evka, Bonifas


Reveka finds herself with four firelizards and decides to gift two to Bonifas. In return, he offers to help her train the lizards.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the eighth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Caravan Grounds

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"Aww, and here I thought you were coming to find me with an adventure hidden up your sleeve. Or in your pack."


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the fifty-second day of Summer and 101 degrees. Overnight, the temperatures plummet to a reasonable heat. Sand coats everything.

After spending the day trapped in her family's wagon because of the sandstorms, Reveka is relieved when the winds finally stop howling and it's safe to go outside. She has someone to find and a gift to give. Some crazy firelizard had stashed her clutch in Reveka's bed, so, the young teen has been fostering the eggs, but she doesn't have time for four hatchlings, so she plans on giving two away. Packing the egg jars carefull in her rucksack, she eases it onto her back and heads outside. There's a certain person she has in mind and she aims to find him.

Bonifas also spent most of the day in a wagon due to wanting to keep his skin in unflayed condition. Now that things have calmed down, he's currently seated himself outside of the wagon he calls home. Currently he's got a whetstone out and a small pile of knives he's carefully working on honing. The task is something he's well practiced at and doesn't require too much mental effort, so he's whistling as he works to try and help pass the time.

Reveka does not take long to find her friend, approaching Bonifas with a wide, flirty smile on her lips. "Bon!" She calls, excitement limning her tone. "Did you all survive that storm?" She asks laughing, certainly it is hard for a bunch of teenaged boys to share quarters that tight without quarreling. Reveka sets her rucksack very gently aside and seats herself on the ground, flowing pants legs tucked beneath her.

At Reveka's arrival, Bonifas will pause long enough to give a wave with the hand holding the whetstone (cause casual waving around a knife is not something smart to do). "I think so. I slept through most of it." He shrugs. Sleeping when you can is a valuable skill. Especially when you grow up in crowded wagons. Quiet can be a precious and all too rare resource. The rucksack is noted with a minor eyebrow raise. "Thinking about going camping again?"

Reveka looks at her rucksack with a laugh after Bon's query. "That's a good idea, but no." She smiles sweetly at Bon, a hint of a secret hidden in her eyes. "But it is the reason I was looking for you." She smiles secretively. "Care to see what I've brought you, or are those knives too important to ignore?" Reveka raises an eyebrow and waves at the bulging rucksack.

"Aww, and here I thought you were coming to find me with an adventure hidden up your sleeve. Or in your pack." Bonifas gives a wink towards the girl, but at the mention of it being why she was looking for him and something for him does have him intrigued. "Really?. They can wait." And look at him setting them to the side right now, all attention on Reveka.

Reveka laughs. "Well, this might be an adventure depending on how you look at it." Reveka snags her rucksack and scootches closer to Bonifas, her nimble fingers already working at untying the knot in her rucksack strings. Once done, she'll lift one of the egg pots from the bag and offer it to Bonifas. "Some crazy headed 'lizard hid a clutch of four eggs in my bed. I can't take care of four, and noticing how helpful that little blue of yours is, I figured you could take one, maybe two of them off my hands?"

Everything Reveka's saying keeps getting Bonifas more and more curious, although he's the practice he's had in hiding such things might make it less obvious. Still, all attention is on her as she deals with the strings on the pack. Eyes widen a little as she brings out one of the egg pots and hands it over. He'll take it, carefully lifting the lid to take a peek inside. "Really?" And speaking of that little blue, Behrooz is going to glide on down from the top of the wagon he was resting on, crooning at the egg pot. He knows what's in there!

Reveka nods. "Really! I can handle two hatchlings, but four is beyond my skill set." She laughs and produces the second egg pot, handing it to Bonifas. She pulls the other two out and sets them gently in front of her. "I figured I'd let you have a peek and pick the two you'd like." She smiles sweetly, and noting Behrooz's arrival, she croons at the blue. She likes Bon's blue, quite a bit.

"Do you want any help with training them?" Because Bonifas has done a fairly good job so far with Behrooz and Lamia (who spends most of her time trying to look like a rock. The little green is good at it). The midnight blue will nudge at Reveka as the girl croons at him, but then he's got more important things to do, like inspect these egg pots. "Maybe I should just let him pick."

Reveka looks at Bonifas hopefully. "Oh would you? That would be amazing. I'd love for mine to turn out as lovely and well behaved as Behrooz here." Reveka pets the blue when she can and then watches him with the egg pots. "They're clever little beasts, perhaps ou should." Reveka draws her knees up under her chin and inspects the scene before her. She's glad Bon seems pleased with the gift of the eggs.

