Alyna, D'har, Xeiri, Ibrahim, Z'bor, Rielle, Katryana, evka, Taurie


Everyone is up early and just in time to watch Zymuraith's Clutching

Mild Profanity


-- On Pern --
It is 11:35 AM where you are.
It is noon of the seventh day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.
In Igen:
It is the seventh day of Spring and 62 degrees. It is bright and sunny. The only evidence of the overnight storm is in the lingering mud puddles.
In Southern:
It is the seventh day of Autumn and 63 degrees. Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with only the occasional short falls of rain painting the ground.
In Southern Mountains:
It is the seventh day of Autumn and 17 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Southern Weyr, Galleries

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"Well this one started early, didn't she?"



Stone benches rise up.. and up.. and up: grooves upon grooves show marks of their hand-hewn origins, small chips and uneven textures to tell the tale of humble beginnings in a place which looks upon the black-and-white Sands of Southern, a place of greater beginnings indeed. The Galleries take up roughly a third of the perimeter of the Sands: to the west are flat, staggered entrance ways, ledges for dragons interested in watching the proceedings. Below and just easterly, a stitched-hide curtain covers the entrance to the bowl, keeping the wind away from the precious cargo often housed upon the Sands. It cannot help the shrieking of the wind above: though it is muted in this hollow, the intermittent sighs and moans of the thermals shrieking through the viewing-ledges above can be unsettling.

Enjoying her first mug of klah in the Living Caverns, Alyna is up extra early for morning drills in a couple of candlemarks. But when Haquith passes on news of the junior queen making her way to the Sands, she grabs a couple of buttered rolls and her mug of klah and makes her way to the galleries. With the time of day, it's not surprising that the galleries are still mostly empty, so the greenrider climbs about a third of the way before settling herself down to watch the show while she tears a piece off her roll.

Reveka is on an early morning walk when she spies Amani's gold making her way to the sands. Excitement wells up, it must be time for her gold to clutch! Reveka has been paying that much attention to the world around her at least. Moving around to the entrance for the galleries, Reveka slips in, makes her way up the stairs and finds the best seat she can for viewing. She'd always loved watching the clutchings at Igen when the Zingari were present for them.

You know who's also excited about eggs? Obhaeroth. It doesn't matter whose or if he's sired any or not (he hasn't yet), he's all about them. So as soon as he picks up on Zymuraith's announcement, he is warbling Rielle right out of bed, into her leathers, and down to the Sands, dropping the Serval wingleader off quickly before winging his way up to a ledge to watch, crooning his encouragement to the junior queen. Rielle wanders up into the galleries with a yawn, giving a snort as she registers the fact that she's one of the first to arrive and somewhat blearily plopping herself into a front seat.

It's early, folks; so early that Ibrahm has barely had time to settle in with his usual klah and fruit before his small fair begin shrieking and calling excitedly, thrusting visuals into his head: of Zymuraith, heading to the Sands. There's a grimace at the tactlessness of the lizards' reminder, then, finally, a faint grin for his self—pity. He gives himself a mental shake, gathers his klah, and makes his way to the Galleries — he's hidden away long enough! And when he gets there, he's unsurprised to find not many there yet. Folks have to dress and all! He'll scout around for a seat and discover one near Alyna. Settling in oh so casually, he teases gently, "We've got to stop meeting like this; people will start to wonder." Also: "Top of the early morning to you, Alyna." Beam of super innocence.

You know who else gets excited about eggs? Ozriath! And she's there dropping Z'bor off and perching right next to her favorite brown partner in crime. «Obe! Babies!» Oh how Ozriath loves the babies. Eggs or hatchlings or even HUMAN babies. SHE LOVES BABIES! Her eyes whirl a happy blue as she focuses on the sands below.

Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles, Katryana's up at this awful hour, her newly shelled firelizard denying her plans for a nice, leisurely morning by screaming in her ear at the crack of dawn for food. So it is that she's followed the crowd to the Sands, still bleary eyed, nursing a cup of klah like her very life depends on it. The little bronze flitter is out cold and nuzzled into the crook of her neck, tiny tummy distended with his morning meal. "G'morning'," is mumbled to the assembled, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand.

Reveka just happens to be near where Katryana seats herself. "Oh! Did someone set up a klah cart?" The young zingari woman perks and raises her head to look around just as the eggs start dropping. She spins around in her seat to catch the first few hitting the sands. She's awestruck at the beauty of them, as always and completely forgets about the klah cart.

