Clementine, K'vvan


It's Clementine's first threadscore and K'vvan comes to check on her.

Some swearing


It is late night of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Clementine's Weyr

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"The first time is the worst."

Clementine's Weyr

This weyr is spacious, as the ground weyrs given to juniors often are. At least they're larger than the typical ones that dot the weyr wall. The cavern expands upwards, lending itself an airy open feel. Clementine's furnishings are spartan and practial. Along one wall, her riding gear for Nemekhath is stowed along with anything required to maintain. There's also a spot for her other riding gear. The kind meant for runners and not dragons. It's all carefully placed and loving taken care of. A loveseat and two arm chairs are in the center of her weyr, clustered around a small coffee table. There's a desk, overwhich hangs a wooden map of Pern. And of course, there are shelves either set in the wall or mounted onto it and books to go along with them. A short set of steps leads down to where her bed chamber and personal bath reside. Again, there isn't a lot of oppulence to be had. It's neat, tidy and not exactly brimming with decorations.

It's probably a safe bet to assume that K'vvan has never seen the inside of Clementine's weyr. In short, it's kind of… empty and mostly full of the practical things a person needs. But then she hasn't lived in it that long. This evening, the goldrider is seated on the edge of her couch, wrapped up in a light robe since traditional shirts and tops probably aren't awesome for a threadscore on your shoulder. There's a bottle of whiskey out on the coffee table. Nemekhath guards the entrance, leaving just enough space for a person to get by. Should the greenrider arrive, she'd let him in. But then she'd sprawl her golden self in the way to stop anyone else.

Know what is most sucky about weyrs? The lack of doors. But big gold dragon butt more or less does do the trick. It's only once K'vvan is almost to the doorway when the greenrider remembers something he forgot. He kinda got his shirt taken off while he was in the infirmary, and didn't stop to put a new one on. "Shit." But he's already come too far to turn back, so instead he'll rap his knuckles lightly against the rock. "Clementine?"

Nemekhath is an egg producer as well as a door man. She settles across the entrance, effectively creating a barrier there once he's through. "You don't have to knock if…" Clementine twists around, grimacing at the stiffness that's a result of numbweed and threadscoring. "Where did your shirt go?" She pulls the front of her robe closer together, like she's suddenly aware of it now. Shaking her head she gives him a wave, "You can come in." That's what she was getting at initially.

"Ksenia would kill me if I didn't keep up the habit." Srsly, Ksenia has taught K'vvan well. Standing in the doorway K'vvan reaches up his good arm to rub at his neck, not unaware of the weirdness of showing up shirtless. Inward he does go at her words though, looking about him. "Heh, sparse. Thread got my shoudler," see the pretty bandage? "heard it got yours too." He's not quite pointedly not looking at her.

On another day, Clementine might have gotten up. But today is not that day, considering the threadfall and everything else. And she can't do much about him insisting on standing there in the doorway, so she just sort of slumps where she is. "I can see that. Is it bad?" She wonders, hand at her robe as her free one reaches for the whiskey glass. "It did. My first threadscore."

K'vvan's pacing, slowly, moving at an angle towards her. "Not so bad." He'll stop and finally turn to look at her. "It hurts like shit, doesn't it? Even with the numbweed there's still knowing it will hurt."

Her fingers close slowly around the glass and she brings it to her mouth and tips it back. She's still feeling that ache through the numbweed. "It does." Clementine nods her head, exhaling through her nose before sliding the glass onto the coffee table again. "Do you want water? You said that you don't drink." Her eyebrow comes up questioningly, but mostly she just looks very tired at this point.

"The first time is the worst." K'vvan, being empathetic. "I would rather it was me than Nadeeth though." That long exhale has K'vvan looking closely before stepping closer. "It's okay. I had something with the healers. You need anything? No offense, but you look like shit."

"That's good." Clementine is probably wondering why he didn't stop to get another shirt before he came here, but that's a thought she's going to keep internalized for now. Instead her eyes flicker from his bandage to his face, mouth firming up into a line. "No, thank you." Usually when you tell someone that they look like shit even with 'no offense' tagged on there, they don't react super happily. "Well, I'll try look better the next time I see you." Just a little tired sarcasm.

K'vvan has a one track mind. It didn't even occur to him to put a shirt on once he'd decided 'Visit Clementine' was next on his list of things to-do. "It wasn't an insult. You just do. I'm sure I look like shit too." K'vvan reaches up to brush a hand over his hair looking down at her. "You have fellis for later?"

