Willimina, Echo


Echo runs into Willimina while getting lost in the Bazaar. Willa wants some answers so Echo provides them.

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It is afternoon of the first day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Painted Alleyway, Igen Weyr

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"Sir helps me."

Painted Alleyway

The Bazaar is a web of alleys and dead-ends; the unwary or unfamiliar could quickly become lost. This alleyway is a prime example- it can only be reached through a series of seemingly random left- and right-hand turns through increasingly narrow passageways, and ends abruptly with an adobe wall twice as tall as a man. The difference between this place and many of the others in the Bazaar is that some effort has been made by the local residents to spruce it up as a safe place for children to play. As a result, the walls are painted in bright primary colors and the children themselves encouraged to contribute, decorating the lower portions of the walls with painted handprints, stick figures and blobby dragons. White and yellow striped linen flaps overhead, awnings strung with wood and rope to create some protection from the sun. The atmosphere is bright, cheerful and extremely isolated, the din of the Bazaar a distant dream here.

It's a pleasant afternoon in Igen and it's been a few days since the disasterous family dinner in the leading Zingari family's yurt. Willimina has been ever thoughtful these last few days, trying to figure out how to help her husband cope with the news about his cousin, and trying to figure it out herself. She hasn't even announced her pregnancy yet, so distracted has she been. This afternoon, she lets Taimin and Taliana play in the bazaar alley set up for such things, watching them pretend the colorful paintings on the wall are different places they might travel. Currently, Taimin pretends to be a bronzerider that has saved a lady holder from a terrible fire. Taliana, not quite understanding, just plays along and does what her older brother asks her to, just happy to be in his company.

"Ok, so is this the main Bazaar?" Echo mumbles to herself as she wanders into the painted Alleyway. "No, none of this looks familiar." She mumbles under her breath as she turns around a little bit to look back the way she'd just come and then looking further into the Alley, her mind not used to this kind of built up area, with buildings too high to see over, not at all Echo's forte. Looking around, she can feel the anxiety rise in her, but she quickly settles again as she gently plays with the pendant at her neck. When she spies her counsin's wife and her two little ones, her shoulders slump in relief. "Oh Thank Faranth Willa! I got completely turned around in here. This place is worse than a maze." She says as she strides over to the older woman.

Willimina looks up at the sound of Echo's voice and wonders mildly if the girl was psychic or something. After all, she had literally just been thinking about her. "It's easy to get lost in the bazar if you don't know your way around. You should probably snag on eof the spylings as a guide until you figure your way around, we require them to know every inch of the bazaar so they make good guides." Willimina leeans against the painted wall after checking on Tali and Tai. "I'm glad you're here though, I'd like to talk to you…"

Uh oh. That definitely sounds ominous to Echo as she blinks in surprise at Willa. Striding over to where the Caravan Leader is leaning on the wall, she responds to the first with, "I'll try to remember that. I just really hate inconveniencing people when all I want to do is get to know the place better." Then she pauses, searching the older woman's face as to any clue to what they may need to talk about, but coming up empty. "Oh? What's on your mind?" She says with only a small waver of anxiousness in her tone.

Willimina sighs, taking a deep breath as she crosses her arms under her breasts and tries to get her thoughts in order. "What's on my mind is very much you, and the state of mind my husband is in concerning you." Willa goes with upfront and frank rather than beating around the bush, she never really was good at beating around the bush. She looks over to Echo, understanding, puzzlement and worry all warring for supremecy in her features. "He's worried about you, and …what you've chosen to get yourself into, and, I'd like to have a better understanding of it myself. Are you sure you know what you're getting yourself into with Milosh, Echo?" Yes, Willimina knows what that collar is all about missy.

Standing looking at Willa, Echo goes from confused as to what Tallel could be concerned about with her, to shocked when Willa says that he's worried for her, to downright sputtering when it seems this woman knows all, how in Faranth's name does she know? "Y-you…you…know-know..a-a-a-about…..th-that?" Her face is bright red as the blood rushes there and her hand moves on it's own towards the pendant before she realizes what she is doing and forces herself to cross her arms over her chest. "III—I…" And Echo seems to be stuck on repeat as her stuttering goes out of control.

Willimina sucks in a breath at Echo's surprise. "Surely you didn't think it was going to stay a secret when you run around advertising it?!?" Willimina reaches gently forward and flicks the pendant on Echo's collar. "A sign for all to see that you belong to Milosh, and Milosh alone." Willimina's features furrow as the girl begins to stutter. "You know your cousin near had an apoplexy when I told him about your little 'necklace' and what it meant." And it had caused some deep unease for the night. "I'm not at all doubting he has half a mind to neuter Milosh, and he doesn't even know how to approach you now. Would you mind explaining to me why you are collared like some canine-handler's cur?"

