Sienna K'vvan


Sienna backs K'vvan up as they go a'visiting.


It is before evening of the twenty-fourth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


A Hole Called Home; Oasis Inn

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A Hole Called Home

Minimalist style is the order of the hour in this small cave. Table, chairs, wardrobe, desk, bed. Each of these arrayed in warm browns line their edges of the whitewashed walls. Nary a stray piece of clothing nor clutter is to be seen with the naked eye. For all of its comfortable appearance, the bed looks unslept in.

Do board games exist on Pern? Well,t hey do now, because K'vvan and Sienna are playing one. It's spread out on K'vvan's wooden table and the young man is losing. Badly. Maybe it is because for the entire evening his entire being has been focused somewhere else, then on what is going on in front of him. He's answered her questions when asked, and almost? kept up a conversation, but he'll fall silent at odd moments, clearly not 100% invested.

Sienna is here, and that's all that really matters right? She plays, she offers bits of conversation for him to take or ignore, and she's silent. It's companionship, not any deep conversation she's seeking. But finally, when he goes the wrong way on the board /again/, she has to ask, "Are you okay?"

K'vvan shakes off his distraction again, and finally focuses his eyes on Sienna. "Is it my turn again?" But no, he just went didn't he? He blinks down at the board, the frown curving between his eyebrows.

Sienna shakes her head, "No, you just went, but…" She puts his piece where it's supposed to go and picks up the dice to roll for her turn. "What's going on?"

"Oh, right. I wasn't paying attention." Which Sienna probably already picked up on. K'vvan runs his fingers though his hair which he has decided to keep short. A testament to new beginnings. Even if it did need to be cut every two weeks because man, that stuff grows fast.

Sienna arches a brow, makes her move, and pushes the dice towards him. "I see that."

K'vvan reaches for the dice and rolls them in his hand, but doesn't toss them to the board. "I'm trying to figure out how to ask for your help with something."

Sienna eyes him. Really, K'vvan? "You ask, I say yes, and then it gets done," she says dryly, with a smile. Has he learned nothing?

"I'm trying to decide if you would feel the need to inform the weyrleader after." The dice roll in his hand as finally he settles his gaze upon his friend.

Sienna ahhs. "If it concerns the weyr, then yes."

"I'm not convinced it does." K'vvan says this with… strange authority. "But it does involve someone in Whirlwind and I don't want it to blacklash on her." A pause, "but I need someone to go with me. Just… to be careful."

Sienna shifts a bit. "If it's something dangerous, then I'm not the one you want." She's not a fighter. "Whirlwind? Well…then W'rin should probably know about it."

"No. I don't think it's dangerous." K'vvan finally sits back in his seat as he continues to clink those dice together. "I don't know all the details. All I could take to W'rin are… suspicions. And that's not good enough. I have to go visit my cousin in the bazaar. But we'll be meeting in a bar." You know, full of that stuff K'vvan is banned from. Fourth months on the wagon here!

Sienna ohs. She nods, understanding a *bit* more now. "I can go with you to a bar." She can do /that/.

"I will tell W'rin." It's a promise made, "but not yet. Not till Katz has a chance to figure out what I think we're dealing with." He finally stops rolling the dice in his hands and sets them down again. Game over?

Sienna nods, "Okay. Good." She looks when he sets the dice down, glancing at him. "Are we going now?"

"Yes." With the decision finally made K'vvan is actually all sorts of for movement. He's up abruptly, and swinging his riding jacket around his shoulders. Then, weirdly, he's also picking up hers and offering it out so she can slip into it.

Sienna gets to her feet as well, closing up the game and then looking at his offering of her jacket. Brows arch. "Thank you," she says, letting him help her into it.

"Don't get too use to it." K'vvan grins slightly, knowing what those arched brows were for. Stepping away from Sienna he picks up a oiled pouch and ties it to his belt, checking twice to make sure it's secured properly. "Let's go. We're meeting at the Oasis."

Sienna chuckles. "Believe me, I won't." That gesture…his hugs…they are rare things that she never expects and are always surprises. "Excellent."