"Sometimes people have thoughts but they keep those thoughts on the inside." Clementine taps the side of her head. "Because saying them doesn't really make the other person feel particularly great." There isn't anything that she has to get up and fetch for K'vvan, so she scoots back onto the couch and turns into a puddle there, legs curling up. "I don't. But I don't think I'll need it, I'll just keep using the numbweed they sent back with me."

"I'll keep that in mind." There are more words about to spill from his mouth, but he'll bite his lip instead. A glance at the end of the bed shows a blanket, and K'vvan steps forwards and leans over to cover Clementine in the blanket. Tentative, and ready to jump up if she gives the slightest hint of 'no', he'll even sit on the edge of the couch. "I always hated the fuzzy feeling it gave me." Fellis.

"I could just drink this whiskey. It's only the regular kind of addicting." As opposed to the narcotic level that fellis seems to have. Clementine looks surprised by his move to cover her with the blanket, pulling it closer to her rather than declining the offer. She looks at him curiously before shaking her head. "I'm fine, just so you know." There's a glance down at her shoulder before lifts her eyes back to him again.

"Addicting enough." Says the recovering alcoholic. Four years! K'vvan licks his lips, then reaches out to brush his hand against her chin. "You sure?" If she says it more than once K'vvan'll believe her.

"Yeah, I just need a solid couple hours of sleep." It's either true or Clementine is employing her skillful technique of masking real distress. But she doesn't seem to be in a bad place, so it wouldn't unrealistic for him to believe her. Her eyes flicker down again, this time to his hand on her chin before she offers him a faint smile and tangles her fingers up in the blanket. "You're going to go rest, right?"

"Soon. I need to check on El'ai and some of the other injured Ocelots." K'vvan may be a jerk and one of the least pleasant wingseconds to work with here in Southern, but NO ONE can say he doesn't do the hell out of his job. Despite his words though, K'vvan lingers on Clementine's couch. He's looking downward at her like he's confused, not frowning, but there's a clear crease on his forehead.

"Right, I heard he was injured too. Send my best?" Clementine asks, shifting in place as she tries to find a spot sitting up that isn't aggravating the threadscore. He falls into silence, not leaving like she'd expected him to. Which was basically immediately, if nothing else she's becoming familiar with the moments that K'vvan chooses to get out before he can get caught up.

"Sure." K'vvan will pass that on to El'ai, but still he doesn't stand up. His hand moves to her cheek, then brushes against her neck. "I think this is the wrong time to want to kiss you again." Hence, his confusion.

El'ai will probably want to know why/how K'vvan is passing on random sentiments from Clem after threadfall, but that's another subject. She turns her cheek into his hand as it brushes down to her neck. "You're impossible sometimes, you know that right?" That probably should have been an 'in your head' thought, but it comes out all the same. With every probability that she's tired of waiting for K'vvan to make a decision here, she leans forward (searing shoulder pain be damned) and kisses him. That is if he'll let it happen.

So they both have to work a little bit on the 'in your head' thoughts. But not for just a moment, because Clementine taking the initive K'vvan finally has an answer to his confusion. It's not the worlds longest kiss, or probably the best, but at least it finally happened. When K'vvan pulls away he has a small stupid smile on his face. "Sleep well, okay?"

Physical pain doesn't really lend itself to long romantic make-out sessions. And this position isn't the best for that either given the circumstances. If K'vvan had some clothes on here, it'd be where she playfully tangles the bottom of his shirt. So she just awkwardly touches his chest on accident instead and pulls her hand quickly away with a quiet laugh. "Yeah, I'll try. Don't spend forever in the infirmary, you need rest too."

No, this is so not the time for making out at all. But he does reach out and capture her hand again, and return it to his chest for a moment. "I'm not always comfortable with touch. But… be patient with me on it?" A quiet request. If they're going to to break barriers, K'vvan might as well go one more step further before he leaves.

Somehow this is more surprising than him kissing her back. She splays her fingers there on his chest, catching the thread of his heartbeat until the moment passes and her hand is returned to her. "Come over here for dinner, later. Not tonight or anything, just later on. And we can talk about why?" She doesn't explictly state it, but it's safe to assume she's speaking to his comfort issues. Then more slyly and with a smile, "And kiss me again before you go?" Clementine needs to make sure it really happened. You know, for science.

Hesitation, so much hesitation. But, "Okay." It's a short answer, and could probably use a whole lot more completeness. Tonight's the night for that though, as K'vvan's stretched himself about as far as he can. The okay is two-fold, because he leans forward to kiss her again. Rather then talk about that kiss K'vvan abruptly stands up and strides outwards. He's already said sleep well - what more goodbye does he need?

Clementine falls asleep on the couch. The end~

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