After swallowing her mouthful of still warm from the oven roll, Alyna side-eyes in the direction of a familiar wildling voice, sly smile on her lips. "If they are that bored with their own lives, let them wonder…I don't give a fuck," her tone is saccharine sweet as she lifts the mug of klah to her lips for a long sip as her blue eyes sweep back to the gold as she deposits the first of her eggs. When she spies a familiar healer out of the corner of her eye, she waves Katryana over. "Morning sunshine!" she beams at the girl, "How goes it?"
A few familiar faces in the vicinity catch Rielle's eye, though it's Katryana's voice that draws her attention most readily. "Good morning, apprentice. Alyna, Ibrahim…" Didn't she see Z'bor here somewhere? And did someone say klah? She's idly glancing around for the alleged cart when Zymurath decides now is the time to fill her little niches. "Well, meticulous as they are, at least no one can say our queens are time-wasters!" she notes with a grin as Obhaeroth warbles his own welcome to the new eggs from above.

Ibrahim laughs softly at Alyna's pluck. "I'm certain I don't particularly care, either." He'll lift his mug in solidarity for the Zero Giving of Fucks club they have somehow formed just no. And then he looks around to find that there's a Rielle in the offing, and a Katryana. And an unfamiliar young lady being spellbound by all those eggs. "Hello, there, Wingleader." He nods to Rielle and pats the bench he and Alyna are on invitingly. "Perhaps the whole group of us (what? Ibrahim is gathering the random ducklings!) should gather together to watch?" His gaze settles on Reveka again, finally recalling her to memory. His grin depens a little. "We were all likely just getting klah from the Caverns when Zymuraith decided to lay. Just brought our mugs here." Sensible thing to do, really.

Z'bor to the rescue! He's soon seen headed Rielle's way, a mug of klah in each hand. "Mornin' Wingleader!" He says cheerfully, offering up a mug to her. "Y'know, this couldn't have had more perfect timing. I bet we have more than a few now happy that morning PT is canceled." Eggs are hitting the sands and Worn For Luck catches Z'bor's keen eye. "Have a look at that. Hey….. Who's up for a friendly bet?"

"Well, she's wasting no time, is she?" The action on the Sands seems to have perked Katryana up significantly, who isn't clinging so tightly to her cup of klah between sips. Reveka is given a blank look—okay, maybe she isn't quite up to brainspeed with this whole being awake bit yet. "Huh? Oh. Klah." Her mug is gazed into mournfully; she's only been her a few moments and it's already almost drained. A lopsided grin in place, Kat looks back up at the Zingari woman "I hope they set up a klah cart. I got this from the caverns before walking over here. This lump," the bronze's squishy tummy is given a gentle prod, which disturbs him 0%, "decided it was time for breakfast, so I was up already." The hand free of mug is offered to Reveka to shake, "Katryana, by the way… I don't think we've met." She whirls a bit at all the greetings slowly being parsed through her tired mind, returning them with nods, "Good morning, Wingleader, greenrider, Ibrahim." With a little shimmy, she positions herself a tad closer to Alyna and the main group, shrugging a shoulder bashfully. "Oi, what's that?" The Triskaidekaphobia Anonymous egg is given a long look before she shivers. "I mean, an egg, obviously. But it's freaking me out."

Xeiri walks in, having seen a crowd headed for the hatching sands. Oh! a clutching! These are always good fun. He's meandering, right about when FIve Fingers Against The Eye hits the sands, and sees a familiar blonde rider nearby. Idling up to the small group forming, he checks off a light salute. "Mornin' folks." Alyna is given a wry smile and a bow.

Reveka smiles at Katryana as she introduces herself, klah remembered and mourned. "Reveka." Name stated, she take the offered hand and gives it a shake. "That one is sort of odd…" Katryana's statement is agreed to readily before Reveka is once more looking for a source of klah as a stranger walks by with two in hand. Where is the klah folks????

"She's so precise about where she's placing them," Alyna remarks to no one in particular as her eyes are brought back to the Sand and the gold's fine work as a first time mom. Turning then since she's had several greetings thrown her way, Rielle is given a respectful bow, as well as Z'bor the bringer of klah. The Zingari girl gets a head bob because she's new and then Xeiri is there, causing Alyna to giggle a bit at his bow, "Hey stranger," she grins in his direction before pulling apart another roll to munch on. Well this is fun! All she needs is for D'har to show up now.

From afar, Katryana belatedly looks at your flitter names and giggles. Have an American Gods day or just your bit? Also, I have a tarantula named Anansi.
"What an absolutely capable wingsecond you are!" Rielle answers Z'bor, teasing and yet meaning it at the same time as she accepts one of those mugs from the greenrider. "What are we betting?"