Oasis Inn
Tucked into a small fold of foothills along the road leading from the Weyr to the Central Pass, this inn truly is just what its name implies - an oasis for travelers coming from either direction. Stabling and board are available - though the boarding comes at a price, since there isn't much of it. The most well known part of the Inn is the tavern - a rustic bar built of solid skybroom and furnished in dark, oiled wood, leather, metal, and glass. Though well used and sometimes abused, the furniture is also well cared for and maintained, and the food and drink draw many a rider in alongside the travelers. The decor is eclectic, consisting in hangings, rugs, carvings, and other things from every region of Pern, bestowed upon the owner in barter for lodging. The atmosphere isn't one of a dive; it's cozier than that, though there //is just a touch of harmless shady to be found - particularly in the evenings.//

The flight is short enough that the extra chill of between isn't necessary, in fact, it almost becomes playful with Nadeeth enjoying her time in the air with Kehemath. There's still wistfulness from the green for something lost, but as her memories fade she becomes more comfortable with what she has. Arroyo what? K'vvan lets her play, his attention focused on seeing the man he hasn't seen in almost seven months.

Kehemath flies alongside her friend, wings dancing in the chilly air, rumbling her happiness and sharing her fun until the begin to circle down to land outside of the bazaar. Sienna dismounts and waits for K'vvan, letting him lead the way.

K'vvan slips off of Nadeeth's neck, and pauses for a moment to rub it. She does not like the building he's standing in front of, and it takes a long quiet conversation before she finally steps back and allows him to move forward. "Shall we?" And now K'vvan's just acting weird, because he offers Sienna an elbow to link arms though.

Sienna gives him a very curious look. "You feeling okay?" she murmurs, as she takes his arm and links her with his. Kehemath settles with Nadeeth, rumbling soft and soothing to her friend.

"I'm scared as s*it." And admission from the greenrider as he stands at the steps before the Inn.

Sienna squeezes his arm. "Why?" she asks softly.

"Because he always manages to get more out of me then I'm willing to give." His grip tigtens around her arm. "Don't let me drink anything and just… look tough okay?" K'vvan glances over at her.

Sienna giggles. She can't /help/ it. "I'll try," she whispers. "And I won't let you drink anything."

The look K'vvan flashes at Sienna has over tones of 'not helping'. But her promise is given, so pulling on his big boy pants the greenrider leads the way into the Inn. A fire burns in the corner, casting warmth over the inside of the bar. Pausing in the doorway K'vvan allows his eyes to wander till they finally settle on a darkhaired fat man sitting over in in a corner. "That's him." K'vvan's not moving.

Sienna squeezes his arm again and looks around once they're inside. The man is looked at in surprise. He's related to K'vvan? She can't see it. "Okay," she says softly, leaning forward a bit. C'mon?

Right. K'vvan shakes himself mentally and walks smartly forward, his boots creating a dull thunk as they step across the polished floor. Katzir looks up and that is where Sienna will see the family resemblance. The same intense green eyes that K'vvan sports sit inside that rather fat head. He sits, almost lazily in his chair, with hands folded behind his back. For all Katzir's girth there is a sense of presence around him- he's a man who knows what he wants and has no issue getting it however he wants. "K'vvan! It's been a while." He pushes himself upright and brings his hands down upon the table. His eyes move from the greenrider and rest on Sienna, tracing her from top to bottom, then pausing somewhere in the middle. "Finally trade in that weyrsecond of yours for a better edition?" His tone is lightly mocking. K'vvan doesn't say anything, just pauses at the end of the table.

Sienna meets those green eyes with her dark ones, a brow lifting when the man scans her. She doesn't mind though, enjoy the curves. She does! As for Cha'el, Sienna's brows furrow a bit and then she smiles. "It'd take more than Cha'el to get me in trade." She winks at the man and looks at K'vvan. They going to sit?

Sienna's flippancy finally breaks the indecision that had stepped all over his resolve. "F*ck off Katz. The Weyrsecond's moved on to greener pastures." Which, is a weird phrase, making it seem like Cha'el's doing another greenrider somewhere. Oops. "Sienna." K'vvan pulls out a chair for Sienna, and then sits himself. Katzir actually laughs at Sienna's flippant remark. "Well then. Cousin," why does it not sound at all friendly when that word comes from Katzir's lips? "what has me ridding a running through this piss cold weather to meet you here?"

