Va'os, Vani


Va’os is trying to do REAL work, when along comes Vani with a couple of spanners for said works. Just Almost like old times!


It is sunset of the tenth day of the sixth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 11 Nov 2017 11:00


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"You really thought this through, didn't you?"


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

It's going to be one of those nights! A late one, filled with the wonders of the grind of work when your day has been filled with thing after thing keeping you from it. Va'os would MUCH rather be in the Kitten right now, drinking but he's trying this responsible thing. Trying. So here the Weyrleader sits, with a variety of reports strewn about him in some haphazard mess and a heavy scowl furrowing his brow. Like glaring at the written words will yield ALL the answers for him! A few hidebound books lay ignored too to one side; research, no doubt or who the hell knows! It could be worse. He could be outside, right now, in the lovely wintry wet and cold! Silver linings, right?

Cold is relative right? It could be snowing. But instead it is just wet. ALL WET. And on this particular dreary evening, Vani is forced from the cozy (cramped and disorganised) Weyrlingmasters Office out into the warren that is Southern. Sure she could have just kept on going into the meadow and her cozy little love-nest she has there… Why she is here and not there is going to have to remain a mystery, even as her boot heels click against the floor. Perhaps she's just here for the klah as she makes her way to the little cart, book under one arm, hides under the other. It is only once she has a mug of stimulant that she looks around. And spies the Weyrleader doing Weyrleader-y things. THIS CANNOT BE! With a sly little smirk she makes her way closer. "Anyone sitting here?" She asks so very innocently.

Va'os may be regretting not holing himself up in his office or any office at this rate! He is just about to gather those reports and move camp out of frustration but 'lo… are those boot heels clicking and approaching? Mistake number 2: lingering. By the time Vani spots him and trying to act OH SO INNOCENT (and he's not buying it), it's too late! Resigned to his fate, Va'os sweeps his hands out in an expressive gesture. Go right on ahead! "Knock yourself out. Just be warned, nothing exciting happening here. Really, really, dull, in fact. Unless…" He squints up at her. "… are you just reporting in?" Again.

Not even offices are protection against random people running in yelling about another fire for the Weyrleader to piss upon. But it looks like Vani isn't doing that at least as she settles herself, her klah, her book and finally those hides on that small section of table he's cleared. That speaks volumes about her priorities, even as she wiggles slightly for maximum comfort and takes up her mug again. "I thought I'd do a little light reading." Only the cover of her book appears to be wrapped in anonymous hide (IT'S NOT PO…Oh wait, it probably is). "Reporting in for what?" Va'os may not be buying but he hasn't told her to bug off either.

Vani better not piss on Va'os' slim hopes here, either! Let a man think he's SAFE somewhere in the damn Weyr! He'll give a very suspicious side-eye to everything dumped on his already crowded table and maybe just a touch wary. "… what is all of that?" Please don't let it be fore him! Priorities or not. He scoffs incredulously, then laughs a bit. "Seriously?" Haha, funny Vani! And never say never. "On the Weyrlings? I mean, I know I get the reports from P'quil but never know if he'll send you or N'iel down." That's what assistants are for, right?

"Yeah." For a moment that push-her-luck charm fails, because reports at this time of the weyrlings training can sometimes be… less than fun reading. "No, I've got some assessments I should be writing." She pats those hides which while not empty do not look at all urgent. "But I wanted something warm to drink and a moment or two to enjoy my new book." That little moment of honest friendship concludes with a blush, because reading at home leads to not reading more often than not *cough*. "We can pretend to be in a very serious meeting like old times!" You know when they'd pile up crap in front of them and slack off. These two were probably the BEST Weyrling leadership pair EVER!

Damn right they were the BEST EVER! Va'os just levels Vani with a look of mock disbelief (and maybe a smidgen of genuine too). "Do I even want to know what kind of book it is?" Because that blush is telling and he isn't *stupid*! Or wasting an opportunity to needle her a little. He'll sigh, partly in relief when she isn't gunning straight to official business work. Maybe it WILL be like old times! Because he's… just going to pile his stuff now too and not touch it. "I think I'll pass at playing 'pretend' meeting." Va'os sits through enough REAL ones, thank you! Different approach now, he'll go right for an honest to good: "How've you been?"

