En'rys, Xanthee, Sesa


Half-siblings, adopted siblings, clutch siblings…it's a congregation of all the siblings!

Some mild profanity


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


North Bowl, Igen Weyr

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North Bowl

In the quieter spaces of the Northern Bowl, there is less activity; all is kept serene for young, forming draconic bonds. Beneath the sweep of skies' ever-changing colors, this round little panorama hosts the short distances between the Hatching Cavern and the weyrlings' ultimate destination: the barracks and training grounds. More packed dirt and tiny little hillocks than clean white sand, the floor is an uneven thing, a startling trap for the unwary and the clumsy. Further onward, the Ground Weyrs beckon, a haven for those who may seek medical attention.

Midmorning, and it's time to get all the energy out, for Briamiorth is all about the zoomies this morning. There's a straight line dash for the North Bowl, her legs moving with the surety of any young thing whose body is growing at the speed of light, wings half unfurled in her excitement. She changes direction on a hair, zig sagging this way and that, while En'rys chases after, having found that no amount of reasoning can stop her when the mood is on her. At least, this time, it can be used as an excuse for PT, right? He's learning, in due course, just how fast his little lady can be; dizzyingly so! He's already winded, and wondering if he has, indeed, ever really been in shape at all.

With the heat of Igen, there is hardly a good time for exercise, but midmorning will have to do for Xanthee as she finishes a quick jog around the North Bowl. As she is slowing to begin her cool down, she nears the Training grounds and it's with all her dexterity that she doesn't get bowled over by the little green dragonet. "Woah!" she yells as she windmills her arms to keep her standing. Once her eyes spy her adoptive brother though, her lips stretch into a wide smile as she offers him a wave, "Keeping you on your toes is she?" Xan calls with a soft chuckle to her voice.

What timibg, skill, and dexterity! It's with relief that En'rys slows to a stop, wiping sweat off his forehead as he spies Xanthee. Look, he can stop running for five whole minutes! "Sorry about that; she's being a brat today." Briamiorth, too, stops, flipping her wings to her back and crouching down to study the new person with bright interest, her tailtip describing lazy circles in the air. "She really dies, you know?" He asks, grinning foolishly at the dragon. "Now if I could get her to learn to watch where she's going…" He stares meaningfully at his bondage.

Xanthee giggles lightly as En'rys stops nearby. "I'm sure you'll figure it out before too long. She's darling Daen..Or En'rys, still getting used to that." she remarks as her eyes settle on Briamiorth. "I'm sorry I haven't gotten a chance to see you before now. My new job is keeping me on my toes, and any free time I get is spent with Mal, which is a lot easier to do now that we've moved in together." Yeah, Xanthee will drop that little bomb in there like it was nothing.

Briamiorth is all too happy to turn on the cute! She twists her head to look at Xanthee with her head almost completely upside down, chirping invitingly. She begins to edge forward, almost stalking Xanthee. Eyy, new person, wanna play? She doesn't get far in her nefarious plan to pounce, however, for En'rys gives her a squinty eyed stare, and suddenly she really has to groom her shoulder now. "She's definitely worth it all. And you can still call me Daen." One doesn't lose the nicknames of pre dragon! "Wait, what?" He asks, grinning playfully. Oh no he heard that, missy!

The green's antics garners a hearty laugh from the raven-haired weyrbrat. Xanthee's emerald green eyes dance with mischief at En'rys' reaction to her news and she blinks with pure innocence, "Oh you didn't hear? I'm the Junior Werywoman's assistant now. She caught me in the Tea Room shortly after the Hatching and asked me. It's a great job, but it's so much more work than my old one." Because, surely, her new job was what had her brother exclaiming so, right?

