D'wane, N'iel, Vani


Over drinks, two riders devise the makings of an obstacle course for the candidates. Vani also contributes!


It is evening of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 02 Sep 2017 23:00


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The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

So… since Southern seems to run on alcohol, tonight the Kitten is pretty crowded. Everyone and their brother seems to be out, but somehow D'wane's managed to grab a small table to himself and his beer for the moment. It's probably not the best time to be working on some hidework, but the wingsecond is at least attempting it.

Drinking problem? N'iel certainly doesn't have a drinking problem! That's why he's here in the Kitten, at the bar, with a beer…damn, okay. Maybe he does just a little. With his order slid to him, the weyrlingmaster turns to decide where best to take a seat, and spots D'wane over there with some hidework. The green rider will amble in that direction, plonking himself down at the Wingsecond's table. "Please tell me you haven't brought your work here?" N'iel almost sounds disappointed, as he peers at the (upside down to him) hides.

It's not a problem, it's a feature! The sudden arrival of someone else at his table will have D'wane glance up and give a brief nod to the greenrider. He'll allow it. In fact, he'll even move some of his hides over so they're not spread all over the table. "I could tell you that I didn't…" But that would be a clear lie. Especially since that hide that N'iel's peering at is very clearly (even upside down) plans for improving Ocelot's PT routines.

N'iel pulls a disappointed face. "D'waaaane." He puts a finger on that particular hide and pulls it closer, out of D'wane's way. The greenrider maaaay have already had a drink or two. "One night. Put the hidework away for one night. I'll buy you a drink if you do." The offer is on the table~

The disappointed face D'wane could probably ignore, but that particular note in N'iel's voice might actually be reminding the bronzerider of him trying to intervene before K'vvan buried himself under hidework all too recently. Is he becoming K'vvan? Nobody wants to become K'vvan, so he'll sigh and stack the hides up in front of them, all of them down with a sigh. "One night won't hurt, I guess. Although really do need to think about something new. Things have been getting a little bit too routine lately."

"Maybe sometimes there's nothing wrong with routine?" N'iel notes, swigging from his beer more happily now he's successfully dissuaded D'wane from his work. "Anyway, your hides'll get wet if you have them on the tables too long." There's a nugget of N'iel-wisdom for you. "You want that drink?"

"If you get stuck in a rut, you're not growing," D'wane's going to grumble and counter the N'iel-wisdom with some D'wane-wisdom as he shifts that neat stack of papers into a bag beside his chair. D'wane's got a manbag. Don't judge. It's functional as in it will hopefully keep all those hides from getting beer spilled on them. "Yeah. it was about time for me to get another." He really only had two more sips left in his own beer which are consumed now. "I'll have whatever you're having." He isn't picky, especially with free drinks.

N'iel isn't judging. Manbags are useful. "Eh," he shrugs at the stuck in a rut thing. BUT at the same time he's not in the mood to talk work and leaves any comments he has about Wing losses for another time. A more sober time. Because tonight is a night for drinks! "Righto," the greenrider says, and disappears back to the bar. He returns not too long after with not one but three beers; two are placed in front of D'wane, and one next to his own half-finished mug. "Seemed more sensible to get a couple at once - fewer trips to the bar, right?" He grins mischeviously.

D'wane wasn't necessarily trying to be all doom and gloom. He likes PT so working at it while having a few drinks doesn't really seem like a bad night. It's not like he brought threadfall injury reports to the bar. That would just have been sad. While N'iel's off fetching drinks, the bronzerider is digging in one of the many pockets on his manbag and comes up with a perfectly normal dragonpoker deck (not the creative one that's still floating around the Kitten probably). The fact that two drinks are placed in front of him gets a slight eyebrow raise but he's not arguing. "Efficient. Thanks. Now.. I know you know how to play solitaire. Know any two player games?" Because D'wane might know a few.

