F'kan, Amani


F'kan approaches Amani in the Craft Complex to say something that's been a long time coming.


It is midmorning of the twenty-eighth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Craft Complex, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 19 Apr 2018 06:00


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"…There's a reason the saying goes that hindsight is usually perfect."


Craft Complex

Expansive and airy, this space, now adorned and decorated with the pride of well over a hundred crafters. A vaulted cavern encompasses two levels, fit with clever skylights from innovative smithcrafters that illuminate tapestries displayed from the bannister of the second-floor: Healer purple, Harper blue, the yellow of the Farmcraft — all the colors and all the crafts are upon display, proudly. The lower level is given to tables and chairs and a hearth stocked with klah; it is brightly-illuminated and a place to study and congregate socially both. The upper level is given to residential rooms, lending the whole atmosphere a pleasant, if somewhat supervised, aura.

Another spring morning in Southern and the crafter's complex is fairly quiet, classes ongoing with only a few crafter's milling about. Over by the entrance to the Smith's wing, F'kan is talking to a Journeymen Smith, a jewelcrafter if one is close enough to read their knot, and they look to be finalizing a business transaction with a hearty handshake after some marks exchange hands. Once finished, the brownrider will head over to the hearth for a mug of klah, a look of self-satisfaction on his handsome face.

Not long after F'kan moves off to get his klah, another dragonrider emerges from the Smith's wing - this one of the gold variety. Amani has her flamethrower slung over one shoulder, a small tool kit in her other hand as she takes her leave of a Senior Journeyman walking alongside her to dispense some last-minute pointers. She stops at a table closer to the center of the room, settling her flamethrower upon it with a quiet sigh and opening her kit, taking out a little hexagonal wrench and starting to loosen a few fastenings on the nozzle of the wand.

Once his mug is filled and cream added, F'kan will turn back towards the tables, letting his gaze wander aimlessly until they rest on the junior weyrwoman and her flamethrower. Amani is near the top of the list of people that were affected by the brownrider's past misdeeds. Uncertain at first, the man just runs a hand through his sandy blonde hair, taking a final deep breath as he saunters over to the table, clearing his throat on his approach to hopefully not catch the young woman unawared. "Excuse me? Weyrwoman Amani?" he asks as he stops a respectful distance away, a salute ready to snap into place if she should look his way.

Focused though Amani may be, she has enough warning that someone is approaching thanks to her peripheral vision - and a little help from Dhahabi watching from the second-floor bannister - that she isn't startled. Her little queen is also able to pass on who it is, of course, so it gives her a moment to take a steadying breath. She hasn't been anywhere near F'kan for a good while on purpose, though talking with M'noq and Th'res means that she isn't about to have a vehement reaction to the man. Stopping her tinkering for a moment, she straightens, klah-dark eyes settling evenly upon the sandy-haired brownrider, her expression inscrutable for the moment. "F'kan. Is there something you need?"

After he salutes, F'kan will clear his throat again nervously, looking down at his mug as he contemplates exactly what it is he needs. After a long moment, his blue eyes rise again to meet her inscrutable expression. "I know this is long overdue, but I just want to say, I am truly sorry for the distress I caused with my wildly out of line behaviour at the end of last Turn. I don't expect you to forgive me, but you deserved a apology." His voice betrays his nervousness although his words ring with a quiet sincerity as he quiets then, looking down at the goldrider, his blue eyes slightly worried as he awaits her response.

Amani sets down her tool kit as F'kan sorts himself out, carefully replacing the wrench before returning her attention to him, arms folded upon her chest. She's studying him closely, taking in each little nuance of his expression and tone as he speaks. It's the presence of sincerity that she's looking for, so when she detects it, she's rather relieved. A short response given to something not fully meant before sending him on his way is not what she wants, after all. "I can accept an apology from you, F'kan," she tells him after taking a moment to fully absorb his words, taking a step closer to meet his eyes more easily. "But what's more important to me is that you apologize to Willimina, ask Malosim's pardon, and especially make amends to Xanthee, if you haven't done any of those yet." She knows the last hasn't happened yet. "I know you were ordered to write her, and also know that she'll be happy never to lay eyes on you again. But if the chance to tell her face to face presented itself…would you?"