Sienna takes the offered seat, settling there and unfastening and then removing her coat, which leaves her knot visible. She adjusts her hair, fiddling with it as she always does, and then looks back between the two men. A server is noticed, and flagged down for a soft-spoken order. Hot tea. Two. Biscuits.

Sienna's order comes before K'vvan can move on with his business and Katzir laughs again, and reaches out to grab the servers arm. "Stop stop, Tea? No. Wiskey, see if my cousin still has the stones to hold his liqour." It's a dead challenge. And K'vvan knows his. His lips tighten, and under the table his hand reaches for Sienna's.

Sienna squeezes K'vvan's hand back firmly and shakes her head. "No thank you." Firm, but polite, with a smile for the man and then for the server. She repeats her order. "We will have tea. He," Katz, "can have whiskey and put it on my tab."

The server's gaze flicks between Sienna and Katzir. Katzir is known, it is fairly clear, and a regular. Not someone he wants to piss off. But Sienna's knot is rather impressive. Waivering he'll finally nod and leave. "Well now. So K'vvan finally got himself a woman with balls." It's a flippant remark, and the smirk remains firmly on his face as he settles back again. This, at least, finally manages to rise K'vvan. "I need you to figure out what something is for me. I've never seen it before, but I bet someone in Uncle's business has." K'vvan lets go of Sienna's hand, and unties that small pouch to toss it across the table at Katzir.

Sienna is silent this time, letting K'vvan's hand go and watching the pouch curiously.

"Ahh, a favor?" Katzir doesn't reach out for that pounch, instead leaving it to sit in front of him. "Now see, that's going to be a problem. Last time I came asking you a favor, that green of yours drove my firelizard right out. Thing won't go near it. So, I figure you're fresh out of 'favors'." Katzir's wide smile seems to be all innocence.

Sienna lifts a brow at the refusal, glancing over at K'vvan, and back to Katzir.

"Nadeeth did that on her own." K'vvan's hand creeps down below the table again, and seeks to reclaim Sienna's. It's shaking just slightly. "What would it cost for you to figure out what that is?" He nods at the pouch on the table between them. The server seems to have found a compromise. A teapot is brought, along with a bottle of wiskey and three cups for both drinks. Now they can decide what they want for themselves, and leave him out of it. "Biscuts will be a bit." And then he's retreating again.

Sienna squeezes his hand back and holds it in a firm grip. But she lets his hand go when the drinks arrive, making sure she's the first to touch the whiskey bottle. "Payment," she murmurs, pushing the bottle towards Katzir, with one cup, while she pulls the tray with the tea and two cups towards herself, and pours for both herself and K'vvan.

Katzir shoots a cool look at Sienna, and takes the bottle from her, and pours a cup. Then dismissing her he turns his attention back to K'vvan, and raises an eyebrow. "What is it? Price depends on what it is." K'vvan nods at the pouch again. "It's some kind of drug. Brings mood swings, a sense of euphoria, sexual arousal and leaves behind an ache. Drink it like a tea."

Sienna is fine with being ignored, sipping her tea. Brows lift slightly at K'vvan's description of what's in the pouch.

This actually manages to arouse some kind of curiosity from Katzir, and he reaches out to grab the pouch and open it up. An eyebrow flicks up and rather then look at K'vvan, Katzir looks at Sienna. "Has riding that thread finally turned Kavvan completly crazy?"

Sienna smiles a little bit. "K'vvan," she corrects. "And no." He was crazy before thread. But she doesn't say that, she just sips her tea.

"What is the price?" K'vvan finally cuts in, leaning forward over the table. "I need to know what it is, and where it is coming from. I know it isn't Igen native." Katzir shakes his head and tosses the pouch on the table again. "Your mother misses you Kavvan." His gaze flicks over at Sienna, will she challenge his lack of honorific again?

Sienna rests her leg against K'vvan's under the table, while she uses both hands to cradle her tea cup. She says nothing, but she does meet Katzir's gaze. Nope, she won't rise to the bait. He's not speaking to her anyway.

The smirk on Katzir's face when the woman doesn't comment grows. K'vvan scowls. "I'll go see her. Twice. That's it." His hand taps on the table as he stares at his cousin. "I think for something like this… you see her for as long as we have to look. And you make yourself avalible."