N'iel settles back into his chair, drink in hand. He looks content. And maybe a tiny bit tipsy already. Maybe he's just enjoying his freedom between clutches of weyrlings? "Oh, hm. Single player games are more my thing. I can play snap," he grins, before tacking on to that sentence: "but if you have some you wanna teach me, I'm all ears." And he may be eyeing that deck to try and work out if it's the nudey one - so far as he can tell, it is not. Is that still around?!

"Snap works," D'wane also is not on his first beer of the night, or even his second. Teaching games seems like work which he is apparently not supposed to be doing. And snap is a mindless enough game. The normal deck is shuffled. He's even got a little bit fancy with his shuffling before he deals the cards into two piles. The nudey one is still around. Probably with the group of cackling women over in the corner if he had to hazard a guess. "Two player games were a great way to pass some time in the guard barracks." And probably also the candidate barracks and the weyrling barracks. D'wane's spent a lot of time living in barracks.

"Snap it is then." N'iel is more than happy with a mindless game. Though if they both carry on drinking, it's likely to get interesting. He'll snatch the first go, putting his top card into the centre, face up - and there's a faint look of relief on hi sface that the image it bears is totally normal. "Oh yeah? I wonder if the candidates're playing cards to keep themselves amused at the moment." Given that being a candidate means no drinking or sex or any of that other fun stuff to do of an evening.

Cards always gets more interesting the more you drink. There's a reason the two activities get paired together so often. And despite D'wane's reputation for being shirtless whenever he can get away with it, he's not the sort of dude to carry around a deck of dick cards (and other nudey parts). That'd just be weird. He'll flip over his card as well. No excitement yet, just an eight of sheaves. "Some probably are. Others are probably telling horror stories about maulings at hatchings. Or injuries. Others daydreaming about what they'll do after Impressing, or being left standing…"

Flip goes the card, and glug goes the drink; it's not a match, so N'iel is free to have some beer. "Gotta make their entertainment somehow, huh?" His first beer is all but gone. "Hey, speaking of physical training - you doing something with Ocelot?" Okay, he said no work talk, but something about his tone implies this isn't serious work talk, so surely that's allowed?

"Yeah. And especially after egg touchings, all sorts of crazy thoughts go through their heads. You know how weird they can be." D'wane's pretty sure the weyrlingmaster is aware. Unhatched dragons seem to be even weirder than the fully grown ones. There's a laugh at the question about his wing. "I'm doing a lot with them. But think I need to come up with something new. A break from the cycles of running, weight lifting, and sparring practice. Got any ideas besides firestone tossing?" He'll take a sip of his own beer before flipping over the next card. Oh wait, that's a match! He's going for it unless the greenrider's quicker. If he's quicker, he's still going for the slap.

N'iel's emphatic nod says that he does indeed understand that! "Oh yeah?" He's too slow to get that match, thanks to his taking another long drink to finish his mug, but his "drat!" when D'wane gets there first is lighthearted. "Looks like those're yours," he says, before he lets his mind wander some about the physical stuff. "What about dodging stuff? Could be throwing things at them. Or hang something heavy and set it swinging, have them run past it?" Look at the ideas man, here.

You know what getting a first match calls for? Celebratory drink! Which D'wane is going to do and finish the last of the first beer N'iel brought him. Good thing he brought two. It probably won't take long for him to catch up to the greenrider in terms of alcohol consumption. "Dodging? Could work. We already do plenty of drills though." If you can't dodge a rope, you can't dodge thread. He does hmmm at the setting something heavy. "Or multiple somethings." Is this the beginning of a gauntlet forming?

N'iel doesn't need an excuse to drink, he's just gonna do it anyway! "Yeah but like - it could be on the ground, try and get the riders to focus on their reactions. The dragons have their stuff in the sky, riders on the ground. Or," and he takes a thoughtful drink, "candidates?" Where did that come from? Is he not cruel enough with his ideas for taking the candidates camping out in the snow and ice?!