En'rys simply turns the same squinty-eyed stare he used on gis dragon on Xanthee — clearly he's spent many moons practicing this very stare, thanks to his Briamiorth. Who gas been sidling in Xanthee's general direction again as sneakily as she can. Which is… not very, as she's still very young, and clumsy with it. So when she totally misses a step and ends up brushing against a hillock, she will leap for the sky in startled reflex, claws and wings out, a hiss of SHOCKED DISGUST escaping her mouth as she lands. «WHAT WAS THAT». En'rys is all about the comfort of his dragon, then, forgetting his sister's news. "You're okay, it was just that little bump there, see?" He's patting her reassuringly, murmuring softly, settling her down again.

Sesa moves into the North Bowl, hazel eyes looking around as her bobbed hair swirls around her face. In the typical Weyrling uniform of yellow and black she's chosen an ensemble of black tanktop with yellow trousers, her knot sported clearly on her shoulder. The other shoulder is hidden under the strap of her rucksack. Edleveth trails along at her side, his inkstained head high in the air as his wings drag behind him like an oversized cloak, despite his lengthy limbs and oversized paws. As she walks, Sesa looks distant, a sort of glaze over her hazel eyes as she works on the mental link between she and her blue. They need the extra practice given the letter that's clutched in her hand and the fact that weyrlings are schooled to keep a tight hold on their emotions.

Xanthee jumps herself when Briamiorth is startled, squeaking as she puts a hand to her chest. When her brother manages to calm her again, she offers a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Wow, does she do that a lot? She'll be airborne in no time." the girl teases as her eyes are drawn another weyrling pair coming into the area, and she raises her hand to shield her eyes before she can recognize Sesa, who she greets with a hearty wave. "Sesa! How are you?" she calls to the former harper girl.

Calm, now, Briamiorth will try to act casual now, shaking off En'rys' hands and sitting up in her most regal pose: she meant to do that, really. It was all an elaborate joke, see. Her head turns, noting her clutch brother's presence. All attempts at dignity are abandoned in favor of heading his way with serious intent to wrassle. En'rys sighs, rubbing at his shortened hair in exasperated amusement. "She does… and now she thinks she should attack Edleveth's tail. SESA, HEADS UP!" Something eicked your way comes!

Sesa looks up dreamily when she hears her name called not once, but twice. She looks up, in enough time to move out of the way of the zooming Bria and to wave at her brother and Xanthee. "Heya." She shives the letter in her back pocket and moves up to the duo as Edleveth turns to face his clutch sister. He doesn't mind a good rough and tumble! Nope! But woe to Bria and anyone who can hear him if he loses. The blue braces himself, head lowering playfully.

Xanthee notices the letter shoved into the other girl's pocket and it causes a raised eyebrow but she doesn't question the blueling about it. As the two dragonets start to play with each other, the raven-haired girl gets a bit of a pang to her chest which she quickly tries to brush off with a widening smile. "How are you doing there Sesa? A belated congratulations on your impression. I was just telling our brother here that I've been kept hopping since the Hatching so I haven't been able to come see you like I kept planning on doing."

Briamiorth puts the brakes on when she's in range, extending her nose to her brother's for a brief touch before she's off, skittering away in a dare gor him to try and catch her. Bet he can't! "Mhm. She went and moved in with Malosim, you know…" Grinning, he turns to watch Bria running about, carefully. It would be bad, very bad, if she manages to hurt herself. She's so small!

Sesa shakes her head and smiles at Edlleveth as he touches noses with his sister and takes off after her, claws digging into the sand. He may be a poet, but even they know how to have some fun! Dragonets. Crazy things. Sesa keeps a close eye on her blue though, because injury is indeed a worry. "Did you now?" She asks Xanthee with some real interest, anything to get her mind off the letter in her pocket. "How's that been?"

"That's not the only thing keeping me busy you know Daen. I do leave our room for several candlemarks everyday. I am no kept woman." And Xanthee will go so far as to stick her tongue out at her brother, a most childish and undignified gesture, but what can she say? He brings it out in her. "He asked me after the Hatching, when we first got back together. It has been great actually, coming home to him every night and waking up next to him ever morning is pure perfection." The wistful way she sighs after those words imply that it was all very romantic, you can practially see her eyes turning heart-shaped.