Echo slumps back as the nearby wall and closes her eyes tightly, a hand flying up to the pendant Willa just flicked, wrapping it in her fist as her breathing is brought back under her control, and, hopefully with it, her control over her own voice. After a few moments more, her eyes flicker open, looking at least minutely more relaxed, Echo looks up, her head leaning back against the wall. "I-I honestly didn't think about it. I was told not to take it off, so I don't." Echo replies as if it is the most natural thing to her. "I'm sorry Tallel found out this way, I never wanted to cause him distress." Reaching up now she pinches the bridge of her nose when Willa as the big question, Why? "Well…See, it started when I decided I didn't want to be a virgin anymore…" She trails off a bit, biting her lower lip nervously as she wonders how she is going to explain.

Willimina had figured the collar was an order of sorts. "Are you wearing it willingly?" Willimina asks, her stress on the word 'willing' a hard stress. Willimina holds up a hand when Echo begins to apologize. "While I apreciate the apologies Echo, they should be going to your cousin and not me. And I think I owe you one for being so terse with you the other day. The subject of my daughter's studies is a sensitive family issue, though I shouldn't have aired that." Then Echo is pinching her nose and beginning to answer Willa's former question and Willimina's eyes widen with shock and amazement. She hadn't known Echo was a virgin. No wonder Tallel had reacted so damn strongly. Her outright shock has her speechless, though it's obvious she now requires an answer instead of just asking for one.

When Willa asking about her willingness in all this, Echo nods emphatically, "Oh yeah! Totally willing, completely willing." She says maybe a little too emphatically. "And you're right, I will apologize to Tallel. Just, can you please try to convince him not to neuter Milosh, I don't think he would take it well." She says with almost certainty there. "This was all me. My anxiety has crippled me for most of my life. I'd never even been kissed Willa, it was that bad." She says with emphasis. "Any boy approached me, I would freeze, I never knew what to say and basically I would come off as soft in the head." She says with wry humour, so not sexy. "Anyway, the escorts are there, so I figured, I would leave it to a professional or else I would end up a dried up old maid. So I asked around, and Milosh was recommended, so I went to him." She stops now and takes a deep breath, watching her cousin's wife carefully, making sure she's following the tale so far.

Willimina seems relieved at least that Echo is willing, but still seems flabbergasted by the concept. "You'll need to cover that thing up when you are around your cousin, the thought of it makes him ill, and I'll do my best to convince Tallel, but that won't be an easy task. He is under the impression that Milosh thinks he actually owns your person and that he treats you as a possession instead of a woman who deserves to be respected." Willimina drives this point home, hoping to get Echo to understand the frame of mind she'd put Tallel in. Willimina does follow Echo's story, still shocked at things until she explains wanting to get her virginity over with. Plenty of girls go to the Zingari escorts for that….but how had it turned into this??? That's what Willa wants to know.

With another quavering sigh, Echo knocks her head lightly back against the wall, "I'll cover it." She nods vehemently as she clasps the pendant again in her hand. She had better finish her story though before replying to any more questions though. "Milosh was very accomodating of my request, didn't even charge me." At the memory, she creases her brow, still unsure as to why that happened, but she continues with the story. "Well afterwards, we talked, he had noticed how nervous I was..y'know…during, and he wondered if he could help me with that. And by giving him control over me, I've started to be able to really work through some sharding difficult stuff for me because I'm no longer using every ounce of my focus fighting to be in control of my body, that's his domain now…and it's just…" She searches for the right word, "SO liberating. I don't know how else to explain it. He…it's the best thing that's ever happened to me." She says wistfully with one finally little sigh. "So yeah, He respects me, more than anyone else has because he believes that I can overcome this, everyone else has always just made allowances for my anxieties, curbing their behaviors to not upset me. And while they were truly well-meaning, it didn't help me." Pause for dramatic effect, "Sir helps me." She says with quiet but firm conviction, not a quaver or stutter to her voice.

Willimina is unusually relieved that Echo wasn't charged for Milosh's services, part of her relaxing. Well, at least Echo isn't paying him to be her master! There's a look of mild understanding on Willimina's face by the time Echo is done explaining, but the whole ordeal still bothers her a bit. However, she is completely relieved that the situation is mutual. Willa catches the distinction when Echo corrects 'He' to 'its' and raises an eyebrow there. Hmmm. That wistful look is something Willa knows and recognizes, but doesn't understand in light of this situation. She finds herself nodding when Echo speaks of Milosh believing she can get over her anxieties. "I guess that makes some sense. And I'm glad to hear you haven't been forced into anything. But don't you think it's a bit of ….over kill to jump straight into a situation like this? Are you sure you know what it is you're getting yourself into? And surely, you know he'll never….love you?" Willimina knows enough of Milosh to know the man doesn't entertain regular relationships. None of the spies do, and those that had, no longer lead the spy life. It's presumptive for Willimina to say Milosh will never love, but it's what her gut tells her, wrong or not. "Sir?" She questions. It'd been Milosh up until now, what made it change to Sir?