It's not an excuse to drink. It's an excuse to drink more on top of the regular drinking. There's a difference. "Candidates? I mean… I've seen a game or two where riders have helped toss stuff at candidates to try and 'improve their reflex and coordination skills in hopes of not getting mauled come hatching day'." D'wane's going to try and mimic someone official with that, but doesn't do a very good job. He flips another card over, still no match. And the drinks are getting close to half empty! Wouldn't want to run out, so he's going to get up. "Pause on this, I'll be right back." No cheating, mister! He's going to get booze! And what he comes back with are four very bright and fruity cocktails. Two are orange and two are red.

N'iel clears his throat less than subtly. "For hatchings, right. But if they wanna be riders, they need reflexes for that. They have to be tough. And quick. Tough and quick!" MORE DRINK! He's just reaching for his next card when D'wane calls a pause. Yay more drink! N'iel pulls his hand back. "Okaaaay." He is a man of honour though and won't even peek at his next card, distracting his hands by making good work on his beer. "Oh boy. You do know what they say about mixing drinks, D'wane?" He says, albeit with a grin, when the Wingsecond returns with those fruity drinks.

"Tough and quick!" D'wane totally heard that and is just going to holler it out on his way to the bar. A few folks turn, but that's not the craziest thing anyone's yelled out in even the past ten minutes. He comes back and reclaims his seat, staring between the two decks. "I think it was your turn?" He's going to assume it was the other man's turn and then just take a drink of the orange rummy drink. There's also some pineapple in it. "Beer before liquor never been sicker?" He's just going to snort and take a big gulp of his drink, maybe daring the hangover that might be to come. "So… what all skills would new riders need? They might as well start practicing climbing too…" Dragons get big. If someone can't learn to climb, might as well weed them out early.

"Err," N'iel stares at the two decks. "Oh yeah!" It was his turn! He flips his card and - it's a match! He's more on the ball and quicker this time than last time, but will he be quicker than D'wane? Whatever the outcome, he'll comment on the skills thing: "How about…climbing on something and staying on it? What if your dragon plays about and tries to get you off for a laugh?" Is that a real problem for riders? Is N'iel talking from experience. He's not giving anything away, not while he's drinking his beer - which is damn near finished now, as he really wants to get onto the cocktails.

D'wane is not quicker on the draw since he was more concerned with finishing the last of his beer. He just shrugs off the fact that he missed the snap. They're like one for one now, right? Or something like that. He nearly snorts out the last of the beer at the mention of a dragon trying to get you off for laughs. "Rock would do that. Mostly in the lake. In winter." High Reaches is not a good place in winter for weyrlings who can't between yet.

Vani walks in from the Weyr Entrance.

N'iel collects his 'winnings', and puts down his next card with a flourish. Who's keeping track of scores? N'iel is more interested in the number of drinks. With his card placed, he'll pick up a red cocktail and take a curious first sip. "Ooh. That's going to go down too nicely." Yup, he's gonna take a longer drink - but not too long, because cocktails aren't as big as beers. Gotta enjoy the taste! He points a finger on his free hand at D'wane. "So it could be a useful skill??" This is supporting evidence, right?! The pair are sat, this evening, at a table with a number of empty beer mugs there, and appear to be playing snap between twu fruity cocktails apiece. Also, D'wane has a manbag with him.

MANBAG = N'iel? (commonwealth humor \o/)


Also, important to note that they're playing with a perfectly normal dragonpoker deck. The raunchy nudey deck is probably still floating around somewhere. There was a pack of cackling women earlier. They probably have it. "Rum's a wonderful thing." D'wane raises his own drink in confirmation of N'iel's comment on the drink. If that's not a summoning ritual for Vani, I don't know what is. He'll casually flip a card over with his non-drink-holding hand. "I guess it can be. Or one weyrlings will acquire quickly if their dragon is so inclined. What exactly would you make for something to climb and stay on? Aside from some sort of lord of the mountain game?"

