Nevik, T'ral Niyati


A talk between Candidates on the Beach


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Niyati walks out onto the beach, dropping that huge scarf she'd been wearing as a skirt to spread it over the sand. A basket is dropped onto the scarf and she settles down for a few minutes as if trying to decide whether to swim or just watch the evening play itself out a little first. That happy sigh? Yeah. That's the natural reaction to warm after freezing her backside off in the Hold.

The warbling and meeping of a particularly curious and annoying blue firelizard can be heard as he swerves and dives around the rusty head of the young healer. Nevik is walking down along the beach with his shoes off and his pants rolled up to his knees and enjoying the warmth under his toes. His flit, however, is bemoaning how long its been since he's been able to enjoy such wide open skies; having been couped up in the caves up at the icy hold. "Yes yes… I missed it too," he moans to the flit and waves his hand at him to keep the blue from getting too close to his face. "I…" he begins, apparently talking to his pet is a common habit but at the sight of another he falls quiet. Oh, he peers, it's just Niyati. She's probably used to his 'odd ways' by now. Slowly approaching he calls to her, "Ho!" or so it would sound from his distance. With another wave he repeats as he draws closer, "Hello…"

Despite the fact that the beach is not off limits, this close to the Hatching -most agree it'll be Any Day Now- Candidates don't go anywhere without chaperones. ENTER: T'ral and Esanth. The dragonrider is ensconced in the blue's great forepaws, scribbling away at something while, Esanth is doing the bulk of the watching. A small fair of sunning firelizards sleepily rouse and then burst up off to chase, be-chased-by, tease and otherwise sport with Nevik's own. Their raucous little voices piping on the breezes. T'ral looks up at the firelizard fanfare and tips his head in a wordless greeting to the two Candidates. He settles back down, leaning an elbow on Esanth's leg while returning his attention to a newly selected hide… scanning… scanning… Ah. He folds it down and makes a notation in his little book. He looks up and off, jaw askew as he considers some matter.

Niyati raises a hand to wave. "Nevik! Isn't it positively wonderfull?! I still don't think the chill has worn off yet. I haven't found a reason to complain about the heat since we got back." Of course, she doesn't so much as bat an eyelash at the fact that he was talking to the firelizard. "I had a time with Pomp, too. Fortunately she fed herself silly on fish and is probably sitting lopsided somewhere trying to digest it all. Bet she'll smell of fish for days." T'ral is given a wave before she becons Nevik over. "I've brought out a snack if you're hungry. I was thinking about swimming but haven't decided if I'm actually going to yet. It seems enough to just be warm again."

Nevik walks over and kneels in the sand a respectful distance away from the woman's skirt-turned-beach towel. "I have to say that the Hold was an interesting time for us…but by the Queen I missed the warmth," he smiles a bit honestly - not the fake smile of someone trying to be polite or coy but a genuine smile; one from the heart that's difficult to hide. Joy, for the time being, fills him so much that it seeps from his pours in the form of random smiles and the occasional giggle. Yes, giggle. Tweet, his blue-stomach, happily pays tag-the-last with the other flits in the air around Esanth and attempts to dive under one of the big blue's wings to hide; as though the others wouldn't follow him in there. "I could soak it all in before…uh…you know." His voice softens a bit at the mention of what everyone knows should be any day now.

They won't follow if Esanth clamps his wing down, effectively bunkering the little blue. Blue is best. Solidarity, yo. Sorry Alarph, gotta be faster than that. T'ral smiles at the firelizard antics, eyes flicking out to the sands, to the waters, to the boulders, making sure his charges are all safe and secure.

Niyati nods her agreement. "Oh it was wonderfully exciting but one can only freeze one's backside off for so long before it becomes annoying." She watches the former Healer for a moment and grins. The firelizards catcher attention and that grin broadens. "They seem a bit more excited. …or maybe I haven't seen a firelizard willing to move out of the warmth of the indoors once the novelty of snow wore off in too long." Mention of the hatching earns a nervous groan. "Any day now, can you believe it? I've never been more nervous in my life." She fidgets and then opens up the basket to reveal a selection of fruit. "You can sit, you know. That's why I made it so large. How are you holding up with the idea that we're going to be right there in the middle of all that?"

Nevik takes a -deep- breath. The ugly monster called panic rumbles in his gut at the mention of what will be happening soon. Up until now it's been a matter of 'could'. The eggs 'could' be hardening this week or the next. Now they have come down to it and it's a matter of certainty. They -are- hardening and they -will- be hatching any day now. The boy's stomach churns and gurgles audibly as he adjusts where he's seating to take advantage of the woman's offer. For all that he's endured so far he's still rather shy around people; well, some people. He has absolutely no idea how to behave around girls. "I…uh…went to the Healer's Hall as soon as we got back to ask for something to quiet my *AROUOUGGROUUUU*," he pauses to look down at his gut that decided to interject in the middle of his words, "…stomach."

T'ral and Esanth sit companionably. At some point, T'ral, satisfied that his hides are in order, simply sits back against Esanth's chest, hands laced over his belly and lets his mind wander where it will as he keeps a count on the Candidates scattered across the beach.

