Talya, Th'res


Bluerider and Guard Recruit have similar ideas in how to cool off on a hot Southern day, small talk is made as well an attempt at communicating feelings.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Underground Pool

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Underground Pool

A manmade winding tunnel that seems to go on forever leads into this wide, circular cavern. The ceiling is way up high, dark stone glittering with mineral deposits, reflecting the light of the sun or moon that shines through the gaping hole above. Rugged steps head down to a stone pathway that edges the deep turquoise and cerulean blue pool. Meanwhile dark green creeping vines and thick blankets of moss cover the surrounding rock.

Even one of those most dutiful wingseconds seems to be succumbing to the heat of the day. Th'res having canceled afternoon drills in favor of letting the wing go off and seek shelter from the southern climate, has retreated into the underground pool he is so fond of. It is drastically cooler here in the water, Th'res is floating along in his swim shorts. Only ambient sounds of water dripping and the soft lapping of ripples against the side of the stone as he floats with his eyes closed.

The hot day is definitely a sign that Summer is on its way in. Talya's soft sandaled feet echo faintly along the staircase to the underground pool, likely hoping for a more private swim instead of the ocean where she has been spending a lot of time at, going for runs on her days off to keep up with her training. The soft padding stops at the bottom of the stairs, only just noticing that someone else occupied the pool (though the likelihood of it being empty was low considering the warm day outside). Even with the heat, she's brought with her a mug of tea all the way from the caverns. If Th'res hasn't noticed Tal just standing there… staring, he may notice the questioning chirps of two firelizards on the woman's shoulder, who are wondering why they aren't joining in yet.

Waves of colors invade the minds of those in the cavern, blues, reds, and even burnt oranges dance and mix to stand out as Jedimeth crashes into the consciousness as a bleed through from talking excitedly to his rider, « And then the dolphins TOTALLY tricked me in to thinking they were one long dolphin instead of two short ones. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I am going to see if they can teach me so I can play that prank on Zynth. OH HEY TALYA, YOU SHOULD GET IN THE WATER BEFORE IT IS TOO HOT!! » Th'res on the other hand half smiles either at his dragon who is now mentally retreating back to do what ever it is the strange blue is doing, or the fact that the guardwoman is here is his mystery alone. He doesn't open his eyes as he floats but says "Well you heard him, get in before you melt.."

Talya would have probably jumped a mile when Jedameth's voice explodes in her head like that. But she seems to be calm, collected… and taking a sip of her tea instead. "Maybe I just want to admire the view for a bit longer," she calls back to Th'res. The heat does, however, get to her and she does shrug off the firelizards before starting to strip out of her clothes. Slowly. Boots off first, top, pants. There's at least her bikini underneath, which is a new addition. She sets her tea aside before slipping as quietly as she can into the pool, except for the loud long sigh of relief. Feels nice. The firelizards, unfortunately, are not quite so mellow today, and instead dive into the pool together and play a rowdy game of splash while floating on the surface.

Th'res nods still keeping his eyes closed, "nothing wrong with looking I guess." He isn't but hey she is free too. He rotates slightly away from the splashing water of the critters, "How is work going? They going to make you guard Captian yet?" Yes, he is serious, and yes he is half smiling as he enjoys the cool water.

"I may or may not have gone back to my shift a little tipsy the other day, so I don't think I'll be getting the Captain badge any time soon." Talya says, regarding her work. She gives a chuff of laughter at the memory that is abruptly cut off. It's silent for a good long bit before she pops back up, sputtering water out and shaking out the hair from in front of her face. The firelizards are having the time of their life right now, enough for the two humans. Splashing around and enjoying the cooler water. Talya's going to stay by the edge, but her eyes are watching the bluerider's floating form.

Th'res actually 'tsk-tsk's and grins "well can't have that, you could die of poisoning, or worse." He flinches away at the sound of water trying not to get any on his face, he tilts his head and sniffs the air saying "Is that Tea I smell?" This question gets him to open one blue eye and look at her as if making sure there isn't some cosmic joke being played on him right now.

Talya's laughter rings a litter stronger this time. "Alcohol poisoning you mean? Or regular poisoning? I know there are some people that don't like me… but you should know I process alcohol like water." When he finally looks this way, even with just the one eye, she makes sure he sees her narrow-eyed look, since they are talking about alcohol and that was the reason she was angry at him. But the angry face doesn't stay long, and an actual smile breaks out on her face. She looks… blissful. "It may or may not be tea," she answers evasively, leaning her back against the edge and reaching over to nab the mug, giving a sip of it and then replacing it back safely in a dry spot.