And here comes Vani through those familiar swinging doors. She doesn't even have to think about that hip swivel that means she doesn't even have to use her hands (Look ma! No hands) And it's straight to the bar for her…or well, almost. Apparently D'wane likes cocktails and fine accessories. Hai N'iel. She really doesn't even make the pretence of manners as she stands there eavesdropping right out in the open. "We had deathball." If they're discussing candidate torture, she'll just join in. "But the best one, was in Igen… we had to catch streamers, and if we dropped one, our 'partner' had to jump into ice-water, because death is COLD." And now that she has contributed to the conversation she'll just slip D'wanes cock-tail out of his hands and wince. "Rum." She had to test it to see! And then she's abandoning them for REAL liquor, because if she's day dreaming, it doesn't involve paper umbrellas.

"Mmhmm," N'iel agrees through a sip of delicious rum-filled cocktail. He lowers it to better focus on the cards, but his eyes are having a bit of an argument with his brain. He'll flip a card onto the pile - no match! Oh, hai Vani. "Well it could be like…something that turns when they're on it." Think, N'iel, think. But thinking is getting harder, now. "I like that! Over the water! But maybe not cold water." The 'not yet' is unsaid, but he has a devillish look in his eyes now.

So for a minute, D'wane's attention was on the cards and it SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN! That was all that was needed for Vani to practically snatch his drink from his own hand. "HEY!" That's a louder than usual objection. This may be drink four.. or possibly five. Who keeps track of those things. "You could have asked. And yes, death is cold." He'll attempt to nod sagely, but probably looks more like a bobblehead as he gets his drink back. "We'd have trouble finding that much cold water. But we got a lake…" There is definitely some thinking going on. "What about a log! That rolls on some track things…." There's hand gestures to accompany this.

Vani gives the drink back with a cheeky wink. "You owe me. But I don't want that." Because it's fruity and floofy and full of rum. "Are you both saying you're not as smart as Igen riders who managed a pool of ice water in the desert?" Those dark lashes flutter at both men. Oh. "Doesn't wood float?" She points out with that clearly fake sweet helpfulness as well. Then with an irritated eyeroll she's going to really abandon the bobble-headed men this time and go hang out with the barmaids and get stuff from the 'secret' menu. Proddy Vani out!

Vani walks to the Swinging Door.

N'iel is doing his best not to laugh at Vani stealing D'wane's drink, but some laughs are bubbling out anyway. He'll hide them by drinking some more cocktail! "Dumber than Igen?" He feels like he should be offended, but he also feels nice from all the drinks, and it's hard to be mad right now. Especially with the log suggestions. "Oh - OH. Maybe a few in the water and they have to run across them? Or one on the land like you say, built so it turns." He'll put down his drink to (poorly) convey a turning thing with both hands. "Byeee," he says as Vani heads off.

D'wane shakes his head in disappointment at Vani's suggestion that they're not as clever as Igen riders. "NO, you're just not thinking big enough!" He really, really doubts Igen found enough ice to make the whole LAKE cold and just waves a hand in dismissal towards the vanishing greenrider. They didn't need her input anyway. They have IDEAS. The best ideas. Really. "We could probably also have a dragon in the water if it was deep enough to help prod the logs along…" If they needed even more movement…

Pfft! Southern riders are TOTALLY the smartest. This is why they're drinking in the Kitten and pondering ways to torture candidates! "Oh man. Or they could make the logs disappear underwater sometimes." Too mean? "Oh, and climbing ropes! We've gotta make them climb ropes! After they've got wet in the lake??" N'iel is getting way too into this. More drinks are probably going to be needed soon, to keep the ideas flowing.

"And mud! Rock can help dig a mud pit!" That's going to be one mighty big mud pit if it's big enough to fit the full grown bronze. D'wane's seemed to forget about the card game and he's dragged out a blank scrape of hide and a pencil. The ideas are flowing and there's actually some drawing as well so maybe they'll remember some of these GREAT IDEAS! in the morning.

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