Divale cannot resist the temptation any longer and reverts to old tricks and habits…


It is evening of the first day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Kurkar Hold, Igen

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Blueglow Cave, Kurkar Hold

It was all too easy, in the end.

So easy, that it almost made the whole affair boring and lacking the usual enjoyment and thrill behind the drive and purpose.

Regardless, she pursued it and regrets nothing of her choices — she got what she wanted, after all.

And that’s all that matters, right?

Ever since that foolish little girl got herself lost in the depths of Kurkar’s vast tunnels, Divale’s curiosity in the unveiled discovery has been ever growing. An insistent nagging that she, too, delve a little into that mysterious blueglow substance.

For once, she does not question her decision to become Parhelion’s Wingsecond; it’s this rank that makes gaining the access she needs almost painfully dull. A mere trip to Kurkar Hold under the pretence of reporting in with the current Guards posted there and… everything settles into place.

Some small talk, a little dry humor and a dash of professionalism as she half-heartedly absorbs a run-of-the-mill report. Feigned approval, then her cover of wishing to inspect the cavern once more for “security” reasons.

That’s all it took. Without question, she was granted access and no one followed her.

Access that Divale predicts will soon be extremely limited — already she can sense the shifting change in Kurkar’s shadowed populace and it does not bode well. When the tides change, her hands will be busy with many other concerns. It was now or never…

In a mere handful of seconds, she had all she needed.

A few carefully gathered samples, all securely contained and tucked away, hidden, on her person.

First the deliri shrub from the Imani…

… now the blueglow from Kurkari.

Divale smiles a dark, twisted smile to herself in the dim, semi-gloom of the cavern as she prepares to don the proper mask as she takes her leave of this place.

It’s all too simple, really.

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