Th'res is still skeptical but doesn't say anything else, he isn't her nanny or anything after all. Instead he closes that eye and shrugs "Well at least it is something different, no point in doing the same thing when there are many new things to try right?" He lifts a hand to give her a thumbs up and there is visible scraps and scaring from his wrist to his elbow, it isn't hard to see that he has few more souvenirs from recent adventures as he floats closer to her.

Talya answers Th'res with smile and no other hints on just what she is drinking at this time. Happy to just keep the stuff to herself for the time being at least. The tea, however, doesn't help with everything. The smile fades as she gets a closer look at the man when he lifts his arm, her eyes now narrowing specifically on where she saw scrapes on his arm. "What have /you/ been up to that's caused that?" She pushes off the side to close the distance with a wary approach. While she may be feeling good right now, she still hadn't forgotten why she was angry at him before.

Th'res knows she is approaching from the movements in the water, but doesn't really react to it. Instead he shrugs again saying "I went up to High Reaches and was doing some high altitude climbing. Then there was camping up in the Barrier, you know how much I love exploring those ice crystal caves." He will wait for her to get about a foot away before he drops his leg into the water to anchor himself keeping a small distance, "After my sister went back home I needed some unwind time just me and Jed, I know you can relate."

"Sounds like you've been keeping busy and having fun." Talya's swimming closes in but she makes sure to stop just out of arms reach of the man. "Sounds nice. And able to keep cool in this weather, just—" she cuts herself off, then gives a shrug and moves on to where her firelizards are still floating happily in the water, giving Blue a push away as he was on a good collison course with the rider. "Family can be rough to have around… At least I imagine so. Surprised she left before all the excitement with the goldflight and all." Ah, that is always a fun experience.

Th'res chuckles "well she got a taste of the reality she thought she wanted. Which was to not work for anything and expect people to give her things the rest of her life." He leans his head back into the water making it look like his head is surrounded by flames dancing "But she learned her lesson and has decided she wants to try at being a healer's apprentice." There is a little happy pride in his voice before he dunks himself under the water. Though he comes up a little further away from the guard closer to her Tea mug sniffing towards it.

Talya gives a snort at the comment about his sister. "And how did she get a taste of that kind of reality? People asking for her to put out in exchange for things?" It's rhetorical, and maybe a little bite to it. "But good for her, Healer… that's what my mother wanted me to be once upon a time. It's a good craft to learn." She would have been happy to swim around in the open pool, if she didn't notice just where Th'res was heading. A little late, his head already popping up. The tea probably just smells herbal, natural, and certainly /not/ alcoholic in any way if that was what he was looking for. But it still has Tal come thrashing back towards him to get to her tea. "No,no,no, that one's all mine. I don't share."

And that just makes him all the more curious, but Th'res takes the hint and moves over to his own bag on the opposite side. He reaches over and lifts up a folded towel that hides a bottle, he uncorks and takes a drink of it. After a good few drinks he stoppers it and lays it back down before putting the towel in the cool water letting it soak then gently ringing it out so it is a cool compress. He lays the towel back over the bottle and sighs sinking back into the water. "I heard the WeyrWoman was giving out fortunes, any one get anything good?"

Tea saved, Talya makes certain to pick it up and give it another good sip. There was not much left in the mug itself, having had the majority of it on the way down to the Underground Pool and what is left is cold. She makes a show of actually looking away from the bottle that he drinks out of. Nope, not even remotely interested. "Were you out of the Weyr during that entire time /and/ the flight too?" she asks, looking back over with a raised brow. "I don't know if you call love advice good… though there was something about the Igen Weyrleader needing to give up his orgies for love." She snickers into her mug for another sip before setting it aside.

Th'res says, "Most advice is neither good nor bad, it is how it is applyed so.." He shrugs again and sinks back into the water before closing his eyes. He grins before giving her a teasing tone "so you going to explain why your face keeps trying to scowl at me? Or is it some kind of muscle spasm?"

"Not sure if you can call it giving advice… Though I guess someone may actually not find love if they continue just having orgies." Talya seems to really consider this, giving a chuckle at herself. "Unless you find love /within/ said group. There's someone out there for everyone." And because she is reminded, she does look back over to him and gives him said muscle-spasm glaring. "I think you know exactly why I want to keep doing this." She points at her face while it's all scrunched up and glaring, though it's hard to keep that expression as she relaxes again into a grin. "Because I'm angry with you." She may not look it at the moment anymore, but she did try hard.

