Zaria, A'lira, & Agertha


Agertha's taking an evening jog, A'lira's admiring the sunset, and Zaria is likewise admiring the sunset.


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the forty-sixth day of Summer and 110 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.


Lake Shore

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Kestrath's opinion on Agertha- « Mine is sometimes too stubborn for her own good. »


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Sunset in the desert is a treat and this evening it is a particularly dazzling display of magenta, orange and yellow paints the clear sky as Rukbat sets. Near the lake shore, a newish pair to Igen is lounging together, the large blue dragon is settled almost sphynx-like, except his forelimbs are crossed to create a sort of bench on which his red-haired rider, Zaria, is sitting, her feet kicked out in front of her and crossed at the ankles. Her hands are behind her head as she leans back against Azrith's chest, staring out in the same direction as her lifemate, just soaking in the spectacle of the sunset. She's wearing a pair of soft wherhide capris that hug her legs to just below her knee with a breezy cotton tank top in an olive green on top to combat the heat that is still radiating off the sand. She's also wearing her new Wingleader's knot, still so new she hasn't officially met her new Wing yet. So she's using this time to consider how she wants that to go.

There's a certain level of convenience in having one's doorstep facing that spectacular sunset; A'lira, for one, finds it tempring enough to come out of his warren to look in, his brown's nose hovering over his shoulder as they soak in the brilliance. And in so doing, notice a new face on the beach. Kyprioth, ever the friendly beast, reaches out a tendril of lemongrass at the blue, inviting contact.

Making a slower jog around the lake than she'd normally be going is a member of said new wing. Agertha's feet pound the sand, and there's an irritated look on her face as she completes the last circuit. The greenrider walks a few steps as she slows to that pace with a hand reaching round to her lower back. Maybe she should consider dropping her evening jog? The irritation on her face doesn't clear as she looks up, and over her shoulder with a full on glower, "Be quiet you!" she says aloud, so nice to know her dragon is a worrier. A'lira's given a broadsmile, then the blue and his rider are noted along with her knot. Salute given, along with a cheerful, "Evening, Ma'am."

Azrith invites the tendril of lemongrass further with a ripple of magenta silk that almost perfectly matches the darkest tone in the sky as well. « Well good evening. » his warm tenor reaches along the link to the brown dragon. Zaria's hazel eyes flick to the side to see who her blue has been talking to and spies A'lira and Kyprioth who get an smile and an acknowledging nod. But then she hears someone call her 'Ma'am.' and her head spins as she spies Agertha and checks out her knot before responding. "Good evening Wingrider." She sits up straighter now as her sharp eyes take in the greenrider and her stance, "Are you okay?" she wonders, noticing the hands on her lower back.

Kyprioth is all but dancing in excitement at the exchange; a potential kindred soul? Hello. Brighter tones flare. then: green and yellow, as seen through tall, tall grass. Meanwhile, A'lira is eyeing Agertha very, very carefully. As she gets closer, Agerrha might note that he isn't smiling. "Agertha… is there a reason that you're running around at seven months pregnant? Exercise is hood, but that's taking it too far." His voice is quiet — the kind of quiet that suggests deep disapproval.

"Fine, fine," Agertha answers as she clamps tightly down on Kestrath, but too late as the green greets Azrith in her own special way. « Hey there sexy! » overly loud tones envades, and is gone leaving a faint ringing in the sudden absence. And there's Zaria's answer to Agertha's condition, "I'm not pushing things," yes. Yes she is, but she'll never admit it.