Of course he does; En'rys is very good at inciting his adoptive sister to very silly behavior, especially when he sticks his tongue out at her! So dignified, our En'rys. Sets a great example for his sisters! "Oh, excuse me, Miss Weyrwoman's Assistant, ma'am!" En'rys mocks playfully, offering Xanthee a salute to go along with it, grinning cheekily at her. As to the romantic look on her face, En'rys will roll his eyes skyward in his search for patience — just in time to catch Briamiorth tryig to land on Edleveth from the convenient — if minimal — advantage of a largish hummock. Wiggle wiggle wiggle goes she, then the leap — but nope, she ends up jumping right over him, bumping his shoulder with her nose before taking off again. AH-HAH, can't catch me!

Sesa kind of gives Xanthee a weird look when she goes all gooey eyed talking about Malosim. "Must be great!" The only love Sesa knows about is familial love and the love she has for Edleveth. And, she doesn't even really think about that sort of thing, she's as focused on her weyrlinghood as she had been on her Harper studies. Daen's teasing earns a bit of a smirk from the former harper but it doesn't last long. She turns to check on Edleveth and her heart damn near stops right in it's tracks and doesn't seem to get back to regular pacing until well after Briamiorth skitters away. Edleveth seems unaffected beyond moping about Bria being too fast for him and so, he goes the sneak and hide route, slipping behind a boulder and waiting for his clutchmate to zoom by. "You're Bria is going to give me an atatck of the heart Daen!" Sesa chortles a bit and smacks her brother's arm as if to say 'get a handle on your kid'.

Emerald eyes follow after the antics of two dragonets, brightening by the moment with moisture accumulating there as the pang to Xanthee's heart deepens. Trying desperately to ignore it, she offers a bright smile in Sesa's direction, but somehow it doesn't quite make it to her eyes. "It really has been great actually." But her words come out a bit strained as well, which she coughs to try and hide. "It's so dry." Of course it is Xan, it's the desert. "I need some water and then I should really be getting to work. Take care you two, I'll catch you around sometime." And then the raven-haired girl makes a hasty retreat in the direction of the Living Caverns, ducking her head and hiding it behind curtains of silky black hair and the tears that leak out of the corner of her eyes.

En'rys ducks Sesa's swipe with the grace borne of long practice — after all, Xanthee has taken many, MANY swipes at him over the Turns they've known each other. And, naturally, he does note the sadness — how he wishes they'd all Impressed! But for now, he cannot go after her to comfort her, to offer her a shoulder to lean on; at least she has Malosim to help with that one. "Yeah, you will." He agrees to Xanthee catching them about sometime. Returning his gaze to the two playing dragonets, he gives a sideways smile. "You and me both. I keep worrying she's going to miscalculate and land on him, and then where would we be?" Oh, wait, are they doing the stalking thing? Briamiorth is all for that! She zooms up to Edleveth's boulder, crouching on the opposite side, unaware that it's the same boulder. Now. Where did that brother get to?

Sesa watches Xanthee go with a look of sympathy on her face, and like En'rys, she cannot go after her friend to comfort her. So it is very good that she has Malosim indeed. Turning back to her brother and their lifemates, Sesa shakes her head and sighs. "If they hurt each other, we're in the shit, that's where we are." Sesa has picked up a little colorful language since being a candidate and weyrling. Yes. The Stalking thing. Edleveth is super sensitive to the dragons around him, and to those with certain psychic aspects, so he is well aware of his sister's presence nearby. Slowly he begins to creep around the boulder, he can see her tail flicking just ahead, now for just the right timing….