From seemingly nowhere, a burnished gold lizard pops in from ::between::, landing on Echo with a note attached to her leg. She stretches it out for the farrier girl. It reads: Stand up straight. Be respectful, quit fidgeting with your collar. ~M

"What's over kill when you've tried nearly everything else?" Echo responds easily with a little shrug, and then her eyebrows crease as she scoffs at Willimina's next, not very convincingly though as she waves her hand dimissingly, "Love? Of course not…That's so not what this is. I totally get that." She says, her acting skills very rusty. Then there is a burnished gold firelizard landing on her, and Echo's normally almond shaped eyes grow round as she sees the note attached to her leg and gingerly reaches out for it, unfurling it and reading it quickly, a blush starting at her neck slowly creeps up her neck as she rolls the note back up and clutches it in her fist, surruptitiously looking around the Alleyway. How does everyone seem to know everything around here? She stands up straight, pushing off the wall, her shoulders fall back and her hands hang in fists by her side. "Sorry, that kind of slipped out. It's just what I call Milosh, and it's quite ingrained. I will make sure it doesn't come out around my cousin though." Or she will try her very hardest anyway.

Willimina can't say much to that. What is overkill in that respect? Echo's scoffing of love leaves Willimina quite unconvinced that the girl actually does know that Milosh is not likely to love her. Willa feels bad for being that harsh about it, but it's true. The gold firelizard is recognized and Willimina too, finds herself looking around the alley, though with a much sharper eye that Echo. She doesn't spot Milosh anywhere, but she does find the rest of his fair, hanging out in this spot or that. That's how most of her spies know all that happens, spy trained lizards are the best spies. Willa doesn't let Echo in on this however. She can't air all the trade secrets of her network. The change in Echo's stature is noticeable and Willa finds herself wondering just what was in that note. "You had better not utter that in front of Tallel." Willimina echos ((lol)) and sends Echo a look. "He'd have a heart attack."

Echo shakes her head vehemently at Willimina, "No, I will definitely not. I don't want to hurt him, none of this was to hurt him. We've been discreet, I didn't think it would be an issue. Maybe I should have told Milosh that Tallel's my cousin, maybe then he would have warned me that other people might know what this symbol means. But, this was just about me for once. Not my family and their concern for me, but just all about me. I guess I need to tell him now?" she looks up at Willa with a question glance, as if asking her for her opinion on the matter.

Willimina gives Echo a look that distinctly says she thinks Echo should have indeed told Milosh about her familial ties. A bit of symapathy crosses Willimina's features as she can completely understand needing to do something for one's self for once. But then Echo is asking her question and WIllimina is nodding curtly. "I do suggest you tell him before your cousin gets ahold of him, I suspect Milosh would not appreciate being treated to the same kind of surprise you heaped on Tallel." Sage advice Willa. Sage advice. "And I suggest you reschedule dinner the next time you have a sore bottom. I may understand this lifestyle a little," though it most certainly is NOT Willa's thing, "But your cousin does not and it bothers him deeply. And after you get done talking with Milosh, I highly suggest you track Tallel down and talk to him too, or he's going to spend days trying to figure out how to talk to you, and I can't stand him being in knots anymore." Willimina gives Echo a 'Do I make myself clear' look, complete with hands on her hips.

Taking a deep breath, Echo listens intently to Willa's sage advice indeed, nodding along with every point she makes. "I will. I will go and find him right now, and then Tallel right after." She bows her head a little in contrition, "I am really sorry to have caused either of you distress, and really no way to repay my cousin's kindness in letting me come here. I will make this right." A firm nod of her head affirms her conviction as she turns to head back to the Caravan Grounds, and then she remembers she has no clue where she is. "Umm, care to point me in the right direction?" She says with a self-deprecating chuckle as she turns back to Willa.

Willimina looks pleased enough that Echo is hoping to immediately. How ironic. She nods curtly and then, with a sigh, starts to give Echo directions and then…."Tai, Tali, come on. Let's show cousin Echo the way home." SHe should robably get back anyway. "Follow me." Willimina says before grabbing her children and leading the way home. Not sure if anything is clearer other than that Echo is willing, and Willimina is still confused about why this helps her. But hey…. whatever is clever.

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