With a flicker of her hazel eyes over to A'lira as he admonishes the greenrider and then back to Agertha, Zaria raises one fine ginger brow up on her forehead as blinks and looks over the greenrider again, "You're seven months pregnant?" She asks incredulously. "And your healer is ok with you jogging?" shaking her head a little bit the bluerider starts over, "Sorry, let's start over. I'm Zaria, and this is Azrith, and I was just put in charge of Arroyo after H'terk was injured last Fall, which I can see you are in." Finally being able to read A'lira's knot, she bobs her head in his direction, "Good evening Wingsecond." Azrith for his part sends a mental chortle in the direction of Kestrath, magenta silk shifting and twisting, accompanied by the feeling of plush velvet on bare skin. « Why hello there lovely, I am Azrith, but I'm sure you've heard of me. »

Giving Agertha one of those looks, A'lira will raise his eyes skyward for patience. "I rather doubt that." And if that healer is, A'lira will be having some rather strong words for that worthy. But, since he's not Agertha's wingleader, he can't precicely restrict her. Plainly Zaria is not thrilled, either. "Good evening, Wingleader." Zaria, however, gets that gentle smile of his, and a salute. He does remember the rules sometimes.

Agertha gives a shrug as Kestrath returns with « Indeed. I'm Kestrath. » A shadow drifts over the lake as Agertha sighs. Silence is a hard thing to accomplish when that green of hers is determined to flirt, "Strictly speaking?" well of course they're strictly speaking, "I'm to take things easy," but she's not one to do that. After all she was out working groundcrew the day before her twins were born. A fact she shall keep to herself.

"Well, do you think jogging in your condition is taking it easy?" Zaria's tone is softly inquisitive, but her eyes sweep over the other woman's form consideringly as she pushes herself up off of Azrith's forelimb bench and stands with her hands clasped behind her back, an casual 'at ease' position, but somewhat stiff and formal. While waiting for an answer, her gaze turns to A'lira as she narrows her eyes on his knot, "You're a healer? What's your opinion on jogging for a woman in her condition?" Again her query is soft but clearly spoken. Craning his head towards the shadow overhead, Azrith croons softly, « Kestrath…a name most befitting a green beauty. ». Her dragon's flirtation is all but ignored as Zaria focuses on the task at hand.

"Yes, I am. Well, was before Impression." A'lira confirms. Once a healer, always so; one doesn't forget nearly a decade of training. "And my opinion is that she should be doing no such thing. Her condition is too advanced for strenuous exercise." A'lira is calmly attentive, giving his recommendations in measured tones as Kyprioth listens in on the flirtation in mild amusement.

"After this run?" Agertha quirks an eyebrow as she looks up towards her lifemate, "I think morning jogs are out," Kestrath splashes down into the lake and blinks at the blue, « Mine is sometimes too stubborn for her own good. » there is a clear tone of disapproval in the green's mindvoice, then, « I was right! You are sexy. » A new dragon is always to be flirted with after all. Agertha looks at Kestrath for a moment before she's back to the topic at hand, "Kestrath's effectively grounded me," the green looks pleased with herself at that statement.

"Grounded is all well and good, but you also need to take it easy on the ground." Zaria remarks with a tilt of her head. Pursing her lips slightly, the bluerider swings her gaze back to the brownrider as she is obviously considering things. Finally with a bob of her head she seems to make up her mind and turns her head back to Agertha with a warm smile, "No jogging, morning or evening. And if you haven't been already, you are excused from drills and all PT until the birth. And Azrith will be checking with your Kestrath from time to time. And if I find you are still exerting yourself, I may have to consider restricting you to your weyr." She pauses slightly as she watches the greenrider, "I'm not trying to be a hard ass Agertha, but you really need to take it easy. I don't want to start off my tenure as Wingleader by letting one of my riders ignore healer reccomendations."

"Yes Ma'am," Agertha replies, she'd come to the conclusion that even her light jogs must come to an end, "Haven't flown drills in," she stops to think, and gives a shrug, "Can't remember. A while anyway," sweeps? Those stopped at the same time drills stopped. Wing PT? Yeah, that's been stopped for a while as well, "We're good," read, message heard loud and clear. Stubborn may be Agertha's default mode, but she's smart enough to know when to slow down.

Well, that was easier than expected — at least Agertha has some sense to accept she's been outgunned. A'lira has some sense of remorse, here, for technically, he has no real right ro interfere in a wing that isn't his and he knows it; he eyes Zaria almost sheepishly for a moment. "Uh. Perhaps I shouldn't have interfered…" He offers quietly. "Sometimes I forget I am not a healer in the main." An apology? Naturally. He isn't that eager to do all the things, really. "I just don't want to have another dragon in the Yard in distress over his or her rider being hurt, one way or another."