Bonifas nods quickly. "Of course! We wouldn't want to have any rascally firelizards running about the place." Not that there aren't lizard shennanigans. But for the most part, they are usually kept in line. The boy scoops up Behrooz, who makes a minor protest at being distrubed, but after a moment of Bonifas staring at him, maybe they got whatever message sorted out? Anyways, the little blue is going to start circling the four pots again, all of them given attention until finally he selects one, tapping it with his nose and crooning towards Bon who takes it. Then he does the same for another. "Well, that was easy. And thank you. They seem pretty hard. Should be hatching any day now."

Reveka watches the little blue select eggs for Bonifas and smiles widely. "Oh, of course not! Only the best behaved for us right?" After all, they're the best behaved too right? Not. "You're welcome. You're the only one I could think of to give them too." The fact that Reveka likes Bon might have something to do with it too, but who's saying that out loud? Not Reveka. "I do hope they hatch soon. I can't wait to meet them!"

Someone's got to be well behaved around here. And if it isn't going to be the teenagers, it might as well be their firelizards. Bonifas does laugh at the joke, and give Behrooz a good head scratching while he's still examining the second of the pots the lizard selected. "I'm sure they'll be great lizards. Any ideas on names? And… we should probably figure out some time to go on that trip we mentioned a while back." There were several trips mentioned. Any of them could be the one he's talking about.

Reveka shrugs. "I have no idea, I think I'll wait to see what they are before naming them." Reveka giggles and looks off in the distance for a moment before looking back at Bon. "I'm good to take any one of our ideas to fruition anytime. I think it is you who has the harder time getting free time." Meaning she's just waiting on /his schedule to clear. She'd quite enjoyed camping with Bonifas, another chance too do so is quite interesting and much wanted.

"That's probably a good plan. Could come out and what you thought was a Bob really isn't a Bob at all. But a Bobette." Bonifas smiles and tucks both of his egg pots carefully behind the pile of knives he has sitting next to him. Behrooz and even little Lamia are both going to be watching the pots. No fear that he might miss them hatching with those two on the job. There's a little groan at the mention of free time. "I think you're right. Next week Morgaine's taking a group of us out for some advanced tracking practice." Out in the desert for a week. In summer. Somehow he doesn't seem quite thrilled at the prospect. "Maybe the ride will be the easiest to schedule. And the trip to the star stones."

Reveka flinches. "Oh, that sounds like so much fun." Her tone is sarcastic as she speaks of Bon's upcoming trip. She rolls her eyes lightly, propping her arm on her knee and her chin on her hand. At mention of the ride and starstones, Reveka perks. "Oh, yes, that one should be simple enough. When is your next rest day?"

There's an eyeroll from Bonifas that echoes Reveka's enthusiasm for that trip. But at least he's going to learn some stuff? And hopefully not die? The not dying will probably be the learning. The question about rest days has him leaning back. Clearly some mental counting going on in the boy's head. Eventually he's got his schedule figured out. "So, in four days, but that one I need to prepare for the 'adventure'" There's some air quotes for Morgaine's term for the excursion. "And then I should have two days off after we get back. So then?" MIRACLE OF MIRACLES! Bon will actually have two days off in a row. The cost will only have been a full seven of grueling lessons out in the desert.

Reveka grins. "Well, I certainly would not want to leave you short on time to prepare for one of Morgaine's excursions. But it's wonderful you'll have two days off when you get back! Let's definitely plan for then!" Reveka's grin widens into a bright smile and she begins to stand, gathering her remaining pots gingerly and placing them back in her pack. She sinches the pack as tightly as she can and picks it upso that she can cradle it in her arms as she walks. "I should probably get back, Papa will be looking for me soon. I just needed some air and to come find you."

"That's for the best. There'll probably be a half dozen things I will end up forgetting anyways." Nevermind that those half dozen things were just things they hadn't even covered yet and would be learning on the trip so Bonifas wouldn't have know to plan for them yet anyways. It's part of the learning! "I'll send Behrooz to find you when my eggs start hatching. Your's will probably go around the same time." Assuming they're all from the same firelizard. And looking at the time, it's about time for the lad to start packing up his gear as well. Guess the rest of the knives will need to wait until tomorrow to be honed. "But I'm looking forward to our trip." Which means that's at least one trip he has to look forward to. "And thanks again."

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