F'kan hadn't realized he had been holding his breath until breaths a soft sigh of relief when Amani says she can forgive him. Although when she goes on, he winces, but he continues to nod his head although his eybrow quirks slightly at those she is naming, "Willimina is the Caravan Leader right? Of the Zingari? She's definitely on the list. I'm not sure who Malosim is though.." F'kan looks blankly before sighing as the igenite weyrbrat is brought up. "I really wish I knew how I could make it up to her. I did write, several times now with no response. Not that I blame her. I probably wouldn't want to see me ever again if I was in her shoes." he admits with another long sigh. The goldrider's last question does make him pause as his eyebrows furrow. "I…I'd like to. But I don't want to upset her etiher. It's been almost ten months now, I'd hate to dredge up all the…unpleasantness needlessly for her."

Amani nods to F'kan's first about Willimina, though a brow arches slightly at his next. "Malosim is the Miner Journeyman who broke your nose. And Xanthee's boyfriend of over a Turn," she explains evenly. "Though I know it wouldn't have been obvious at the time, particularly with En'rys swinging at you after Malosim left off. He's pretty much her brother. One of Igen's weyrlings now." If he wants another name to add to his list. With a sigh of her own, she adds, "I'm not sure how exactly you'd make it up to her, either. What I can do is talk to her and see if I can figure it out. And maybe open up a where and a when for an apology. Carrying it around won't do either of you any good, and you'll both have to face it in some form or other someday, so better to get it done." Without forcing anything, of course.

Nodding at the goldrider's clarification, F'kan ducks his head and raises a hand to rub absently at the back of his neck, wincing slightly as he remembers the broken nose and all the rest. "Right, her boyfriend. Over a turn now huh? Good for her. And I think I heard about her brother at the time, not surprised he impressed. I'm really glad she has so many people looking out for her. She's…a great girl." he says haltingly as he realizes he really does mean that. As Amani suggest she talk to the Igenite girl, he looks relieved, "That would be great! I just want to move on from this but it's more important for Xan to be okay with it so I'm fine with going at her pace or whatever else she wants me to do."

"She is. If only you'd seen it then." This is a new side to F'kan and Amani can't help but be wary, especially since she hasn't seen the progression of change, only the result. She steps closer to him, studying him carefully as though trying to read his eyes and expression for any sign of falsehood. "But there's a reason the saying goes that hindsight is usually perfect. A lot of times we don't…see how deep we cut, and regret it later." A very brief flicker of pain dashes across her expression, unexpected, and she blinks it away quickly. "So long as we learn. She did. Seems that you have. I hope you have." Sighing again, she nods a little to herself as she considers how she might approach Xanthee. "I'm heading to Igen in a few days. I'll talk to her then, and I'll keep you posted." A beat passes in which she nibbles at her lower lip in consideration. "And come talk to me after your duties tomorrow," she adds, dark gaze flicking upward to him again, less sharp now.

"I think I did, but I used that fact for my own gain." F'kan admits softly before he swallows hard against the lump that rises again in his throat at that admission. Aware of Amani's scrutiny makes the brownrider fidget a bit but he just nods at her comment about hindsight. "Yes I completely agree. There's so many times in the last months when I wanted to smack my past self for being such a jerk." Her next comment about learning, brings a thoughful hum to his lips, "Oh I've learned and I'll keep learning. It's the only way not to backslide, which is something I don't wanna do." Especialy not when he is in the process of wooing a certain wildling woman. When she mentions going to Igen, he nods thoughtfully as he pushes his hands deep into his pockets. "Great, thanks." He figured they were done and so he looks like he is about to leave, her last has him raising a sandy blond brow up. "Ooookay." he drawls, obviously puzzled at her request.

Though still wary, Amani isn't getting the sense that F'kan is simply sprouting pretty words. Even if there's a part of her that can't help but remain dubious for a while longer, she can at least concede that he's being genuine. His confusion over her last earns a smirk. "It has to do with something Zymuraith wants to talk with me about first. And that always takes a while." Not much clearer, but at least he has a reason for why she was specific about it being tomorrow. "Anything else, F'kan?" If not, she's got a flamethrower to tinker with until her lifemate is satisfied.

And that cryptic response cause F'kan to look even more puzzled but he manages a soft smile and a nod. "Got it. I'm good, I've said what I needed to. I will see you tomorrow then." And then with a smart salute and a sincere "Clear skies Weyrwoman." F'kan turns on his heel and is wandering off back towards the bowl.

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