At that Zaria's demeanor alters subtly as she unclasps her hands from her back and then tucks them into her pockets while her smile broadens to show off a set of straight white teeth. "Perfect! I'm glad we understand each other." And with the formal portion of this impromptu test of her new position completely, she smiles, "So are you weyrmated then or having this one on your own?" no judgement from Zar, she has switched to getting to know her new wingmate. Azrith is doing the same as he is fixated on the green, « Mine is stubborn as well, all she thinks of is work, all the time. » The silken backdrop of his mind crumples as if clasped in a tight grip as he preens at her comment about his being sexy. « Oh stop… » a rich tenor chuckle ripples through the fabric of his mind, sending it twisting some more, with a tone that invites her to keep going if she should wish. Turning back to A'lira, Zaria offers him the same warm smile, "No worries Wingsecond, your being here was fortuitous. But maybe you could share your name so I know who to thank for being in the right place at the right time."

"I am weyrmated," Agertha answers. Kestrath blinks as she looks over her bond, « Mine can be work minded too. » Ah the joys of being bonded to a human with ambition, "Kes," the tone is stern, and the green's eyes shift from blue to deep teal. Clearly Kestrath's pleased with herself, "She's a horrible flirt," something many of the male dragons in Igen already know. Fortunately for Agertha, the green won't rise any time soon.

A'lira certainly can! "A'lira, Wingsecond of Sirrocco and reserve Dragonhealer." He does have a name, after all. "Well met, Wingleader." He does rather have a habit of fortuitous appearances; here's to hoping that's a talent that doesn't land him in some interesting situations at some point! He turns to look up at Kyprioth, who has turned his head back to the sunset, having found all the flirtation rather hard to follow. Such a weird little fellow: meditative silence is oftentimes uppermost in his mind. And the sunset is a great thing to meditate upon.

"I bet you Azrith has her beat on the flirting front." Zaria says with no hint of competitiveness, just stating a fact that is as plain to her as the nose on her face. As if to prove her point, the blue turns his palyful gaze once more in Kestrath's direction, « Well if you ever need a respite from dealing with yours, I am always up for a little cuddle and some mutual grooming. » He offers most blatantly as the fabric of his mind takes on a sad blue hue, « I had to leave all my cuddle partners back in Ista. » The pout is clear in his tone. The bluerider tips her head in the brownrider's direction, "Well met Wingsecond A'lira. And Dragonhealer too? You must like to stay busy."

A yawn escapes Agertha, "Excuse me," she says, hand coming down from her mouth (she totally covered her yawn), "I should get something to eat, and then sleep?" Kestrath moves a little closer to Azrith, « Cuddles are good. » A salute is given, and she turns towards her ledge where there's a bed, two young children, a pair of canines, and at least one of her weyrmates waiting.

"A good start." A'lira will encourage Agertha gently before returning his attention to Zaria. "Yes, well…" And here A'lira will again look sheepish, rubbing his head and grinning affably. "I hadn't meant to end up a wingsecond. R'ku thought I would have the ability to do it. I couldn't refuse him." Because the alternative was horrific.
The housekeeper arrives to cart Agertha off to bed, possibly lightening their pockets in the process.

"Great idea! Have a good sleep." Zaria smiles and salutes back at the greenrider, stiff and precise but as easy as breathing before she watches the other woman make her way to her weyr. When her hazel eyes rest again on A'lira, looking a little puzzled, "How do you end up a Wingsecond without meaning to?" Her tone is obviously confused but friendly as well as her eyes sweep the remaining of the sunset colored sky which is quickly fading to darkness.

A'lira chuckles, amused. "Asked myself that a time or two." He turns his gaze on that disappearing sunset. "I… just was there when needed. Ain't no sense in standing around doin' nothing when you can do what's needed." The tall brownrider shrugs. "Wasn't something I was gunning for, just… it was what was necessary." He's rather a driven man, with a healthy dislike for holes in the command line; he could step into the breach and he did. "Got rewarded with the knot to go along with it."