Z'bor smiles for the joking compliment and shrugs at the next. "Well, just about anything, but I was thinking strictly sex. More males or more females?" Everyone always bets on color….Z'bor wants to mix it up.

Ibrahim drains his drink halfway then decides to take pity on poor Reveka who seems lost without her own cup. Quietly, he'll snag a lurking drudge (where do they come from.) and charm a cup of klah from the man for her. Slowly, he wanders over to the girl, and offers her the cup. "Here. I's early; I'm sure you could use this."

Xeiri smiles and idles up to the greenrider, keeping a respectful distance, even if his gaze gives her a thorough once over….maybe twice. "Well this one started early, didn't she?" He comments, chuckling. He's been up for a couple of candlemarks now, but most don't rise at dawn. Alyna's comment about placement is acknowledged after Xeiri takes a look at the sands. "Seems that way…"

Katryana whistles appreciatively at the Five Fingers Against the Eye Egg, bouncing on the balls of her feet with such barely contained enthusiasm one would probably be concerned for her klah if there any remaining in her mug. The firelizard on her shoulder is jostled and protests with a squeak that's got her instantly flat-footed and frozen, cooing at him, suddenly a fussing mother wherry. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I spook you? I'm sorry, little one. Shh, shh, shh," the healer runs a gentle finger over the eyeridges of the flitter and he settles with a huff, eyes barely remaining open. The talk of betting catches her ear and she turns her head slowly at look at Z'bor, squinting at him before sourly questioning, "Do I look like I have anything to bet?" The answer is no, she looks like a very sleepy apprentice who hasn't bothered to brush out her hair this morning.

Reveka looks over when someone magically appears with a cup of klah for her. "Thank you!" She says, her tone deeply grateful before she takes that first invigorating sip. Bliss. Pure bliss. "That's an impressive array of eggs…and she doesn't even look close to done yet." Reveka chuckles. Word of betting floats across her hearing and she whirls. "Count me in on that bet if it's made." She doesn't care if she knows the riders or not, though Z'bor's face is familiar. He comes to Igen once or twice a turn for whiskey.

Ibrahim is never going to deny a fellow klah lover their vice. "Zymuraith has never done things by halves." His gaze on the queen is measured and considering as he watches her arranging her eggs to her own exacting standards. A gentle smile tugs at the corners of his mouth, and he cants his glance at Reveka again, for a long moment. "You're Zingari, aren't you? I think I remember seeing you there on the Grounds the one time I traded with the Zingari in Igen." He's totally going to ignore the betting going on: he doesn't have any experience in the betting on of eggs.

Yawning, a certain blonde haired, blue-green eyed Merchant walks into the galleries. Damn her mother. As if Taurie didn't have enough to do, now, now she has to make a record of the clutching in progress for her mother. She'd been roused from a deep sleep by the woman, who insisted Taurie go because she was much to busy in the archives to go herself. Normally Taurie wouldn't mind, but she'd been up late into the night with her book balancing and records. She wishes she had the time for a cup of klah. And she's in luck because someone has now decided to set up a cart near the galleries entrance. Thank faranth. Moving towards it she's dreaming of a nice steaming cup of black deliciousness. No cream and sweetner for this one! Oh no.

"How friendly are we talking here? Cause I'm betting more females than males," Alyna pipes up with as she joins in on the wagering. Xeiri's double once over is noted with a sly smile in his direction before answering, "Yes she did. But I've stopped trying to predict clutchings, they could literally happen at any time. Hatchings too for that matter." A little shrug of her shoulder as she leans forward a bit, whistling under her breath at the Pharaoh's Watcher Egg, "Ohhh, that one's gorgeous." Finally the greenrider drains her mug of klah which causes her to pout just a tad at this unfortunate turn of events.

Did someone summon a bluerider? As though on cue, D'har appears on the stairs, long legs taking him up two at a time all while bringing two mugs, a full skin of klah, and a tied towel holding pastries with him. Once at the level Alyna's at, he's quick to cross to her. "Sorry, love; there was a line." Understandably. "Good morning, everyone," he greets all those surrounding with a genial grin before settling beside his weyrmate and giving her a quick but proper greeting, then looking out to the Sands. "That's quite the spread already!"