Vani shakes her head. "Nah, you really really don't." That blush isn't going anywhere, even as she is spared sharing her atrocious taste in reading. She's still going to read it though! Because she <3's her smutty books kthnx. "I've been well." She fidgets a little as she watches the Weyrleader over her mug rim. "But this lot aren't much off now that they are starting to go between." Look, such is the life of the Weyrlingmasters assistant that she really doesn't have much else to talk about other than work stuff. "I'd offer to stay on for Tsiroth's babies… but… Caelisth is getting a bit antsy." Also the stardusted green might not appreciate training her brothers offspring. For her own reasons.

It's for the best then, that Va'os isn't in his usual 'let's pry at Vani' mood'. She's safe this time! "Any of them making you nervous?" It's a honest question here! And his way of sort of hedging around their own experience during Weyrlinghood. Deaths are expected, but it still sucks. At least he isn't bemoaning his position and unloading on her? He laughs, not at all offended that Vani is considering backing out of AWLM for the next brood. "Nah, don't blame the two of you. Dunno how some can tackle something like that, Turn after Turn. Besides," He'll lean in a bit, as if to share some deep secret with her. "I'm kind of worried just what'll hatch out of those eggs. Temperament wise." Time will tell, won't it?

If Southern survived Nokteryth & Khalyssrielth babies (plus all the other random corpses)… pretty sure it can survive Tsiroth's contributions. "Hopefully they hatch dragons. Not wherries." Every practical, ever with a come-back!~ "I mean it's fine." Vani waves her hand once she's reassured Va'os that his worries are meaningless. "But I think Caelisth would rather fight. She misses it." And lets be honest here, Vani probably does too. "I'm just waiting to see if the final lessons change anything for her." Like most riders Caelisth > than potential weyrling deaths apparently. "Or for them. The ones that make her nervous, the ones she's got her eye on in particular (NAMES coming soon to a report NEAR Va'os!). "Going back to Lynx also has… considerations." Surprise Va'os! It might not be official, but it appears Vani's turning to her old friend to help her figure this shit out.

"Hey! That actually hurt! Wherries my ass…" Va'os is totally going to reuse that someday and on someone else! Vani should bet on that. He'll feign being wounded for a few seconds, before smirking at her and leaning back into his seat. If she's gonna play it casual, so will he! "Caelisth always had a fighter's spirit." he remarks and yes, maybe it IS a compliment too! Oh bring on the NAMES! He'll… have a hell of a time remembering them. That'll be D'wane's job! Brows lift, "What do you mean?" Wait for it, Vani! Wait for those cogs in his head to turn just a liiitle bit further ? "Oh! A'hali." Bam. Brows furrow, as he sobers enough to give her a 'was I right' sort of look.

Vani cedes his rightness with a tilt of her head. "Yeah." It would be a sigh if she hadn't shaped it into an agreement. "He's struggling enough. I don't think us being in the same wing would be wise…" For all that Lynx fit her and Caelisth pretty well. "I would distract him." If only because of that fighting spirit shared between Vani and Caelisth. "And, I don't know if K'vvan and I… I'd piss him off." There is a snort because what doesn't piss that prickly greenrider off. "You and I however… We get along well." She points out. "And, you let me and Caeli do what we need too." Or take those risks that would probably give A'hali conniptions. "Unless we don't have the necessary equipment." Wigglewigglewiggle goes the little pinky finger.

"You sure about the distracting part?" Va'os is quick to lay that out, while he actually attempts to meet her gaze. He's serious! "Don't know him as well as you or M'noq might, but you both seem pretty damn solid as far as rider's go." But isn't this how those two other weyrlings got themselves killed? Two lovers… He shakes his head, scrubbing a bit at his jaw with the back of his thumb. There's a snort at the mention of K'vvan. "He really isn't that bad. You just gotta call his bluff on half his bullshit." Which is Va'os' way of saying he likes someone. Even a prickly, swear-happy, greenrider! It doesn't take him long to figure out where Vani is fishing. "You're thinking on joining Jaguar?" The bronze and brown-centric Wing!? Typical of Va'os, he bursts out laughing at the pinkie wiggling. "Okay, point there! But there are SOME women in my Wing." On browns. Like maybe one or two.