Niyati considers Nevik for a few seconds and then pulls a small orange from the basket. "I want to tell you something. The very moment I think of being out there my knees turn to jelly. I'm absolutely petrified. … or jellified, which I suppose is a more apt description." She begins to pull the skin away from the fruit, thinking as she works before she finally speaks again. "But you know something? My knees aren't jelly and they'll work just fine when I stand out there. I won't stumble, I won't fall over unless I'm knocked. Neither will you. You're not a clutz, or accident prone, or an accident waiting to happen. You're a healer. You'll walk off the sands either a Healer or a Weyrling." Then she chuckles at herself. "And listen to me, acting as if I have any experience in this. I fully intend to come up with the best memory I can and play it over in my head the entire time."

Nevik brightens as Niyati paints a picture of success, driving off the dark clouds of doom, gloom and doubt that have plagued his mind while he's attempted to close his eyes and call it sleep the past few nights. "I…uh…" he reaches out a hand to press it against the woman's shoulder but pauses half way. He's uncertain if you can do such a thing with women or if they would become upset at his approach. Clearly it was meant as a gesture of thanks but he's all thumbs when it comes to some social things. Give him an injured person and his training clicks in. He's all fine and dandy when he doesn't have to worry like that. "Thanks," he finally lets the breath go that he didn't know he was holding and says the word that was caught in his throat. "No matter what happens to me," he begins but has to swallow the dry patch that just formed as he was begining to speak, "…I hope that you find your lifemate out on the Sands."

Niyati reaches out to take hold of Nevik's hand briefly. "You're going to be fine, Nevik. I'm fairly certain I'll be watching you find yours or at least that we'll be Weyrlings together, if it comes to that." She frowns momentarily. "I'll have absolutely no time for my craft if it happens. At least not for quite a long time, but you'll be able to put yours to use nearly every day, I imagine. In fact, you'd probably be an asset from the beginning. I'm a bit envious of that." She clearly believes it's true, even if she's teasing. "So try not to be too nervous. Stand close to me or one of the others who've proven themselves not to be complete asses. We'll keep your mind off it. Well, somewhat. I'm sure all the shells cracking will take some of our attention."

Nevik asks, "Did you touch the egg that some of the others are calling, 'The Ancient'?" Discussing eggs and impressions may not be such a taboo subject but Nevik's not been one to go into detail about the one that scared him that first time. "I…I'm almost worried about what might come out of it." The boy is attempting to make conversation but having a tough time in doing so and starts to dig a finger into the sand beside him, drawing a swirling pattern absently focused elsewhere. A sudden and very warm breeze kicks in from the shore and blows his scraggly-long hair just enough that he feels the need to tuck some behind his ear. All of it will probably have to come off or be made shorter should he impress; it's not like he'll have time to worry about himself while he's working with a newly hatched dragon. "Can you imagine," he asks glancing out to the water, "…being able to fly out there. To see where the horizon would take you? To jump half way across the world in a breath?"

Niyati thinks about it for a second and then nods. "I think so, and it is intimidating. One of those eggs made me think about babies. Whole hordes of them made of ice." She shudders. "I have this idea that they pick up on our most basic emotions, fears and phobias, our dearest dreams… that sort of thing. There's very little that frightens me more than the prospect of having to be a parent. Maybe that one was picking up on a phobia… or just your fear in general." She thinks it over for a few seconds, clearly finding the idea appealing. "It does seem freeing, doesn't it? There's also having someone who knows everything about you and still wants to share your thoughts anyway. I'd never been this close to dragons before. Even when my parents were in a Weyr we were there to take orders and make clothes before moving on. Being able to watch them, I kind of envy them."

"Where are your parents now," he asks curiously and then adds, "Do you think you'd be able to see them again someday? Perhaps fly to them and show them who you have found?" He kicks out his feet onto the cloth and leans back on his hands a little as he continues to look out onto the waters, "My old Nan used to say that family isn't necessarily who you were born to - it's who you find along the way. It's a common thing heard if you're a Weyr-brat like me but I didn't quiet get it until…," he reaches up to flick the white knot at his shoulder, "…this."

Niyati has to consider the question for quite a while. "Oh, probably Lemos by now. I had a letter from my mother a few days ago that said they were making clothes for an upcoming gather. If I do happen to impress, I think I'd do just that. We try to keep in touch but I was raised in the craft so I know how much a Weaver has to travel unless they want to teach or post." She half grins. "Your Nan knew what she was talking about. I was nervous when I finally decided to move to Southern. I'd never settled so being where my parents were was home. My father said that if I stayed in one place long enough, I'd find more family. It's true, I just never expected to find them while we were peeling tubers and cleaning walkways. …or freezing our backsides off."

Nevik smiles and pushes himself up from the blanket and takes step way before brushing the sand off. "Who knows," he wraps up their small conversation, "…maybe I'll wake up one day and have a sister…or…shards…Nathanael as a…Brother. Can you imagine?" The thought brings a wrinkled grin to his face - one of those smiles that would suggest he just ate something sour but it was funny at the same time.

Niyati laughs. "Oh, I can imagine. If I ever had brothers I imagine I'd want them to be like Linden or Nathanael. You'd never be bored." The orange is considered and she settles it in the basket. "Imagine having Kultir for a brother. You could play "name the critter" every few days." She stands and glances toward T'ral before gesturing toward the water. I think I'm going to take a swim before I have this. All of this excitement is making it hard to be tired when I try to go to sleep and I'm too afraid I'll miss something to ask for anything to make me sleep." With that and one wave toward Nevik she heads off to the water. "Take some fruit! It'll help!"

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