Katryana waves frantically to the newly-arrived Taurie, beaming at her. "G'morning!" The steaming klah in the young woman's hand is eyed and, with a dramatic sigh, Kat slips away to the entrance to get herself a refill. She might have built up some steam at this point, but gotta keep the heart pumping… via copious amounts of caffeine, right? When she's back, she turns the shoulder with her little flitter settled on it towards Taurie, informing, "This jerk woke me up to feed him. Chub, chub, chub. That's okay, babies are supposed to be fat." The Pharaoh's Watcher Egg also catches her eye and she seconds Alyna's exclamation, adding, "Though that grey one is freeeeeeak-keeeeeeeey."

Xeiri's eyes catch Khepri's Ancient Scarab egg and eye it. If that were a jewel set in gold he'd make a fortune of the theft of it. It makes for a beautiful egg and he eyes the rest critically, finding beauty in most and a chilling factor to others. Spying the Klah cart, Xeiri is tempted and makes his way there just as D'har enters the picture. Another lover perhaps? Definitely so with the way the man approaches Alyna, more than it looks like. Lucky avian.

Rielle nearly chokes at Z'bor's initial reply, chuckling even thought he elaborates that he means the dragonets. "I'm going to say more males," she says, pretending her mind didn't just get tugged from the gutter. "Strictly because of the blues, and probably not by much." A gently-angled brow lifts slyly at the greenrider, however. "I'm not naming what we're betting though; it was your idea."

Reveka nods at Ibrahim when he asks about her heritage. "Aye, Zingari through and through." Even if she does feel like a leper amongst her own. She looks down on the sands with joy and pride too. "Had to support the only one of us to ever impress a gold. Most Zingari taken impress green." Or at least, that's what has a happened to the last few, so she's making a generalisation.

Z'bor chuckles at Rielle's reaction to his words, and is amused at the fact that he knows exactly where Rielle's mind just went. "Alright then, a bet on gender it is then. Anyone got something we can take bets on? Because I'm betting more males too." To Alyna, Z'bor grins. "As friendly as you'd like it to be? It's all for fun and games anyway, right?" Reveka is nodded at too. See! Betting pools are catching!

If only Alyna could summon D'har out of thin air! But spying her weyrmate approaching with all the fixings for an impromptu breakfast, she can't help the beaming smile up at him as she gratefully puts aside her empty mug and helps him unburden himself, "No worries dear, just glad you could make it." Accepting his greeting eagerly, the greenrider behaves herself but does scoot up next to the bluerider when he settles, almost subconsciously. "Yeah, she's wasted no time so far," she replies as she fills the mugs he brought with klah, passing one off to D'har. Feeling Xeiri's eyes on her, the greenrider will merely smile warmly his way, before leaning over and whispering something in D'har's ear before nodding in Xeiri's direction.

"I see." And Ibrahim does see. He lifts his cup to his lips to drink again. Mmm, klah. So warm, so delicious! "Was it cause for great celebration?" He grins at her, expecting that it would have been. Who wouldn't celebrate such a thing. "I'm sure she'll be happy to see a familiar face here.""

Taurie laughs slightly and nods. "Hetshe had me up twice in the middle of the night, not that it mattered. I stayed up far to late last night." Oh wait, she hasn't told Katryana that her egg hatched yet! "Hetshe being the gold that hatched from your very generous turnday gift! I couldn't thank you more Kat, she's precious. Though I'm a little sad and guilty feeling that I got the better of the eggs. She probably should have been yours…"

The little bronze settled on Katryana's shoulder wuffles on an exhale, not happy with all this jostling about his new mistress is putting him through. (Poor kid's gonna have to get used to it!) "Oh! Hetshe! And a gold!" If it's possible for her to be of sunnier disposition, no one here's seen it. Hands are clapped together repeatedly before she presses her fingertips to her lips with her hands still together, stifling a squeal of delight. "Oh, I'm so happy you got her, Taurie. Don't feel bad at all." She leans in, confiding, "I haven't named mine yet. Am I a bad firelizard mom?" D'har is given a smile and a wave and the girl's all eyes for eggs again. "Ooh, that white one… it's so bright. It almost looks like it's glowing, doesn't it?" Her hands flutter about her as she breathes, "Wow."

Whatever Alyna whispers causes D'har to glance appraisingly at the somewhat wild-looking man she nods to. After a quick reply in her ear that's capped with a roguish grin, he eager gets some food in his face and looks out at the latest eggs. Dark brows hitch high at the sight of the one that seems almost luminescent. "Shards. If it weren't for the siring, that'd be the one to watch," he notes. "I'll take a plunge in the lake at the Barrier if that one doesn't turn out a bronze!"