Vani has been keeping it together pretty well. "He'd try to protect me. He thinks I'm fragile. I couldn't do that to him. It's easier for him to ignore the danger we put ourselves in if he doesn't see it." She of course is using the dragonrider 'we' a sign that she's a little on the brink, even as she attempts to explain. "This is me protecting him." There is an affectionate twist to her lips. "You think I have problems with that?" Va'os has had a taste of Vani's treatment of leadership right? "I'm far too used to swearing at him to stop now." There's affection there too, it's just weird. "Caelisth is once of the biggests greens in Southern. Sure we couldn't do a whole flight, but imagine how much harder the bronzes and browns will work to show her thier prowess…" Okay she's put more than a little thought into this.

Va'os goes to protest or say something stupid (or both, let's be truthful), but he bites his tongue and allows Vani to finish explaining without interruption. In the end… he agrees with her anyways, exhaling heavily and distractedly running his fingers through his hair. Think, think, think… "I can't force you to rejoin Lynx or, well…" He scoffs. "Technically I can, if I want to be that sort of asshole but if it's going to do more harm than good?" Not that he hasn't already made a mess of things with a few reshuffling in the Wings. Ahem. "Not going to consider Serval?" Said with a smirk. He's JOKING! Kind of. Another sigh and he'll slouch back, giving her a look. "You really thought this through, didn't you?" And he's not really finding a reason to say no, aside from 'ha ha, you ride green, what are you thinking!?'

Vani gives another of those bitter-sweet smiles. "I really couldn't do that to him either." Sure there's a million other wings, but she's not inclined to remind A'hali any more of his problems. "Oh did I mention Caelisth has a thing for Ocelot dragons? That won't be awkward as fuck" Because she's got enough flights under her belt now to have made that particular discovery. "You've got a fancy enough knot to put me pretty much anywhere. I just…" There is a thoughtful frown even as she sips once more, organising her thoughts. "I don't know. I'm trying to find a solution that works." At least she's doing the thinking for him right? "I'm actually not trying to be a problem." Vani is much happier when she isn't a problem (Well, a big serious problem, she's okay being a pain in someone's ass).

You want awkward, Vani? Try being involved with one of your own Wingleaders! Va'os is very careful not to bring up Rielle's name, however or the fact that he's probably being a huge hypocrite by helping Vani sort out where to go among the Wings. "I'm not going to put you somewhere if you're just going to be miserable about it," he mutters again, even if he's well aware Vani would suck it up eventually and deal. "You've not become a problem, Vani. Just have to kind of… work it out. Jaguar's got a few blueriders. Caelisth IS an exceptional green and proven capable enough in 'Fall!" He's not biased, YOU'RE biased! "Give me the night to think about it, at least? Maybe until tomorrow evening?" Code for: I'm probably going to ask D'wane's opinion. Please hold.

Prior to impression, SORvani would never have thought to put herself forward like this. But Caelisth IS an exceptional green, and provides love and realism to Vani's sometimes skewed pessimism. "I can give more than that! This is all theoretical until the Weyrlings graduate and are tapped into fighting wings." She still has a job to do, where she demonstrated just how well she can suck it up and deal with it. Okay so it was maybe 50/50 in terms of success. But she was trying! "It'll be just like old times~" She promises with a wink and tempting sing-song voice. "Who knows? Perhaps one of the other wings will make sense later." But for now, they've got all this crap in front of them that they must deal with. And she's finally finished her mug of klah. SIGH. "I'm going to go. The sooner you dig your way out of this lot, the sooner you can get to thinking. I know how difficult that is for you." Yeah, pain in the ass is pretty much Vani's problem level. But it will be just like old times!

He's going to regret this, isn't he? Va'os just smirks at Vani and gives her a dismissive salute that borders on being something entirely rude. No one else is here! He can get away with that shit! "Try not to think so hard either, Vani. Enjoy your reading tonight!" Oh, did she think he forgot? As for his work, he'll just glance at it and look all sorely tempted to just leave it there and stalk out of the archives. But? He's a grown man and he can suck it up too! So it's back to the grind and maybe it won't be the late hours; it's probably not a good thing that folks find him passed out in the Archives.

"Some of the words are very hard…and A'hali is good with hard things." She retorts breathlessly, fluttering those lashes falsely. She returns his salute with a finger wiggle of her own, even as her boots clickclickclick towards the tree and exit. She leaves behind her mug, and those hides, which actually do turn out to be P'quil's reports and NOT the assessments she said she was doing.

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