Th'res opens one eye and looks at her saying "well I am not a mind reader, so if you got something to say.. just say it" the tone is teasing as is the lopsided grin but he does look at least a little interested right now. "Unless of course it is someone else who is mad at me and you can't talk about yet…"

Talya turns her body towards the bluerider, closing the gap again slowly. Her eyes finally look to that bottle he's cooling down under the towel, pointedly. "Drinking some of your own special product?" She did not get a look of what he removed to give a more educated guess. This time instead of keeping distance, she's going into the personal bubble, a finger coming out to poke him in the chest. "Oh, it's me that's mad, no one else— well, maybe someone else. There /are/ a lot of people at a Weyr. Hard to just say that no one is ever mad at you at any given time." Tal is getting side tracked, her eyes gazing down at him distractedly before they snap back up to his face, recalling where she was going with this. "I'm /pissed/ at you because suddenly I had to pay for your shine. Which only made me think it had to do cause I didn't want to just jump in bed with you then and there that day in your weyr. Out of sharding no where."

Th'res ahhs and closes his eyes before saying "No the non-sex had nothing to do with that. You have been gone a while and I have had to start charging people so I can get all the materials to keep up with the demand." He then tilts his head head up and looks at her adding "And I was told that I shouldn't be so giving anymore with what is mine. So I am trying it out, seeing who is really my friend and who was just around for the easy hand out…"

Talya's happy feelings only go so far, and this time she does give him a good full on glare with her dark eyes. "So you don't think I'm your friend at all." The glare wilts into something hurt and she uses him to push herself away to avoid him getting a full look at her. She swims back to the colder section of the pool. "I was your friend /before/ you were suddenly the popular Wingsecond handing out shine. And there was plenty given willingly when I first returned from Igen." Granted, she drank herself silly those first few days back and did not remember much of it. There was a very sober morning where she got Blue, but then there was still plenty of drinking from Th'res's stash before she got back to reality.

Th'res nods and sighs "That there was, because I thought I was helping you cope. And no Talya I never said you weren't but lets be honest, you did kill of two whole batches by yourself when you got back from Igen before you got your head on straight again.." He stands up and stretches more heading back towards the bottle "And no, this is melted ice from the Barrier, it just tastes better when it is cooled for some reason." He stops his back from her so she cant see his face "You are my friend, Talya. And when you were gone at Igen I missed you alot. But I also love you, what I said that day wasn't just some random spouting of words to get what I want. It was and is an honest confession."

"You left me up there in your weyr with plenty stocked up all day with nothing else to do. My escape routes were off fighting Thread or doing drills. Not to mention you make rapelling out to be easy but I don't know the first thing about mountain climbing." Talya turns her back to him so that he doesn't have to look at her face any more and whether she was glaring, hurt, or still spasming in between. "You really think I was going to just sit around and clean house or something?" Her dark eyes settle on the floating firelizards and she swims over to scoop them up. It's only then that she paddles with them back towards the edge, depositing them out onto the stone to dry out. "I don't know what you want me to do or say to that," she says in reply, not looking back at him even as she pushes herself out of the water.

Th'res shrugs "I don't need you to say anything just understand that is how I feel. I don't expect you to feel the same, or even care Talya." He is climbing out of the water, and toweling off now. Sorry girl, his turn to exit the room! "If you feel slighted because I am asking you to pay I am sorry, but no it doesn't have anything to do with you not wanting me." He pulls his shirt on and lifts up his bag before he slides long box over towards her that is carved out of wood turning and heading back down the corridor saying "Happy turn day, sorry it is so late, took the smiths a while to get it done.." The box in questioned is almost a meter long and plain black walnut stained and smoothed with brass hinges.

"Of course I care," Talya answers back immediately, with more vehemence than she probably wanted to put behind it. She winces at her own voice before turning to focus on wringing the excess water out of her hair. While the bluerider is getting ready to go (having a towel and all), she's stretches out on the cool stone instead. There's no more comment towards paying for the shine. Her expression is neither angry nor blissful as she turns her head towards the box he is sliding over. "You already got me a turn day present," she remarks, giving the box a suspicious look. "You can take that back with you." But she is saying this to his back as he walks away. She watches him go from where she lays sprawled out, not giving him any satisfaction in going to the box any time soon.

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