Sienna arches a brow slightly, glancing at K'vvan, and then back to Katzir. "Our duty is to the weyr first," she reminds him.

K'vvan had started to open his mouth when Sienna cuts in smoothly. He closes it. "It can't be like before. Drills and threadfall come first." K'vvan presses his leg against Sienna's greatful for the support. Katzir spreads his hands. "Then you get me your schedule. And I'll make sure your visits align to when those things aren't happening."

Sienna nods, "The safety of Pern comes first," she adds quietly. Speaking of the safety of Pern… where are the biscuits? She looks around to see if their waiter chickened out.

"Do we have a deal then?" Katzir watches K'vvan, growing more relaxed and confident each moment that the male greenrider hesitates to answer. Finally, a nod from K'vvan, before abruptly, "No. Time limit. A month. After that I assume you couldn't find it and I don't visit again."

Sienna is glad K'vvan put a limit on it. That he won't be at their beck and call, strung along with the promise of maybe finding something. She leans her leg against him in approval.

K'vvan flashes a look at Sienna, but that leg under the table seems to speak it all. Back to Katzir, who's smirk has slipped slightly. The smile is still there, but his brows are tucked together in a hard line. A moment of silence. "Fine. A month. Get us your schedule within the next day." Katzir stands from the table, and grabs that whisky bottle and pouch. As he brushes by he'll bend, putting his lips right at Sienna's earlevel, and whispering. "Make sure you do it well between the sheets for him tonight."

Sienna makes herself sit still at that whispering, not flinching away from it or punching him in the nuts…which is what she kiiind of wants to do. She'll just sit there and pointedly turn her head to look at K'vvan. Your cousin is an asshole.

K'vvan rises silently as Katzir lingers beside Sienna, his hands already curling into fists. The only person allowed to insult Sienna is him. And even that hasn't happened in a while.

What, he's still there? Sienna turns to look back at Katzir, pushing smoothly to her feet with a sweet smile. "Between the sheets, how boring…" She smiles at him again and pushes her chair in, taking a step back to link her arm through K'vvan's. Let him think whatever he wants. She couldn't care less.

"So Kavvan still can't get it up?" The chuckle reaches out as Katzir straightens and points his feet towards the doorway to out. "If you're ever looking for someone to ride you and not the other way around, come talk to me. Got some lads who might be able to show you the right of it." It's probably a good thing Sienna's linked her arm though K'vvan's, because that last comment of Katzir's is going to flash him right into anger, no matter what his resolve might be to keep it cool.

Sienna grits her teeth, anger and insult flashing in her eyes. But it's K'vvan's flash of anger that has Sienna forcing herself to calm down, gripping his arm firmly. "Don't," she hisses, just loud enough for him to hear.

There aren't that many footsteps to the doorway and out, and Katzir fat as he is, covers them with with ease till he is outside the door. K'vvan sucks in a breath and closes his eyes. The last four months have been all bout remembering how to reign in his temper. With Sienna's reminder and grip on his arm it's time to put some of that to use.

When Katzir is gone, it's Sienna who exhales with a soft breath of air, letting K'vvan's arm go so she can start putting their tea and cups back onto the platter. And she mutters angrily to herself as she does so…with a bit more force than necessary. "Lads, right. He can't even get his fat ass moving quick enough to do any sort of fucking." She smirks at K'vvan. "Lovely cousin you've got there, K'vvan."

K'vvan's deep breath is interupted by Sienna's swearing, and his eyes open to just stare at her a second. Finally, as small, small small smirk. "I hate him. But I don't know who else to ask about that."

Sienna smirks back at him, leaving their tea dishes in the middle of the table. They never got their biscuits, so she walks up to the counter to demand them…and gets them in a to-go box. Returning to K'vvan, she links arms with him again. "Hopefully he comes through for you, and what you give in return isn't too difficult."

"Thanks for coming." K'vvan doesn't reply as to what he'll be doing for Katzir. "I'll probably be a bit scarce till he figures it out."

Sienna nods, beginning to walk towards the exit. "Let me know if there's anything more I can do," she says quietly.

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