So, Sesa has officially been corrupted and contaminated by association with the ruffians of the Barracks? En'rys doesn't know whether to be shocked or thrilled! But still, seeing her blossom some under the new change of her life makes him smile a little. He does frown, a little, at Briamiorth — she's trying her damndest to find that brother, unaware that her tail is in jeopardy! She's peeking around the boulder, but is too small to catch a glimpse of Edleveth on the other side. Her tail begins to move faster, a nice green target ripe for the pouncing. "Yeah, you're right. We'd get the worst lecture ever…"

Sesa nods seriously. "I'm betting more than a lecture brother." Edleveth sneaks a little more around the boulder, eyes on the flicking of that green tail. He is near mesmerised but shakes it off. When he pounces, it is for once, silent. He lands with all four paws on the ground on either side of Briamiorth, head bowing down to eye level with his sister, a great snarl emitting from his throat. Then he's bounding away, looking like a gangly newborn runner as he makes his escape. The pounce may have been graceful, nothing else is. The snarl is enough to startle Sesa, but she dissolves into laughter as Edleveth makes his awkward escape.

Briamiorth HISSES, throwing herself backward in the face of such a loud snarl before bounding off after her blue brother, now determined to wreak vengeance upon him for scaring her so much. She's less awkward than her brother, but not by much. Meanwhile, En'rys is now alarmed, starting after the pair with something akin to real fear. His baby had better not be hurt, or he'll — probaly gather her to his chest and cry, or something undignified like that. "I think we better break them up before they get outta hand…" Knowing Bria, there will be mayhem soon.

Sesa sighs. "Aye, you're probably right. It's a shame we can't just let them play." Sesa however, doesn't move an inch, she'll look in Edleveth's direction and hone in on his inky mindscape. Come on my blue, time for play is through. She has to really concentrate to get it across and through his excitement, but she does and the blue awkwardly heels himself and turns in Sesa's direction. «I was getting quite tired anyway. Is it time to go to dinner yet? My hide itches, can we oil it now?» What? Edleveth wasn't up to mischief, he didn't hurt anyone.

Briamiorth is still in skitter skitter kitter mode, and bounces about like she can't hear En'rys calling her — until he mentions her favorite thing: GROOMING! And then she's bouncing her way back to flop down at his feet, rumbling happily and bumping her head against his thigh as he rubs his hands across her cheekbones. "Yes, little love, we'll get you nice and clean, and put on the good oil, but you have to behave. No more pouncing for now." He turns in Sesa's direction, rueful in his amusement at his overprotectiveness. "True, but… I don't want to have her overdoing it, or… whatever."

Sesa chuckles and nods. "Aye, I understand brother. I feel the same way. Come on Edleveth, time for …wait, we can't eat and oil your hide at the same time!" She opts for speaking aloud this time because the dragonet is right in front of her and it's weird to mind-talk when you're face to face with someone. Even a dragon. Sesa turns towards the barracks and sighs. "Wanna walk together or should I just meet you back at the barracks? I need to stop and pick up some fresh oil for Edleveth's hide."

"Huh. I think I need oil for Bria, too — she really likes her oiling — not so much the bathing, but, well, she'll tolerate it." En'rys chuckles. "The other day she tried to bite the waves that were coming in." She's a silly baby, his Briamiorth. He begins the walk back to the Barracks and the oil vat. A Weyrling's work is never done, it seems; he'd never change the outcome of this second, fateful Candidacy, though. "Dare I ask what was in the letter? It seemed to have your head in the clouds."

Sesa heads back with En'rys and sighs when he asks about the letter half sticking out of her pocket. "It's from Mama, she was letting me know Kan was coming home finally. I'm happy about that, but he's refusing to visit, and even though he sends his congratulations, he still doesn't want to talk to me." Sesa can feel some tears welling up, and she squashes them down, feeling Edleveth stumble mentally because she was starting to get upset. She silently chants a mantra to herself and calms her feelings. "It's probably best anyway, we're still not allowed any 'strong emotions' so a reunion might not be the best idea." Sesa shakes her head and goes for the oil. Anything to get her mind off things she really can't be worrying over.