Reveka grins at Ibrahim. "Quite. The grounds were a mess for days after." As to the betting, Reveka turns and hollers at D'har, "I bet it's a GREEN!" Because she's being contrary, and green is always a hefty color in the ranks. As for the betting on sex, well, "I bet a solid mark there's more females than males!"

Taurie gives the glowing egg a bit of a look before chuckling and sipping down some of that life giving Klah. "It's pretty." POinting to the Devil's Fruit egg, she makes a prediction. "How much you want to bet that one spits out blue or bronze?" She asks, having a feeling, even if she doesn't know jack or crap about dragons beyond hiring them for transport.

"It's possible I do," Alyna giggles softly in return to his whisper, giving the bluerider an appraising look before turning back to the eggs at his exclamation. "Oh my, I'm thinking green myself, they can be awfully bright too you know," she muses for a moment before giving him a wicked sidelong glance, "Wanna make a bet?" she asks, full of mischief as she raises her eyebrows speculatively.

Xeiri is soon returning with a steaming cup of klah heavily inundated with cream and sweetener. He sips it down, completely unawares of the whisperings going on about him. If he ever did hear what was said, it probably wouldn't bother him any. He settles in to watch the rest of the clutching, quiet as an avian trapped in the dark he is, eyes riveted.

"Big-ass green," Katryana mumbles, glancing back and forth between the Zingari woman and the egg being rolled about by the clutch momma. "They look like they've got some kinda grand plan, don't they? Zymuraith's being so precise; must be a first time mom thing." The Stuck That Way Egg has her fighting a giggle, "Oh, look at that one. That face is ridiculous. I mean, it looks like a face, doesn't it?" Another chug of klah is had and it comes with a cheery hum that continues as she rises to the balls of her feet and starts to bounce again.

"If you don't pick something to wager with, I'm going with a cup of cold klah over the head," Rielle informs Z'bor just before taking a sip of what's in her hand. Yet she sighs in contentment after that, adding, "But it's too precious a resource for that…" So maybe not. Hearing D'har's assertion about the glowing egg prompts an evaluating glance, teal eyes soon darting over to the Don't Fall To Pieces Egg. "I don't know; there's another properly shiny one out there, too." Not that the shell necessarily means anything…but the odds are high that shine = metallic, in her mind.

Reveka grins at those around here. But it's at this time that she's reminded she has something she ought to be doing, something she'd taken the walk to get away from for awhile. Sighing, she finishes off her klah, Thanks Ibrahim for it and excuses herself to both wildling and Katryana. "See you all around!" And with that, she poofs.

Taurie is soon busy with her wax tablets and stylus, records each egg and a small description with it. Work work work. It's all the woman has been doing lately. But that's ok, she likes to be busy. She's just finishing up a descriptor when the next, one, two three….six eggs hit the sands. Woah. Scribbling madly the woman hurries to get them down before the queen gold is at it again!

Xeiri too, is soon reminded he has things that need doing. Waving to Alyna and Co, he stands and makes his way for the exit, draining his klah as he goes. The heat of the day waits for no man and Xeiri still needs to check his snares and traps for the day.

Katryana is visibly a bit put out at the betting being settled to marks, suffering from that apprentice plight of having them in very short supply. "Oh, that copper one is pretty, too!" The egg is pointed out, arm bobbing up and down with her bouncing. The Zingari woman's departure draws her from the Sands again, and she wiggles fingers goodbye, "Nice to meet you, Reveka! Fair skies!" When she turns back, Taurie's wax tablets are eyed and her humming breaks off, aghast, "You're writing down all of this? Why?" I mean, not that she's any better; perpetually a note-taker, this one. Origami Cootie Catcher Egg is also pointed out, though a little more sedately—enough to not bother her poor firelizard. Kid chose the wrong place to take a nap.

It takes Taurie a few concentrated moments, but she eventually gets all the eggs and small blurbs about them written. There. Her mother should be happy. Looking up at Katryana, Taurie smiles. "My mother works in the archives and wanted a record of the clutch. I was just doing what she asked." She sounds slightly exasperated by this, despite enjoying the work. Either way, time to get these tablets off before they melt! Taurie stands and smiles. "Speaking of, I should get these to her. Nice seeing you again Katryana." She gives her new friend a side hug and scoots off to the archives.

Bets made, and klah drank, now it's time for food. Turning towards Rielle, Z'bor grins. "Up for a meal?" He's already headed for the exit as he speaks because, y'know, you don't get between a man and his food. Most of the time anyways.

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