Zaria nods along as she considers his words and processes them briefly before speaking, "I guess I could see how that could happen. Good on you for stepping up then." Azrith drops his head then and nudges her back with his muzzle, in a tacit request for scritches which his rider will oblige automatically as her eyes unfocus briefly with a silent conversation. Once concluded, Zaria will clear her throat a little bit and ask, with just a hint of awkwardness, "So…you from Igen originally?" Someone was reminded that she was off-duty and needed to start getting to know people at their new Weyr.

Dragons! Always pushing their rifers to do MORE. Good thing Kyprioth seems to be lost in his meditations. "Nope. Bitra." His tone suggests he hates the place with every fiber of his being. "But most recently from Kurkar Hold. Got sent there by the Healer Hall."

Making note of his inflections, Zaria tilts her head to one side consideringly, "Very interesting. I've been reading up on the history of Igen since I transferred and the history of Kurkar Hold is facinating." And she does actually look facinated by this relevation, maybe that's the reason she hasn't been meeting people if she's spending her free time in the Archives.

"Mmm, yes," A'lira agrees, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Kurkar was… very interesting." The memories roll by, bitter and sweet; but mostly bitter. Kyprioth shifts, catching the edges of that inner turmoil. A'lira puts a hand on his nose, stilling the dragon's unease. It's over now, that phase of his life. "It certainly honed my Healer's skills, dealing with distrustful patients, and stubborn ones." And his relative size is certainly no barrier: few wish to challenge him, despite his unusually gentle disposition.

"I can see how that could be a trial for a healer." Zaria admits readily as she continues to caress her blue's muzzle, his eyes partially lidding in his enjoyment. The bluerider searches silently for her next words and just when she's starting to fret that she is taking too long, she comes up with the ever popular, "So what do riders do for fun around here?" Yes, the woman's been here for three months and this is the first time she's thought of branching out into recreational activities.

How inconvenient it is that she's asking another workaholic that! A'lira merely laughs. "And ehen would I have time to enjoy anything?" He gestures broadly toward the Dragonhealer Yard. "When I'm not at the work of a wingsecond, I'm there. And if not there, with my weyrmate. She is, ironically, also a healer— for the Zingari, one of the Trader clams you will see here often. We're actually their home base."

Zaria chuckles appreciatively for having met a fellow workaholic. "Ahh yes well, I hear weyrmates take up a lot of one's time." she jests as her hands move up to scritch her blue's eyeridges. "I keep meaning to make a trip to the Caravan Grounds. We didn't really get too many traders on Ista. Of course I had to arrive here at the begining of summer, or what should be called Sandstorm season amirite?" she says with an awkward self-chortle for her little joke.

"You are correct Madam." A'lira confirms with a grin. Zaria has the hang of it! "And when the sandstorms are gone, we'll be boiling in our leathers." Ah, Igen: how it protests life attempting to continue! "The very land hates us."

"Makes you wonder why anyone wanted to settle out here in the first place." Zaria muses absently but then dimisses the thought with a shrug of her slender shoulders, "Although it is irrelevant either way to us riders anyway. They are here so they need protecting. Although the lack of vegetation makes sweeps so much easier." Which is a bonus in Zaria's book.

A'lira can agree to that heartily. The whims of people often run contrary to good sense, and yet their bad decisions have led to a fortuitous pairing for A'lira. "Well, now, had they not needed protecting, I would not have mu Kyprioth." He'll not arue that, for the dragon is literally the best thing that's happened to him, wirh Igraine a close second. "Well, I had best get to my reports…" Doesn't he sound so, so enthusiastic about that?

"Are you kidding? Reports are like a Gather to me." And the sad part is that Zaria actually seems to mean that. "It was great to meet you Wingsecond A'lira. Have a great evening." And she'll offer him a smart salute before turning back to her lifemate and his need for physical closeness before they head back to their weyr for the night.

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