"I'm sorry to hear that." En'rys is very, very careful to keep his deeper emotions well locked away, though he'd dearly love to smack the boy upside the head for his intransigence. "Hmm. Maybe you should talk to the Weyrlingmasters… at least with an adult dragon to keep him distracted so he doesn't hear it, maybe?" Because such hurt can't be good, kept locked away. In the meantime, maybe he can come up with silly, distracting stories, or something. "Did you see K'tiel getting his hair cut? He cried, man. Like a baby!" Bets had been laid as to whether En'rys would cry — but he pre-empted that notion by simply cutting his hair himself. He's still not quite used to having it so short.

Sesa shrugs her shoulders at the idea of talking to the weyrlingmasters. It's an idea, and she might try it, she might not. Most days she just tries to get through without thinking about her family situation at all. She snorts and laughs when En'rys brings up haircuts and shakes her head. "I really shouldn't be laughing. I sobbed the whole thing through, Mama has never let me cut my hair before, and I felt like I was losing a piece of my identity. But…. I find I rather like the cut, despite the sentimental attachment to my hair." She grins and goes about cleaning and oiling her blue.

Well, the idea has been planted; what she does with it is up to her. En'rys, smart boy, decides to just go with the lighter subject as he begins to clean the wriggling, unhappy Briamiorth prior to her oiling. Ew. Water. How she hates water. Icky stuff! "Settle, my love, settle If you hold still, we'll get done all the faster." Good thing she's so little; not much dragon to clean yet. "It rather does feel that way, doesn't it? Like you're not you, you're… somebody else." He'd felt some regret at the loss of the heavy, silken weight of his hair — in fact, he still has the ponytail, for sentimental reasons. "I miss mine, too."

Sesa grins. "Good thing hair grows back, and not all Wingleaders make you keep it short, Aunt Ayla's doesn't, she has gloriously long blonde and grey hair. So, we'll get to grow it back out someday I'm sure. Besides, it looks good on you too." Sesa grins and then goes about focusing on a particularly dry spot on Edleveth's hide. "How are things for you?" Because Sesa knows that she isn't the only one dealing with some pretty heavy shit and trying to act like she isn't.

Bria's favorite thing? The oiling! Oh, how nimble the fingers that rub it into those hard to reach spots, the soothing way they gently massage her! the greenling is a puddle of happy, rumbling with pleasure and kneading the packed dirt with her paws. She looks comical, but nobody's going to tell, right? RIGHT. En'rys sighs, softly. "It isn't long now, but I try not to think about it." The coming baby that he won't be there to see born into the world. Will she have a boy or a girl? What will they name it? Briamiorth eyes her rider questioningly. "Oh, a friend is having a human hatchling, that's all, Bri. I'm curious what the hatchling will be." Fortunately, the greenling is more interested in her preening than pestering him, for the answer satisfies her and she goes back to enjoying her grooming, especially the part where he gets between all her toes just right.

Sesa nods and goes a bit quiet. She cant imagine what it is like to have progeny on the way and never even getting to see them before they're shuffled off to a new life and family. "Must be hard on her too…" Is al Sesa can really say to that, her sympathy for her brother writ all over her face. But here they go again, on topics they ought not be on. "Well, at least you know she's taken care of, right?" That's a good thing at least! And Sesa knows Igraine well enough from growing up rubbing elbows with the Zingari. She has to giggle at the way Bria seems to fall into her grooming. "She really likes that eh?" She asks as she gets to Edleveth's chest bits. The blue is thrumming happily, but otherwise quite still.

"She's in the best of hands. It's not easy, but I think they will help her…" En'rys has to trust to that; he can't go in and save the situation right now. But, as always, his kitten of a dragon provides a lovely distraction in the form of excessive cuteness! "Yeah, the oiling's her favorite part…" And they're off, discussing their dragons' various likes and dislikes and habits.

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