh on Selaine's part, but she laughs along at Finn's wink. And if dragons could roll their eyes, there was no doubt that Akitith would be doing that. Eventually, she nudges his hip with the tip of her nose as if to say 'Coome on.' But she's enjoying herself, too!

At the nudge to his waist, Finn relents and gives himself over to scritches where Akitith places her head under his hands. He's smiling ear to ear and is looking up at the sun, over at the Weyr, down at the little flower. The little valiant desert flower. His bright grin sobers a bit as his gaze falls on the flower. "This…" he gives some final scritches to Akitith (Akitith Akitith) and drops his arms, "…was just the thing. Thank you both. You're a credit to the Weyr." At least as Finn calculates these things.

Satisfaction is evident as Akitith closes her eyes as both eye ridges are being scratched. When Finn drops his arms, she opens her eyes again and Selaine also looks over. There's a tilt in her head as she watches him for a moment. It's clear that she has no idea why he said what he did. "I'm not sure how so… but thank you! I'm glad you were finally able to meet her." Selaine grins again and with one final scratch and a pat says, "Well, we have to get back now that she's drying up. I have to oil her. It was really nice seeing you, Finn!" There's a final nudge at Finn from Akitith before the green starts following her lifemate to the barracks where oil is a-plenty.

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